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Getting Greasy with Auto Erotic Part 2

Monday, May 11th, 2015

Camaro, Chevelle, Camino, Daytona, Trans Am, Mustang, Charger, GTO! Crank up the air, because it’s about to get hot in here. Auto Erotic Part 2, directed by Steve Cruz, is about to put you into overdrive. It’s turbocharged and packed balls-deep with horse “hung” power. You’ll think you’re watching “The Fast and the Analingus,” but Vin Diesel has nothing on these guys. They could take him apart and put him back together again. These four scenes will have you all revved up to fuck your mechanic. You’ll be burnin’ rubber, for a muscle bound lover.

The film opens to show your typical garage. This is until the camera cuts to the studly FX Rios and the sultry Mike De Marko. The two passionately kiss as their hands meander along the crevices of each other’s bodies. Both are sporting beards and FX is wearing coveralls. Mike is soon stripped of his shirt to reveal a beautifully hairy chest. Soon they are pulling one another’s perky pricks. Mike pops a squat to moisten FX’s uncut and bossy beast. FX thrusts his swollen meat into Mike’s face as tears form in the corner of Mike’s lusty eyes. FX then returns the favor and eagerly works on Mike’s girthy dick. FX  feasts on Mike’s asshole before bending him over a rust red vintage Mustang and roughing him up. Mike looks back as FX pounds his ass until the two switch positions and Mike then takes it with his legs up. Mike rubs one out while he is being plowed on his back. FX fully takes in and utilizes the sight that is Mike’s cum fountain. He then pulls out and blasts a load onto the beard of his bottom. Mike flinches a bit as jizz ropes fall to his face. The two share a delightfully cummy kiss.

Secondly, we have Boomer Banks and Sean Zevran. Sean has some nice tits. The man has a perfectly proportionate and furry body. His huge cock doesn’t hurt either; or does it? Stay tuned. Boomer’s dick surely hurts, but in likely the best of ways. The scene starts as the two make out. Boomer takes no time to deep throat Sean’s sizable schlong. Shortly after, Boomer is soon fucking Sean’s face, or trying to; Banks’ penis is massive. God was on his or her or its game when he conjured this thing up. It’s uncut, fat, meaty, and takes no prisoners. Boomer bends over the car door when Sean tongues his exit. Boomer backs it up like a hungry bottom that is long over do for a deep dicking. He gazes into the car mirror with a look of intense desire. Sean then eases into Boomer’s bum. I have seen a lot of Boomer’s work and I can’t even recall when I have seen him bottom, so this is kind of a treat. Haha.  He moans and gasps as he mutters, “Fuuuck meee.” It’s hot. Turns out, Sean’s dick does hurt. The two flip out of the blue and now Boomer gets his payback. They are atop the back seat in a newer Mustang convertible. Boomer plows Sean for a bit until they decide that it is time to nut. Banks works his cock until he blows on Sean’s face. His semen covered foreskin rolls over his cock and glistens with pride. Sean closes his eyes as he sprays his fuzzy abs with his own juice.

Next up, Mike De Marko returns to take it hard from Jaxton Wheeler. Jaxton is somewhat of a godlike mythical creature. His body mass will take your breath away. He has gorgeous curly hair and a beard that is so dark that it looks fake. Jaxton oozes man that you’d surely lap up if given the chance. Mike is given the chance and he must be thirsty. After kissing a bit, Mike slobs on Jaxton’s knob in a way that makes you think this may end way too early. Jaxton tells Mike, “Breath through your nose with that dick in your mouth.” You gotta love a bossy daddy. Mike takes a seat to allow Jaxton to also taste some cock. Jaxton’s ass bounces as he bobs on Mike’s hot rod. Mike is then bent over while a sweaty Jaxton starts working his hole. He drills him deep and then flips him over to let Mike enjoy the view. Mike has the pleasure of jerking off while the Adonis gets his jollies. Jaxton soon takes his dick out to shoots his semen onto Mike’s spent cock. The two share a smooch.

Nick Capra and David Benjamin are next on the job. They kiss in a slightly savage fashion that is pretty fucking exciting. Nick is being all dom and demands that David lick his pits. Nick spits in David’s mouth a few times. This is about to be some rough sex. Nick slaps David with his dick, and David states, “Give me that fucking cock!” He then makes a pretty great attempt to consume Nick’s meat. Dayumn. The scene gets increasingly verbal. It’s great. Nick says, “I wanna taste your insides” and then rims, fingers, and teases David’s horny hole. These two are having a blast. Next thing you know this power bottom is on his back making demands. This boy can’t get enough dick. David welcomes more spit as he states, “Fuck that ass!” Soon after, David sits on Nick’s dick and rides it long and hard. David plays with himself until he cums onto Nick’s muscled chest. It takes nearly no time for Nick to follow suit. David hops off of Nick just in time to catch that nut.

Auto Erotic Part 2 is plotless fuckfest with top notch performers and a dash of automobiles. You don’t need to be a car enthusiast to watch a brooding babe get his ass totaled near a vehicle. It would also be a terrible lie to try and pass that off for your reason to watch it. Haha. There are no pony cars, hoopties, or clunkers here. These stallions are all high performance. Well oiled, that’s what they are… Come on and ride in my muscle car. Vroom Vroom. Take Auto Erotic Part 2 for a test Drive! Now including three bonus scenes featured on the DVD! Now go on and get hard at!

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Once You’ve Been Keller’ed, There’s No Turning Back!

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

Before you even settle into the first scene of Keller’ed, a compilation centered around the undeniably popular Colby Keller, look no further than the movie’s poster for a perfect idea of what’s to come. There is Colby—confident, enticingly masculine, in all of his…impressive…glory, prepared to bring on all the swooning. Next to him in big, blue letters is a definition of the movie’s title:

 “Engaging in or witnessing sexual interactions involving ocular enthusiast and foremost god of porn, Colby Keller.”

With the combination of these two elements, it becomes clear that the film’s mission is to invite audiences into the world of Colby Keller and all that comes with it. Accentuated by wonderfully executed direction and fiery assistance from Colby’s delectable co-stars, Keller’ed achieves its goal, providing deep insight into Colby’s larger-than-life on screen persona that is oozing with seductive charm and bold sexuality. Without a doubt, this movie demonstrates just what it means to be Keller’ed.

The first notable aspect of the film is the way that it captures the natural essence of Colby Keller’s appeal and reputation as a porn star. It isn’t just that he is mouthwateringly handsome; there is something that Colby brings from inside to out that creates magic in front of the camera. Throughout the movie, he presents himself as unapologetically aggressive and candid about his love of sex. While his personality appears personable and down to earth, there is also an intensity that comes alive when he is in action. These aspects are best displayed in the scene one and three of Keller’ed.

In scene one, Colby is paired with the adorable Dylan Rossi. In their brief conversation at the beginning of the scene, they’re both enthusiastic for their match-up. When Dylan confesses that he’s never “had someone as quite as big as [Colby],” it kicks Colby’s excitement into high gear; it seems that he really wants to make a strong impression. After some naughty dirty talk between kisses, they proceed with foreplay and eventually get down to business. Colby takes effortless control of Dylan’s hole and unleashes a hard pounding upon him. As the opener, this scene not only set the tone for the rest of the movie, but sparks the intrigue behind Colby from the moment it begin; prepare to be pulled in and ready for more.

Colby’s sexual bravado is also exemplified in his solo scene that appears later. After opening up about his background (interesting fact: he lives in Baltimore where he also does art for a living!), he gets a little distracted when he flips the script on the cameraman. Uninhibitedly, Colby presses the cameraman about whether or not he’s ever been physical with the models. While the cameraman tries his best to resist, Colby’s charisma just can’t be beat. In an unexpected move, Colby convinces the cameraman to jerk him off, which then takes them to the bedroom where Colby gives him a nice rimjob. After that, the cameraman services Colby with a Fleshlight and Colby shoots a gigantic load all over himself. With its slightly kinky and “feels so good to be bad” nature, this scene is driven by Colby’s fearless pursuit of getting exactly what he wants, emphasizing the special appeal that seems to drive boys crazy.

While Colby certainly exudes a certain je ne sais quoi on his own, sometimes it shines brightest when it’s brought out by other people. The result is a magnetizing chemistry that shows you what hardcore sex is all about. Scene four unites Colby with Anthony Romero, who’s a bit more on the laid back side when compared to Colby. They start off by discussing their sex lives and secrets that they’ve never revealed. In true Colby Keller fashion, he is the first to get the ball moving, by stating “Secretly, I want to stick my dick in your ass.” Anthony gives him permission to “Do whatever you want to do to me,” which visibly turns Colby on. Mischievously, Colby asks “I can do whatever I want to you?” and before you know it, these guys are kissing and getting off on some scorching foreplay. What makes this scene notable is the way that both guys handle their respective roles. Anthony seems to enjoy every single moment of taking Colby’s rock-hard cock and does so effortlessly. On the other hand, Colby puts in work as an ass-loving top that is drenched in sweat by the end of the scene. Put simply, as soon as these guys touch each other, everything is set on fire.

This aspect of the film is taken to the highest level with Colby’s epic flip-fuck with Tayte Hanson that nearly stops the show. With a warm fireplace and pretty Christmas decorations as the backdrop for this holiday-themed scene, these boys get down and dirty like never before. In the brief interview portion, both stars make it clear that they are attracted to one another and eager to indulge in some hot action. It only takes one kiss and there’s no holding back. More than any of the compilation’s co-stars, Tayte matches Colby’s aggression and creates one dick-down that can’t be forgotten. Colby proves that he is just as good on the bottom as he is on the top, showing off some impressive versatile skills. And despite Colby’s big, muscular physique, Tayte definitely holds his own and pulls even more vivacity out of Colby. This scene proves just how far things can go when two stars surrender to their desires and commit 100% to the moment. It is one of Keller’ed’s definite highlights.

However, what truly highlights every dimension of every toe-curling moment of Keller’ed is the high quality direction by Jake Jaxson. The beautiful use of natural sunlight in scene two’s union between Colby and Seth Santoro evokes intimacy and a personal feel that is truly engaging to watch. It also compliments the pleasant contrast between Colby’s and Seth’s skin tones which is also pleasing to the eye.

Scene six is another example of the film’s superior direction, in another flip-fuck between Colby and Gabriel Clark. While it’s aesthetically simple, the great use of angles really draw attention to the intense sexual tension between these two stars and make the viewer feel as if they are right in the bed with the stars.

No matter which scene is being discussed, Keller’ed is enough to intensify the loyalty of Colby Keller’s fanbase and add a new legion of supporters by the time the last scene ends. Whether he’s stuffing his cock into a dick-crazed bottom, luring male admirers with all of his hunky appeal, or even riding a stiff one every now and then, Colby Keller makes it indisputable that he is one of a kind with Keller’ed…watch it right now for yourself!

 And on that note, I bid you adieu! Make sure to follow me on Twitter for the latest updates with GayHotMovies!

– Simba

I Want You To Watch

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

An exhibitionist is defined as a person who behaves in ways intended to attract attention or display his or her powers, personality, etc. Within psychiatry, it is defined as a person afflicted with the compulsions of exhibitionism. I Want You To Watch, directed by Nick Moretti, is a ferociously acted display of these behaviors and I couldn’t be happier about it. The powers shared within the four scenes in this film are erotically innate responses to raw stimuli, whether deeply internal or explosively external…and then made internal. Haha. BarebackRT is not bashful about bringing sheathless hardcore to the masses. Prophylactic-free porn has made an undeniable comeback and they can say that they are a studio that has never had it any other way. A horse without a saddle is, for some, the only way to ride. The men in this film are inked, pierced, hairy, sleazy, horny, and happy. Join me as we bust forth and break free; for these lads, rubber free is the only way to be.

First we have Nick Cross and Alessio Romero. Alessio is serving leather-daddy realness without wearing a single stitch of leather, and Nick is all about it. The scene begins as Nick is sucking on Alessio’s already fully swollen cock. He is wearing a silver cock ring that I am sure is never removed. This man was born to fuck and I am sure beyond eating and breathing, this daddy fucks. (I am probably wrong, but whatever.) Alessio does a great job ensuring that Nicks girthy prick is nice and hard.  Alessio throws Nick’s legs up to nosh on his beautifully taut tush. Alessio is kind enough to share the flavor with its owner by way of kiss. Soon Alessio spits on his cock and opens that hole. His meat plummets deep within Nick, who moans in delight. Alessio groans, “Damn, you feel so good.” He has a bit of fun, playfully inserting and teasing. He eats Nick again before reentering, flipping, and drilling. Alessio’s wonderfully hairy and beefy ass bounces as he punishes the boy’s innards. The two simultaneously look into the camera. Nick’s butt is fully worked before he beats his dick and spills onto his happy trail. Alessio takes that as inspiration to pull out and squeeze a load onto Nick’s furry orifice. He shoves his quivering phallus back within the pulsating asshole. Then Alessio and Nick kiss.

Next we have Brett Bradey and Cam Christou. Let me say that the only thing that would make this scene hotter would be if Jon Shield were in it, but he’s in the next scene so whatever. I have a total “Carny Crush” on all three of them. Like, you’d definitely be down to fuck them in the back of a pickup truck. We first see Cam sitting on a piece of gym equipment that is just chillin’ in a backyard somewhere. Cam is wonderfully svelte. He’s muscular, but thin, and his penis is jaw-dropping. You’d think twice, but you’d surely take it. Cam plays with himself before Brett joins him. He does as any good boy would do and promptly throats Cam’s impressive tool. He sucks it for quite a bit, which you would. Cam then returns the favor. Brett’s bush compliments his stash. His tattoos compliment his bush. Cam eats Brett’s already hungry hole. He then slides in with little effort. The ease with which Brett receives Cam’s massive cock is impressive. These two are mad sexy. Brett rides it for a bit and then gets on his back. The two look into the camera and it’s dreamy. Brett stares deeply into Cam’s eyes while rubbing one out. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna blow.” Cam then shakes as he pulls one out. Brett fingers his ass as he awaits his prize. Cam then rubs his dick on the moist and sticky hole.

Thirdly we have Gio Ryder and Jon Shield.  I won’t even bother to describe Jon Shield. Just look at him. Baby, you put the Oh-Oh in Woof. Damn. We enter the scene as Jon and Gio kiss. Jon’s beard and hairy chest are a sexy contrast to Gio’s smooth and twinkish torso. Jon seems slightly too young to be a daddy, but he could be my daddy any day. Gio’s blue eyes glisten as he gags on daddy’s dick. Jon shoves Gio’s head down in a way that Gio’s surely appreciates. The two are in a room with very large windows, and these are the kinda men that are aware of and taking advantage of it. Jon takes a moment to say, “Suck my cock,” as he gazes into the camera. He plays with Gio’s ass and licks his fingers to lube his digits. Jon soon cuts the bullshit and strips his bottom. The Diesel drawers are dropped like they’re last season and Jon is tongue-deep within Gio. He eats him like he’s been stranded and starving. Jon then pummels Gio’s butt. He straddles his ass from behind to get all up in there. Jon eats him again and then pounds Gio out. He looks into the lens while stating, “I’m gonna cum.” Jon nuts and then reenters as Gios mutters, “Gimme that cum.” Jon glances over, smirks, and remarks, “Who’s next?” Gio doesn’t get off, but is presumably satisfied. I am sure this fuck will result in multiple orgasms.

Last, but not least is Ryder and Ethan Palmer. Ethan is one hungry slut. He dons a jock as he takes in and hardens Ryder’s cock. It is apparent from the get-go that these two have their dream job. They’re loving it. Ethan lies on the bed to get his throat massaged by Ryder’s cock. Ryder gives this pig what he wants. Ethan eyes water as he devours Ryder’s schlong. Ryder then decides to lap on Ethan’s backsides and finger fucks him to get him good and ready. Although Ethan wants it, he is not totally prepared for this pounding. Ryder then rams Ethan’s anus relentlessly. Ethan takes it with a smile and grunt. Ryder drips sweat and Ethan mutters, “Nail that fucking hole.” He grasps the bed sheets to hold himself in place. Ryder dumps a load deep within Ethan. Ethan then turns to suck his juices and Santorum from Ryder’s daddy dick. The two shower, hold each other, and kiss. It’s really cute.

The men in this movie play to my love of steaming hot, trashy sex. They are all naughty by nature.  I Want You To Watch is a great porno that has an amateur element, but is well made. The sex in this film is real and really inspiring. It has a punk vibe that radiates from the talent: Raw and bad to the bone. Now go on and get hard at!

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May Is Masturbation Month-Let’s Start It Off Right With Classic Autofellatio

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

It’s Masturbation Month here at and we’re really excited about it. Throughout the month of May we want you to bash it, bop it, choke the chicken, clean your rifle, cork your bat, crank the shank, cuff the carrot, flog your dog, flog the frog, flog the hog, flog the log, perform a flute solo, jack it, jerk it, jerk the gherkin, loop that mule, paint your pickle, play a game of pocket pinball, or pocket pool, polish that banister, hell polish the rocket, pound your flounder, pump the python, rope the pony, spank the monkey, stroke it, tease the weasel, toss the turkey, walk the dog, wank it, whack it, whip the willy, whop it, wonk your cronker, and yank the crank. Get the picture? It’s all about getting your palms slicked up with spit, lube, Vas, Crisco, or what not, and get to stroking your pole. We’re here for you, we know what you want, and we offer up an amazing selection of titles to beat off to.

So what and how am I going to be celebrating? By providing you with the inspiration you need to get your rocks off. That being said, I’m going to start off Masturbation Month with two of my favorite things: classic gay porn and autofellatio. I don’t want to hear anyone out there saying he’s never thought about sucking himself off. Plenty of us have tried, some of us have been successful-it’s a talent. I discovered that Al Parker himself was fascinated by the act and even started performing it himself as an adolescent. Here I’ve collected ten of my favorite autofellatio moments from the golden age of gay porn.

Now whip out you dick, work up some spit, and get to it with these scenes available right here on

So Many Men, So Little Time: Scene 2

White Hanky: Scene 3

Winners Circle: Scene 5

Turbo Charge: Scene 2

Swallow It: Scene 1

Cruisin’ The Castro: Scene 3

Because He Can: Scene 1

Presenting The Best Of Buckshot: Scene 2

The U.N.C.U.T. Club Of LA: Scene 2

Turned On: Scene 5

Now do you think you have what it takes to throw your legs behind your head and suck your own cock? I’m giving you all month to practice. Feel free to keep us up on your progress by following me on Twitter and Tumblr.

Catch ya later cum catchers,

-The Otter


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