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Movie To Watch – I Never Get Fucked

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Derek and JD show up for the shoot and Derek makes it clear he’s a top and never gets fucked. But as the movie unfolds, it becomes clear that this newcomer isn’t going to be fucking anyone! Derek can’t keep his dick hard, so he agrees to be the bottom for his first film. JD steps up to the plate and tries to fuck Derek’s tight hole, but that doesn’t work either! The camera keeps rolling as the guys talk about what they could do to get things going like rimjobs or watching porn. JD was able to get his dick in Derek’s ass very briefly, but it was just too tight to move. In the end, they 69, sucking each other off and Derek cums on himself while JD shoots his load onto Derek’s chest.

Movie to Watch - I Never Get Fucked

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Movie To Watch – Auditions 47 – Greece My Hole

Sunday, July 28th, 2013

Scene 1: Marco Sessions Gives His Ass to Rafael Carreras
Rafael Carreras unleashes his massive 10-inch uncut Cuban cock, he first sits in bed with his new lover, Marco Sessions, where they talk about their lives and work in porn. But Rafael has a fiery lust for his lovers, and after their talk the two guys start kissing and lathering each other’s faces with their tongues. Rafael can never keep his clothes on for long — he peels his shirt and pants to reveal his tightly muscled body, and his huge cock is running along his thigh through his briefs. Marco is a submissive bottom who loves to pleasure his man, so he sets his mouth right to the task of blowing Rafael as soon as his uncut meat pops out of his pants. Marco swallows and gulps down Rafael, who shows his bottom the same attention by sucking him long and deep. Rafael loves fucking a tight and hungry ass, so he eventually moves to loosening Marco up with a wet tongue bath. When the time comes, Rafael rolls on a condom and bends Marco over a windowsill — he slides his cock inside the bottom’s ass and wastes no time pounding him balls deep. Rafael shows his bottoms no mercy, and eventually the men move into the missionary position: here Rafael slams Marco with relentless pounds, and they both work up an unforgettable sweat before Rafael drops his load in Marco’s mouth!

Scene 2: Greek Gods Vito Gallo and Trenton Ducati Flip-Fuck
Vito Gallo and Trenton Ducati are both shirtless and horny at the beginning of their interview session hosted by Adam Killian. Both Vito and Trenton have the bodies of Greek gods: they’re ripped with tight and sculpted muscles, and when they start making out its€™s an epic clash of titanic proportions! Vito’s pants come down first and his fat cock pops out of his pants and disappears down Trenton’s throat. Once Trenton sucked on Vito for a while, his own dick grew hard and needs some attention, so Vito wraps his mouth around Trenton’s meat and uses his lips and tongue to make the muscle man feel good all over. Vito started out as a power-top, but he since expanded his horizons and now takes dick up his ass, and that is what happens when Trenton turns him around and bends the Italian guy over and starts sodomizing him. Trenton’s in-and-out motions are sometimes too much for Vito and he grits his teeth while he’s getting fucked. But Vito knows how to take it like a champ, and he even spins around and sits on top of Trenton’s cock for a ride. The guys flip around, and when Trenton eyes Vito’s cock he looks nervous — but Vito just doesn’t care. Vito first bends Trenton over and makes him to flex his muscular ass, but they both show their limits when Trenton thrusts his ass up in the air and supports himself on his shoulders. Vito completely pile-drives deep into Trenton’s hole, and he doesn’t let up, not even when he switches him onto his back and pumps him more until they blow their loads!

Scene 3: Tony Axel Bottoms for Edi Da Silva’s Arab Cock
There’s a language barrier at the beginning of this interview: Lucas Entertainment’s exclusive Arab power-top Edji Da Silva and Tony Axel both speak French. After some translating the porn stars talk about their sexual appetites before they move in for the kill with some heavy kissing. Tony moves down Edjiâ’s torso with his tongue and lips and Edji breaks open his belt. The Arab’s cock pops out through his underwear and shoves it down Tony’s throat; doesn’t complain with Edjia’s hot cock wedged down his throat — but how can he when he can’t speak? Edji opens up his throat for Tony, who makes his long cock down the tops throat and pumped hard. Edji gets even with Tony when he lies on his stomach and slams his cock into Tony’s hole and slams. Edji never disappoints when he’s fucking a bottom, and Tony gets treated like a cheap whore — he can barely handle it when Edji starts long-dicking him. Edji totally thrusts into Tony and then out again. With such hot sex, their cumshots are explosive, which Tony smears all over his body!

Scene 5: Adam Killian and Jessy Ares’ Action-Packed Fuck
Adam Killian and Jessy Ares are two hardcore gay porn stars of epic proportions — they’re both handsome, muscular like two titans, and have a big fat cock between their legs. When they’re done chatting they move into one another and don’t hold back — nor should they! Both guys have gorgeous bodies that look like walls of masculine meat, and when they collide in lust it’s unforgettable. Jessy is a pro at sucking suck, and he really works out his neck while he bobs his head up and down on Adam’s fat cock, and it works the other way around too. Adam licks Jessy’s tight little hole and prepares to slip into it by rolling on a condom. Adam mounts Jessy like an animal and Adam’s own round bubble butt flexes and sticks out as his dick slips in. Adam isn’t known to take it easy, and Jessy has to call up all his strength to handle the pumping and thrusting that Adam delivers to him. The muscle gods flip and Adam takes a seat on Jessy’s cock, who shows just as much aggression in his fucking to get even. But it’s all in good fun and their killer cum shots prove it!

Movie To Watch – House Of Pain II

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

They’re sadistic, Mulengro and Dire Callahan, what they put muscle god Derek through is absolutely diabolical. Suspended with Chinese clamps on his sensitive nips, his back stretched, his balls pulled to the limit; Derek takes it all and more. Then it’s on to being encased in latex and frozen with ice cubes. Shocked, stretched, and screaming the massive and powerfully built stud is pushed further and further until he can’t take it anymore. This is some of the most cringe-worthy shit out there and this muscle stud deserves it!

Movie to Watch - House Of Pain II

Movie To Watch – Bears On Top

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Bears On Top pits On Top Productions hottest, hairiest bears against each other in this hard pounding bear rendezvous on the mat. In six intense rounds you will have the chance to see these amazingly built beasts in action. They waste no time tearing off their clothes and getting their cocks rock-hard before tumbling and wresting in a ball of skin, muscle and fur. The winner gets to top and man do these men know how to top! So cum to daddy and see just how much you can handle.

Movie to Watch - Bears On Top


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