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Well He Was His Mother’s Lover

March 2nd, 2015 - By ottergayhotmovies
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It’s the 1930’s and England has yet to go to war with Germany. In a private all boys boarding university Chase Austin is coming of age and exploring the first throws of a new found, albeit forbidden, desire for the sexual company of men. Travis Irons is a dreamy classmate who senses what Chase longs for. The pair excuse themselves from a boring lecture about birds and make their way to a storage room down the hall. The sets in this film are pretty darn good. Antique desks, period inspired interiors, and attention to detail is very important in this production from Rock Candy Films. One thing I did notice in this first scene that really jumped out at me were the boys underwear (I guess that’s just the designer/stylist in me). I was expecting something more period appropriate than Fruit Of The Loom, but you can’t have everything I suppose! Getting on with the scene at hand, classic Nica Noelle is going on here with a heavy emphasis on romantic kissing, undressing, and sensual body exploration. The guys have some serious mutual masturbation leading to shared blowjobs lead to Travis busting his load on Chase’s tie (that’s going to leave a stain) before going back down on Chase and jerking him off to a nice release. CAUGHT! Looks like the headmaster has discovered the boys secret tryst.

He’s a stern one, Bristol’s highest ranking official, and he’s going to make it known that this isn’t the first transgression of such a nature that has occurred on campus. So what will Chase have to do to make up for his little slip up? Oh what a scandal! Good thing Chase’s late father was a star at the university, so we’ll just give him a flogging and a brief suspension. The headmaster is kind of creepy and takes a little too much pleasure lashing Chase’s twinky behind. Leaving a teary eyed Travis behind Chase must leave campus to return to his mother’s house.

What a nice old house! Plenty of room for, for, for well, whatever. Mom’s not too pleased with her son, but is still happy to see him, and we finally meet the handsome fiancé. Chase and Boston Miles exchange an electrically charged glance at the door that can only lead to one thing… At dinner we get to know a little more about the family. Apparently Chase has a crazy, chain smoking, alcoholic brother who remains locked up in his room and suspects that their father committed suicide.

Now it’s time for some bedtime fantasizing. After the long reflections of the past few days set to a romantic soundtrack we find ourselves in the shower room at Bristol. Apparently Chase likes to watch! Bubble butt twink Tyler Sweet is getting ravaged under the hot spray by big beefy Brendan Cage (a professor) lots of kissing leads up to a nice blowjob followed by a really good fucking. Tyler explodes all over his stomach while Brendan fucks him hard on the tiles before unleashing a torrent of spunk on the boy’s balls. Suddenly Brendan and Tyler transform into Chase and Boston!

We finally meet the brother, and he is HOT! Xander Corvus plays the bearded troubled artist, drunkenly ranting about his work and their father’s death. This is some scene, emotionally charged, well played out, only problem is that Xander doesn’t get naked.

This is a really nice house! I’m loving the interiors. Mother has left to visit her sister leaving Boston and Chase alone in the house… Another sexually charged conversation. A pretty graphic description of the execution of the Romanov’s leads to a tender moment between Chase and Boston is interrupted by MOM who has to spend the night with her sick sister. How convenient…

UH OH! Bath time! I do enjoy a claw foot tub as well. Chase wasn’t expecting to see Boston outside of the bath room sweating like a pig, horny for some man on man action. Finally the pair embrace releasing the passions that have been burning inside of them. Their loins thrust against each other as Boston leads Chase to the bedroom. This here is bodice ripper material. Boston can’t get his clothes off fast enough! And it’s kind of awkward, in a sexy way. Chase is champion when it comes to giving head, Boston can’t seem to get enough, but what he really needs to do is plow that boys ass! Chase rides Boston’s tool on his mother’s bed in what I might think be his character’s “first time”? Boston fucks the cum out of his soon to be step son’s ass before stroking out a pretty epic load himself. Sweaty and satiated the pair collapse into one and others embrace.

Ok this is weird. Xander kills himself in his studio by drinking turpentine… Dark.

Back at Bristol it looks like Travis has moved on. He really does love giving and receiving blowjobs in that storage room. Only this time it’s with Tyler Sweet. Caught again! That headmaster has a thing for the students at his school, and it looks like Travis is his resident bad boy…

Overall “His Mother’s Lover” is a great film, Nica Noelle pushes the boundaries of art and sex in a cinematic gem that is entertaining and arousing. Go ahead and log into you’ll see for yourself why we’re so excited to have Rock Candy Films in our library.

Now THEY are lovers…

Interestingly Ian Whitcomb the famous ukulele player starred as the headmaster, and also did the soundtrack. Paintings by Joseph Dawley.

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Wally, Why Were You Never My Neighbor?

February 27th, 2015 - By ottergayhotmovies
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I guess I must be in decorating mood this week because I have just been picking all the best little details out of the films here on Today I knew what I wanted to write about, and that it was going to be a classic. Perusing through the vast library of films I came across a film I hadn’t written about. “Hayride” is a fantastic film altogether, but there is one scene that I really want to share with you.

Solo masturbation scenes have been filmed since the advent of moving pictures. Today we still have great solos with both amateur and professional stars which are a more polished, the lighting might be better, the models perfectly tanned and claiming to be straight; the list goes on, but let’s take a step back in time.

How, you might be asking yourself, is this relevant to what I am going to write about? The scene I am going to review is a solo, and it has an amazing set.

Pink has to be one of my all time favorite colors, and gorgeous men are probably my all time favorite thing in the world. In the final scene of “Hayride” I get BOTH! Here is how the “The Handyman” is described.

“Wally, a young stud built like a brick shithouse, accepts an offer from his neighbor to paint a spare bedroom. After a few strokes on the walls, blue eyed Wally gets down to a different kind of another sort of whitewash!”

C’mon, look at this room. What a shade of pink! It’s just bubble gum enough, light enough not to be overwhelming, and is the perfect complement to the glossy woodwork and honey colored pine floors. This looks like a room I would feel totally at home in and look at that vintage bed, it’s gorgeous with that sweet little decal and spidles. Fine, I’ll get on with it, but not before saying I really wish they weren’t painting it white.

It is true what they say, this guy is built! And since he looks like he has been plucked from the pages of “Physique Pictoral” I am already a fan. Wally is that “all American boy” neighbor I wish I had had growing up next door. Unfortunately for me I grew up on a plantation with nary a neighbor for at least a mile. Needless to say I didn’t have a cute guy mowing his lawn shirtless, or a window to sneak peeks into after he just got out of the shower; or masturbating.  This guy is perfection. With bulging muscles, perfect skin, the lightest dusting of fur on his legs, and a beautiful bush, Wally epitomizes the stereotypical crush, and the director of this short scene really conveys this through the lens.

Instead of going on and on, I will simply show you.

Wally really shows off for the camera, you can tell he really likes his perfectly trained body. He strokes his pecs and stomach, admires his biceps all the while stroking his dick with gusto. This guy knows how to pleasure himself, and he does it well. Palm gripped tightly around his insanely beautiful organ he thrusts his hips into it while fondling his ample balls at the same time.

Once again we get a shot through the window lending the scene a voyeuristic quality that really enhances the fantasy.

This really gives us a good detail of that adorable bed in the room! Look at these lovely spindles, so delicate compared to Wally’s thick man meat.


Here is the only odd shot from above. Then again, it does give us a nice shot of those warm and cozy hardwood floor.

And fucking the mattress has never looked so good. Look at that bubble butt.

Now, here is the best part of this scene, and it is more than I expected! Wally shoots one of the most impressive loads I have ever seen. He just keeps milking his slicked up cock… Just see for yourself.

Told you!

So you see classic films are just as hot as the newest releases. Now go check out the rest of “Hayride” from Falcon Studios. I wish I knew if Wally was ever in any other films, or any hardcore scenes? The Otter can dream. Now remember to follow me here, on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr!

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The Otter

An Unusual Star In An Unusual World

February 25th, 2015 - By ottergayhotmovies
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This is an interview I have been waiting to do for quite some time, albeit not a usual one. Certain stars have the ability to span the decades, maintaining a career in an industry that sees some of the heaviest turnarounds out there. As styles and preferences change, so do the men we watch on screen. In the 70’s they were butch and hairy “Clones” by the 90’s they were huge hairless and glossy with gel. Hair goes from long to short, beards and mustaches eventually succumb to the razor, as does body hair and pubic hair. Muscle men may be all the rage, but within years the twink might reign supreme. It’s the constant evolution of tastes that will be both invented and followed by the gay porn industry.

Here at we all know how much wonderful porn I get to see every week. I have stars that I adore, directors I respect, titles that will always be favorites, and there is one more thing I love; sets. A set can make or break a scene in my world, and there are few that have really impressed me.

So why am I writing about sets? Because there is one star who has been working in this business since at least the 1970’s and deserves a round of applause. With a career spanning close to half a century, Sophia Sitonit (pronounced Sit On It) has worked with some of the sexiest performers to ever grace the screen with a stamina like no other; so with no further adieu, I give you Sophia Sitonit.

Oh, and did I mention It’s a Sofa…

The Otter: What was your upbringing like?

Sophia Sitonit: Where should I start? I was built in 1911 in the Rococo style but, I consider myself Edwardian, although sometimes people refer to me as Victorian. I don’t relate to Victorians, although I get along with them. Most of my early life was spent in a parlour in San Francisco.

The Otter: So you’re from San Francisco?

Sophia Sitonit: Yes, all my life, with the exception of a brief stint in L.A.

The Otter: How would you describe yourself?

Sophia Sitonit: Sturdy but soft, fun yet classy, versatile.

The Otter: And how did you get into the industry?

Sophia Sitonit: That’s an interesting story. I was kicked out of home rather abruptly and never received a reason. I was homeless, deathly afraid of the rain that might soak through me there on the curb without any resources. I didn’t know anything except for what life had been like in my old home. I was humiliated, people passed and ignored me, a few thought it’d be funny to take a picture with me on Kodachrome. The sun was setting when I met my saviors. I was carried to an apartment near Duboce Triangle. This is where I learned about sex for the first time, having my first experience in an orgy. So yeah, it was the sixties, but things were getting a little out of control in the 70’s. My housemates were pretty good to me until the party started to end with the summer of love.

The Otter: That sounds like an interesting time.

Sophia Sitonit: It was, it was a learning experience too that reflects in my work. I like to think.

The Otter: So How’d it happen, your first film?

Sophia Sitonit: Oh yes. So when things started getting troubled for my housemates they need more (coughs) you know, and I got sent away. This time I found myself in the Castro. I remember the guys were pretty amateur and the man filming was using a Super 8. It wasn’t too bad; in fact I spent a lot of the time in the background as they fucked on the floor in front of me.

The Otter: But then you started working with some major studios?

Sophia Sitonit: I did, I got a job at a stage warehouse and was soon working on a regular basis.

The Otter: You’re doing a lot of work with

Sophia Sitonit: I love them. The Armory is a beautiful treasure of a building.

The Otter: And you’ve done both gay and straight work as well?

Sophia Sitonit: I swing both ways.

The Otter: Are there any stars that really stand out as scene partners?

Sophia Sitonit: How to choose? I loved my scene with Alex Carrington and Michael D’Amours, obviously Kitty Natividad, there’s your swinger in me, and recently those with all of the guys at Kink. Jessie Colter and Mitch Vaughn were incredible. I love a big muscular stud getting my upholstery all sweaty.

Scene from “Dirty Pool” starring Michael D’Amours & Alex Carrington

Miss Kitten Natividad

“Men On Edge – Featuring Jessie Colter”

 “Men On Edge – Featuring Mitch Vaughn”

The Otter: So you have a type?

Me? No. I love em all!

The Otter: Speaking of Jessie Colter, who you just mentioned, were you offended by getting landed on Lurid Digs?


Sophia Sitonit: (Laughs) Actually getting on Lurid Digs has always been a dream of mine! I was very plased.

The Otter: Is there a dream scene you want to be part of?

Sophia Sitonit: Yes! I have always wanted to star in a sumptuous film set in the palace of Versailles. This has always been a fantasy. An orgy of delicious men on me; I want the guys in really good powdered wigs, white stockings and buckled shoes. Oh, and I want to be dressed in the fines gold brocade.

The Otter: That’s impressive. Kind of like that scene with Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas in “Up The Aristocracy” ?

Sophia Sitonit: Yes! A couch can dream.

The Otter: Is there a Star you look up too are admire?

Yes, my late friend Max. He was the ginger shag sunken sofa who appeared in “Banging The Boys” what a beauty, and he really knew how to party.


The Otter: Is there anything you’re afraid of on set?

Sophia Sitonit: I hate Fabreeze. Sometimes I worry a spring might go, but that’s natural for someone my age.

The Otter: To what do you owe your longevity?

Sophia Sitonit: Christ, make me feel old! Good bones! It’s true, I have to thank my stars I was blessed with my looks. I try to take care of myself, regular waxings, fluffing, vacuuming, re-coverings; that and regular Protein “facials”.

The Otter: I’ve noticed you tend to keep a similar look, you’ve never gone too crazy or trendy?

Sophia Sitonit: No, I was taught a young age to maintain a classic look. Sure, my brocade’s or damask’s may not have been de rigure in the nineties and into the millennium, but I’m still here. I’m really loving the current trends in appreciation of all forms of furnishings. Some of my friends in the 80’s who were so hot faded really fast, it’s not so today. I think we’re seeing a greater acceptance of styles than we did ten years ago. In a way it reminds me of the way we lived in 70’s, very bohemian.

The Otter: Just a few more questions. Is there anyone you really want to work with currently?

Sophia Sitonit: Oh god. Once again, how do I choose?

The Otter: Are there any exciting projects coming up in your future?

Sophia Sitonit: There are! I’m very excited, but I can’t tell you much about it. I can assure you it’s going to be HOT!

The Otter: Finally, you’ve been such an inspiration for me both stylistically and as a performer. Is there any advice you’d like to give to other performers? Something you’ve learned through your extensive career?

Sophia Sitonit: Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not good enough or good looking enough! There really is someone for everyone, or should I say everyone’s got a fan base, whether they know it or not.

Well thank you to for letting us get to know an often overlooked star of the industry, now get over to and rub one out!

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February 23rd, 2015 - By ottergayhotmovies
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First of all, how did I NOT know about this gem? Just the screen shots had my manhood banging at the door to be let out and relieved. “Homo Punx” stars Brice Farmer, who is just plain gorgeous, as an innocent traveler visiting Berlin. He’s got a small problem though… Finding a place to stay is a little pricey and Brice is not about to shell out 50 Euro’s a night on a place to sleep. There is a cheap alternative, and it’s marvelous.

Funny thing, I feel like this apartment is so similar to some of my friend’s places throughout the years. Messy, worn down, but it’s a place to rest your head. Unfortunately the big difference is that my friend who had places like this didn’t just hang out naked strutting their stuff; Maybe I should get a group of guys and rent a house so we can all be slobs and fuck a lot.

It just so happens that one of these roommates is a photographer’s makeup assistant. In the studio Jake Corwin is having some trouble with model Jay Roberts, the guy just won’t show his dick. Good thing he has a liquid solution delivered by Jules. Jay gulps down what looks to be Kool-Aid and is soon enough ass up in the air dressed as a bunny with a carrot up his hole! As the shoot heats up hunky Milan Gamiani shows up to go down the rabbit hole if you will. The pair fuck right there on set with Jay taking Milan’s man carrot with gusto. It’s amazing what can happen when you lose your inhibitions.

Back home we get to see what the roomies are up to, and apparently they bake. Daniel and Dirk are busy in the kitchen molding dough into Jan’s butt hole, a top seller, while Jules convinces them to model the following day. Now for something a little different; baking in the living room (wink, wink) the boys break into a dress up dance party threesome. Totally weird hot. Oh and by the way, Brice has been watching the whole time and returns to room to blow his first load of the film.

The following day we’re back in the studio. More models have shown up to work with Jake. The sets in “Homo Punx” are pretty great actually, and the following scene featuring leather clad Carlo and Yosvany sucking each other off against a Tom Of Finland-esque setting. These muscle hunks are glorious and I was really pleased with Carlo who comes back for more in the following scene!

Paolo Lecker is showing in a stream of what I think is milk… Carlo returns, mouth watering and can’t help himself once he spots Paolo. Worshipping the muscle bound, soaking wet, stud Carlo unleashes Paolo’s impressive uncut cock! This is going to be a hot fuck. The pair retreat to a dressing room where Carlo gets his hole filled and stretched like a champ before blowing his load on himself followed by Paolo’s own eruption.

So where has Brice been this whole time, C’mon, I want to see that thick meat of his and low hanging balls. Dressed as the most adorable sailor you’ve ever seen, Brice steps into surreal underwater set reminiscent of James Bidgood’s photography of the 60’s and 70’s. Reluctant to expose himself, Jake soon urges the young man to release his gorgeous cock, but it’s Dirk Berger dressed in only angel wings that gets Brice to salute. It’s Dirk who needs a fluffing though, and shy Brice immediately takes on the challenge, and in no time the pair are fucking; Brice on top Dirk on bottom.

It was an image from the next scene that caught my eye in the first place when I discovered “Homo Punx”. Yosvany is back again too, this time getting fucked hard by masked men Florian and Jan. How do you manage to fuck with such oversized masks on anyway? I don’t know, but it’s magical…

This is one hell of scene. Brice and Doni, oh my god, tube socks and trainers are such a turn on, and on these two; I’m going to need a fresh cum rag. A fun fashion shoot on a great big bed in a pink room soon turns into a pillow fight resulting in an epic “cum and feathering”. I absolutely loved this scene, the only thing that got me was the feathers. Yes it looks sexy as hell, but if I were Doni I would’ve been worried about getting stuffed with down; and yes Brice is nice enough to remove one from his lubed up tool before slamming back into his partner.

After that incredible fuck in the snowy feathers we are treated to a sexy photo shoot with one of my favorite performers, Ludovic Canot. Jake snaps away as Ludovic strokes his thick cock, when the photographer moves in for a closer shot his model reaches out to get a feel. Soon enough greedy little cocksucker Ludovic is devouring Jakes sizable meat. Watching Ludvic’s puppy dog eyes as he swallows Jakes perfect shaft is beautiful, and just when you think things are about to get hotter Jake removes his solid organ from his models mouth apologizing for not being very professional. Damnit! I was just ready to start rubbing one out.

For the finale we have a pristine white tiled room containing carts of delicious looking cakes, and the guys are looking pretty delicious themselves! I’m really digging the above the elbow latex gloves by the way. I think you know what happens next. FOOD FIGHT! Thank goodness Ludovic is back! We’re also joined by Dirk again, Florian, and Jan. These sexy men in boots, gloves, and even a pig mask really get into it, hell I was even a little frightened one might take a spill. As this glorious destruction of confections is interrupted by Jake, who himself gets pied, and the action really begins. I was hoping this would happen as I watched Jake and Ludovics passion come to a boil and they make out like teenagers. The real treat in this scene is Ludovic bent over the desert cart getting plowed by everyone and getting covered in cum. My oh my I need shower just as bad as these guys by the end of this film…

So there you go, “Homo Punx” a FANTASTIC flick for you to watch on

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