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Getting Greedy With Hard Sex 5

Monday, June 8th, 2015

I have never heard of soft sex and I never want to. Jalifstudio hasn’t either and it was built that way from the slutty bottom up. They bring it hard every time and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Hard Sex 5 is a collection of four scenes that will make you say please to shed skin from your knees. Cum pig Euro-slags loving it and having it their way: Indulgent deviance and selfish consumption of man. Join me as we delve deep within the innards of what has yet to be your new favorite reason to cause some pleasin’. Cum through, I’ll see you on the other side.

As we enter the scene, Marcanao Torres is sizing Tony Cisse for some ski boots. The two are kissing in less time than it takes to say “God Damn.” That’s exactly what you want to say when Marcanao removes his shirt. These two are chillin’ in some storage room at Dick’s Sporting Goods or something. Marcanao is beautifully furry, tatted, bearded, uncut, mad verbal, and rocks a Casio watch. Tony feast on Marcanao’s balls and boner before getting his butt consumed. Tony sucks on it a bit more until he is bent offer and succumbs to the now sheathed penis of his man. The bottom bitch is next seen in ski boots with his legs in the air. The two are positioned in such a way that allows for maximum penetration. Marcanao pounds that butt without abandon. Tony sucks that cock before being reentered and inspiring a load that is dropped upon his creamy stomach. Tony pulls one out and the two then prepare to hit the slopes.

Marcanao is back in the next scene and slinging dick yet again. He and Picwik are bro-ing out over some weight lifting. Picwik needs to be spotted and then finds himself with a tongue in his mouth. Picwik is feeding into my lust of neck tattoos. He noshes on Marcanao’s meat, accepts a slap, and surely knows his place: on the bottom. Picwik seems as if he would be totally fine just swallowing a load, but then bends over to accept the real prize. He doesn’t make a peep while being plowed. Picwik rides it a bit and then gets on his back. Neither of them remove the clothes that lie upon their chests and torsos. Picwick grasps his limp dick as he huffs a sneaker. The film transitions into the eager bottom busting onto the shoe and the Marcano blasts onto the ass on his trick. They then go back to their workout and act as if nothing happened.

Thirdly we have Juan XXl, Cagoule Boy, and Bryan Tiva. Cagoule Boy dons a ski mask as Juan XXL and himself await a hookup. A threesome in the subway is about to be underway. Bryan Tiva shows his face and it is immediately forced into the crotch of Juan. Bryan is spit on, fed foot, and made fully submissive. His underwear read “Addicted,” his ass is revealed, and appears to be hangry. The boy is finger cuffed and hastily banged out. Bryan likely didn’t expect getting railed like this, but he will feel it in the morning and also be quite pleased. The boy is not allowed to cum, but is come upon twice. His face glistens and his t-shirt is moistened. Like a squirrel who finds some nut, Bryan is satisfied and worn the fuck out. Though as expected, the hunt begins again.

Lastly, we have Malik XXL and JB Bineau. JB tries on a few pairs of slutty jocks as Malik playfully drapes his cock with handcuffs. Mailik’s prick is off the chain. Techno permeates the space from beyond the walls. I get the feeling that they are in a German bathhouse. JB gets his cute little face fucked and he gags. He goes for the balls and then is guided back to that girthy junk. JB cannot handle this cock, but he had better get it together because he is about to get roughed up. Malik finger fucks JB, lubes that tail, and prepares the space that his dick is about to inhabit. The camera man is having a blast. Next, a sizable cone-shaped butt plug is inserted. JB resists, but he should accept and actually prepare for the real meal. Malik is dom and, at this point, owns JB. It’s hot and is only going to get hotter. JB is handcuffed to a gate situation within the club and his face is once again dicked. The plug is pulled. There is a short break for Malik to put on a cock ring and a condom. He doesn’t hesitate to throw it in and make that hole his own. JB is released from his shackles and gets on all fours. He is repeatedly drilled. The cameraman then gets into the fun and gets his fatty wet. JB gives a double blowjob before riding Malik. At this point his anus is completely open for business. His legs go up and he has a one way ticket to pound town. JB then sucks on Malik’s balls ass he is showered with semen. JB is locked up again and abandoned.

Moral to the story: Hard sex is good sex and Jalif sex is hard sex. This series displays the untamed primal urges that live deep within both you and I. Like animals in the wild, these men are living to mate and propagate. Don’t get left behind. Take this as some inspiration to blast some ass.  You can’t plant you’re seed without a little greed. Now go on and get hard at!

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I’ve Got A Serious Fever For Fire Island

Monday, June 8th, 2015

Fire Island Fever: A state of perpetual horniness accompanied by a total lack of scruples.” This is the premise of the iconic film bearing the same title, Fire Island Fever. Premiering in 1979, the picture would catapult the fabled isle into something more than just a destination, it would cement itself into the gay lexicon, and it would change the way we watch pornography in many, many ways.

The season has started; now it’s time to pack it in early for those long weekends away from the office and the city. As the temperatures rise and the canyons of concrete, glass, and steel become unbearable, we all long to get away. Up to the woods for a bear rendezvous? Down the shore for a little gambling? Out on the lake for some boating and fishing? Perhaps the river where one can make a splash from a rope swing, or drift lazily on an inner tube? Then again, don’t you just wish there was a magical island overrun with ready and willing men?

Well, it still exists, and it can be found just beyond New York City. Fire Island has been a summer Mecca for the gay community, perhaps the first of the seasonal playgrounds such as Guerneville on the Russian River in California; Provincetown in Massachusetts; Rehoboth Beach in Delaware; and countless other smaller yet just as charming locals for decades; a place where men can be free from the constricting conformities of society to play and frolic in a world of their own.

If you have never watched Fire Island Fever, you should; if you know of it and have brushed it off, shame on you; if you remember it, revisit it. From the moment the credits began to roll, I knew this classic was going to be a cinematic gem. The soundtrack that manages to meld both the swinging jazz of a bygone era (think credits from an old rom-com starring Carey Grant, or Myrna Loy) with thumping disco beats. Beautifully directed by Jack Deveau, the film takes us on a glittering journey through New York City at Christmas time before we meet the narrator of our show. Garry Hunt plays the part of Jeff, a young man whose career has just taken a turn for the better as a set designer on Broadway. Prepare yourself, there are quite a few references to the bright lights and show tunes. We get the complicated Fire Island lowdown at Frank (Frank Schmitt) and George’s (George Sardi) “Annual Pines Christmas Party” announced by legendary cabaret pianist Johnny Savoy.

Now that we’ve introduced a sampling of the cast, let’s get down to the getting down. Reminiscing about the previous summer, Rick (played by John Carlo) begins the story. He, his boyfriend Ron (Larry Paige), and Jeff have shared a house for the season from Memorial Day through Labor Day. (Seriously, who can afford to spend that much time on an island? Don’t these people have jobs?)

It’s a great house they’ve rented out, pure seventies. I cannot describe how much I enjoy the wood paneling in this place, the spiral staircase, and don’t even get me started on that pool. So a little back story: this was not any easy peasy summer that one would dream about; open relationships spoil like milk in the sun, someone is always fucking around, and then there’s the celibate abstinent third mate. Rick and Ron had started out as a fresh happy couple when they arrived on Fire Island, but soon enough it’s Ron who can’t seem to keep his shorty shorts on! Can’t he see he’s breaking his boyfriend’s heart? Did I mention the soundtrack is amazing? Well, it is.

I’m going to tell you that if one thing in this great big gay world that will never change, it will be brunch. Yes, the time old tradition of the Sunday brunch as perfected by the homosexuals. Paying your weekly devotions to the mimosa gods is also the place to show off last night’s trick, dish about last night’s sexcapade, or work on curing whatever might ail you (wink). It’s also the place you might just find for some afternoon delight. I am not talking about the desert, what I am talking about is Rick getting a little action for himself, and why not? Terry (Chris Michaels) the waiter  is fine, young, fit, and handsome. Go get him, tiger!

Rick does get his wish and as he showers that dirty little spider Ron, in his jealous spitefulness, flushes Ricks supply of “smelling salts.” These were the kind that came in capsule form to prevent breakage and spillage. I thought for sure that box would clog up the pipes.

Needless to say, what will happen next is pretty predictable. Rick dashes off to find more “smelling salts,” leaving the fox to watch the hens literally. Terry is on his way! So it’s no surprise that when Mister Boy Toy arrives, Ron strikes like a hungry tiger. The pair have quite the interlude by the poolside, sucking and fucking with abandon. I am not about stealing other guys’ play things. It’s just not my thing.

Blissfully unaware of what is going down at home, Rick makes his way back on one of the island’s adorable boardwalks. After taking a quick breath of the newly acquired “smelling salts,” he’s ready to go, (take a moment to really appreciate the crescendo in this segment of soundtrack) but when he pears over the balcony he sees just what kind of snake Ron really is. Talk about dramatic. With a “Fuck you, I’m going back to New York!” Rick pushes past the thief in a haughty performance Scarlett O’Hara would be proud of. THIS girl is gone with THAT wind.

But why the hell does Ron get to have all the fun?

Rick finds himself in the shrubbery. You know, one of those fun little thickets full of sandy trails and teaming with wildlife? Well, the wildlife happens to be a sexy, sunglassed stud just waiting in a little alcove for some sizzling summer action. This is a sport not everyone is accustomed to-the cruising of outdoor trails, hiding in the brush (I know I am, and it is a whole new level of slutting it up). Rick and his partner eagerly get to it and soon enough Anonymous blows his load in Rick’s greedy face hole. There is a lot of slurping and gulping in this scene, so if that’s not your thing I suggest turning down the volume. So, turns out this guy is Greg (Hugh Allen) who has no place to stay. So what does Rick do? Invites him to stay with him. Triumphantly, the couple returns to the house where Rick lays down the law. End scene.


Back at the party you might recognize who the waiter and bartender are now. That’s right: Terry and Greg. What I also notice about this wonderful holiday get together is the camaraderie of the group. More and more I read about the widening estrangement between older and younger gay men as friends. I love so many of my friends and they all range in age from eighteen to eighty, but there are some ageists out there who only stick with their set. Sad. In Fire Island Fever we catch a glimpse of a time when men mingled as a tight knit group of friends and lovers in a way that we do not see so much of lately. I’d like to see more of that these days.

We travel back to that summer to remember; only it’s Ron’s turn to tell a story. I’m already not a fan, so let’s just see what he has to say. Well, well, well, looks like Rick isn’t such the nice innocent guy he has himself believing he is. Turns out Mister Oh Woe Is Me is a jerk. He’s got the nerve to cut ahead of a couple waiting for a table, behave rudely to Terry, act skeezy when it comes to propositioning him too, and on top of it all, he’s the one who accidentally flushed his own “smelling salts.” I was very impressed with John Carlo’s acting in this scene. Quite frankly, as it added a whole new richness to such a great film.

Terry still showed up (I know I wouldn’t have) and yes, he does end up making it with Ron, but just not the way we think. Ron isn’t really into Terry’s come on’s at first, however, with the sun, a pool, and a waiter this cute, the inevitable is inevitable. The sex is wonderfully shot. No bells and whistles, just sex. Terry straddles Ron’s dick and explodes all over his chest just before the stud pulls his raw cock out to blow. Three words: pretty fucking hot.

Rick must be on something because he never did catch the two in the act, and Terry himself is kind of a bitchy queen himself.

Ron laments about how the parties in Cherry Grove are going to be too camp. I love the lingo being thrown around in this scene. C’mon “Cloche Encounters” as a party theme? Love it! To sum things up: Greg is a douche and Rick is a sucker for him. Terry is going to move in with Ron. Lord, this is pretty weird… I think they might all have been high.

Punctuated again by the incredible soundtrack we move on to our third vacationer: Jeff (Garry Hunt).

Suddenly Jeff has acquired four roommates. As the plot thickens, we find out that both Greg and Terry are moochers and the reasons they hooked up with Rick and Ron were for shady courtesy fucks. Eventually they’re turned into house boys to take care of the cooking and cleaning and such. Something has been on my mind the whole time this has all been going down. How can you afford a whole summer?

Terry quit his job and surprise! he and Greg are fucking now! How sordid, the drama. More slurping, but the incredible little waltzy cha cha music is infectious! The guys do look good in bed 69ing and emptying their balls. Who has laundry duty?

Midway through the summer Jeff is losing it! He keeps sketching the same hard bodied hunk over and over, mysteriously inspired by a poster of Matt Harper (aka Will Seagers) in his room. He ends up jacking to a fantasy of Matt on the sand dunes furiously pumping to an intense disco beat! Matt is a fine looking stud (he even does some weird gum thing? Don’t know….). Soon enough Jeff is splashing himself in man juice. Will does some weird shit with bubble gum and has been stroking himself in the fantasy as well. The men cum simultaneously after which  Jeff licks up some of his own cum pretending that it’s Matt’s.

Trippy, psychedelic things just got weird. Terry has laced the iced tea with a little something something that may or may not come on a small square of paper if you get my drift. In this short segment we see lots of flashy colors and cool sand pyramids. This is some interesting camera work and shots going on I dare say. Jeff has quite a trip. I don’t know if a dip in the water is such a good time.

Having been so overworked prior to his vacation, Jeff is finally learning to have fun again. Time for the last big blow out of the season-Tea Dance! Terry and Greg, having not been invited, take this alone time as an excuse to have some raunchy sex.

Fire Island Fever is really coming together. I’m so impressed with the story, the acting, the quality of the film, and its direction, but things must come to an end.

In our final scene back at the house, Rick and Ron have an altercation and realize that they have been trying to get back at each other all summer and it’s time to make up; they’re still in love. The best part is that as the couple are making up Terry and Greg are listening through the door! Ha, they mention Bette Davis! Are they really going to fuck on the same sheets that Terry and Greg just had?

The couple have some serious hate fucking to do! Which is pretty hot. Rick’s furry hole swallows Ron’s nicely sized prick. Greg and Terry are still listening, and it’s a sexy, realistic scene. There aren’t any insane positions or moves as these guys renew their passion so that the audience can have the closest genital close ups available. It’s a simple, hard, afternoon fuck. Rick grabs hold tight of Ron’s bubble butt as he pushes in and out even faster. This was the scene we have been waiting for! Two big creamy cum shots from two very exhausted purple cocks. Fuck yeah.

Having emerged from their hiding place to witness the epic finale, Terry and Greg pronounce that they are done and that they are moving out! So sad. Bye, ladies.

So summer has ended, the holidays are upon us, and there is just one more burning question I have. Why couldn’t Jeff have had a real life encounter on Fire Island? Well? I’m going to have to leave that a mystery because there is one more surprise at the end of this film you just have to see for yourself.

Annnnd we end on a beautiful rendition of “Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” I would imagine by The Gay Men’s Chorus.

Get on over to and watch this amazing classic, seriously, you will not be disappointed. Remember to keep cumming back here and follow me on Twitter and Tumblr!

Catch ya later cum catchers,

The Otter

A Taste of the Men of Montreal…YUM!

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

When it comes to Marko Lebeau’s Men of Montreal 5, the title truly explains it all—the gorgeous cast takes center stage for all six scenes, dousing audiences with a lovely serving of gay French-Canadian flavor. With the absence of heavy story lines or extravagant set designs, the film champions its blatant mission to deliver a series of entertaining fuck sessions with some of the country’s most handsome, ripped, and sex-crazed studs. While the theme and look that Lebeau is going for is quite consistent throughout, each scene also offers just enough variety to hold your attention. Whether switching up with a group scene, taking the hot action to the outdoors, or subtly playing into crazy sexual fantasies, Lebeau successfully balances creative exploration while presenting an overall cohesive body of work.

The first scene starts off with more than a bang; it is actually the standout moment from the entire movie. Taking place in the middle of the forest, Max Chevalier and Archer Quan team up for an explosive one-on-one that kicks things off strongly. Opening with a brief commentary from both of the stars, it is clear that Max and Archer are enthusiastic about working with each other—and this energy certainly drives the engrossing nature of their scene. Not only are both guys ridiculously hot, but the genuine attraction and connection that the actors share translate to one commanding round of hard pounding. Accentuating the fire created by the two leaders of this scene is Lebeau’s skillful direction, which takes advantage the beautiful natural backdrop with a variety of camera angles and shots that create an end product that is quite aesthetically pleasing. The lack of music and audible presence of insects and waterfalls also emphasizes the setting which is another effective element of the director’s execution. Without a doubt, for a myriad of reasons, scene one starts Men of Montreal 5 off on an impressive note.

The next scene stars straight boy Matthew Cox and Benjamin D’Amour. Lebeau appears in the beginning and tells viewers that he has a “surprise” for Cox and presents him blindfolded. Soon after, D’Amour appears and services Cox’s uncut cock. D’Amour takes Cox’s blindfold off to reveal who he is getting sucked by and Cox smiles and responds, “It’s not a girl, but that’s okay.” After that, D’Amour continues to blow Cox’s cock and rim his hole (to Cox’s request, by the way) and then things end with Cox fucking D’Amour’s hole with a butt plug. While this scene certainly lacks the intensity or visually-striking elements of the first scene, it does tap into the whole “straight guy goes gay” scenario that many fantasize about.

The hetero-on-homo theme continues in scene three with an intense match-up with Pascal Aubry and Alexy Tyler. While Aubry confesses that he is nervous to be intimate with another guy for the first time, Tyler is more than willing to accommodate his discomfort with a passionate kiss and killer blowjob. What is notable about this scene is that the bottom, Tyler, is the aggressor in this pairing. He is very present throughout the scene and certainly proves that he can teach Aubry what gay sex is all about. At the same time, Aubry follows his lead and eventually eases into his first experience with another dude and the result is simply interesting to watch.

Scenes four and five are a bit different than the others because it takes us behind the scenes of the movie with Lebeau, Alec Leduc, Ivan Lenko, and Felix Brazeau. It’s nice to see the guys taking some time out to play games, joke around with another, and show their personalities off for the camera. For a film titled Men of Montreal, this extensive non-sex portion underlines its deep inside look at the, well, men of Montreal and adds a personal dimension to the film.

But when it’s all said and done, this is a porn flick and it doesn’t take long to get back to what we are all looking for.  The guys head out to the snow-covered backyard where they relax in a steamy hot tub. After a while, Lebeau decides that he is ready to head inside and says he will be back out. Soon after, Leduc decides that he is getting too cold and follows Lebeau. Of course, this spins into the guys getting down and dirty in the living room. One by one, the other three find themselves stumbling back into the house and BOOM! Before you know it, they’re all getting it on in a full-blown foursome. Leduc is the true superstar of the group session, taking on all three cocks on by one…and at one point, two at one time (hello, double penetration!). In addition to the behind the scenes footage, this scene is also a noteworthy moment for the no holds barred fourway and gang bang. I mean, who could really complain about four sexy guys letting each other have it?

The final scene experiments a bit with a scripted back story, as Felix Brazeau stars as a nosy neighbor who finds himself at Gabriel Clark’s front door after seeing his massage set up outside of the window. While most people would be creeped out by the pushy arrival of some guy insisting that he come in to get rubbed down, apparently this is oooootay in Lebeau’s world. Anyway, Clark agrees to let him inside and they make out. Soon, Clark returns, stripped down to just his briefs and massage oil. From there, you can predict what happens next: oiled up muscles, more kissing, and massaging. Not only does scene six contain a minor plotline that gives things a little edge, but Clark and Brazeau indulge in a slippery, slow and sensual dickdown that ends the action-packed collection with smooth and pleasant vibes.

No matter which scene is discussed, Men of Montreal 5 is overflowing with arousing moments for the viewers. Whether you’re a sucker for production value, chiseled men with crazy appetites for creamy jizz, or just hole-hammerings that simply do the trick, this is the feature for you.  Waste no more time and check it out for yourself, right here on!

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Rub a good one out, fellas!

– Simba

Oh Hell No: My Boyfriend Is Gay 11

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

If there are any ladies reading this: Be warned that I am on my way to steal your man. I’m kidding, but the four eager bottoms in this film aren’t. My Boyfriend Is Gay 11, directed by KK and brought to you by Male Reality, is about to show you what can go down when you don’t please your boyfriend, husband, or otherwise. Men think about sex every seven seconds, but I am certain that number is lower amongst unsatisfied daddies. We’re animals and it would be easier to maim us than tame us. Sit back, do-not-relax, and watch how it’s done, as these pretty young things get nasty, all in the name of cum.

In scene 1, muscle-god Tomm is flexing and showing off for the twinky Andrew Kitt when his woman walks in. There is a strangely brief interaction which results in said woman leaving without a fight or even the question of “Why?” This lady needs a lesson in bitchery. Anyway, she leaves and Andrew starts gnawing on Tomm’s rod through his boxer briefs. The boy literally tries to absorb his cock through osmosis. It’s like sincerely and scientifically hot. Andrew slobs that knob like it might be his last. He makes the most of it, as we all would. Andrew is next seen on his side with Tomm’s cock deep in his ass. Andrew’s skin is flush and only halfway sore. Tomm then sits back as Andrew rides his cock long and hard. Andrew beats his cock until he throws ropes upon himself. Tomm then throws some ropes of his own onto the fresh face of his boy toy. Andrew sucks every last bit out before the scene ends and he starts wishing it began again.

Secondly, we have Lukas and Ray. Ray is demanding his woman leave and she won’t. Ray then displays his cock for consumption by Lukas. Ray’s underwear looks to be 10 percent Lycra and 100 percent sexy. Lukas eats through Ray’s cotton before getting the real meal. Lukas feeds on the cock and balls of his hot top. Ray reciprocates before throwing a rubber on. Lukas then sits back, rides, and molds to Rays hard cock. They then spoon, fuck, and moan. It’s hard to say who here is more desirable. They transition to the desktop before Ray blasts onto Lukas’ balls and Lukas oozes onto himself while serving up some “last days” eye contact. Woof.

Next on deck we have smooth-daddy Carl Ross and Max Born. Max is rubbing on the muscular shoulders and delicious chest of Carl. It is clear from the beginning that you’re going to like this. I have seen the likes of Carl before and I hope to see the like of Carl again. Max’s lady walks in and is quickly dismissed. The two go back at it and they are very into it: like very. Carl sucks on Max’s dick as his plump ass bounces behind him. This is surely not another day on set. Carl slides on Max’s dick. This bottom’s hard prick tells a tale of complete and utter happiness. The two then get on the floor and spoon-fuck. Max and Carl get on their knees and yank on themselves as they kiss. Their cock-sleeves flap as they seed the air and kiss again in solidarity.

Lastly, Travis and Ennio Guardi come to terms. Again, Ennio’s girl is there and then not there. The men kiss until Ennio starts sucking on the nipples of Travis. They lick on each other, rub, and grind. Girl comes back and states, “Oh my God, I knew… you are gay.’” Ennio replies, “C’mon honey, look at me.” She slaps him, but really…look at him. The man is gayer than Christmas and thank god. Ennio slams Travis’ head back onto his dick for more teasing. That fat phallus comes out and is all but eaten by Travis. Ennio returns the favor. This is not his first time at the rodeo. Ennio nails Travis from the side before Travis takes a seat. Travis smiles while Ennio screws him from below. Travis then hunches on the couch with his head askew on a pillow. He takes the dick in a way that at this point seems only in favor oh his top. This boy was born to please. Ennio blows his load onto Travis’ hairy ass and then Travis pulls one out onto his creamy torso. Amen.

So, your boyfriend is gay. I’m kidding. My Boyfriend Is Gay 11 has all of the makings for an insecure wife’s nightmare. Keep an eye on your man’s assistant, secretary, masseuse, trainer, barista, or “best friend.”  The scenarios in this film aren’t all that realistic, but that should have nothing to do with your decision to watch. The men in this movie all top-notch-trade. Uncut Euro-studs with a passion for thrashin’. The clock is ticking and seven seconds pass by every seven seconds. Tick, tick, tick…For tips on how to make that straight dick your trick, check out My Boyfriend Is Gay 11! Now go on and get hard at!

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