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Oh…so THIS is why Colton Grey Can’t Keep ‘Em Away!

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

With one glance of any scene from  Adam Killian’s Cruising for Colton Grey, it’s not difficult to figure out how the tattooed star nabbed an entire film devoted to him. For starters, his unique sex appeal is definite eye candy, marrying boyish good looks with a smooth, toned and tattooed body that gives the perfect hint of edge. And then there’s the fact that he is a killer versatile luvah, knowing how to slang his thick pipe just as well as he takes them. Not to mention, he seems to truly come alive during his wild sessions of hardcore pounding, delivering a sexual energy that always set his scenes on fire. By the end of this well-directed collection, you’ll know exactly why the boys are cruising for Colton Grey—and you may find yourself right behind them.

Things kick off with our featured star and Mr. Director teaming up for a steamy flip-fuck that serves as one attention-grabbing opener.  Colton arrives at Adam’s apartment to drop off a jockstrap he borrowed for Hustlaball. While checking out some of the footage from the event, it looks like Adam gets a little turned on watching Colton dance and stroke his cock in barely-there clothing. Before you know it, Adam takes charge by kissing Colton passionately as they undress. He gives him a blowjob which is followed by Colton returning the favor. “Yeah, get it wet,” Adam whispers as Colton plays with Adam’s juicy cock through his underwear. Next, Adam rims Colton’s quite fuckable hole and they get down to business. After a nice serving of meat, Colton eats Adam’s delightful muscle booty and then sits down so Adam can ride his cock. Everything comes to an end with Adam busting a big, noisy nut as he cock-sits. Adam gets up and stuffs his dick in Colton’s mouth, as Colton beats off until he shoots all over his stomach. From the moment that this scene begins, the heat between these two can be felt through the screen and maintained at every second. The sex is delightfully slow and sexual, accented with lovely camera angles that provide a nice view with every position that they switch to. This pairing definitely starts the movie off on a strong note.

 The power of Colton’s irresistible charm continues in scene two when Colton finds himself in yet another romp session after stumbling into a friendly stranger (Addison Graham). Making his instant interest in Colton no secret, Addison doesn’t hesitate to invite Colton back to his place. From the time they step through the front door, they waste no time getting it on, right in the living room. They come out of their clothes and we get a nice shot of Addison’s beautifully tall and muscular physique. After lots of sucking and rimming, these guys take turns hammering each other’s holes. Colton proves that he can impress on both top and bottom fronts yet again and Addison’s statuesque beauty adds a lovely touch to a scene that proves just how hot anonymous sex can be.

 Scene three brings a brief intermission from the magic of Colton Grey with a mouthwatering moment between Justin Cruise and Tyler Wolf. When Justin’s gorgeous trainer, Tyler, gets a hard on during one of their workout session, these guys decide to work their muscles out in a different way.  Taking things to the bedroom, these two hunky hornballs continue the film’s theme of intense flip-fucks. From the time that they are completing their innocent exercise routines to the time that they are putting in work on each other’s manholes, this scene is oozing with sexiness that is impossible to turn away from.

 Justin makes a comeback with Colton in the fourth scene which stands out for its personal and romantic feel. Unlike the other three scenes, there is no significant dialogue, plotlines or even background music which intensifies the sense of intimacy that it evokes. Things start off with these guys having a sip in the hot tub which later leads them to the hotel room for all of the real action. As Colton confidently takes charge as a strict top, Justin proclaims “oh, you’re so big!” while on his side, taking every single inch. With lots of kissing and chemistry between the stars, this scene is notable for its softer tone which is definitely a pleasure to watch.

 And with four equally strong scenes ahead of it, the closing scene is no disappointment taking the temperature to a whole new level.  Anthony Verusso and Jake Andrews join Colton in this action-packed threesome that you won’t want to miss. Colton and Anthony play a kinky couple that invite Anthony’s irresistible trainer, Jake, over after a long workout. When Anthony tells Colton how attractive his trainer is, a Colton mischievously suggests that Jake should pay them a little visit. When Anthony extends the invitation to Jake, he is down and follows the twosome back to their place. They ask Jake to help them with some exercise tips and he starts off by stretching them out—and from there, it’s on. Put simply, this scene brings the freaky couple fantasy to life in such an explosive way. At all points, there are no limits to what these guys will do to service each other. They all suck each other off, take turns alternating between top and bottom roles and with their shared free-spirited natures, simply make the entire scenario feel real.  Without a doubt, if you and your significant other were down for some naughty experimentation, this is how you would want it to be.

By the time that the credits roll in this Lucas Entertainment production, one fact is clear: Colton Grey definitely knows how to bring it, with no holding back or dull moments. To get in on this blazing fuckfest, check out the entire movie, right here on!

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–          Simba

Inked Up And Shootin Loads… Just The Way I Like Em!

Friday, April 10th, 2015

The Alternadudes are always a turn on for me. They’re not overly worked out and practically leaking suppliments, they’re just some tattooed dudes you’d see in any city, and they’re always horny. So here is a review of “Ink And Jizz” a hot flick from Alternadudes.

Amongst the chicken wire storage units of what I am assuming is an apartment building B Nefarius (with his blonde curly locks) and kinky Rave are about to have a little tryst. Unbeknownst to these sexed up punks Thrasher has been watching from the corner, good thing he was putting in his laundry at just the right time. Rave and B start off with B performing some hot oral on Rave’s huge, dark, uncut, cock. The poor guy gags on that fucker while getting it all slobbery and slick. I see a lot guys naked every day, and you know what? It’s true. Skinny guys have HUGE dicks.

As Thrasher pumps his own tool in the shadows, B suggests a hot fuck session in one of the “dirty” cages. B is pretty tight according to Rave, but who wouldn’t be; the slim stud’s dick is the size of a fucking over ripe zucchini. He slams away at his partner’s hole simultaneously driving both B and Thrasher into a frenzy.

Rave’s certainly got stamina and knows how to fuck hard and fast. B is a bottom who can take a pounding too, I have to say there would be no way in hell Rave would put that thing in my asshole. Thrasher is super sexy with all of his ink, and I’m sorry he didn’t get more screen time. He did however bust a nice nut before slipping quickly upstairs. As Rave and B make out B strokes their cocks at the same time until he unloads his white heat all over Rave’s stunning pole. Best part, he sucks it off. Working a magic hand with some help of his mouth B extracts an eruption from Rave right into his filthy gullet. That was hot.

Next up is Alix. He’s kind of got a bad boy thing going on, he’s covered in tattoos, and he’s got a beard! Sitting down in a comfy office chair the boy strips down, teasing us with each layer; ok he was only wearing shorts, but he teased while taking them off and then beats off through his underwear. Finally Alix pulls out pretty organ revealing some nice smooth balls. He wanks away, sniffs and licks his pits, and shows off his split tongue. (I wonder what that feels like on a dick? I bet its great!) Alix has a great body as you’ll see from the nice camera angles. His fist picks up speed and we get to watch him make a mess of his smooth stomach. Bonus! Clean up which is pretty sensual if you ask me. He really worked it out.

Kitchen sex. Brandon and Stray Philadelphia are making out amongst the cookware in a romantic, emo kind of way. Soon the kissing turns to stripping, which in turn leads to blowjobs, and then turns to fucking. It’s nice to see more uncut younger guys in porn (not just the ones raised on the Czech porn star ranch). I wasn’t expecting Brandon to be doing the topping in this sequence, but I was surprised. The blonde gives Stray quite the rogering as the stainless steel prep tables clang in the background.

The pair do it doggy style standing although not as vigorously as B and Rave, and soon move to the floor. Good thing Brandon isn’t as hung as Rave, cause I do not think Stray could handle that! Brandon does have stamina, fucking away at at his buddy’s hole with abandon. Pulling out Brandon ejaculates onto Stray’s back, and to return the favor Stray shoots on Brandon’s stomach!

Jamie Rail is a slim, dark haired, evil eyed post punk hipster hybrid who looks like he might be a little bit dangerous. Judging by the outline of New Jersey tattooed on his arm he just might be… For all I know he could be from Trenton or, shudder, Camden both places where shit can get real -real fast. Either way, I might just risk my life and cross the bridge for this sexy boy if he lived there. Jaime works his cock for the camera, plays with his balls, and makes himself more comfortable. I wish we knew what he is watching. I suspect it might be straight porn. The camera man mentions how hot the situation is to which Jaime responds “You shouldn’t be looking.” The lyingdown/cross legged position is pretty sexy, and Jaime does have an interesting method of masturbating. I’m liking the sexy eye contact he makes with the camera too.  Uh oh, we’re losing battery! Jaime’s got this though and soon enough he milks out a juicy helping of man sauce I want in my mouth. Watching this Jersey Devil cream himself is sure to make your day.

This is a scene I plan on jerking off to while drinking a city wide (for those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a PBR and shot of Heaven Hill for $3).

Up next Dustin and Sebastian Fischer make out on a bean bag chair before getting down and dirty. The pair share similar body types and plenty of ink. Both of these cock hungry boys waste no time when it comes to sucking each other’s cocks, but it’s Dustin who really wants to get his dick deeper. Notice the tattoo’s of The Queen Of Hearts (which at first I thought was Mimi from “The Drew Carey Show”) and the Cheshire cat on Sebastian’s butt cheeks, they’re pretty amazing. Dustin buries his dick deep into Sebastian who is obviously loving every minute of it, he even gets on top and rides that cock himself. Talk about a bottom. The two fuckers really get into this scene with Dustin stroking out a messy facial onto Sebastian who in turn busts a nut onto himself. Good job guys.

Cuddle fest’s only lead to one thing. Fucking. This next scene reminds me of my ex boyfriend and I when we attempted cuddling, 89.99% of the time it led to hard fucking. Rob Benson and Christop get into some serious over the underwear grinding that had me rock hard and ready before the blowjobs even started. Rob expertly works Christop’s perfect pole in a sopping wet display that’ll have your tip wet with pre cum in seconds. He literally uses his throat as a plunger attempting to release that cum clog deep within Christop’s balls. This scene has it all for any Alternadudes fan. This is sloppy, spit drenched, nastiness and I think I’m in love with both of these guys. A deep rimming prepares Christop’s hungry pucker for Rob’s stiff one. Attention to balls plays a major role in this scene, and it’s glorious. Another surprise! I thought it would be Christop getting pounded, instead it’s Rob who rides the his partners amazing cock. This deep dicking is insane! If I wasn’t at the office… Oh my god! It’s a flip fuck! Christop gets his fill from Rob all over the place. If you’re looking for hard fucking look no further. I’m not even going to describe these cum shots because they are fucking amazing and you have to see them for yourself.

One looming question, I wonder if Stray really is from Philadelphia?

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Catch ya later cum catchers

– The Otter

Ruff Sexxx

Monday, April 6th, 2015

Lick, lick… nuzzle, nuzzle… give this dog a bone. Rascal Video has gone to the dogs! Pound Puppy, directed by the fabulous Chi Chi LaRue, is a great place to start in researching your future as man’s best friend. With a sampling of several aspects of human-dog action, this film will likely leave you panting and drooling to join the kennel club. Like any sexually expressive activity, pup-play can be interpreted and performed differently by different people in different places. At the heart of this growing fetish is role-play, domination, submission, and the loss of inhibition. Woof. Puppy play doesn’t have to necessarily be erotic, but in this case it is. At this point, your tail should be wagging… or at least inserted. This film, consisting of two group scenes, is both visually and auditorily stimulating. The barks, yelps, and growls will get you going as much as the sex. Not to mention the fur. Now be a good pooch, while I illuminate the dazzling dog show that is Pound Puppy.

The film opens to a collard Brian Bonds urinating on a fire hydrant. He has his leg up, tongue out, and dick spraying his golden stream upon the red phallus. The freckled cutie even takes a moment to sniff his excretion and kick up the faux turf. This for some reason has me thinking of Mike Brady (Robert Reed). Anyway, Brian then cuddles up to the master of the scene; uber-daddy Allen Silver. Allen is brilliant in this film. I have a feeling that this man has a few actual dogs himself, for the ease in which he expels canine dominance is extraordinary.

Christopher Daniels, Dirk Caber, and Josh Long await attention from their master in a cage across the room. No one in this scene dons a mask, though popular and cute, are totally unnecessary for the task at hand. Christopher even sports an assless singlet; covering two fetishes at once! The caged dogs are getting rowdy and are desperate for some love. After Brian sniffs around the cage a bit and their master comes to the rescue. Only Christopher and Dirk are released. The wonderfully grizzly Dirk is the only one with a tail. Which if you know the nature of the tail, you could take this as some foreshadowing. The hounds roll around; rim, bite, and hump each other, without penetration. Josh gets his belly rubbed through the cage, which is ridiculously adorable. His beard and hairy body are both gorgeous, but do not compare to his scintillating eyes.

Josh is soon released to ramp up playtime with some wrestling. This is about when you actually start to forget that these are full grown men. Christopher shakes a bone in a fashion amazingly similar to an actual pooch. Soon after Dirk and Josh fight over the same bone. Suddenly you are reminded again of why you are watching this; for the eventual raunchy sex. The tone changes when daddy’s cock is freed from his trunks and Chris and Dirk get the bone they really want. Everyone gets a taste before Allen decides to treat himself to a few bones of his own. Allen then proceeds to blow them all, until all hell breaks loose and it becomes a feeding frenzy.

Next thing you know, Allen is banging Dirk, Josh is screwing Chris, and Brian is sitting on Chris’s face. The threesome all finish onto Chris’s torso, while Dirk is fucked by his tail. He spew’s his goo onto himself and Allen follows suit. The scene ends and you are left feeling excited and kind of exhausted, but in a good way. It is a very energetic scene that nearly has the viewer breaking a sweat. Woof on my friends.

Later that day, at the pound, we find Allen Silver on his back. C.J. Madison, complete with jock and fitted cap, is preparing to tap that ass. Will Swagger cradles his head while watching the master-mashing begin. His intensely stern blue eyes glare as he tries to silence the mongrels. Across the room lie Jessie Colter and Draven Torres. Draven models a jock strap and leather dog mask. Jessie sniffs and laps up some of his pristine posterior. Daddy Silver has worked up quite a hunger and is living for the dick that he is receiving. Will attempts to quiet the barking dogs, which is futile; these mutts have been locked up for far too long.

Will releases them and they immediately bolt for the meat. Straight out of a junior-high joke, C.J. puts some peanut butter on his girthy uncut cock for the pleasing of Jessie. Draven loses the mask and both pups devour their milk-bones. Soon after, Draven is bent over the cage with Jessie’s mouth-watering prick balls-deep in his bottom and Allen’s balls-deep in Jessie. Draven Torres is every alt-boys wet dream, complete with mohawk, tattoos, and sleaze.

Next thing you know, C.J. is nailing Jessie as he strokes his rock hard shaft. Jessie cums onto himself and stays hard enough to return the favor to C.J.. Everyone else is beating their cocks in a bukkake séance to conjure up some cum. Allen is the first to blow, followed by the studly Draven, who literally barks his load out.  Will is the next to bust as Jessie sucks on his balls. Both Draven and Jessie suck on his spent penis as the scene come to a close. Woof.

So, Pound Puppy goes to show you that all dogs do in fact go to heaven. Heaven being a random room with a cage, studs, and dick. It sounds pretty damn good to me. The transgression in these scenes is enough to bring you to your knees. It makes you want to get on all four, forget about your 9 to 5, and imagine a new existence. There is a puppy inside of all of us just begging to come out. Treat yourself to some playtime, get yourself a bone, but just don’t be a flea bag! Haha.  Now go on and get hard at!

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Top 10 School Scenes!

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015


Who can forget those special times during junior high when we found ourselves crushing on a hot younger substitute teacher? Or all those class periods that were spent drooling over the hot guy that sat in front of us? And how can we forget all of the…experimenting…we did during freshman year of college? No matter what time we are flashing back to, one thing is the same for all: studying wasn’t the only thing on our minds during our educational years.

For my first list on the site, I thought I’d kick things off by looking back at some of the hottest and most unique scenes that take all of the scorching, cum-bursting action to the classroom! Whether it’s naughty trysts between students and teachers or the crazy fun that goes down during a policemen training session,  each of these XXX moments tells a different stories and gives a little taste of everything…men of all races, twinks, muscle men, men in uniform and much more! Enjoy!

Kemancheo, Day Day Rockafella, Bryan Burrell and Tyler TrentonBad Boy Detention: F Is For Fuck

Starting off with a bang, this hardcore foursome is action-packed from the moment it begins. What happens when three horny bad boys are left alone in detention?  They handle their business, with no hesitation! But what makes this scene even more notable is that when their teacher returns to the room to find these sexy, big-dicked Black twinks servicing each other in a wild threesome, he joins them!  If only detention was this much fun for the rest of us…

Alan Craft and Brant HobbsGamins de I’Internat

What makes this scene interesting is not only that is stars two hung European twinks that definitely know how to hold your attention. But it also takes us back into time, set in an earlier period than the rest of the list. When class is dismissed, watch these boys strip each other of their uniforms and get down and dirty, completely bareback, right on their desks!

Kirk Kelley, Chad Johnson and Ryan MichaelsMan Academy 2

Switching things up a bit from the normal classroom setting, this smoking hot threesome takes us to a military academy where a twinky cadet is punished for arriving to class late and being falsely framed for throwing a note at a classmate. Just as his handsome French teacher begins to reprimand him, the school’s president arrives and really lays down the law. After giving him a good spanking with a paddle, this student gets taught a lesson he won’t forget—and it involves two massive cocks, lots of fucking and messy explosions!

Marc Williams and Derek ReynoldsDressed for SeXes

Have you ever wondered what teachers are really up to when they’re all alone, once their students leave for the day? Well this scene from Dressed for SeXes definitely gives you an idea.  Smooth chiseled bodies, enormous hard dicks, tight muscled asses and a deep, hard fucking are brought to you nonstop in this explosive match-up, as two educators put down their lessons plans and give into their secret lust for each other!

Doc Roc and Lucca KillianSchoolboy Fantasies

If you’re coach was as ripped and sexy as Doc Roc, who could possibly resist a moment of temptation? After practice, a young jock joins his coach in the showers to wash off. But before they know, they’re getting dirty all over again when the student surrenders his tight hole to the older hunk right in the locker room! In addition to a steamy dick-down, this scene provides plenty of eye candy that makes it even more of a must-see.

Chulo, George-O and Lindo Rican Reform School

Everyone could use a little Latin seduction—and this classroom threesome delivers that and then some! This hunky teacher is struggling too and can’t seem to manage his raging hormones; his students don’t mind assisting him with some relief! Once he begins rubbing his thick bulge, it’s on like never before. Though they try to focus on the lesson, it doesn’t take long before they’re sucking, rimming and pounding one another in this sultry scene that will make you melt!


Gavin Burke and Eliot Higgins – Something Wild

For all you classic lovers, here is a little something that you won’t be able to turn away from. Unlike most of the other scenes on the list, this showdown happens in a dark library where two students are anxious to get a feel of each other. Things start off innocently as Gavin looks for some books to complete an assignment.  Eliot is more than willing to help, but with more than what Gavin came there for;  he wants a taste of his jizz-filled schlong. Not only is everything about this scene a pure taste of the 80s, it also features a raw, interracial flip-fuck that has quite a gloriously messy ending. Not to mention, Gavin and Eliot’s bodies are the definite cherry on top.

Rod Stevens, Fredy Costa and Julian VincenzoTitof and the College Boys

They may be students at a snobby and prestigious university, but these boys aren’t afraid to get loose.  Cramming in a late-night study session, two students are getting a little carried away in the study room. When a strict hall monitor catches them servicing each other, he doesn’t discipline them; he wants in. From there, the three European stunners take off their uniforms to reveal their perfect strapping physiques and work their big cocks out in a thrilling, attention-grabbing threesome that makes rule breaking look better than ever.

 Connor Levi and Lucius York – Chic Geek

What would a classroom-inspired list be without some love for the geeks? While they are notoriously known for being unpopular and all about the books, Connor Levi and Lucius York are proving that nerds know how to have fun too. While doing their work, the sexual tension grows between these sexy twinks who give into their urges and rip off their bowties and big-framed glasses and leave their boy-juices all over the room in this intense bareback fuck that represents for the geeks in a huge way!

Marcus Steele, Andrew Blue, Brandon Bangs, Steven Daigle, Dylan Roberts, Josh Logan and Davin JamesPolice Academy Gangbang

To close off our list, it’s only right to leave just as grand as we began—and this mouthwatering orgy does the trick. To start things off, one could be overwhelmed at the simple sight of how equally gorgeous all of these guys are. And then there’s the fact that they are all policemen in training which makes them even sexier. Lastly, they can’t keep their hands off of each other and end up in an explosive group fuck that steals the show. Initially, Dylan takes on throbbing cock after cock in a jaw-dropping gangbang but by the end of the scene, it turns into a full-blown orgy with dicks hammering holes all around the classroom! And it has the perfect ending, the scene closes with humongous creamy loads being shot all over the place.  If you live by the “more the merrier” motto, this is the right choice for you, as smooth muscled studs school each other on what real fucking is truly about.

And there we have it class, enough hardcore scenes that are sure to wear you out! After you put in some hard work with this list, make sure to follow us on Twitter for more blog updates!

– Simba


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