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Straight And Married and Still Taking A Dick

Monday, November 4th, 2013

We added this a little over a month ago and I still go back to it to rub one out every now and then. LOL, I love me some straight married men getting fucked fantasies and even though I highly doubt these guys are straight, they do it well enough to let me finish.

Married In The Street, But A Freak In The Bed

Every time I look at the boxcover though I have to giggle.. Pointing to his wedding ring with the glass didlo? HA HA HA

Movie To Watch – Business & Pleasure

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

I can’t with this boxcover.. SO FUCKING SEXY. We started getting a lot of hot stuff from Lucas and I’ve been watching this one as much as possible and it just went live yesterday.. Something about a man in a suit!

Favorite scenes?? Jimmy Durano & Mitchell Rock and Jessie Colter & Landon Conrad! Seriously, check them out!

Business & Pleasure

Where’d Get Those Pantyhos?!

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

“That touch of lace. The smooth close fit of sheer hose. Lace. Even the most masculine of men want to be beautiful inside and out, and when Lucas Raunch’s sexiest guys give in to their own feminine wiles they turn into complete and utter “PantyHos”!

I never got into the whole guys in pantyhose thing. It looks cool in photos but seeing it in action didn’t do a thing for me.. That is until I saw the promo shots for Pantyhos from Lucas Entertainment. That picture of Jessie Colter below?? Come onnn, that’s fucking hot.


And don’t get me started on Adam Killian showing off that huge bubble butt in fishnets.

And just take a look at the rest of the cast! Jimmy Durano looks super hot and kinda love that his version of  pantyhose is a see though brief. haha

Aaron Blake  Adam Killian

Jessy Ares  Jimmy Durano

Justin Cruise  Mitchell Rock

Vito Gallo  Jessie Colter

Jeremy Stevens  Chris Daniels

Upside down crosses, fingering satans ass and getting head while flying your broomstick through new York City

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

How the hell is it October already?! Time for falling leaves, warm spiced cider and scary shit! What better way to kick of my favorite month ending with Halloween then checking out Knightbreeders newest release The Omen Of Damien Silver.

The Omen Of Damien Silver

“A compilation of barebacking scenes set to the 1922 film Haxan. Witches, the Devil, grotesque demons; all of these evil entities make their presence known in The Omen Of Damien Silver. All the guys in this film are costumed in a collection of wickedly delightful vignettes. Artistically interesting, this amateur film embraces the dark side of Damien and his friends”

Upside down crosses, fingering satans ass and getting head while flying your broomstick through new York City? SOLD!


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