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Attention, All Daddy’s Boys!

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

They say that with age, comes experience—and while the old adage is quite cliché, it couldn’t be any truer than what’s experienced in Ducati Porn’s Teach Me, Daddy.  Living up to its intriguing title, this three-scene collection brings together sexy seasoned pros that definitely know what they’re doing.  There are no crazy plotlines or over-the top concepts; hardcore pounding takes center-stage in this feature, specifically from mature fucklords that aren’t afraid to take charge and show you what they got.

If you have a thing for tattooed bad boys, than the opening scene featuring David Benjamin and Casey Everett will leave you weak in the knees.  As the only older-on-younger  pair, these studs play their respective roles without hesitation. David aggressively takes the lead, instructing Casey to strip out his clothes so he can feast on his very poundable derrière.  With every bit of contact that David makes with his body, Casey can’t seem to help himself from moaning; at this point, it becomes quite evident that the chemistry between these two just can’t be denied.  Not only driving the electricity of their sensual fuck session, the sexual connection between these two makes this scene a definite standout.  After giving it to each other all over the couch,  David shoots a big creamy load over his rock-hard abs, before ordering Casey to “cum in my mouth, boy!” and sucks him off until he explodes. From start to finish, this scene can simply be summed up as H-O-T. 

In the second scene, Bronson Gates and Damian are representing for all the hairy, muscle daddies in a big way. Starting off with an intense make-out session, armpit licking and some serious foreplay, these grunting and growling hunks show how manly-men truly get down.  Covered in fur, piercings and muscles, these guys don’t only look like tough guys, they fuck like them too! Everything about this union is rugged and rough and certainly packs a powerful punch…or thrust, rather.

The last scene brings two leaders of the dreamy daddy world together: Brad Kalvo and Adam Russo. This explosive match-up starts off with Adam worshipping Brad’s gigantic bulging arms and chest. Brad then brings Adam’s head down to his crotch and receives a mean blowjob. From there, Brad rims Adam’s hungry hole while they go back and forth in a nasty dirty talk exchange. Eventually, Brad puts his cock where his mouth is and gives Adam exactly what he wants.  “It’s your fucking hole, fucking use it,” Adam blurts out as Brad dicks him down in the middle of the garage.  After hammering Adam on his back, Brad is ready to erupt  and Adam quickly gets on his knees to catch every drop on his anxious tongue. Adam relieves himself all over Brad’s broad furry chest and abs as he screams out in pleasure.  The combination of Brad’s confidence and Adam’s enthusiasm help the movie end with a perfect bang.

No matter which scene is discussed, Teach Me, Daddy achieves its mission of showcasing men who have are masters of their own game. Every star’s performance seems effortless and the pairings are well-assembled which makes for moments worth watching.  But enough of reading about it, witness it with your very eyes on!

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–  Simba


No It’s Not A Film By John Hughes

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

Wakey wakey, eggs and bac-ey!

The opening of “Boys Town” is like a John Hughes movie it’s that great, a montage of guys replacing The Brat Pack of the eighties. This is no Molly Ringwald compilation, but it sure is sexy. Of course I had to review this classic from 1986, it’s just too amazing not to! Here on we have the twentieth anniversary edition of “Boys Town” digitally re-mastered for your viewing pleasure.

With an interlacing set of characters all starting their day it’s not hard to imagine what’s up this fine morning. I’m especially in love with what looks like a satin edge blanket (not unlike the retro one with a pink cabbage rose pattern on my bed) only the one covering Hans Reger muscular body is made of some sheer fabric, possibly chiffon? Although I could review “Boys Town” in its entirety, I’m going to review the first scene; you’re just going to have to see how incredible it is in its entirety yourself.

I chose this scene because…

A)     It’s the first scene.

B)      It’s set in a florist shop!

C)      The color of the set is too good to be true.

In the opening credits we met Chase Turner, frustrated and blowjobless in his bed, and Case Harden fluffing his hair ready to face the day. It’s just another morning, but just like every other morning, you never know what’ll happen.

Case runs Fluers Du Jour (for those of you who don’t speak French it means flowers of the day) in West Hollywood. As usual the paperboy tosses the morning news in front of the store, that’s when the usual turns unusual…

Chase is about to pass by the shop when inspiration strikes. Perhaps he’ll pick up something for “the old lady” who isn’t feeling well. Turns out Case has just about the “most vibrant passionate flower anywhere in town” available. That’s right, the innuendo is real, Case apparently has the most irresistible ass in the city and it is just right for passion seeking Chase. They really do use the word “passion” a lot before they start getting it on.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate this shop. That color is quite lovely, the tiny sconces on the back wall so diminutive, and let’s not forget about those precious pink daisies and is that? It is! Baby’s breath!

Well it looks like Chase has found the passion he’s looking for! These guys don’t even bother closing up shop before releasing their passion. They strip down to get a good look at each other, my oh my Chase’s fat dick is delectable! Case is soon gobbling it down like the greedy cum whore he is.

First cum shot of the scene!

Talk about stamina, Chase isn’t even finished yet, man needs some heat and another hole. (C’mon, Case did say he had the most vibrant and passionate flower in town.) Let the bareback fucking of yore commence!

Chase effortlessly guides himself into Case’s puckered hole after fingering him for a minute; I still can’t believe the door to the shop is wide open, then again so is Case’s hole. The pair screw doggy style for a short time until Case gets on top and rides Chase until he cums. The cum shots in “Boys Town” are breathtaking I must say. After unloading and dismounting Case helps Chase blow yet another sticky, thick, creamy batch of baby batter that coats his fat cock in a glorious glaze of salty sweet spunk.

That was a hot hook up, but Chase now has to chase down a bus to make it to work… I don’t think his foreman is going to be too happy with him…

So there you have it, a great classic worth a watch. I’ll leave you to discover the rest of “Boys Town” from Catalina and directed by Scott Masters also starring such stars as Tony Bravo,Michael Ram, Hans Reger, Nick Edwards, Jesse Koehler, Rod Phillips, Tony Lanza, Marc Bennett, and Shaun Peters. Oh, and by the way, almost every scene has multiple cum shots!

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Catch ya later cum catchers,

The Otter


Monday, February 23rd, 2015

First of all, how did I NOT know about this gem? Just the screen shots had my manhood banging at the door to be let out and relieved. “Homo Punx” stars Brice Farmer, who is just plain gorgeous, as an innocent traveler visiting Berlin. He’s got a small problem though… Finding a place to stay is a little pricey and Brice is not about to shell out 50 Euro’s a night on a place to sleep. There is a cheap alternative, and it’s marvelous.

Funny thing, I feel like this apartment is so similar to some of my friend’s places throughout the years. Messy, worn down, but it’s a place to rest your head. Unfortunately the big difference is that my friend who had places like this didn’t just hang out naked strutting their stuff; Maybe I should get a group of guys and rent a house so we can all be slobs and fuck a lot.

It just so happens that one of these roommates is a photographer’s makeup assistant. In the studio Jake Corwin is having some trouble with model Jay Roberts, the guy just won’t show his dick. Good thing he has a liquid solution delivered by Jules. Jay gulps down what looks to be Kool-Aid and is soon enough ass up in the air dressed as a bunny with a carrot up his hole! As the shoot heats up hunky Milan Gamiani shows up to go down the rabbit hole if you will. The pair fuck right there on set with Jay taking Milan’s man carrot with gusto. It’s amazing what can happen when you lose your inhibitions.

Back home we get to see what the roomies are up to, and apparently they bake. Daniel and Dirk are busy in the kitchen molding dough into Jan’s butt hole, a top seller, while Jules convinces them to model the following day. Now for something a little different; baking in the living room (wink, wink) the boys break into a dress up dance party threesome. Totally weird hot. Oh and by the way, Brice has been watching the whole time and returns to room to blow his first load of the film.

The following day we’re back in the studio. More models have shown up to work with Jake. The sets in “Homo Punx” are pretty great actually, and the following scene featuring leather clad Carlo and Yosvany sucking each other off against a Tom Of Finland-esque setting. These muscle hunks are glorious and I was really pleased with Carlo who comes back for more in the following scene!

Paolo Lecker is showing in a stream of what I think is milk… Carlo returns, mouth watering and can’t help himself once he spots Paolo. Worshipping the muscle bound, soaking wet, stud Carlo unleashes Paolo’s impressive uncut cock! This is going to be a hot fuck. The pair retreat to a dressing room where Carlo gets his hole filled and stretched like a champ before blowing his load on himself followed by Paolo’s own eruption.

So where has Brice been this whole time, C’mon, I want to see that thick meat of his and low hanging balls. Dressed as the most adorable sailor you’ve ever seen, Brice steps into surreal underwater set reminiscent of James Bidgood’s photography of the 60’s and 70’s. Reluctant to expose himself, Jake soon urges the young man to release his gorgeous cock, but it’s Dirk Berger dressed in only angel wings that gets Brice to salute. It’s Dirk who needs a fluffing though, and shy Brice immediately takes on the challenge, and in no time the pair are fucking; Brice on top Dirk on bottom.


It was an image from the next scene that caught my eye in the first place when I discovered “Homo Punx”. Yosvany is back again too, this time getting fucked hard by masked men Florian and Jan. How do you manage to fuck with such oversized masks on anyway? I don’t know, but it’s magical…

This is one hell of scene. Brice and Doni, oh my god, tube socks and trainers are such a turn on, and on these two; I’m going to need a fresh cum rag. A fun fashion shoot on a great big bed in a pink room soon turns into a pillow fight resulting in an epic “cum and feathering”. I absolutely loved this scene, the only thing that got me was the feathers. Yes it looks sexy as hell, but if I were Doni I would’ve been worried about getting stuffed with down; and yes Brice is nice enough to remove one from his lubed up tool before slamming back into his partner.

After that incredible fuck in the snowy feathers we are treated to a sexy photo shoot with one of my favorite performers, Ludovic Canot. Jake snaps away as Ludovic strokes his thick cock, when the photographer moves in for a closer shot his model reaches out to get a feel. Soon enough greedy little cocksucker Ludovic is devouring Jakes sizable meat. Watching Ludvic’s puppy dog eyes as he swallows Jakes perfect shaft is beautiful, and just when you think things are about to get hotter Jake removes his solid organ from his models mouth apologizing for not being very professional. Damnit! I was just ready to start rubbing one out.


For the finale we have a pristine white tiled room containing carts of delicious looking cakes, and the guys are looking pretty delicious themselves! I’m really digging the above the elbow latex gloves by the way. I think you know what happens next. FOOD FIGHT! Thank goodness Ludovic is back! We’re also joined by Dirk again, Florian, and Jan. These sexy men in boots, gloves, and even a pig mask really get into it, hell I was even a little frightened one might take a spill. As this glorious destruction of confections is interrupted by Jake, who himself gets pied, and the action really begins. I was hoping this would happen as I watched Jake and Ludovics passion come to a boil and they make out like teenagers. The real treat in this scene is Ludovic bent over the desert cart getting plowed by everyone and getting covered in cum. My oh my I need shower just as bad as these guys by the end of this film…

So there you go, “Homo Punx” a FANTASTIC flick for you to watch on

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Punished By A Masked Man’s Massive Cock

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

“Snatched 2” from Bulldog XXX is number five on our most popular list so I thought It’d be fun to review one of the incredible scenes for you. Darius Ferdynand has certainly been getting some love on, because he’s an incredible performer, and he has been starring in SO many recent films; I’m beginning to wonder where he finds the time?

As The resident Otter at I review a great many films and scenes for our users to read and hopefully watch. Sometimes I like to think I have good taste… My palette is always savoring the new and exciting, the classic and refined, and today something I do not believe I have written too much about in the past? Masks, now I know some of you might not find creepy plastic clown masks your cup a tea, but let me just tell you’ there is definitely something wickedly hot about a man in a mask sexually.

From a fetish standpoint this film is probably not nearly as hardcore as fans of the genre would hope, but then again it’s damn near perfect for those who are just beginning to explore their kinkier side. Justin Blake is the unfortunate/fortunate piece of ass who finds himself in the unluckiest/luckiest situation one could imagine, depending on what you’re into.

The movie begins as innocent little Justin Blake walks alone in a city park, uneasy, afraid, and hardly aware of what is going to be his fate in a mere few moments. As viewers we are witness to someone who remains just out of Justin’s line of vision. Who is the masked man in the grey hoodie, sweats and trainers? All we know is that he is out for Justin, but will he get him?

The safety of the tube might be exactly what the Fates have in mind for our weary traveler when suddenly coming face to covered face with his destiny.

Half naked, bound, and in a filthy room upon a dirty old mattress, Justin makes out the same blurred, masked, man above him as his eyes adjust to the unfamiliar surroundings.

And there is no telling what kind of fucked up activities this guy could be into…

The stranger manhandles his prize on the mattress, twisting his perky, youthful nipples; teasing him; frightening him; owning him. All Justin can see are the eyes and hear the voice behind the mask, struggling against his binds as the deranged fiend fondles him.

Grasping the nubile blondes jaw, the unidentified master of the show releases a healthy dose of spit into his slave’s mouth which is immediately rejected, resulting in a good slapping before the subjugator unveils his unmistakable and sizable cock for the boy.

Yes, that uncut beauty could be none other than Darius Ferdynand’s money maker…

Darius dick slaps Justin until the boy opens his mouth for a face fuck I would hardly resist. Bound to a long segment of lumber (Homo Depot anyone?) with a nice black rope, Justin attempts resisting the inevitable. Darius cover’s the boys face with his cap so he can strip out of his hoodie, quickly replacing the scarf over half his face. This guy, has an undeniably incredible physique, chisled in all of the right places, perfectly proportioned… Hell, if I was in this situation I’d just let him take me.


*He even rims himself all over Justin’s face!

Justin continues to squirm as Darius probes his tight boy hole with his fingers, prepping his pup for a pounding. Even with a bandana over his face and the cap Darius is fucking hot.


Finishing his finger session Darius slips (or squeezes) a condom onto his fat prick, sliding it up inside of Justin who performs quite well pretending he isn’t loving each and every delicious inch of Darius. I personally want to nominate him for an Oscar.

The hard pounding action is all being broadcast on a closed circuit the whole time, but who is watching?

Using Justin like his own personal fleshjack, Darius pushes and pounds himself deeper and deeper into that slutty boy gash without a single regret or show of emotion other than a carnal desire to achieve his own satisfaction. Justin on the other hand is practically in tears from being torn apart by Darius’ rigid fuck rod.

Darius edging Justin while he fucks him harder and harder is a thing of beauty in this film. However, Justin is really enjoying Darius’ dick penetrating his chute, and the boy is soon spurting globs of thick cum all over his stomach as Darius chokes and strokes his cock. This wasn’t the plan according to Darius who is disgusted by the cum on his fingers YOU LITTLE FUCKER I TOLD YOU NOT TO CUM! he growls in his thick Hungarian accent, and it looks like Justin is going to get a serious punishing now…

Plugging and plunging his cock further into that tight pucker must be unbelievable. Darius has screwed Justin every which way he wanted, finally getting him on his stomach so he can plunder the boy further.

I was ready to blow my load before the scene even ended, but what’s glorious about this scene is that all the time you’ve been edging, you’re going to have to edge some more, because Darius isn’t going to cum. He continues to fuck Justin as the screen fades to black! 

Quick! Start scene two! Darius pulls out of Justin, refusing the prisoner his spunk and grabs his phone. Taking a picture of his slave he sends it over to Luke (Desmond)…

You’ll have to continue watching to see the fuck-fest these to have feasting on Justin. Now go watch “Snatched 2” and tell me what you think!

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-The Otter


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