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Interviewing Tommy Deluca and His Monster Cock

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

Interviewing Tommy Deluca and His Monster Cock is a super hot scene brought to you by the sexy punk-pony that is Michael Phoenixxx. This film opens to Tommy doing jumping jacks while wearing swishy shorts: One word – Jesus. He is being quizzed about his humungous dick. His dick is ten by seven when rock hard. It is circumcised and a delight to look at. He claims to get weird looks in public and says that he realized he was huge when he was seventeen. The locker room seems to have caused this man some stress. He says being so well endowed can be rough, but he would never want to get it reduced. When asked what sex is like he states, “Let me show you.” Michael walks in and they kiss. Let’s start the show!

Let me first say that Michael’s penis is just as special. He also has a very large phallus. Mr. Phoenixxx drops to his knees and immediately deep throats until he gags: That’s my boy. Tommy soon returns the favor and hardens Michael. Tommy is pretty verbal and kinda bossy, which is hot as fuck. Michael beats his meat while getting face fucked. They sixty nine and Michael tongues Tommy’s hole. Tommy then squats on Michaels face before Michael goes back to blowing. The fervor with which Michael attempts to consume this exceptional prick is impressive. Tommy then takes it upon himself to start sucking on the cameraman. He strokes his cock while sitting on Michael’s face. He sprays his nut onto Michael’s chest and the cameraman cums onto his balls. Michael then busts onto himself and then all the jizz action repeats in slow motion: Cum Again?

Not enough can be said about the beauty that is Tommy Deluca’s dong. Lord help the bottom that is ambitious enough to receive that pole. Michael is smart to have merely throated that thing. These two hung guys are blessed and are surely in the right business. How generous of them to share their gifts with us. You shouldn’t miss Interviewing Tommy Deluca & His Monster Cock. Now go on and get hard at!

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It’s Just My Boyfriend, Keep Fucking Me

Friday, July 10th, 2015

I would love to review this entire film, but it’s so good I’m just going to tease you with my personal favorite scene. Dot Cum from Cazzo Films is the story of online hookups, relationships, and fate. Lukas Knowles finds himself all alone after his cheating boyfriend leaves him for some blonde bim-boi. It’s kind of sad, but his sexy friend Milan Gamiani convinces him try the same website he uses to meet guys. Granted the film was released in 2007, just before the development and world domination of the hook-up app, I find it a charming reminder of online cruising. As the story progresses we have some really amazing scenes and the one I want to touch on is definitely a not to miss. Seriously. It all starts off with Milan and Lukas discussing their online activities. Of course Milan, being the dirty slut that he is, regales Lukas with his latest tale of anonymous depravity.

He had received a message from a horny bottom (Dave Neubert) whom was ready to get his hole filled while he is “lubed up and on all fours,” he claimed. Unsure of what might transpire, Milan makes the decision to just go for it; if he walks in and is repulsed he can just hit the road. Leaving caution to the wind, our smoldering stud enters the apartment and strips down as instructed. Let the games begin!

It’s quite a lovely room, in my honest opinion. Pretty blue walls, interesting iron bed, French doors, white trim-I could totally make this my bedroom.

The pair start with a blow between the rails which resulted in a nice face fuck I thoroughly enjoyed. I always expect Milan to be uncut (personal preference), but whatever, he’s still fucking hot. He really pushes this blonde’s head down on his dick too. Dirty talk ensues and soon enough Milan’s dick gets real slobbery. That’s a big dick to take down your gullet, boy!

Enough with the cock sucking. Milan rims Dave’s unbelievably super smooth pucker, prepping him for his fatty. Cazzo guys know how to fuck, and Milan fucks hard. I love watching this stud in action. What I also love is how they’ve left their sneakers on. You have to admit Milan Giamani is one photogenic stud.

This is by far the part of the scene that cements it as my favorite of Dot Cum. The sound of Milan’s voice as he exclaims after hearing the front door “Oh shit, who’s that?” To which Dave responds, “That’s my boyfriend.” Seriously, bud? You’re boyfriend is home and you’re getting fucked by some random hot dude? No wonder Milan asks, “And now?” Yeah, and now what? I’d be afraid for my life. “I think it’ll be fine.” Dave is too enraptured by Milan’s dick deep inside of him to care when he asks, “Did I say stop?” Sure, just let your boyfriend walk in on you getting screwed rotten by Milan.

Of course Breno Lopes just walks in, pauses, and moves on through to another room. Is it getting hotter in here? Milan flips the boy over and shoves his thumb in with his dick really filling in that hole! With only a set of French doors to separate them, Breno watches TV in a darkened room as Milan thrusts in and out of his cheating bf. The guys are even kissing too? Milan pulls all the way out and pushes all the way back in without a hand to guide him something of which takes skill and is fascinating to observe. Breno’s turn to join in.

He immediately shoves his uncut fuck tool into his blonde bitch’s mouth. Honestly Dave’s got to be in heaven with these two sweet cocks in both ends of him. Breno takes over for Milan and pounds away doggy style as his boy rims Milan’s hole. Everyone is working up a sweat! Did I not say this was a hot scene? Breno Lopes has one of the most perfect bodies in porn and it is shown off beautifully in Dot Cum.

Another switch! This time Milan is in the middle getting fucked by Breno whilst he fucks David. The sequence is accompanied by some nice camera work and sloppy slappin’. On his back, Milan takes every inch of Breno. This is an intense threeway-if your cock isn’t leaking pre-cum by now, check your pulse to see if you’re alive. Milan stays rock hard until stroking himself to climax all over his fuzzy stomach. Breno pulls out and Dave takes over servicing his meat with his mouth. What happens next I found kind of adorable in its own weird way. Milan slips away and thanks them on his way out as Breno nods and Dave, still attached to his partners cock, waves farewell. This is a very convivial couple and we are treated to Breno’s cum shot onto Dave’s chest and mouth. Finally, the little bottom gets his chance to squirt quite a massive load, and who wouldn’t after those two?

What a story! Dot Cum is full of great surprises, unsuspected locations for dirty deeds, and a menagerie of talented horse hung tops and greedy bottoms. I highly suggest this title if you’re looking to get off on some incredible action check it out on Remember to follow me on Twitter and Tumblr too!

Catch ya later cum catchers,

-The Otter

3..2..1…The Twinks are Getting All Revved Up!

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

Strap in and prepare for one wild ride with Staxus Platinum’s Revved Up. Burning hot boy-on-boy action takes the front seat at every single moment of this four-scene collection, with hardcore rounds of bareback sex that do not disappoint. They may be sweet-faced twinks who look innocent upon first glance, but this cast of young studs crank up their dirty sides in this auto-themed fuckfest that certainly lives up to its title.

Paul Ryan and Jaye Elektra kick things off in the first scene, which begins with the pair of bikers checking out a motorcycle. After an exchange of sexual innuendo, they rip off each other’s leather jackets and indulge in a steamy make-out session. They suck each other off before heading to the bedroom to finish what they’ve started. From the moment these guys lay eyes on each other, the chemistry is undeniable—in fact, it is what drives the energy of this strong opening scene. They switch things up with a variety of positions and incorporate moments of lustful eye contact, intensifying how well they work together. All in all, Paul and Jaye’s match-up exudes a subtle ferocity that makes for a perfect introduction to what’s in store with the rest of the film.

Up next is a showstopping threesome featuring Billy Rubens, Tristan Wood and Paul Ryan. Everyone’s favorite twinky straight boy, Billy, stars as a mechanic who is fixing Tristan’s bike. The couple nearly drools as they watch Billy finish up, and are looking to put their powers of seduction to use. Billy and Paul start making out, with hopes that Billy will notice, and once he does, *GASP* he decides to join in too. From there, Tristan services both Billy and Paul’s throbbing uncut cocks with some special oral attention, before getting his hole passed back and forth by the horny tops. Because partners alternate and each star provides lively performances, this sexy threeway keeps the viewer engrossed at all times. Not to mention, the scenario is enough to get temperatures rising…who isn’t turned on by the idea of getting pounded by a gorgeous mechanic?

The momentum continues in scene three that finds inked-up coverboy Mickey Taylor with handsome Will Sims. Cuddled up in a living room, these sex-crazed dudes don’t waste any time with getting their needs handled. After swapping spit passionately, they take turns giving one another blowjobs. Following this, these naughty little hunks proceed with a flip-fuck that commands every ounce of the viewer’s attention. It’s just what any gay porn lover would want from a versatile sex scene, with each of the performers delivering presences that stand out in each position that they indulge in and also contain the type of enthusiasm that is pleasurable top watch. In the grand scheme of things, this scene adds to the diverse types of scenes that the movie has to offer, which makes it even more of a great watch.

In scene four, Billy returns with Jacob Daniels for a final big bang that closes the movie just as well as it began. There is no dialogue or special story here; these boys want each other and don’t waste a single minute with hopping to it. There’s some making out and blowjobs before Billy gives Jacob’s hole a deep and hard pounding with no holding back. At the same time, Jacob takes it like a champ which creates a pleasant dynamic between the two, which finds them feeding off of each other. Put simply, it is a scorching dick-down that doesn’t play around with giving the viewer exactly what they want.

Revved Up is an overall win because there’s so much for porn watchers to dig into—there’s group sex, flip-fucks, auto shop fantasies, and much more. Additionally, the movie is well-cast, as each star brings something significant to the overall production. It also doesn’t hurt that film was executed wonderfully by its director, Michael Burling, who was generous with camera angles, positions, and the overall eye-pleasing aesthetics of the flick. If you’re in search of the next feeding for your twink appetite, Revved Up is a choice that you won’t regret.

– Simba

Sucked, Fucked, and Reenlisted: Vol. 2

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

Director Dink Flamingo and Active Duty Productions are back, but going even more AWOL than ever! Reenlisted Vol. 2 is packed with soldiers, sailors, and Marines on a mission to make some money and some unforgettable memories. These muscular, tatted, and sex starved guys will do anything to bust a nut. Just put on some porn and provide some cash; the rest is just natural. Here are “A Few Good Men” who are camera ready and willing to explore their sexuality just for you. Watch these hotties join the ranks of straight-trade that will surely have you saying, “Yes, Sir.” A friend in need is a friend indeed and these boys are about to get frisky.

First up we have Niko, Jaxon, and Cruz. The scene opens to these three white boys, fully clothed, sitting on the edge of a Jacuzzi tub. Dink, acting as the cameraman, accuses the three of lying about something and then proceeds to give us some back story on the guys. Apparently we should watch out for Jaxon and Cruz, but Niko is a “non-devil.” Dink states, “I think Cruz comes with the intention of inflicting pain upon his partners and Jaxon comes with the intention of having pain inflicted on him.” This trio is truly an all-American group from head to toe. These dudes get put through the interview ringer before Dink explains his sudden desire to watch jocks in athletic gear. Niko, Jaxon, and Cruz go on to share their same-sex fantasies. Soon after, the three appear in singlets. Jaxon gets assigned as the rookie aka towel boy, is assumed to be a team player, and is made to be for “team use.” A locker room fantasy ensues when Cruz and Niko kiss and caress each other before Jaxon enters the “new beginning” of the scene. Jaxon is wearing a nontraditional jock strap. The two veteran studs feel up Nico and then feed him their jock cocks. The three studs turn on and enter the shower where they tease and taste Niko’s ass. They exit the water and Niko enters Jaxon from behind, as Jaxon blows Cruz. Next thing you know, Jaxon is riding Cruz. Then, out of nowhere, Jaxon fucks both Cruz and Niko. None of these men seem to be at all new to this, or they were so hungry for it that they were already loose and ready to go. Jaxon spills his semen onto the back of Cruz, Niko blows a load onto Cruz’s face, and Cruz ejaculates onto the mug of Jaxon. The three kiss and hit the showers once again: Go team!

Next we have Max and Tim who are relaxing on a hotel bed. They are briefed and then left alone to get comfortable. The two remove their shirts to expose their muscular frames. They rub on themselves and then drop their drawers. You can tell that these two must be watching some “pussy porn.” Unlike the previous three, Max and Tim seem fresh to the dick. These sexy men start beating each other’s meat. Tim offers his mouth up for the pleasing of tall boy Max. Sexy-ass Max seems to be having a bit of trouble, but is more responsive once they 69 and he gets a mouthful. Max states, “Want me to fuck you?” and Tim says, “Yeah.” Tim’s legs go up and Max has his way. It takes a bit of time for them to get their rhythm going, but when they do its magic. Tim tugs one out onto his abs and Max pulls on his big dick until he blows. These two say that they will be returning for more, which is definitely exciting to hear.

Thirdly, we are joined by Riley and Shea. Dink is back to interview these boys. Apparently Riley and Shea have both been in five scenes. Their egos get a boost when Dink calls them famous and says that everyone wants a piece of them. This may be true considering fans of this type of porn are typically dedicated. These two are left alone to get comfortable and they do. They strip, discuss tattoos, discuss porn, and briefly ignore the fact that they’re about to fuck. Riley starts rubbing on the crotch of Shea before his kisses his chest, ultimately leading to his cock. Riley is loving having this dick in his mouth so much that he has to be told to lean back to receive some head of his own. They blow each other good and long as to take it all in while they have it right there in front of them. Riley starts playing with the pale ass of Shea. “Will you stop teasing me and fuck that ass already?” says Shea. Riley delivers it doggy style before Shea gets on top and bounces on Riley. Not long after, they flip. Riley takes it doggy style and then gets on his back. He works his cock with his eyes closed. Riley blasts a load onto himself and Shea follows quickly. Shea lays a few kisses upon the cum trail and then lands one on Riley’s mouth.

Last, but surely not least, is Brock and Dawson. These two are apparently old pros, but I get a newbie vibe from them. Perhaps it’s because they seem far straighter than any of the previous men. Dawson is adorable, by the way. He dives right in by guiding Brock to his cock. Brock gives him some oral, while he caresses Brock’s head. I may have been right because it is taking him quite a while to get hard. He does get hard and then works on Brock for a bit. They go back and forth before deciding to jerk off next to each other, eyes closed and all. Dawson is first to release and then Dawson does the same. They share a laugh and a smile.

Whether they be actual straight men, closeted gay men, or bisexual, these ex-military hotties are certainly easy on the eyes. I am sure the cash is the initial leading perk, but what keeps them coming back is genuine desire and the thrill to drill. Commander Dink sure is persuasive and we thank him for that. “The most rewarding part of my job is watching these hot young heroes act on their secret desire to experiment with their buddies and explore their sexuality just for me – and for YOU!”- Dink Flamingo. Don’t get it twisted; be sure to check out Reenlisted Vol. 2. Now go on and get hard at!

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