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I Want You To Watch

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

An exhibitionist is defined as a person who behaves in ways intended to attract attention or display his or her powers, personality, etc. Within psychiatry, it is defined as a person afflicted with the compulsions of exhibitionism. I Want You To Watch, directed by Nick Moretti, is a ferociously acted display of these behaviors and I couldn’t be happier about it. The powers shared within the four scenes in this film are erotically innate responses to raw stimuli, whether deeply internal or explosively external…and then made internal. Haha. BarebackRT is not bashful about bringing sheathless hardcore to the masses. Prophylactic-free porn has made an undeniable comeback and they can say that they are a studio that has never had it any other way. A horse without a saddle is, for some, the only way to ride. The men in this film are inked, pierced, hairy, sleazy, horny, and happy. Join me as we bust forth and break free; for these lads, rubber free is the only way to be.

First we have Nick Cross and Alessio Romero. Alessio is serving leather-daddy realness without wearing a single stitch of leather, and Nick is all about it. The scene begins as Nick is sucking on Alessio’s already fully swollen cock. He is wearing a silver cock ring that I am sure is never removed. This man was born to fuck and I am sure beyond eating and breathing, this daddy fucks. (I am probably wrong, but whatever.) Alessio does a great job ensuring that Nicks girthy prick is nice and hard.  Alessio throws Nick’s legs up to nosh on his beautifully taut tush. Alessio is kind enough to share the flavor with its owner by way of kiss. Soon Alessio spits on his cock and opens that hole. His meat plummets deep within Nick, who moans in delight. Alessio groans, “Damn, you feel so good.” He has a bit of fun, playfully inserting and teasing. He eats Nick again before reentering, flipping, and drilling. Alessio’s wonderfully hairy and beefy ass bounces as he punishes the boy’s innards. The two simultaneously look into the camera. Nick’s butt is fully worked before he beats his dick and spills onto his happy trail. Alessio takes that as inspiration to pull out and squeeze a load onto Nick’s furry orifice. He shoves his quivering phallus back within the pulsating asshole. Then Alessio and Nick kiss.

Next we have Brett Bradey and Cam Christou. Let me say that the only thing that would make this scene hotter would be if Jon Shield were in it, but he’s in the next scene so whatever. I have a total “Carny Crush” on all three of them. Like, you’d definitely be down to fuck them in the back of a pickup truck. We first see Cam sitting on a piece of gym equipment that is just chillin’ in a backyard somewhere. Cam is wonderfully svelte. He’s muscular, but thin, and his penis is jaw-dropping. You’d think twice, but you’d surely take it. Cam plays with himself before Brett joins him. He does as any good boy would do and promptly throats Cam’s impressive tool. He sucks it for quite a bit, which you would. Cam then returns the favor. Brett’s bush compliments his stash. His tattoos compliment his bush. Cam eats Brett’s already hungry hole. He then slides in with little effort. The ease with which Brett receives Cam’s massive cock is impressive. These two are mad sexy. Brett rides it for a bit and then gets on his back. The two look into the camera and it’s dreamy. Brett stares deeply into Cam’s eyes while rubbing one out. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna blow.” Cam then shakes as he pulls one out. Brett fingers his ass as he awaits his prize. Cam then rubs his dick on the moist and sticky hole.

Thirdly we have Gio Ryder and Jon Shield.  I won’t even bother to describe Jon Shield. Just look at him. Baby, you put the Oh-Oh in Woof. Damn. We enter the scene as Jon and Gio kiss. Jon’s beard and hairy chest are a sexy contrast to Gio’s smooth and twinkish torso. Jon seems slightly too young to be a daddy, but he could be my daddy any day. Gio’s blue eyes glisten as he gags on daddy’s dick. Jon shoves Gio’s head down in a way that Gio’s surely appreciates. The two are in a room with very large windows, and these are the kinda men that are aware of and taking advantage of it. Jon takes a moment to say, “Suck my cock,” as he gazes into the camera. He plays with Gio’s ass and licks his fingers to lube his digits. Jon soon cuts the bullshit and strips his bottom. The Diesel drawers are dropped like they’re last season and Jon is tongue-deep within Gio. He eats him like he’s been stranded and starving. Jon then pummels Gio’s butt. He straddles his ass from behind to get all up in there. Jon eats him again and then pounds Gio out. He looks into the lens while stating, “I’m gonna cum.” Jon nuts and then reenters as Gios mutters, “Gimme that cum.” Jon glances over, smirks, and remarks, “Who’s next?” Gio doesn’t get off, but is presumably satisfied. I am sure this fuck will result in multiple orgasms.

Last, but not least is Ryder and Ethan Palmer. Ethan is one hungry slut. He dons a jock as he takes in and hardens Ryder’s cock. It is apparent from the get-go that these two have their dream job. They’re loving it. Ethan lies on the bed to get his throat massaged by Ryder’s cock. Ryder gives this pig what he wants. Ethan eyes water as he devours Ryder’s schlong. Ryder then decides to lap on Ethan’s backsides and finger fucks him to get him good and ready. Although Ethan wants it, he is not totally prepared for this pounding. Ryder then rams Ethan’s anus relentlessly. Ethan takes it with a smile and grunt. Ryder drips sweat and Ethan mutters, “Nail that fucking hole.” He grasps the bed sheets to hold himself in place. Ryder dumps a load deep within Ethan. Ethan then turns to suck his juices and Santorum from Ryder’s daddy dick. The two shower, hold each other, and kiss. It’s really cute.

The men in this movie play to my love of steaming hot, trashy sex. They are all naughty by nature.  I Want You To Watch is a great porno that has an amateur element, but is well made. The sex in this film is real and really inspiring. It has a punk vibe that radiates from the talent: Raw and bad to the bone. Now go on and get hard at!

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I’ve Never Been Known To Get The Blues On Christopher Street

Friday, April 17th, 2015

Once again it’s time for this Otter to open the vault. It’s a dreary, damp, rainy April morning; the kind of morning you don’t even want to get out of bed for, but here I am looking for something fun to watch. Its mornings like these that I like to peruse the classics. I just love an old film, and an old smut film is better than anything on TCM as I lie in bed. I cannot reiterate this enough, invest in a digital projector, they really make the whole experience of viewing a retro title all the more enjoyable. Now that you’ve hooked up, made sure your lube is readily available (or that you can work up enough slobber) lie back and listen to the hum of a projection reel intermingled with the tap, tap, tap of the rain on your window. Let that incredibly distorted soundtrack of cheap disco and contemporary hits transfer your mind and body back in time.

If you’ve never watched “Christopher Street Blues” best get to it now. I’m not going to review the entire film (because I want you to watch the whole film) so I’m going to focus on one of my favorite scenes. Why did this segment of celluloid intrigue me? We’ll get to that later, for those readers who follow or who’ve followed me, I think you’ll catch the detail.

“Christopher Street Blues” is a fantastic example of a plot driven title Directed by Francis Ellie. The opening of the film tells the story of Billy (Lew Seger) who works in a busy office building delivering and picking up the mail without a chance of promotion, but I digress. If absolutely nothing else, please! Please! Please! Listen to the song playing as the credits begin to roll. I have no idea what the title of this song is, nor could I find it online, all I can say is that it belongs in a cabaret show. Yes, it’s that wonderful.

Once 5:00 pm rolls around it’s time to ditch those suits, slide into your tightest Levi’s, grab your leather, and hit the streets… specifically Christopher Street. Entering Danny’s bar  an establishment I can totally see myself frequenting. As the patrons arrive the barkeep Dan delivers gem after gem of information about them in the form of filthy poetry as internal dialogue.

Ah Mr. Perry, he likes to eat shit balls and shower in piss. He sucks off his great dane, but he dont like to kiss. He claims he’s a sadist, I know otherwise, I whipped him like crazy and gave him two blackened eyes.

Oh Mr. Barton. He loves to bust balls, and he never does tip. What I’d like to give him is a nice fat lip. He says he has money and lives like a king, but he’s so poor I hear that he hawked his last ring.

That Dan…

(iInteresting side note; as of my writing this location on the corner of Greenwich and Christopher streets in NYC is now the home of Classic’s Café [not sure if it still is] who boasts it to be the inspiration for Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks” IMHO, I’m not buying that.)



Turns out Billy doesn’t have a problem with old Mr. Barton, he sidles right on up to him like the horny lil pup he is and offers to buy the guy a drink. Barton isn’t too keen on a cocktail, he wants a coffee. Now I wouldn’t really know, because I don’t drink coffee, but it just doesn’t seem like a good idea before a hard fucking.

It is uncertain whose cramped Manhattan studio this belongs to, I’m guessing Barton by the yellow hard hat hanging in the galley kitchen, appears more appropriate to him. The guys toast their mugs of (I’m secretly hoping Nescafe for a giggle) and without skipping a beat start making out. (@HairyBurgher who shares a cubicle with me was not amused and his scowl was precious when I mentioned it. “Ugh, I hate coffee breath. Yuck, reminds me of my grandma. Here now, give granny a kiss.”)

The guys kiss passionately as they strip down in the tiny kitchenette. Barton’s got a great body, nicely muscled without any really distracting bulk or overdevelopment. Billy on the other hand is also toned, but in a more youthful twinkish way; he kind of reminds me of the Brent Corrigan type for some reason. Anyway, the kid is cute and the passion between these performers is undeniable. Barton lifts up his conquest depositing him upon a mattress on the floor.

Finally we get a glimpse of what caught my eye. The curtains! Oh would you look at those, a dark emerald green rococo filigree design on either a white or cream ground! The hills are alive and I’m going to make me a set of lederhosen out of those. I’m imagining riding my bicycle through the sun kissed meadows and mountains this summer with Maria Von Trapp serenading me along.

*I also am pretty sure I have that green hanging lamp in storage at my mothers house.

Enough with that rant; once these fuckers get going there’s no stopping them. This is the kind of sex you just don’t really see these days. This was indeed a different time, and the pair on screen encapsulates that all too brief period of our history. The sucking in this scene is delectable as both Lew and Barton devour each other’s gorgeous cocks. Seriously, both performers boast quite lovely dicks that I wouldn’t mind in my mouth.

Taking the upper hand of the situation, Barton expertly mounts Lew and begins pounding away at his adorable bottom. Billy is not new to this sort of thing; the way he handles Barton’s meaty pole shows that he’s a true pro. (His rock hard cock doesn’t betray his love of getting fucked either.)

This is one hot scene. After some doggy style Barton pulls Billy back and fucks him so the audience can really get a glimpse of how deep Barton is fucking his little friend. The close ups of raw pumping and big hairy balls is also a testament of the times; it’s a beautiful sight.

If all of this hasn’t got you going then I don’t know what will? Because right after Barton finishes with that position he pumps Billy a few times with the bottom boy’s legs behind his ears. Immediately Barton lifts Billy up and screws him standing up. There are only a few standing scenes I can think of and this one is up there with Conner Maguire and Levi Karter’s Cockyboys scene.

Back to doggy style before missionary again draws the scene to a close. By now the duo is sweating, breathing heavier than ever, and ready to explode. Entangled the impromptu couple mutually jerk off until they release their creamy loads.

I hope I’ve whet your palette to log on and watch “Christopher Street Blues” here on Remember that our impressive library of classics is available 24/7 and that it is full of films that are still just as entertaining and ball draining as they’ve ever been. Also remember to follow me on Twitter and on Tublr!

Catch ya later cum catchers,

-The Otter

Breaking Derrières

Monday, April 13th, 2015

Breaking Barriers is a scorching interracial scene brought to you by the guys at The studio is made up of Pito Savage and Rick Talons; real-life partners at work and at play. This brawny open-couple obviously appreciates some interracial action, so it should come as no surprise that they’d like others to experience the same pleasure they have found in each other’s differences. In this single scene film, Pito is out of town on business, without Rick, though has been given permission to take full advantage of his hotel stay. This surely means one thing; A hot fuck is about to transpire. Pito finds a sexy S & P haired bottom to play with. Christian Matthews is tattooed, pierced (septum, guiche, hafada/scrotum), and rocking a cock ring. He is furry, ridiculously horny, and eager to have his first experience with a black man. Christian set out to “pop his cherry” and get dicked down by dark daddy and boy did he hit the jack-pot. Pito is 6’, 200 lbs, and solid muscle. He has a 51 inch chest and a 32 inch waist. His thigh is about the size of my waist. Pito has tattoos, a beard, and a faux-hawk. The man has an exotic vibe that must have Christians’ libido working over-time. They first meet in the room and immediately get down to business. There are barriers broken in many respects within this film; none bad, all good. The barriers of Christian’s ass are in for the treat that is Pito’s fat rock-hard meat. Grab a drink from the mini fridge and join me to watch this tryst and these guys both go down.

Upon meeting in the room, nothing is said. Not one word is needed. These guys have found each other in this room for one reason only and that is to have raunchy, hardcore, bareback sex. Pito strips Christian while taking a moment to kiss several points on his creamy body. He drops to his knees to get a taste of Christians prick. Pito then disrobes to reveal a jock strap that doesn’t stand a chance of being adorned for more than the 10 seconds that it is. Christian then pushes over the much larger Pito to get a taste of what his ass has to offer. We then watch Christian slap, tongue, and tease Pitos burly bum. There is a slight moment when it seems Christian thinks he might get an opportunity to “hit that”, but this is not his day; to top at least. He is dismissed and laid down onto his stomach where Pito aggressively loosens up his tight hole. That’s all that is needed for Christian’s butt to get a craving for cum-slinging cock.  He then turns around to give some more attention to the most important tool in the shed; the one that will be plowing him in shear minutes. The two make out and Pito utters softly, what I think is…”Put that dick in you” and Christian replies, “Oh Fuck”. The camera pans down to revel that Pito has been playing with Christian’s hungry hole; Fasten your seatbelts, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

The two then 69 on the couch and feast on each others’ offerings. The grunts and moans are becoming louder to the delight of the viewer. We then cut to Christian on his back receiving what he has been waiting for, a big black dick being rammed deep into his ass. Pito’s metal cock ring shines as it comes near clanging with Christians taint piercing. “Oh Fuck” seems to be Christian’s catch phrase, but isn’t it all of ours? Anyway, Pito figures he has been up in this ass long enough that it must be time to pound this guy out. He bangs Christian half way across the bed, to just bang him more. “Oh Fuck” turns into “Fuck Me” and then the ride continues.

The boys next switch to doggy style when Pito full-on mounts Christian and lays into him in a fashion he may have never imagined. He yelps and purrs and has fully submitted to his top. He is getting an internal massage that is sure to relieve some stress and worries of the day. He will leave this hotel and have no idea where he parked. Haha. We then transition into Christian riding Pito and attempting to awaken his own dong. Pito asks if Christian is alright, they share a laugh and then continue fucking. Pito smashes Christian on his side for a bit until he decides that now is the time that he must bust his nut.

Pito positions himself over Chrisatian, with Christian’s eyes beneath his fuzzy balls. He is preparing to give him a nice hot and gooey facial. The man deserves it… he did in fact work for it. Pito soon lets out a gasp that can only be accompanied by ejaculation. Christian’s face is soon covered in semen. It runs from his lips towards his eyes, as his head hangs ever so slightly off of the edge of the bed. Christian rapidly beats his dick to fully take advantage of the opportunity that he has been given. When Christian cums, he yells out with sweet relief. Pito ends the scene with a kiss to his beautiful stranger. Christian ends the scene with an orgasmic twitch and a taste of his own juice. 

Breaking Barriers just might be the best possible title for such a film. A barrier within Pito and Rick’s relationship was broken, A sexual barrier of Christians was broken, and it seems that something with him may also have been. Let’s hope not, but really; letting down barriers is good for everyone, we experience new things and allow ourselves things that ultimately allow us to grow and sometimes become better people. Trust is at the heart of all of this. Trust your instincts, go with what you know, and take what you can get. Amen. Now go on and get hard at!


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Inked Up And Shootin Loads… Just The Way I Like Em!

Friday, April 10th, 2015

The Alternadudes are always a turn on for me. They’re not overly worked out and practically leaking suppliments, they’re just some tattooed dudes you’d see in any city, and they’re always horny. So here is a review of “Ink And Jizz” a hot flick from Alternadudes.

Amongst the chicken wire storage units of what I am assuming is an apartment building B Nefarius (with his blonde curly locks) and kinky Rave are about to have a little tryst. Unbeknownst to these sexed up punks Thrasher has been watching from the corner, good thing he was putting in his laundry at just the right time. Rave and B start off with B performing some hot oral on Rave’s huge, dark, uncut, cock. The poor guy gags on that fucker while getting it all slobbery and slick. I see a lot guys naked every day, and you know what? It’s true. Skinny guys have HUGE dicks.

As Thrasher pumps his own tool in the shadows, B suggests a hot fuck session in one of the “dirty” cages. B is pretty tight according to Rave, but who wouldn’t be; the slim stud’s dick is the size of a fucking over ripe zucchini. He slams away at his partner’s hole simultaneously driving both B and Thrasher into a frenzy.

Rave’s certainly got stamina and knows how to fuck hard and fast. B is a bottom who can take a pounding too, I have to say there would be no way in hell Rave would put that thing in my asshole. Thrasher is super sexy with all of his ink, and I’m sorry he didn’t get more screen time. He did however bust a nice nut before slipping quickly upstairs. As Rave and B make out B strokes their cocks at the same time until he unloads his white heat all over Rave’s stunning pole. Best part, he sucks it off. Working a magic hand with some help of his mouth B extracts an eruption from Rave right into his filthy gullet. That was hot.

Next up is Alix. He’s kind of got a bad boy thing going on, he’s covered in tattoos, and he’s got a beard! Sitting down in a comfy office chair the boy strips down, teasing us with each layer; ok he was only wearing shorts, but he teased while taking them off and then beats off through his underwear. Finally Alix pulls out pretty organ revealing some nice smooth balls. He wanks away, sniffs and licks his pits, and shows off his split tongue. (I wonder what that feels like on a dick? I bet its great!) Alix has a great body as you’ll see from the nice camera angles. His fist picks up speed and we get to watch him make a mess of his smooth stomach. Bonus! Clean up which is pretty sensual if you ask me. He really worked it out.

Kitchen sex. Brandon and Stray Philadelphia are making out amongst the cookware in a romantic, emo kind of way. Soon the kissing turns to stripping, which in turn leads to blowjobs, and then turns to fucking. It’s nice to see more uncut younger guys in porn (not just the ones raised on the Czech porn star ranch). I wasn’t expecting Brandon to be doing the topping in this sequence, but I was surprised. The blonde gives Stray quite the rogering as the stainless steel prep tables clang in the background.

The pair do it doggy style standing although not as vigorously as B and Rave, and soon move to the floor. Good thing Brandon isn’t as hung as Rave, cause I do not think Stray could handle that! Brandon does have stamina, fucking away at at his buddy’s hole with abandon. Pulling out Brandon ejaculates onto Stray’s back, and to return the favor Stray shoots on Brandon’s stomach!

Jamie Rail is a slim, dark haired, evil eyed post punk hipster hybrid who looks like he might be a little bit dangerous. Judging by the outline of New Jersey tattooed on his arm he just might be… For all I know he could be from Trenton or, shudder, Camden both places where shit can get real -real fast. Either way, I might just risk my life and cross the bridge for this sexy boy if he lived there. Jaime works his cock for the camera, plays with his balls, and makes himself more comfortable. I wish we knew what he is watching. I suspect it might be straight porn. The camera man mentions how hot the situation is to which Jaime responds “You shouldn’t be looking.” The lyingdown/cross legged position is pretty sexy, and Jaime does have an interesting method of masturbating. I’m liking the sexy eye contact he makes with the camera too.  Uh oh, we’re losing battery! Jaime’s got this though and soon enough he milks out a juicy helping of man sauce I want in my mouth. Watching this Jersey Devil cream himself is sure to make your day.

This is a scene I plan on jerking off to while drinking a city wide (for those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a PBR and shot of Heaven Hill for $3).

Up next Dustin and Sebastian Fischer make out on a bean bag chair before getting down and dirty. The pair share similar body types and plenty of ink. Both of these cock hungry boys waste no time when it comes to sucking each other’s cocks, but it’s Dustin who really wants to get his dick deeper. Notice the tattoo’s of The Queen Of Hearts (which at first I thought was Mimi from “The Drew Carey Show”) and the Cheshire cat on Sebastian’s butt cheeks, they’re pretty amazing. Dustin buries his dick deep into Sebastian who is obviously loving every minute of it, he even gets on top and rides that cock himself. Talk about a bottom. The two fuckers really get into this scene with Dustin stroking out a messy facial onto Sebastian who in turn busts a nut onto himself. Good job guys.

Cuddle fest’s only lead to one thing. Fucking. This next scene reminds me of my ex boyfriend and I when we attempted cuddling, 89.99% of the time it led to hard fucking. Rob Benson and Christop get into some serious over the underwear grinding that had me rock hard and ready before the blowjobs even started. Rob expertly works Christop’s perfect pole in a sopping wet display that’ll have your tip wet with pre cum in seconds. He literally uses his throat as a plunger attempting to release that cum clog deep within Christop’s balls. This scene has it all for any Alternadudes fan. This is sloppy, spit drenched, nastiness and I think I’m in love with both of these guys. A deep rimming prepares Christop’s hungry pucker for Rob’s stiff one. Attention to balls plays a major role in this scene, and it’s glorious. Another surprise! I thought it would be Christop getting pounded, instead it’s Rob who rides the his partners amazing cock. This deep dicking is insane! If I wasn’t at the office… Oh my god! It’s a flip fuck! Christop gets his fill from Rob all over the place. If you’re looking for hard fucking look no further. I’m not even going to describe these cum shots because they are fucking amazing and you have to see them for yourself.

One looming question, I wonder if Stray really is from Philadelphia?

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Catch ya later cum catchers

– The Otter


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