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Now This Is How Army Daddies Put Twinks In Their Place!

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

If you have an appetite for beefed up men in uniform, naughty twinks in need of cum-bursting discipline, and limitless rounds of hardcore barebacking, Daddy’s Iron Rule will do wonders with satisfying your hunger. With no holding back, this Bareback Me Daddy production gives you an inside look at the scandalous activities that go down on sex-crazed military base. The sergeants certainly put their cadets under intense training unlike any that you’ve seen before.

Unless you can speak Russian, don’t expect to get in on the specific details of the plot with this one, but the deep and hard pound sessions are so commanding that the script almost doesn’t matter. From start to finish, Daddy’s Iron Rule stays true to its theme of older army hunks reveling in their power, as young recruits give into all of their commands—and most of the time, this includes rigorous push-ups, heavy spanking, and of course, indulging in some serious dick-downs. Not only does the film play on the fantasy of daddies vs. twinks, but it brings it home with a perfect hint of kink and fucking that is undeniably hardcore. Additionally, the cast is another positive aspect of the movie, overflowing with muscular manly-men and slender twinks with sweet baby faces. And with the well-executed direction, each of these soaring attributes come alive for the viewer.

Bald, ripped, and sexy Alex Hell teams up with the adorable Ryan Olsen for the flick’s opener which definitely sets the tone for the other four scenes that follow. Ryan enters Alex’s office and they share a little bit of dialogue before Alex gives Ryan his punishment…and he uses his belt to do it. After turning his cheeks bright red, Ryan turns around and services Alex with a blowjob. Alex returns the favor and before you know it, Ryan’s hole is being stretched wide. While in their uniforms, this fuck is completely hawwwtttt from the moment it begins, and introduces all of the themes and features that appear throughout the film.

In scene two, Thomas Fiaty finds himself in some type of trouble with a masked shit-talker (Ray Cutler) who is eager to show him who’s boss. Unlike the other subordinates in the movie, Thomas appears to be the most defiant, laughing as he is reprimanded; in turn, this infuriates Masked Dude even more. Without a doubt, this scene is the kinkiest of all, as Thomas is bent over, handcuffed and spanked before he gets cock-hammered. While restrained, he sucks off Masked Dude and gets his own cock sucked before they fuck right there in the office. As if the actual acts weren’t enough to rock your socks off, the special lighting used by the director effectively evokes a sense of secrecy that makes the viewer feel as if they are inside the office during this secret meeting, right along with the actors.

Scene three takes us to one of the cadet’s (Yuri Adamov) rooms where the men in charge (Jay Cutler and Alex Hell) are ordering him to do various exercise moves. They mock his skinny body and redden his twinky booty before he takes on both of their jizz-filled cocks. In the standout moment of the movie, Yuri handles both of their dicks like a champ in a must-see threesome that can’t be resisted. Jay and Alex take turns conquering Yuri’s hungry hole before double penetrating him as Yuri surrenders with every single stroke. The variety of camera of angles makes it even more of an engaging watch as the viewer doesn’t miss a single second of this threeway union. By the time that each of the stars have shot their massive loads, you will have definitely have worked up a sweat.

Alex Hell returns for his final scene alongside Oscar Hart in scene four. Alex is back to laying down the law with another one of his submissive cadets who is slapped up while deepthroating dildos. Before he makes Oscar his bitchboy, Alex stuffs his cock in his mouth. After that, Oscar gets fucked by two dildos (one of which is quite large) and then Hell does what he does best and completely raw. This scene is notable for its extensive use of toys and authoritative sex, which will surely appeal to those that like their sex a bit twisted and freaky.

In the closing scene, it’s Luke Ward’s turn to use his big muscles to dominate his smaller military trainee (Andy Fisher). There isn’t anything particularly special or different from the previous scenes, but it reiterates all of the movie’s strengths: beautiful army guys getting down and dirty with a nice round of deep, hard fucking. The stars switch up positions a few times throughout the scene, which is always a plus (gotta love Ward pounding Fisher missionary while standing). Effortlessly, it ends on a strong and consistent note.

All in all, Daddy’s Iron Rule never loses momentum, and without ever being over-ambitious with plot or even sets, provides an eye-full of XXX entertainment that does not disappoint. See it for yourself, here on!

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– Simba

Big Dicked: Heavy Hitters

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

Swing batter batter, swing batter batter swing: Step to the plate and fuck with the big boys in Heavy Hitters, brought to you by and Gamma Entertainment. This major league game is full of hardcore players who can surely last through a few extra innings all while plowing your infield. Ball slapping anal action slung from pitcher to catcher. Line drive loads shot out of the park and into your dreams. This film is guaranteed to wind you up your cock and then strike it out. Did I mention that this is part of the ExtraBigDicks series? Put your mitts on your bat and let’s play ball.

First on deck we have Hayden Richards and Chase Austin. The scene opens to Chase beating off to a porno mag. Hayden walks in and is quite upset until he demands head for not telling anyone about the encounter. This slight plot dies quickly as Hayden’s cock, balls, and asshole get all nice and wet. Chase gets face fucked while stroking his prick. His butt then gets fingered, slapped, and readied. Chase then sits on Hayden’s swollen member. This top slides in and he’s safe-wrapped, that is. Hayden states, “You like that?… that ass is tight.” These two switch positions a couple of times. They collide hastily until their sperm meet on the clenched stomach of Chase.

Secondly, we have Alexander Greene and Hunter Van Heise. Alexander is cruising his phone for a trick, when that trick, aka Hunter, walks in. As with any awkward tryst, they avoid the convo and go for the kiss. In no time at all, Hunter’s lips are on Alexander’s gargantuan penis. Why does this kid not have his own dildo yet? Anyway, Hunter’s booty is in for a treat. Alex sucks and rims his bottom until he makes that hairy-assed boy bend over. Hunter then rides Alex like a power bottom in training. He and his rump have a bright future ahead of them. Hunter then gets on his back and takes it lying down. He works his meat and Alex says “Cum for me.” Hunter soon spews creamy ropes onto himself and Alexander does the same. His load is so nice that you have to watch it twice. I did.

Mario Costa and Isaac Harvey are to follow in the third inning anal-stretch. They come into the room and appear to have just completed a football game, which totally clashes with the theme I have managed to force upon this masterpiece. Haha. So the game was good or something and then they strip. They kiss, they blow each other, and then they sixty nine. Isaac struggles to get Mario’s ridiculously girthy and uncut phallus inside his ambitious mouth. Isaac then bounces on Mario before letting him get it standing from the back. “God, you’re so huge,” whispers Isaac. It’s true. Isaac takes it on his back, visibly exhausted, and needs to unload. He blasts onto himself while Mario’s nuts dangle in his face. Mario pulls one out onto his spent boy-toy.

This next scene opens to a box of Magnums. I thought I smelled product placement, but it was just last scene’s Santorum. Ryan Keene and Chris Cox are having a playful argument about who has a bigger cock. I already know the answer: it’s Chris. Ryan’s dick is put to shame, but that doesn’t mean he’s not going to get some tail. They play with each other, suck one another, and then Ryan throws it in. This lasts mere seconds before Chris has his way with Ryan. He takes it doggy style and then throws his legs up. Ryan’s eyes are closed as he summons some juice from within his loins. Chris jerks his massive schlong and oozes upon the body that once contained it.

Last at bat is Jadyn Daniels. He has the pleasure of stepping into Joey Cooper’s dugout, or his anus which is soon to be dug out. It seems that these two have simply met for a quickie. Joey slobbers and gags on Jadyn’s super veiny prick. Jadyn then spits, fingers, and gets tongue deep within Joey’s obviously fresh behind. This boy seems generally new and he has got ass for days. Joey’s takes it from the back and then rides both while facing and not facing his partner. His hard cock slaps against himself in delight. “Ride that dick, take it… oh fuck”, moans Jadyn. Joey then lounges while getting nailed on the chaise. He says, “You’re gonna make me cum,” which he does and it creates quite a splash. Jadyn then follows suit while kissing his hookup.

These boys definitely stole bases and kept their eyes on…the homo plate? Haha, I tried. This film is one big-dicked home run. With well-coached talent that leaves you wanting to take a swing at the big leagues, this movie satisfies. If you’re in the mood for a grand slam from a big ol’ bat boy, be sure and see Heavy Hitters! Now go on and get hard at!

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Breakdown: A Rare Glimpse Of Pride Gone By In This Classic

Monday, June 15th, 2015

The Gay Freedom Day Committee led the throngs of participants down Market Street during the 1978 Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco. This spectacular display remains the mother of all Pride parades although it took place thirty-seven years ago. Here in the city by the bay, the first rainbow flags made their debut; at the time there were eight stripes on the flag, now simplified to six. This was also another milestone year when openly gay Supervisor Harvey Milk, having received plenty of threats on his life, rode the parade route in an open car waving to the crowds. Sadly, just one day shy of five full months later, he would be gunned down in City Hall along with Mayor George Moscone by Dan White, thus becoming a martyr for the LGBTQ rights movement. On that day, however, June 28th commemorates the Stonewall riots of New York City just eight years before, everything was gloriously gay in every sense of the word.

Harvey Milk

Breakdown director John Travis was there that beautiful, sunny San Francisco day. What a better day to celebrate a community bursting at the seams to be heard, and what better a day to celebrate over a decade of sexual revolution. In Breakdown, we have some rare footage from that Pride. Of course, it makes me wonder how many people even know this footage exists, or if it has ever been used in any films or documentaries. The scene is titled “The Big Parade” and I can tell you, it surprised me and surpassed my expectations. I had stumbled across the film before and read that there was some retro Pride parade footage in the film; what I did not know was that it was the 1978 parade, and that it was not stock footage.

If anything, seek out Breakdown on from Bijou Classics to get a glimpse of one of the most outstanding Pride parades ever, and then go do some research for yourself as to why June is such a special month for all members of our community. It is so important that we remember what came before us so that we can continue our fight for equality. Perhaps you will be inspired this Pride season to fly your colors a little higher and raise your voice a little louder.

Now on to the sex.

After the “The Big Parade,” we have a hot scene between a mustachioed go-go man and one of the guys who attended the parade. These guys really celebrate in a sloppy free for all involving some intense acrobatics to boot. Also, take a moment to appreciate the hunky dancer’s Levi’s; that’s right, he made sure to wear those out in all the right places in the shower with a wire brush (a common practice in the seventies to accentuate your bulge).

Far away from the parade, a business man finds himself stranded in the countryside. Along come two buck naked equestrians upon their painted ponies. The strangers might not be able to fix the guy’s pretty blue car, but they can do a whole lot more than ride bareback. Check out this scene which gives the film its title Breakdown.

The third and final scene is a far cry from our first and second scenes. “Sling-A Leather Fantasy” made me either want to cry or fuck. Seriously, this juxtaposition of a couple in bed and then in an alternate leather fantasy is a bit difficult to describe. What I can tell you is that it is in no way gentle as the muscle bound couple take whatever they want from each other. From some serious dick to face slapping, chest pounding, and nearly wrestling, this duo packs a wallop in a load after load dream come true. All this, and it is set to an amazing disco soundtrack.

Happy Pride to one and all! Get on over to, the website where you will find Exactly What You’re Looking For.

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Catch ya later cum catchers,

The Otter

We’re Trucking (and Fucking) with Bears!

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

Things are getting wild and hairy in Bear Video’s Big Bear Trucking Co. 2, which chronicles a day on the job with an easily-distracted moving company—and from start to finish, the cum-bursting action is non-stop. Now, if you’re looking for a high quality trucking company, these are NOT the boys you want to call; the only thing they move are their fat cocks into furry, hungry holes. Howeverrr, for a porn viewer, they are the perfect bunch to ride with, especially if you have a weakness for mature bears who don’t ever turn down an opportunity to indulge in sloppy sucking, licking, and hardcore pounding.

Big Bear Trucking Co. 2 delivers on just about all fronts. The well-assembled cast is led by well-known actors Jack Radcliffe and Steve Hurley, but also features real bears with thick beards, burly bodies, and lots and lots of hair. What makes them even hotter is when they get their hands all over each other in attention-grabbing sex scenes that provide a bit of variety in every scene (foursomes, outdoor fucking, etc.). Though the events that comprise the plot would be utterly ridiculous in real life, it makes for an undeniably entertaining movie, as we are taken on the adventures of two movers who constantly put off work to get off. The only criticism of the film would be that the production quality isn’t the best, however, it kind of works for the rugged feel that the cast and the movie itself evoke.

The film opens with two men, P.J. Gee and Tony Serrento, growing impatient with waiting for their tardy movers. This flashes to the movers (played by Radcliffe and Hurley) who are still on the road. It appears that they are lost, but they don’t seem to be in any rush. Hurley asks for Radcliffe to pull over so he can use the bathroom because he drank too much beer at lunch. Radcliffe is annoyed by his request but Hurley tells him not to worry. Radcliffe responds, “It’s not your bladder I’m worried about.”

Hurley heads to a public restroom, and while he’s handling his business, he catches lustful eyes with a hot stranger in a vest. And you know what goes down from there. The dude gets on his knees to suck Hurley’s long cock. While Hurley’s getting serviced, two other hornballs arrive and, instead of being freaked out, they decide to join in on the fun. This freaky group session is full of dirty talk and oral activity, but most importantly, makes the whole “strangers in the bathroom” truly come alive.

After Hurley gets his jollies, he heads back to the truck, but Radcliffe has left. He is forced to hitchhike his way to the house. From here, we cut to Radcliffe, who has arrived to the neighborhood of the couple that he will be assisting. He stumbles into the house of a random dude (Rocky West) who is relaxing in his outdoor hot tub. When Radcliffe gets a closer look at the redheaded bear, he drifts into a fantasy of the both of them making a splash in West’s backyard. Radcliffe bends West over and gives him a deep and hard serving of his uncut meat in the movie’s second fuck that earns nothing but a thumbs up.

Once he finishes daydreaming, Radcliffe snaps out of it and finds out that the clients he’s looking for live next door. That brings us back to Gee and Serrento, who are now playing cards in their boxers, and still wondering why their movers haven’t made it there yet. Instead of, I don’t know, complaining with the company or contacting another trucking business, they decide to whip out of a swing sling and shoot a load in the meantime! With cheesy romantic music playing in the background, the sexy and seasoned twosome get it on with a sensual hammering that includes a giant dildo towards the end.

In the final scene we find Mike Vespa, another shitty worker for this even shittier company, beating off in the moving truck. When he is discovered by Randy Eliot, Vespa tells him to come in and they don’t hesitate to pleasure each other with some slow sucking and licking. Eliot surrenders his manhole to Vespa right there in the truck, and it’s definitely one of the film’s hottest fucks, with the chemistry between the actors, as well as the setting, making it one to remember. After they cum, they are discovered by Hurley, who has made it to the home that they are all helping move. “Not again!” he exclaims, and the movie ends. Perhaps leaving things open for a third installment? Hmmmm.

All in all, Big Bear Trucking Co. 2 is well-worth the watch. With both the storyline and the sexing, the momentum is maintained at all moments and often feels realistic, thanks to the strong yet effortless performances of the cast, despite the ludicrous nature of the story. For seductive bears, hot sex, and an engaging story, Big Bear Trucking Co. 2 is a lovely choice. Watch it now on GayHotMovies!

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