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Be My Valentine

Friday, February 13th, 2015

For Valentine’s day this year the staff of has submitted a selection of our favorite stars (55 although we could have added  so many more). They’re single, eligible bachelors; well as far as we know they are, one can’t be 100 percent sure. So who made the list? To be fair I’m going to put them in alphabetical order… They’re all  stunningly handsome, incredible performers, and definitely make our jobs so much easier. So here we go, the guys “55 Valentine’s” complete with commentary.

*Also, by clicking their image you will be directed to all their films on, and by clicking their name you can follow them on Twitter!


Alexander Gustavo

“Those eyes and that body, swoon…”

Alexx Desley

“He’s a bad boy with a wicked look in his eyes. Dangerously sexy.”

Antonio Paul

“He’s like that guy you see playing a game of pick up who takes off his shirt causing an instant erection.”

Asher Hawk

“That face, that adorable smile, and a twinkle in his eye that will crush you before he begs you to top him! And he looks like you could introduce him to your parents.”

Brad Kalvo

“Hello daddy. Two words… Take me.”

Bravo Delta

“You can never really quite tell what Bravo is up to, but he’s definitely up to no good.”

Braxton Bond

“He’s a bottom every top dreams about.”

Buster Sly

“Smooth, muscled, handsome… Bust one on my face Buster!”

Caleb Strong

“Those glasses. You’re mother never warned you about this guy.”

Christian Wilde

“There is nothing more I want in me right now.”


Colby Keller

“His mind makes me want to cum on his beard.”

Connor Maguire

“There’s something about watching him pick up his scene partner and pound away that is utterly indescribable. And he’s a ginger. I die.”

Dale Cooper

“He can have his way with my Laura Palmer any time he wants.”


Darius Ferdynand

“All of him! Topping or bottoming… I don’t care, Darius is perfection.”

Dean Brody

“That beard! He’s a sweetheart in real life, and he looks a lot like Al Parker. Do I have to say more?”

Derek Parker

“WOOF! This is a beast of a man!”

Diego Thompson

“He is fiiiiiiiine. Mmm hmm. Love me some Diego.”

Dillon Rossi

“Hung, Handsome, and he’s a country boy. Just look at those puppy dog eyes. Does he need a forever home?”

Dusty Williams

“Lovin the fur.”

Edji Da Silva

“Just look at him.”

Edu Boxer

“The things I would let this man do to me.”

Gabriel Clark

“One word. GORGEOUS!”

Hunter Vance

“That ass. Hunter has what looks to be a delicious ass. I want to bury my face in it.”

Jake Bass

“C’mon, it’s Jake Bass.”

Jasper Robinson

“Long and lean, just the way I like my boys, they always have the biggest dicks, and he can TOP!”

Jesse Santana

“How does he keep getting hotter?”

Jessy Karson

“I love a filthy pig.”

Jordano Santoro

“Always found him sexy, then I met him, now he’s sexier…”

JP Dubois

“He reminds of that boy in class you always wanted to hook up with, and if you did it would’ve been awesome.”


JP Richards

“A recent discovery of mine. JP looks like a good time. Wink.”

Landon Conrad

“He just won his XBiz award, and we all know why. Look at him! LOOK AT HIM!”

Levi Karter

“Oh my god he just looks like the best little spoon.”

Liam Harkmoore

“I’ve got a thing for blue eyes, blonde hair, and Liam.”

Ludo Sander

“Luscious Ludo.”

Luke Desmond

“I love how he looks like such a nice boy, and then he’ll pour wax all over you while he’s got you tied up in a basement.”

Mario Torrez

“Who didn’t have a crush on the football hero? Mario is the guy in all locker room fantasies.”

Mateo Stanford

“Mateo is a stud. He’s a man.”

Matt Stevens

“His hard exterior is equally sexy as his personality. Woof!”

Mickey Taylor

“I think it’s his lips? They’re perfectly pouty. I like his Tattoos too.”

Nick Cross

“Anyone would lift their embargo for a chance with this Cuban stud.”

Peto Coast

“He’s sooo dirty! I love it! I like the faces he makes when he’s screwing people.”

Rich Kelly

“His beard. It’s all about his beard. Trimmed, wild, it’s just… Sigh.”

Ricky Roman


Rocco Steele

“Rocco’s got this whole nerd, monster cock, daddy thing about him that intrigues me.”

Ryan Raz

“Raz is the perfect Twock. He’d be a good cool down after practice. I don’t even know if that makes sense?”

Sam Bishop

“C’mon, Sam even looks good with his clothes on. And he’s grown into quite a man.”


Sebastian Riverpol

“Sebastian looks like fun, also mysterious. Oh, and I love his tight little body, it’s perfect.”

Seth Roberts

“He looks great with his glasses on. What? I have a thing for glasses.”

Stany Falcone

“Stany was a professional football (soccer) player. I think I made my point.”

Tommy Deluca

“An impressive 10×7 deserves a place here.”

Tony Bishop

“Tony is the boy next door, the one who mows your lawn and lets you fuck him in return.”

Trey Turner

“Trey can be romantic, passionate, and then pretty damn kinky. I like.”

Ty Roderick

“I think Ty Roderick is my spirit animal.”

Tyson Tyler

“I wonder if he got his name from Tyson Beckford, they have a strikingly similar look, but Tyson Tyler takes the cake.”

Willam Boyd

“Talk about beautiful both inside and out, this Canadian cutie is a heart breaker.”

So there you have it, our “55 Valentine’s” for you from us here at Now go log in and get a load off! Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr for more great smut and news.

Catch ya later cum catchers,

The Otter

I’d Put My Raw Cock In That. Denis Rizzo? Hell Yeah!

Friday, November 7th, 2014

*My new twink crush…

Denis Rizzo is pretty much my newest crush this week, and before you say “what the fuck Otter?” I already know, he’s a twink. Now, every once and a while I like to take a break from my muscled, furred, horse hung, manly men, and take a dip in the young, supple, smooth, greedy bubble butt of clean shaven twink boy toy. Perhaps it’s their insatiable love of attempting to push their gag reflexes to the limit on a man’s cock, or maybe they’ve just discovered the joy of getting their hole plundered by slicked up flesh rod that is hard as steel and hotter than molten lava (well it’s going to spew bucket loads of white lava up their ass as it is). So yes, every time and again I find myself seduced by a twink, as long as he doesn’t whine, doesn’t talk, and can take every fucking inch of me balls deep we’re good to go!

So what gets me going about this Denis boy you might be asking? First off take a look at him. He’s got a youthful, classically handsome face that you just know he is going to age into quite well. Yeah… so? Here take another look. Right there, see that nubile body. Fresh, lean, nicely developed without single hair. Yeah, that’s what’s going on. Denis is the kind of guy you might see out for a morning run sporting a pair of gym shorts you just want to rip off and immediately go down on him before picking him up and throwing him on the bed, floor, kitchen counter, hood of a car, back of a truck, down on the grass, against a wall, against a tree, bent over a fence, up against a chain link fence, in restroom stall, in a fitting room, and having your way with him…

Ok you get the picture. He’s small enough to pick up too, and who doesn’t love a bottom you can pick up and use like a Flesh Light? Moving on, we will notice Denis’ delectable derrier; high, tight, clean and smooth, it’s the kind of ass you can really get your tongue into. Imagine lapping away at that puckered little starfish; feeling Denis’ body turn to putty as you work him into a spit lubed frenzy until he just can’t take it anymore. Make sure to save some spit to stroke his beautiful uncut Czech cock while you’re at it, he’s all yours.

Oh, so now you’re getting hard are you; thought so. Is there anything else we need to know about Denis Rizzo? Oh yeah, he loves getting fucked raw. Get this boys hole nice and wet and slide your manhood right in, there’s nothing like breeding a twink who can barely handle, but can’t resist your dick buried deep inside of him threatening to fill him up with steaming spunk with… every… single… ass stretching… pump. Yeah he’s a dirty young pup with a shock of hair you just want to pull while thrusting in and out of that vice-like asshole of his.

Is your dick leaking pre cum yet? I bet it is, you better pull down those pants because Denis isn’t done yet. Now while using a twink for your own pleasure one doesn’t always need to worry about getting his plaything off, these boys love getting fucked, and generally stay rock hard throughout your plowing session; you’re hitting all the right spots with your throbbing cock as it is. All the while his hole has your most precious organ in a choke hold of orgasm inducing ecstasy. You know you’re getting close to draining your balls deep inside, keep on pumping because after you seed his sloppy hole he ain’t done yet; this boy is going to keep you hard while that spunk has turned to lube before he himself unleashes a fresh batch of joy juice all over his quivering youthful body. Sweaty, satiated, stinking of sex you pull up your jogging shorts, lick up some of the lean stud’s semen and spit it in his mouth as he lies there, used, satisfied, and full of cum.

You’re welcome.

“Anges Et Demons”

So now do you understand why I’m crushing on Denis Rizzo? Good. Because now I’m going to tell you a little bit about his scene with George Roy in “Anges Et Demons” from Clair Productions and directed by Stephane Mousse. So I can understand a tiny bit of French, but this a porn so it doesn’t really matter. George is a handsome guy, probably in his late thirties, maybe early forties chillin at his work desk when he calls in Denis to his office. I’m not really that into George but as soon as Denis walks into the room my dick is at full attention. The little cutie wastes no time releasing George’s ample ( I will give him this, he’s got a GREAT cock) uncut, redwood sized Euro dick from his trousers, immediately opening as wide as his mouth allows to get as much man meat in his mouth as he can, which by the way, he cannot get all the way down on this monster. The sucking and hand job that ensue are pretty hot as Denis works George’s engorged organ and smooth suckable balls with gusto. This boy loves sliding his tongue up and down his partner’s meaty shaft and pays close attention to George’s delectable foreskin and swollen glands of the head.

The tables turn quickly however as George strips his boy toy of his bright yellow tee and busted up jeans and positions him on the frosted glass desk displaying Denis’ tight little pucker before diving in with his pierced tongue, furiously rimming the boy into submission. I know I wouldn’t mind getting Denis good and ready for my rigid pole either at this point.

You can really tell the twink is loving the attention his ass is getting, and it’s about to get even more “in depth” if you will. Bent over the desk (Which really shows off Denis’ legs, and holy hell are they nice. What? I’ve got a thing for legs.) George doesn’t even bother with gently easing himself into that glorious boy tunnel, nope he just pumps in and all the way out over and over as Denis tenses in pleasure. I can only imagine how good his warm, wet hole would feel on my condomless cock. Sigh…


*Spoiler alert! Unfortunately we never get to see Denis fucked  while on his back in this scene – sad face. Nice studio stills!

With balls slapping and groans and moans of ecstasy George continues his onslaught with his fleshy sword, driving deeper and deeper into his boy. Back on the table Denis lies back as George simultaneously jerks both of their uncircumcised beasts, in a great shot that really shows off their foreskin, before George himself goes down on Denis, and it was far less enthusiastic…

C’mon man, I would had that piece right down my gullet, had my tongue swirling around inside the hood of his fantastic uncut prick, AND I’ve had that thing so sloppy and slippery while I face fucked him myself; hell I’d have let him shoot his salty fucking load down my god damn throat if he wanted… Some people have no manners

For the finale’ we have Denis jerking his exquisite dick in George’s office chair as George himself stand’s above working his own tool. Denis is the first to unleash his boy goo onto his taught, flat, flawless stomach followed by George’s own splattering of thick cum on his toy. Not exactly the way I would have ended things… I mean really, I’d have had Denis all over that office for a hell of a lot longer (and in a hell of a lot more positions) before blowing a massive load of spunk straight up his worn out hole; and I would have kept fucking my load into him until his balls were completely drained of all their creamy goodness… But that’s just me.

Make sure to check out Denis Rizzo in “Anges Et Demons” right here on I know I’m goin to be following this nasty puppy myself, that is until I find a new crush! Also follow me on Twitter @Otter_Holt, Facebook, and now on Tumblr by clicking the links!

-The Otter

That Beard, Those Eyes, That… Otter Can’t Get Enough Of Dean Brody

Friday, August 15th, 2014

As I was making my rounds on the internet a few months ago (I don’t even want to know what the NSA must think of my browser history!) I came across an image of a bearded man who bore a striking resemblance to acquaintance of mine. Could it be? Could I be looking at a picture of  a guy I had the BIGGEST crush on when I lived in San Francisco??? What??? No. No, it couldn’t possibly, could it? After some stalking I matched up the tattoos and, to both my delight and disappointment (I never got a chance in bed with him [insert sad face] nor did I know that he was UNCUT! a mouthwatering surprise), it was my old buddy from the bay Dean Brody.


*This is the image I stumbled upon that fateful day… Dear lord… WOOF!

Now what else can I tell you about Dean Brody, well, I can assure you that he is a real sweetheart; he’s the kind of guy who’s hotness exudes from within, amplifying his already smoldering good looks. This jovial fellow with the luscious beard is a goofball, friendly, outgoing, hospitable, hilarious, and adventurous. When I did have a chance to hang out with Dean a few times I found him to be an honestly good person (which of course made me crush on him even more, you know it’s way easier to get over a crush if the dude is a total douche bag, but if he’s genuine like Dean… grab your tissues girl, you’ll be crying into your pillow every night). I swear every time that man walked into the store I worked at I got an instant hard on (probably exposing my not too well hidden desires because I used to wear SKIN tight jeans) damnit, I’m getting a boner now.

So what did this Otter do with this information? Found out what studio/studios Dean was working for! Factory Video and Club Inferno (both available on turned out to be the answer. I reached out (a bit trepidaciously I might add) to Dean via social media. I wasn’t sure if he still remembered me, but he did and agreed to answer some of my questions… Except for the one I was dying to ask… Why didn’t you ever take advantage of me???? Ok, ok, enough of my craziness, let’s get on with my interview with the handsome, hung, and humble Dean Brody who stars in “Bareback Leather Fuckers.

NAME: Dean Brody





YOUR D.O.B: 4-11-81



I am going to interrupt again after seeing those stats. Have I mentioned that Dean also bears a striking resemblance to my all time favorite star? No? I would not bestow this honor on anyone, because he is so iconic and will never be replaced: however, Dean does have a similar look and stats as the godlike Al Parker. I know, I’ve said it, blasphemy. It did get me to thinking though… Hey Dean, you’re from the New England area, so was Al Parker… I wonder if you might be related in some way? The fantastic nine inches and wickedly playful expressions could be genetic? Let’s examine my hypothesis.

What do you think?

*Ok, on with the show!

The Otter:  What was your adolescent experience like?

Dean Brody: I was (am) the biggest prankster.  this would get me into a lot of trouble.  other than that it was quite “normal”.

The Otter: Do you have any irrational fears? (Zippers while going commando, rabbits, touching any surface while on public transportation, pomegranate stains…)

Dean Brody: I cannot walk through a revolving door, I’m afraid ill get trapped. There’s always a side door thankfully.

The Otter: How often do you shower, what soap do you use?

Dean Brody: Once a day.  Dr Bronners peppermint bar soap.

*Interesting, I have some peppermint soap from the farm… It’s very refreshing and makes your balls and taint tingle:)

The Otter: Are you a lefty or a righty when you masturbate?

Dean Brody: Righty or both:)


The Otter: How do you prefer your men, clean shaven or scruffy? (Face; Body; Balls)

Dean Brody: No preference, hot is hot.

The Otter: Do you consider yourself a good kisser?

Dean Brody: yes!

*Kissing, the best way to shut an Otter up.

The Otter: Do you prefer spit or lube when masturbating or having sex?

Dean Brody: Spit duh.

*Fuck Yeah!

The Otter: What were you doing on the 29th of April, 2011?

Dean Brody: Bartending probably;)

*It was the royal wedding. I got up at 3:00 am to watch that! Well, just to see the dress.

The Otter: Favorite part of a man’s body? GO!

Dean Brody: Eyes.

The Otter: When did you become interested in working in the industry? How did you get started in the adult industry?

Dean Brody: Friends referred me, wasnt something i was really thinking about beforehand, so why not try it.

The Otter: How do you think people see you? Describe yourself, and how you present yourself to the world.

Dean Brody: I just exist to be happy. I think people don’t see me as very serious-there’s always a joke somewhere but I keep it balance. I was raised right though, I have respect.


*Sorry Dean I stole those off social media:)

The Otter: Are you crushing on anyone currently?

Dean Brody: Perpetually.


The Otter: Do you have any hobbies? (Paranormal investigation, paint by numbers, collecting fool’s gold, knitting, turning the lights on and off in rapid succession exactly 36 times, times three, room by room… )

Dean Brody: I love tinkering around in my backyard with projects, love my plants and my 1967 volvo 122S-shes work (meaning I have to work to pay someone else to fix her haha). 

*That is a sweet ride…

The Otter: Summer is upon us. You will… A) Spend your days down by the river, soaking up the sun and skinny dipping with your buddies. B) Lounge on some white sand beach somewhere that I know I can’t afford to visit. C) Sit out on the porch rocking away cause it’s too darn hot to do anything… grab your church fan gurl. D) None of the above, I will stay indoors with the unhealthy air conditioning as my only true friend.

Dean Brody: B) Lounge on some white sand beach somewhere that I know I can’t afford to visit. (Chances are i cant afford it either but it wont stop me.)

*You go do that, I’m a gonna go play on ma rope swing.

The Otter: What is your favorite Disney movie and which princess do you most relate to?

Dean Brody: Little Mermaid was my favorite movie but i loved Belle (Beauty and the Beast).


*I’m totally a Belle too!

The Otter: Who was the first guy you were sexually attracted to? Did you do anything about it? Did you hook up with him?

Dean Brody: Joey Mcintyre (spelling? from the New Kids On The Block)  I used to hook up with him all the time- in my dreams!  haha

The Otter: Favorite character (book, film, theater)?

Dean Brody: Tyler Durden “Fight Club”.

The Otter: What was your first job?

Dean Brody: Paper boy.

The Otter: Which Golden Girl do you most relate to?

Dean Brody: Sophia- shes quick-witted.

The Otter: How often would you say you’ve eaten or tasted your own cum?

Dean Brody: A few times, i prefer trying someone elses.

*I’m also wondering if you can perform autofellatio? 

The Otter: Describe the ideal man, what would the man representing your sexual ideal look and be like? (go ahead and get descriptive!)

Dean Brody: My taste is all over the map. People who exume sexiness and personality lasts longer than a pretty face. Both are a nice start though.


Let me just freshen up a bit.

The Otter: Have I ever told you about the time I looked into the heart of an artichoke?

Dean Brody: Yeah but hear the beet ? (wah wah)

You funny mister Brody.

The Otter: What is your favorite area of your body to work out on at the gym?

Dean Brody: Ugh i hate it all, but i do it. If i have to pick one its my butt.


The Otter: Do you want to know what’s going through my mind right now?

Dean Brody: Why I took so fuckin long to get this interview done, haha. So sorry!!! xo

The Otter: Is there a favorite recipe you would like to share? Something you’ve made your specialty?

Dean Brody: Peanut butter buckeye balls.

The Otter: Have you ever used a rotary phone?

Dean Brody: We had one growing up that was missing the metal piece that makes your finger stop on the right number.  It was such a pain in the ass to dial anyone quickly!

The Otter: You’ve been invited to a garden party, what do you bring as a hostess/host gift? (You better take a hostess/host gift, it’s just polite manners!) What would you wear?

Dean Brody: A bottle of  crisp sparkling wine.  If i knew them well i would wear my usual go-to jeans and tshirt (boring) otherwie I’d have a little fun and dress up a bit.  Something cute with a hat.

“I think today is a “say something” hat day.”

The Otter: Would you like to be bound, shaved and fucked by a group of horny swimmers in a shower room?

Dean Brody: Everything except the shaved part.

The Otter: Would you like for me to have my clothes off, or do you want to tear them off of me?

Dean Brody: I will tear that shit off of you, thank you!

No Dean, thank YOU!

The Otter: Do you prefer men cut or uncut?

Dean Brody: No preference-as long as it works;)

And there you have it, an interview with hot new star Dean Brody. Make sure to follow him right here on and on Twitter at @DeanBrodyXXX and remember to follow me on Twitter at @Otter_Holt  for more great interviews, movie reviews, dirty pictures, and the latest porn from

Thank you so much Dean, you’re a sport! XOXO

-The Otter

“Otter, Draw Me Like One Of Your French Boys.”

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014


It’s not every day I get to send out an interview to a star I am personally acquainted with, and it’s certainly not every day that I get to send out an interview to a star who had been naked in my living room before either! Now, before all those nasty (well, actually super hot fantasies of The Otter and Will Swagger getting it on) thoughts pop into your head, THAT is not what was going on. Nope.

Here’s a little story. I met Will a couple of years back during a sunny San Francisco afternoon on a patio. Of course I thought he was attractive, perhaps even a little mysterious; who was this blue, eyed stud with the cute smile and scruff? Turns out it didn’t take too long to find out. I cannot recall how it began, but I am sure glad it did. During our conversation I found out that Will Swagger is sweet as pie and a real charmer. He is very friendly, smart and an interesting fellow to boot. (As you may or may not know, besides writing about pornography, I’m also an artist) I asked him if he had ever done any modeling, turns out he was just starting his career in the gay adult industry, so I asked him if he might be interested in sitting for me sometime, AND he agreed!

*Side Note: Will, I am really sorry I never got around to using those studies. I have looked high and low for them, when I do find them I am going to clean them up, contact you directly, and make sure you get an original after I’ve scanned them!   

Let. Me. Tell. You. There is nothing like having a handsome man, such as Mr. Swagger, lounging in the buff on the fantastic mid-century sofa, you now miss so much, in your living room. In all seriousness, this was a professional favor from Will and I greatly appreciated it. So, between my sketching and soap operas, I got to know Will a little bit better, and now so will you!

Not knowing if he would remember someone such as myself, I sent Will a Facebook message regarding a more formal interview. To my surprise he remembered me! I told you he was peach, so here we go… Let’s get to know Will Swagger a little better!



NAME: Will Swagger





YOUR D.O.B: 10/25

SWEET OR SAVORY: Scorpio – I can be both.


(BMI) BODY MASS INDEX: 24 – damn near perfect.

SHOE SIZE: 42, between 8-9






The Otter: Where did you grow up?

Will Swagger: Northern California, rice and orchard country.  Where the boys are boys and the men are men.


The Otter: What was your adolescent experience like where you grew up? Were you a popular boy in high school, were you a nerd, were you a 90 lb. weakling, etc.? Are there any funny/embarrassing/proud moments you would like to share from this period of your life?

Will Swagger: Mostly a don’t ask, don’t tell childhood.  I had friends in all facets of life, and still do.  Mostly hung with the cool alternative crowd.  We were smart, funny, and made our own rules.  I almost got caught fucking the Mormon boy behind the couch – that’s the day I learned about shoving the bottom’s face in a pillow when they moan. 


The Otter: Do you have any irrational fears? Agoraphobia, Calista Flockhart, drowning in a bowl of soup while home alone, etc.?

Will Swagger: I think I’m out of shape, even though I know I’m hot.  And I’m not convinced the human race isn’t being secretly run by Evil Platypuses that live in Outer Space.  You can’t prove it isn’t.

 *I have evidence here that supports your theory, made available to me via NASA. (ATTENTION READERS, SOME MAY FIND THIS VISUAL DISTURBING. PARENTAL DISCRETION IS ADVISED.)

The Otter: What is your favorite Disney movie and which princess do you most relate too?

Will Swagger: My favorite Disney movies are the Black Cauldron, and Bambi – no princesses, but Bambi’s father is smoking hot!!!

“Your dad’s a total DILF!”

The Otter:  Do you keep house plants, if so do you give them names, and do you talk to them?

Will Swagger: I name most things, even people.  My bike is Max, he’s a red specialized mountain bike.  Oddly, I don’t name houseplants.  I do curse them when they try to die on me though.

“Don’t die on me NOW fucker!”

The Otter: Would you spend the night alone in an infamously haunted location if you knew that there would be an insanely good brunch followed by an all nude pool party and swanky gift bags full of top notch shit given away the following day?

Will Swagger: I’d likely move in, and keep the hottest guys from the pool party as housemates with benefits.

GREAT! Because this is the house you’ll be staying in! Needs a little work, but I envision it being quite lovely.

The Mudhouse Mansion. Lancaster, Ohio

The Otter: What is your preferred time of day to have sex or masturbate?

Will Swagger: When I’m awake – though occasionally I wake up with a hard on, and my hand down there.

The Otter: Do you feel the need to masturbate considering your career?

Will Swagger: It’s fun, though I prefer sex with someone over sex alone though.

The Otter: Are you a lefty or a righty when you masturbate?

Will Swagger: I use whatever hand is free at the time.  My right, my left, someone else’s, a hot bottom…

*Perhaps one of those Mormon Bottoms with their face in a pillow? Photo Courtesy of Mormon’s Secret.

The Otter: Do you prefer spit or lube when masturbating or having sex?

Will Swagger: I’m not a great spit generator by nature, so I’ve grown to love  Lube – everything from gun oil types, to 9×6, Swiss Navy, and my favorite – Elbow Grease.

*Shop for Gun Oil, 9X6, Swiss Navy, and Elbow Grease.


The Otter: When did you become interested in working in the industry? How did you get started in the adult industry?

Will Swagger: Originally interested in my 20’s but the guys I was dating steered me away (though turns out they both had done it).  Then I started dating someone a while back who was already in, and the rest is history being made.

The Otter: Would you consider yourself outgoing, modest, shy, confidant, douchebaggish, trustworthy, outspoken, kind, careful, reckless? Describe how you feel you present yourself to the world.

Will Swagger: I’m a wild card.  I relate to different people differently.  Generally people seem to like me, but there are  a number of queens who don’t – I have no problem calling people out on their shit as it happens…and that sometimes creates friction….like when I step on your foot accidentally while playing pool in a crowded bar while you’re blocking the shot and have a drink on the table and wearing espadrilles and somehow you think I’m in the wrong…no

The Otter: If time travel was possible, where would you go? (You cannot choose the future because it hasn’t happened yet and there is the possibility you may have to stay put wherever you travel to… So answer wisely.)

Will Swagger: Easy – I’d go back to my first day of School and do things a little differently – assuming I get to retain full knowledge of my life and start over.  Otherwise, I’d go back to a certain night on the dance floor in about 1995 and ask some hot little hunk out who was all over me at the time.

The Otter:  Are you crushing on anyone currently? If so, would you pass them a note in study hall or approach them? (This will tell our readers A LOT about you.)

Will Swagger: Notes Suck.  You either approach the guy directly or say not now and hope he approaches you, those are your only options.

The Otter: Do you have any hobbies? (Scherenschnitte, gardening, taxidermy, cooking, sports, painting, woodworking, cobbling shoes, etc.)

Will Swagger: I’ve had lots of hobbies over the years.  Right now I’m in a hobby lull – but if someone want’s to suggest we do something new…


Paper Mache!!!!!!

The Otter:  Is there anyone in the industry who inspires you, past or present?

Will Swagger: Spencer Reed – he’s pretty hot in person and on screen, and when he eats his lunch.  Honestly, I’m not usually the kind of person who get’s “inspired” , and I usually test negative for hippie though I do like them.  What I do get is curious and then I like to try things out that peak my curiosity.  I’d have to say Dirk Caber is someone who triggers my curiosity – sweet guy, hot, fun to work with and fun in real life.

I would gladly make lunch for either of these strikingly handsome men any day. And just so you know Spencer Reed and Dirk Caber; I make one hell of a sandwich, if you know what I mean… TEA SANDWICHES THAT IS!

The Otter: What are your future goals? (Career, education, travel, etc.)

Will Swagger: I’m almost accepted into my master program – would love to finish that in Psychology, then maybe a Doctorate down the road.  In the mean time, and for the next five years travelling and playing with men all over the world is tops on my list.

The Otter: Do you have pets? We want to know all about them if you do!

Will Swagger: I have a pet bear, Allenbear, you know him as Allen Silver– I take very good care of him and make sure he’s the happiest little bear out there.

The Otter: Name three people you would love to have lunch with? (Living, dead, famous, infamous, unknown…)

Will Swagger: Gah – the dreaded famous people question – this always changes for me, but right now it would be:  Lord Byron cause he stayed to fight for Greek independence , Kurt Cobain, for the same reason, and Jim Morrison for the same reason – and cause I think we’d all get along in bed together.

The Otter: Who was the first guy you were sexually attracted to? Did you do anything about it? Did you hook up with him?

Will Swagger: The first guy I was sexually attracted to was Johnny Bench, I was like five and he played for the Dodgers and no, despite my letter to him we did not hook up.  Damn.

The Otter: How do you feel about 1920’s and 30’s floral wallpapers? (I’m redecorating my living room in a depression era style and could use as many opinions on this matter as possible. Also, should I go Deco or Federal Revival? Or do you think I should go a whole different route and do post war Colonial, not unlike the interiors chosen by Muriel Blandings [played by the incomparable Myrna Loy] in the 1948 film “Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream Home”?)

Will Swagger: Ummm…yeah,  I’d stay away from both those an go with the current zen green style.  Always been a fan of natural materials, and it’s easier to attach slings to places with exposed timbers.

*Yeaaaaah…. I’m a little too high strung for zen, a sling on the otherhand… 

The Otter: What was your first job? Did you learn any valuable lessons or tools that you have brought with you into your current career?

Will Swagger: My first job was selling fireworks for the Boy Scouts – I rocked the fireworks and I learned that a lot of successful selling is having a good product.

The Otter: Do HD televisions bother you? (Case in point, I was watching “Jane Eyre” [starring Charlotte Gainsbourg and William Hurt] the other evening and thought everything was flat, as if the entire film was now in focus, similar to live television in the 1950’s and 60’s. I feel it dilutes what the director had purposefully focused on to purvey their vision.) Thoughts?

Will Swagger: Agreed on that – HD is weird, we don’t see naturally in HD and most things loose something in the translation.  And the zooming in on shit is weird – not everything looks good super close up (read Gulliver’s Travels and you’ll know what I’m talking about).

The Otter: Favorite character (book, film or theater)?

Will Swagger: Hector from the remake of Troy – he was fucking hot, took care of his family, knew what to do., and did the right thing.…they should have put him in charge.


*Let’s just look at him again, shall we?

The Otter: Are you a fan of gay porn from the 1970’s? Do you have a favorite star from that “Golden Age” of gay adult film?

Will Swagger: I don’t have favorite, but love 70’s porn – it was, and remains some of the best:  guys having sex without a lot of to-do.

The Otter: Describe the ideal man, what would the man representing your sexual ideal look and be like? (go ahead and get descriptive!)

Will Swagger: I believe there are multiple answers to this question since there are multiple archetypes out there, my two favorite types are:

Stud Charming: (The love child of Tom of Finland and Prince Charming.)  A tall, hung, cut, quiet Germanic tree of a man.  A mostly top who knows what he wants and protects it.  Likes to have his guy in tow – and his guy is the type who solves problems, the brains to his brawn.  Been looking for him my whole life.

Guy Friday: (Sort of an uber-Robin without the lame suit and whose smarter than Batman).  He actually is me, I like me, and I’m definitely my type.


The Otter: You’ve been invited to a dinner party, what do you bring as a hostess/host gift? (You better take a hostess/host gift, it’s just polite manners!)

Will Swagger: I’m big on plants, flowers, board games, and alcohol.  Which one depends on the makeup of the party.

The Otter: How do you feel about earlobes? (Attached, gauged, pierced, untouched, nibble/don’t nibble, etc…)

Will Swagger: I like to nibble, on a lot of things. Earlobes included.

The Otter: Would you like to come over and play Parcheesi sometime? Or Candy Land?

Will Swagger: Don’t know Parcheesi – bring it on!

The Otter: Do you prefer men cut or uncut?

Will Swagger: I prefer cut – though there are some uncut dicks out there that are super yummy.  The problem I’ve had with the uncuts is that they tend to be sensitive on the tip and I can get a little rough.

So now you know a little bit more about the talented and handsome Will Swagger! He’s a great guy, a pleasure to be acquainted with, and FUN to watch! Thank you Will, once again for being a sport, I hope to run into you the next time I’m out your way… Maybe we can pick up a game of pool… I’ll wear my espadrilles!

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Here’s one more look at Will Swagger before I sign off… so handsome, *sigh*.

-The Otter


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