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Friday Fuck – Occupy Ball Street

Friday, August 30th, 2013

Out of all the gay-for-pay stars we have on gayhotmovies, Cliff Jensen is the only one that makes my loins ache? I’m not even sure that’s the feeling I’m tryin to describe but I look at him and I’m overcome with this urge to just fuck the shit out of him but at the same time cuddle him and be his wife? If that makes sense??

And just take a look at that cock, the picture doesn’t do him justice.. it’s large and in charge and I just wanna swallow it whole. Which is why this Friday Fuck clip is SO hot.. Thrasher, lookin all trashy, sitting on Cliffs cock balls deep while cliff rams it up there.. whew!

Friday Fuck - Occupy Ball Street

Friday Fuck – Take A Load Off

Friday, August 23rd, 2013

Sometimes I tell myself I need to stop following porn stars on twitter because when they start acting a fool or start twitter wars with all the back and forth bullshit, it really turns me off to watching them in a scene. Case in point, Jayden Grey.. The whole Mohawk incident, the Riley Price feud, etc.. not cute.. just show up, do you job and keep the pornstar fantasy alive.

Buuut Jayden working his ass over with a dildo in scene 2 was enough to change my opinion on him. And the pairing of him and Mitchell Rock is awesome. Check out Mitchell’s cum shot. I’m a huge fan of certain camera angles and this is one of them, from behind.. getting plowed in the ass and Mitchell’s face visible as Jayden fucks the cum out of him.. Friday Fuck indeed!

Friday Fuck – Antonio Biaggi Double Fuck Ass-ault

Friday, August 16th, 2013

Knightbreeders is 100% raw sex! You won’t see one condom in this film – it’s all raw, the way you like it! Damien Silver buries his dick in Mario’s ass, gives him a rimjob, and then shoots his load all over Mario’s balls! There is great 3-way action with Antonio Biagii that features double anal that you have to see! And Damien has an interracial scene with a masked black man where he fucks him raw and gets his cock cleaned with some nasty ATM action!

Friday Fuck - Antonio Biaggi Double Fuck Ass-ault

Friday Fuck – Inside Job

Friday, July 26th, 2013

What is going to happen when the Hotel is short staffed and manager Billy has just checked the books…a conference is coming to town and he’s not prepared at all for the influx of guests! No staff means Billy has to run around doing everything! But as soon as the sharp-suited guests turn up, things start to look a lot sexier! With cute young Leo Marco leading the way, big dicked twinks Ethan and Bryan follow, and the sex deviant McKensie brings up the rear to give the Hotel a week to remember. Full to bursting with fit young fuckers and libidos to match, even power-top Billy starts to get a feel for the more passive things in life.

Friday Fuck - Inside Job


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