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It’s H-Autofellatio For #MayIGetOff

May 22nd, 2015 - By ottergayhotmovies
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Earlier this month we presented our readers and users to compete in our Twitter #MayIGetOff contest. We’re always happy to help each and every one of you get off, that’s what is here for because we are “Exactly what you’re looking for”. As the month cums to a close I would like to re-visit my earlier autofellatio post. In May Is Masturbation Month – Let’s Start It Off Right With Classic Autofellatio I chose a slew of scenes from the golden age of porn featuring some intense self-sucking. I’ve found this to be one of the most interesting acts of “getting” off because of the sheer talent, dexterity, and flexibility one must possess in order to perform it. It’s also extremely hot to watch.

These cock sucking cum whores are so into getting head that they’ve trained themselves to lick, swallow, and gobble their own fuck sticks resulting in messy self-induced facials and cum eating. I’m sure that at one time or another every man on earth has thought about or attempted to blow themselves, hell I know I did (and was pretty successful in my younger days).

As masturbation month comes to an end, let’s take a look at some contemporary guys who have mastered the art of autofellatio. Remember that all of these titles and more are available for your viewing pleasure on… Alas I only had room for ten.



Kurt Rogers can hold a scene on his own, but once I saw this tatted up, ridiculously handsome, horse hung stud trying his best to put it in his mouth, I had to put him on my list. This feature from AlphaMales showcases Kurt in not one, but four of its five scenes!


“Self Suckers Anonymous”

Jeremiah Johnson is just too cool for school wearing his shades in the bathroom. In this Saggerz Skaterz scene, young stud Jeremiah pulls out all the stops while showing off for the camera. Favorite part; foreskin nibble!


“Hot Rommates Jack Off And Suck Cock”

Sebastian Riverpol is so exotically handsome I’m totally jealous that Tyler Benson gets to plow him whenever he wants to. In this amateur flick from Boots Marchman we get to see gorgeous Sebastian lick, suck, and nibble his delectable foreskin, tease the head of his cock multiple times, and get it it on with his studly roomie.


“Self Sucking Solo Artist”

From Pacifico Entertainment comes this tasty treat that is sure to please. Perry Cavalari is an adorable young buck with the ability to practically bend himself in half in order to get his juicy meat into his face hole.


“Self Sucking Cock Suckers”

Give me a dirty warehouse and an uncut cock and we’ll give you a show. That’s exactly what you get when you watch Jack Wright put the naughty moves on himself in this Eagle Video production.


“Go Blow Yourself!”

Although he only cums in at number five, Troy Michaels gets a standing ovation for his solo. Although he might not face fuck himself as much as we like, being able to stay positioned on two feet while mouth wrangling your own tool is pretty impressive in this scene from Buzz West.


“Go Suck Yourself!”

Scruffy slut boy Kenji not only takes his partners dick in this hot flick, but his own. I’ve got a thing for nasty boys with interesting skill sets. Seriously, just watch this scene from Factory Extreme.


“Fuck Your Friends 10″

I usually expect slimmer guys to be able to perform autofellatio, especially when it comes to being able to really suck and not just lick the tip. Duke Lewis comes in third on my list for being such a blonde beefcake who can blow himself too. I’m sure you’ll appreciate this scene as much as I did from Cocksure Men.



Tag has they most gorgeous eyes of a devil, a great otter’s build, flexibility, and the ability to blow a massive creamy load all over his own face. This pup comes in second in my book for leading the pack in best self inflicted facial from Defiant Productions. Woof!


“I Am The Self Sucker”

Derick Manx truly is one talented bloke. The title of I Am The Self Sucker from SX Video might be a big statement, but watching this horny young fucker fuck his own face, you’ll see for yourself just why this guy made the top of my list. Go for the gold!

So there you have it, a selection of sexy men winning in the oral category for best personal achievement. Now make sure to get on over to and explore the selection of smut we have to help you get off. Hurry up and Tweet #MayIGetOff to @GayHotMoviescom for a chance to win some AMAZING masturbation month prizes. Follow me on Twitter and Tumblr too!

Catch ya later cum catchers!

-The Otter

Updates For The Week Of May 17th – 23rd 2015

May 21st, 2015 - By ottergayhotmovies
Posted Under: Star Updates

This week we’ve got a selection of some incredible eye candy for you that the crew at has carefully curated for your enjoyment. As the go-to website for all your gay porn needs we make sure that not only is the user experience par excellence, but that we deliver the best star profiles with the most up to date information available. The crew would like to present this weeks round up of studs on the ranch. In alphabetical order of course…

Adrian Long

Model good looks, a body rippling with more muscles than an angry ocean, and a big uncut cock, what more could you ask for?

View Adrian Long‘s biography.

Alexx Desley

Alexx has a perfectly toned body, bad boy looks, and can really deliver a pounding. You’ve got to see this tatted up stud in action!

View Alexx Desley‘s biography.

Derek Parker

WOOF! Muscle, fur, beard; sign me up! Derek can play the part of big bad wolf, or cuddly teddy bear. Either way is fine with us when it cums to this stud.

View Derek Parker‘s biography.

Logan Rogue

Prime uncut Swedish perfection. Unbelievably handsome Logan is one of those versatile performers you simply cant take your eyes off of.

View Logan Rogue‘s biography.

Paddy O’Brian

That face! That dick! Paddy O’Brian IS all that and a bag of chips. Check out this why this guy has our tongues wagging in every scene he appears in.

View Paddy O’Brian‘s biography.

Seth Santoro

Who wouldn’t want those luscious lips all over them, or have a chance at that ass that just won’t quit. Billy Santoro is a lucky man to be married to the sultry Seth Santoro.

View Seth Santoro‘s biography.

Nailed By Airport Security Vol. 12

May 20th, 2015 - By hairyburgher
Posted Under: Movie Reviews

“Sir, it seems you are going to miss your flight for we are going to need to search you, strip you, and fuck you raw”. Airport Security Vol. 12 is directed by William Higgins and brought to you by (William Higgins Productions). This provocative film is a collection of three scenes that will have you hard to “Czech in” to your next flight. Featuring eight of the most alluring Euro-boys, these lustful lads are smooth, fit, and kinkier than your average rent-a-cop. Your attempt to leave on a jet-plane will prove futile, as these men have other plans for your ass.

We first have Jirka Mendez and Elen Milek. Jirka is on duty today in the secondary inspections department. Blonde boy Elen has failed to pass the scanner check and has been brought in for a one on one. Jirka states that he must check Elen’s luggage for potentially suspicious contents. He places his adidas bag on the desk and starts pulling things out: one of which is a humongous purple dildo that he says is for his girlfriend. Riiiight. “You know you can go to jail for this”, states Jirka. Elen offers some cash to get out of the offense and Jirka says, “I’ll show you what I want”. Jirka proceeds to pull his cock out and uses his billy-club to bring Elen’s head towards his fully swollen cock. The subtitles come to an end, but you know what’s going on here. Elen loses any inhibition he may have had in this situation and starts sucking on Jirka’s balls. Next thing you know, Elen is restrained against a bunk bed, with a gag in his mouth. His dick and testicles are in a metal cock ring and being thoroughly worked over by Jirka he oozes drool from beyond his mouthpiece. Elen’s cock ring is then hooked up to a electro-stimulation device which is turned on and off repeatedly. The adorable boy shakes and squirms. He is then bent over while standing to receive some raw meat. Young man is then taken to the desk where he is pounded until he busts a nut onto himself. Security guard Jirka then rolls his toy over shooting his spunk onto the boys’ stomach. Jirka then whispers something into Elen’s ear  prompting him to leave.

Next up we have Borek Sokol, Hugo Antonin, and Martin Merlot. Hugo has been brought into the secondary inspections department for having on a weird shirt…with a weird collar. His bag is searched as he is interrogated.  He refuses to remove his shirt and resists. Martin places handcuffs on him and his collar is cut. A piece of which is going to be taken to the lab. Martin leaves for a few moments as Borek holds Hugo against the wall and tells him, “I think you like it”. Borek then drops his drawers and places his cock in Hugo’s cuffed hands.  Hugo reiterates that nothing is contained in his collar then is made to suck. Martin returns to reveal that there was in fact an unknown substance within the collar. Once again, the subtitles end and the sex begins. Hooray! Hugo gives a double blow job before his shirt is fully destroyed and he is disrobed. Both Borek and Martin take turns on their newly submissive bottom bitch. They deep dick him in many finger cuffing positions before he blasts onto himself. Martin then cums on his balls and Borek cums in his mouth. They two officers kiss and they then rip the remainder of the shirt off of their toy. “Take your weird shirt and go”. Just another day at work for these Czech-mates.

Finally we have Mate More, Danek Gyor, and Ondre Radni. Mate has already been through the secondary inspection and has found himself caged. “Who is this bastard”, states Ondre. Things aren’t looking too good for Mate.  His bag is searched and Danek believes him to be a smuggler. They release him, but not to set him free. These muscle men have other plans for this twink. Ondre pats him down and then removes the boys’ clothes. The subtitles have already ended because by this point, you know where this is going. The two use their night sticks to keep the youngin’ in place as they search him inside and out. Danek then proceeds to suck on him until they bring him to his knees to blow them both. The two muscled tops take turns on him, first bent over and then suspended between them. They finger cuff him on the floor as he sneers in delight. Ondre pulls one out on Mate’s bubble butt and Danek follows suit on his chest. Mate then jerks off onto the floor. The two then lock him back up and leave without saying a word.

Airport Security Vol. 12 could deter some from traveling into or out of Czechoslovakia. It may also inspire many to go there. Either way, these hotties will be present somewhere, so sign me up. This film has some light S&M and definitely intriguing sub/dom scenarios. Overall the sex is very appealing and stimulating. William Higgins does it again. I don’t know where he finds these boys’ but i’d sure like to find out and visit the farm someday. Be sure to Czech out Airport Security Vol. 12… Now go on and get hard at!

 There’s more where that “came” from… follow @HairyBurgher

Summer is by far this otter’s favorite time of the year. Once the temperatures soar it’s time to strip off the clothes and enjoy everything the great outdoors has to offer. The best part of this sultry season: the sex. I can still remember reading the summer sex tips in my older sister’s Cosmopolitan as a horny young teen, reading all about the ways you can please your man in the heat and humidity of a lazy summer afternoon. Let’s just say it might just have been that very article that turned me into the outdoor fornicator I am today.

Monday turns out to be Memorial day, the unofficial start of the summer season (yes I say unofficial because summer technically doesn’t start until June 21st) so I’ve compiled a list of top scenes to inspire you as the days grow hotter and longer. I seriously do not know how I am going to narrow this down to just five, or even 10, there are just so many amazing films to choose from in’s library.

Pound Me Raw 2: Scene 4

Oh Man! Studios’ sweaty bareback beach sex scene between Junior Bastos and Kaike gets me going in all the right ways.

12 Noeuds: Scene 3

Istvan Foki and Serge Istavan take a sexy cruise down river in another muscle filled Clair Production.

The Best Of Bruno Volume 1: Scene 3

Beefy Bruno and Will Seagers share a sun kissed tryst in this Bijou Classic.

Cousins: Scene 2

Matt Ramsey may have screwed his cousin the night before for the first time, and after one taste develops a new appetite pizza boy Scott Roberts delivers poolside from Catalina.

Boy Country: Scene 1

I applaud Bobby Clark and David West for going at it in a 10 ft. aluminum fishing boat in the wide open. Buckshot Productions rocks the boat, literally, I would have fallen out of that like Fraulein Maria in the Do-Rae-Me number from The Sound Of Music.

Take That: Scene 1

C’mon! They go fishing and it’s adorable. Max Ryder and Dillon Rossi make the most of a gorgeous location and each other in this jewel directed by Jake Jaxson.

Double Barrel: Scene 4

Couldn’t leave a good camping trip off the list (NOT “glamping”) Max Schutler is a lucky guy; who wouldn’t want to be used by Dirk Jager deep in the woods? This is a great scene from TitanMen.

Fuck Yeah Levi Karter: Scene 3

When you witness Connor Maguire pick up Levi Karter and fuck him, you’ll see what I’m talking about and why COCKYBOYS is so amazing.

Cruisin’ Fuck Forest: Scene 4

Fan of abandoned buildings? Me too. Othello and Manu Perronash pull out all the stops in this Jalif Studio fuck fest.

Tasty Tayte: Scene 1

Dillon Rossi gets plowed on a hammock by Tayte Hanson, by far my favorite for level of skill directed by Jake Jaxson.

There are so many more films I would like to mention in this post, but I just haven’t the time. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend perverts and make sure to log on to for more summer inspiration!

Remember to follow me on Twitter and Tumblr too.

Catch ya later cum catchers

-The Otter


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