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Friday Fuck – Studio Of Sin

Friday, December 20th, 2013

FACT.. I will always highlight a title where Johnny Hazzard is gets fucked! Check him out in scene 3 with Lucio Saints. Well shot, well lit all around hot scene.

Also getting major boners from Jake Bolton so his scene with Lucio is fucking amazing. He knows how to take a cock!

Friday Fuck - Studio Of Sin

Friday Fuck – Kinky Cum Boys

Friday, December 6th, 2013

I’ve been chatting with a hottie (just chat so far, can’t wait till the sexting begins) and we just today started talking about our love of kink so I thought I’d showcase of of my recent favorites from the site.

Kinky Cum Boys from Raw Boys realllly isn’t Kink, their version of kink is one scene with the guy wearing a blindfold. SO LAME! But still, euro twinks fucking is always nice to watch so enjoy!

From roped up threesomes to blindfolded twinks getting their faces fucked by huge cocks they haven’t even seen, these boys are exploring their kinkier side – and it’s damn hot! Scouring the kitchen clean, Jose becomes distracted by a horny Jesse. Jose gets a good handful but soon his mouth takes over, sucking on Jesse’s impressive meat. In no time Jose jumps up onto the freshly cleaned counter and his own thick dick is worked on, making them both crazy and ready for some anal action! What Jose doesn’t know is Jesse is in the mood for kink, so his passive buddy is tied to the counter he was just cleaning, and his tanned tight body held down as Jesse rams his big raw dick into him, with Jose having no choice but to take it!

Friday Fuck - Kinky Cum Boys

Str8 To Anal 2 – Friday Fuck!

Friday, November 8th, 2013

I usually can’t stand twink movies, especially when they’re all emaciated.. but these guys have some meat on them so it’s totalllly watchable!

Xander Shapo is the cutest twink ever and his scene with Kumar is great. Check it out!

Str8 To Anal 2

Friday Fuck – Big Dick Bastards

Friday, October 25th, 2013

Fuck.. Bitch Dixon, why you make me so hot?? The newest release Big Dick Bastards is amazeballs, and the fucking Issac Jones is giving Aaron steel:

Piledrive that shit!

Big Dick Bastards


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