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Jayden Ellis & Caitlin Wachs – Twinks who secretly want to look like popular actresses

Friday, October 4th, 2013

Jayden Ellis would like to be ABC family actress Caitlin Wachs… Just look at how wholesome he looks! I’m sure he has been following Caitlins career ever since her role in “Air Bud 3” but he really tried to emulate her when she starred in The Legend Of Bloody Mary’s porn remake.

Jayden Ellis

The Legend of the Bloody Mary: A tale of two twinks who discover their love of being covered in fake blood while being bent over the bathroom sink taking a pounding. With each thrust Jayden must say Bloody Mary the 13 times to achieve an orgasm, it’s some entertaining  shit!

Jayden Ellis

Poo Finger Or Hitler Impersonation?

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

So I can’t decide.. Do you think his finger was in his butt and that’s what he’s smelling OR he’s doing a Hitler impersonation and the finger is the mustache? I’m leaning more towards the poo finger buuuut, I’m into ass play and all that but who really wants to sniff poo?!

Poo Finger Or Hitler Impersonation?

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Also, can anyone confirm his identity?? He’s giving me some Sean Storm realness.

Rebecca DeMornay & Kamyk Walker – Twinks who secretly want to look like popular actresses

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

Rebecca DeMornay.. who does she think she is with that name? deee mooore naaaay, she so fancy. And I guess the same can be said for Kamyk Walker.. what is that first name? I guess my ignorant American ass just can’t handle anything other than Sue and Chuck.

Kamyk Walker

So would The Hand The Rocks The Cradle be more suspenseful with Kamyk playing Peyton Flanders? It’s been years since I’ve seen the movie, I believe she dies in the end by falling into the glass greenhouse? Yes no? Save me the trouble of diggin out my VHS and let me know!


While you’re looking for me, I’m gonna enjoy Kamyk’s floppy cock as he rides that dick!


Miley Cyrus licks sledgehammer, inspires Calvin Croft to follow suit

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

The first thing I thought of when I saw Terry Richardson directed the Wrecking Ball video was “ohhhh, no wonder she was so well lit.. and naked” it’s a good look on her. So much so that BoyNapped victim Calvin Croft decided to emulate her look while stopping by the local gloryhole.. Sidenote, why does eating a dirty butt hole taste like a copper penny? I rather lick up on some dirty sledgehammers to get my metal taste fill rather than lickin on a dirty b-hole..

Miley Cyrus Licks Sledgehammer

Miley Cyrus Licks Sledgehammer inspires Calvin Croft to follow suit

Anywho, Miley… Take it away!:


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