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Movie To Watch – Fucked Raw By The Cameraman Vol. 3

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

I’m a huge fan of POV and while this title offers some great POV views, it just doesn’t do it for me like other POV titles have. While technically not a POV title until the end of each scene, you would think with the 3rd installment of this series they would wise up to what porn watchers wanna see. Take a look at Bareback P.O.V. series from Sparta, now that is some hot action. Favorite scene? this one:

nice clear shot of him taking that huge cock.. yessplease!

Movie to Watch - Fucked Raw By The Cameraman Vol. 3

Still, check this movie out. The twink in scene 7 is pretty adorable!

Movie To Watch – My Straight Roommate

Sunday, August 18th, 2013

It’s every gay man’s dream to fuck a straight guy, right? Well, these cock loving studs are having their dreams come true when they wake their roommate up with a skilled blowjob! And the roommate says he’s straight, but he’s not upset about the stellar blowjob he’s getting! And when the time comes, each of these “straight” guys bends over and takes a dick in the ass like a champ!

Movie To Watch – Bound Gods – Featuring Brenn Wyson, Josh Slyman, Dylan Deep, And Van Darkholme

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Love the hogtie, hanging by their feet and neck, holes on full display.. Give the whole movie a look, it’s pretty amazing..!

This was shot live for the internet. Brenn Wyson and Van Darkholme are the Dom’s. Josh Slyman and Dylan Deap are the subs for today and await instructions. Josh is the only one that has never done anything like this before. Five minutes into the show and the boys are soaking wet trying to struggle in bondage. Van checks in with them and both say the show must go on. Go on indeed, Brenn and Van flog the boys while they are suspended and balanced on their knees. A BG first, we hang them up by their necks and ankles, and fuck them with a machine. I use the single tail on them while Brenn fucks the daylight out of them. The chat room is full and nobody wants to leave..

Movie to Watch - Bound Gods - Featuring Brenn Wyson, Josh Slyman, Dylan Deep, And Van Darkholme

What I Jerked To – Dungeon Werk 3

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

As if the first two weren’t hot enough they came out with this 3 installment! Scene two with Connor and Preston is my fav, check it out!

Conner has been strapped to a wooden beam completely wrapped in cellophane just long enough to make him submissive to Preston’s twisted desires. When the time was right, Preston came downstairs to rescue him. Starting by slicing open the area around Conner’s crotch and sucking him off, the scene develops into a non-traditional sensual excursion that breaks from the standard rules of dominance and submission.

After releasing Conner from his restraints, Conner worships Preston’s tasty cock, anxious to enjoy what he’s been waiting for. It’s clear these two porn stars really like each other – they both get hard instantly and do a lot of kissing between swapping blowjobs.

Moving away from the pole, Preston reclines on the floor while Conner straddles his throbbing cock. Facing each other, Conner bounces up and down on the hard dick with his own cock slapping against Preston’s tight six-pack belly. After some forceful and athletic thrusting from underneath, Preston flips them both over while still penetrating Conner’s ass.

Conner wants to taste Preston’s ass, so Preston gets on his knees to let Conner sink his tongue between the cheeks. But Conner’s ass soon gets hungry, so Preston re-mounts the furry little cub for some serious fucking. Sprawled on his back with his legs spread wide, Conner shoots his load up to his chin with the camera catching it all within the frame. Preston stands up, holds Conner by the hair and shoots his hot cum all over Conner’s face.

Movie to Watch - Dungeon Werk 3


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