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Happy Halloween From!

Friday, October 11th, 2013

We employ a ton of talented people here at GayHotMovies and the Otter is certainly toward the top of that list! When he’s not busy reviewing vintage gay porn for the site, he loves to spend his time doodling sexy mens in all sorts of situations.

I present to you his Halloween offering! “Sexy Devil On Pumpkin”. I was asked to simply clean up the sketch, adjust the white levels and all that boring crap. Instead I came up with this for our users to download as a fun desktop background!!

Dude! Do Me - Hidden Object Game

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Navy Cock Suckers – Thanks FDR!

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

Navy Cock Suckers - Thanks FDR!

There have always been jokes about the Navy: What do you call a ship full of fags? A: The navy!

It is easy, a bunch of men on a ship for long periods of time…..

Why does the NAVY have marines on their ships???? So the female officers have someone to dance with

However long before Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, there was the “Newport Scandal” where enlisted men were ‘engaged’ by a secret Navy unit with oral sex.

In 1919, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the assistant secretary of the Navy. While the Navy secretary was in Europe, FDR signed off on an undercover Navy unit to investigate homosexual acts within the military.

It later became known as the Newport Scandal. The Rhode Island Naval base had a notoriety of sexual solicitation by males, so in order to crack down on the homosexuality in the ranks this secret unit was ordered to perform oral sex on suspected homosexuals on base, including a clergyman!


When the story broke of the ‘vicious practices’ in the US Navy, FDR’s career was nearly ruined. Luckily for him, he contracted Polio about a week after the story broke, so the ‘unprintable details’ of the congressional inquiry into the actions was glossed over with the loss legs. He later became president.

#lgbt history!

A Rim With A View And How Grandmom Ruined it

Saturday, September 28th, 2013

I’m a little torn.. On the one hand i think this is super hot, on the other I’m reminded of my grandmothers house where she had that old person toilet chair thing in the corner in her living room.

So no matter how hard I try to not picture that seat sitting there with the side table with strawberry flavored hard candy next to it, i can’t. Thanks for ruining it grandma…

A Rim With A View

The Cure, Edging and How to Cum.. Without shooting

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Last night at a concert, The Cure’s Fascination Street was playing before the show and I was reminded of a 6 month period when my exboyfriend was in grad school and it was my ritual to come home after work, get completely stoned and edge for hours before finally shooting (after a few good inhalations of poppers of course.) Collapsing on the bed after to listen to Fascination Street on repeat always seemed like a good idea .. It was the best 6 months of my life and I taught myself how cum, without shooting..

Edward Penis Hands

I tried SO hard to find a gay porn with a Robert Smith lookalike but alas, no one finds his look sexy enough for gay porn.

 Edging is pretty fucking great and if you have the time to do it I highly recommended! Bringing yourself to the brink and pulling back, over and over… and over again till you can’t take it anymore.. not only do ya shoot some pornstar sized loads when you finally do decide to cum, you also can cum without shooting. If you ever met a total cock hungry butt slut, this ability comes in handy if you really just wanna lay into him and give him the fucking of his life.

Check out some of these edging titles. The Men On The Edge series is great for some hardtied edging, Edging 101 is edging with some amateur flare and Skip edging with a fleshlight in scene 5 of Military Meat 3 is sooo hot.

Men On Edge Featuring Marc Dylan Edging 101: Moistening My Model Military Meat 3


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