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Coming Soon! Awake By Lucas Entertainment

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

Gorgeous men, stunning locations.. Awake by Lucas Entertainment has it all! I can’t WAIT until this goes live on the site so you can see what I’m talking about! Trenton Ducati, Jonathan Agassi & Adam Killian??! i mean really? I can’t with all that muscle..

Coming Soon! Awake By Lucas Entertainment

 Infidelity has made Jessy Ares and Jonathan Agassi’s relationship numb. The men escape to Mykonos and try to regain emotions for each other but as soon as they arrive, a car accident leaves Jonathan in the hospital. Jessy meets local Mitchell Rock and they explore the breathtaking island as Jessy is tempted into sexual freedom. Jessy uses Mitchell as a mirror to find out who he has become now that he is alone without Jonathan. But guilt and passion take over reality and Jessy gives in to his dark desire. It’s man against himself as he tries to escape but he has become his own game where every man around him uncovers a heightened illusion of sex. For Jessy, seduction and madness collide when he opens his eyes, AWAKE.

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