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Double Anal Creampie? It’s What Boyfriends Do.

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

What’s hotter than two gorgeous men getting it on raw for the camera? Two gorgeous, fit young blondes with uncut cocks of steel getting it on raw, and fucking their cum deep into one and others holes. That’s what you get for the second episode of “Bohemia Bareback Bedtime Boyfriends” directed by Richard Holmes from Bohemia Studios. Hard bodied boys from the Czech Republic with absolutely no inhibitions when it cums to cumming blow thick creamy loads of spunk into their puckered slut tunnels; and it’s everything you are dreaming of, and it’s only available on!

Let’s meet Karel Kohoutek; he’s a stunning nineteen year old specimen of male beauty. Ripe and ready, grown to perfection in the fertile lands of Eastern Europe Karel exudes that fresh dewy disposition that’ll make you weak in the knees, especially once you see his thick hooded cock escape from his cammo cargo pants. In a brief interview we learn that the handsome young man is from a Brno, the second largest city in the republic located in Moravia, which is not far from Prague where he lives so visiting his family and Vienna (another of his favorite places) is hardly a difficulty. His other interests are those of a typical young man tasting what the world has to offer “I like to go to all kinds of clubs – not just gay, but straight and mixed. Of course, the most interesting places for me are the mixed clubs, but even gay clubs are mixed.”  Karel also likes hanging out in the center of Prague “I get to talk to people from all over the world and practice a little English. I would like to learn more.” Oh, Karel, I bet I could teach you more than just English… Let me get my rope, you’d make one hell of a sub I think.

You might recognize Chris Holand’an; he’s the twenty two year old sandy haired stuff dreams are made of. He’s worked with other studios such as William Higgins, Male Reality, and Cazzo, under the aliases of Chris Holland, Chris Hollander, and Libor Bores. His smooth muscular body is meant to be worshipped both on and off screen. Chris resides in Prague with his tomcat Cert (which means Devil). Like Karel, Chris enjoys everything Prague has to offer “I like meeting new people from all over. I can say, it is pretty easy to meet people in the bars. It’s fun to hear about how people live around the world and we have many tourists in Prague.” He’s a fun loving outgoing guy who can really take a dick, you’re going to love watching him in this flick!

So let’s start.  “Bohemia Bareback Bedtime Boyfriends” episode 2 begins with a brief interview introducing us to the boys out on the patio, after which the pair begins making out before moving the action indoors. These blondes are incredibly sexy as they strip off each others clothes exposing their gloriously smooth muscular bodies, lightly furred legs, and epic uncut cocks. Let the suck fest commence as the couple greedily go down on one and other, swallowing their swollen pricks in some hot sixty nine action.

But the oral play isn’t enough for these boys, no, they need something more. Chris eagerly offers up his silken ass to Karel who gently slides his massive member deep into (what I can only imagine must be perfection… sigh…) Chris’s hot tight hole. There really is nothing like fucking your boyfriend raw in the middle of the afternoon, feeling every inch of yourself driving deeper into his ass as he moans and begs for more. Chris holds tight to the brass headboard as Karel continues to fuck him harder, faster, and deeper.

Pushing Karel onto his back, Chris takes the lead, straddling Karel and easing himself onto that meaty fuck pole. This is a great view of the pair as Chris pumps himself up and down on Karel’s slick shaft. These guys are certainly into each other, and it is beautiful to watch.

Flipping Chris onto his back, Karel continues the anal onslaught of Chris’s fuck tube, pounding away with searing hot enthusiasm before unleashing a ridiculous thick load of cum. This has got to be one of the best cum shots I’ve seen in a while, Karel’s load is pure white and so creamy, I want it in my mouth or deep inside me! Chris however gets the honor of Karel’s rock hard cock to push that sizzling batch of man milk far up into him, so jealous.

The scene isn’t over yet! And this is what makes it hotter… After Karel has finished filling up Chris, Chris has Karel lie down on the bed so he can cum in his ass! There is nothing hotter than sharing! Having been fucked silly by Karel, Chris is ready to blow, and releases his own white hot spunk onto his tops hole before using it as lube to fuck Karel’s tight pink knot.

Good lord was that a hot scene, now I’m ready to get home and screw my boyfriend hard, raw, and deep… Maybe even let him cum in me after he’s had his bottom sufficiently fucked?

Make sure to check out “Bohemia Bareback Bedtime Boyfriends” episode 2 on, and if you’ve missed “Bohemia Bareback Bedtime Boyfriends episode 1” you should definitely watch it. The series is ONLY available on and new episodes are released every other Monday, so don’t miss out! Speaking of not Missing out, follow me on Twitter @Otter_Holt, on Facebook, and now on Tumblr for more great interviews, reviews, and plenty of hardcore images to get you in the mood to watch some porn!

Check ya later cum catchers!

-The Otter

And He Does Windows Too… With His Dick? You Don’t Say…

Friday, November 14th, 2014

Probably the hottest scene in “Jack & Roger” involves the duo in a fantasy cum to life sequence that will leave you breathless. Jack Wrangler and Roger are two quintessential power houses of the golden age of gay adult films. Jack is well muscled stud with a shock of sun-kissed, dirty blonde, surfer shag atop his handsome face. His memorable dick and passionate nature shines through the flickering films he starred in, remaining relevant and just as orgasm inducing as the day they were shot. Roger is one of the few stars to have a single name that continues to resound with fans. His classic physique rippled with muscle, testosterone fueled sex drive, massive schlong and perfectly groomed stache cemented his role as one of the “Clones” of the period. Hyper masculinity was treasured in these films, and you will soon learn how it was translated from life to film in “Jack & Roger”.

*Jack Wrangler.


So what makes this scene so memorable? How does it continue to titillate and tease our loins until they beg for relief?

Let me begin.

Roger is a flannel shirt, tight Levi’s wearing, hardhat carrying, mustachioed M-A-N strutting confidently home from a long day on the job and ready for some quality, well deserved, relaxation only he himself can provide. I imagine it must have been so much more thrilling sexually in the days before the internet; the camera scans the mail on the table inside Roger’s apartment revealing a package waiting to be opened.

This is where I must say that times must’ve been slightly more exciting sexually. The anticipation of, and uncertain time of delivery for smut has now become instantaneous and we have left behind a certain element of surprise when it comes to it. Nowadays all one needs do is switch on their laptop or mobile device and anything and everything you could possibly want is right there at your fingertips. Not for Roger, in 1980 he waited and anticipated a fantasy to jerk off to.

We see our protagonist insert a cartridge into his stylish eight track player, and press the button to release the audio he’s been longing for. A masculine voice fills the apartment as Roger disrobes, easing himself into a comfy chair. Here, as the rust coated ribbon slips through the mechanism, Roger begins to fondle his massive member, teasing it, willing it to become engorged and solid with his fingers. The narrator of the track begins his soliloquy describing his life as a horny window washer who dares step beyond the glass, led only by his insatiable libido.

Roger slips out of his denim, grabs his poppers from the side table and takes a deep hit before slipping back into his masturbatory bliss.

Suddenly fantasy becomes reality as a silhouette casts its shadow across Roger’s widow. The mystery washer soaps up the window momentarily startling Roger from himself. Suddenly it’s not a rag on the glass spreading the soapy soads, it’s a long, thick, anonymous penis.

I think we all know what is going to happen next. Jack Wrangler has no trouble wrangling out of his harness and slipping through the unlocked window where he finds Roger, cock in hand, jerking himself off.

Immediately Jack unzips his filthy jumpsuit revealing his perfectly toned body and incredible cock for Roger. This is going to be a no nonsense encounter between two able bodied working class men who’ve got nothing but sex on the brain. Roger bends Jack over his easy chair without even bothering to get the rest of his conquests coveralls off. This is just beautiful, watching Roger attack Jacks beefy bottom with his teeth is raw and super fucking hot, but this guy doesn’t waste any time on prepping that hole, he wants satisfaction, and he’s going to get it!

Just looking at Rogers gorgeous cock is enough to make this Otter’s mouth and hole twitch with anticipation as he rams that meaty tool of his into Jack’s ass. They might not fuck for very long, but god damn is it hot; all rippled muscle, sweat, and raw, carnal sodomy. Jack doesn’t need much to get off, especially with Rogers thick dick up his chute, and is soon spewing an epic eruption of white lava while Roger grinds him harder from behind. Moments later Roger unleashes a load onto Jacks back and ass, rubbing it into his skin with his free hand.

This scene from “Jak c& Roger” is guaranteed to leave your balls drained, breathless, sweaty, and ready for more as the picture fades from your screen. As per usual my advice is to get out there and purchase a digital projector so you can hookup’s collection of Classic titles and watch them on a wall or roll down screen. Invite a few buddies over for some mutual masturbation old school style… And if it turns into an orgy, well that’d be just great!

Check out Bijou Classic’s films and more amazing films from the golden age of gay porn on For more reviews and interviews with the stars and directors continue to follow me right here, I’m also on Twitter @Otter_Holt, on Facebook, and most recently on Tumblr where you can see even more uncensored content from your favorite VOD website on the net.

Check ya later cum catchers!

-The Otter

Phantom Phucking For HALLOWEEN!

Friday, October 24th, 2014

*Download the above wallpaper by clicking HERE!

The Halloween season is upon us. It’s a time when the days have grown shorter and the nights seem more foreboding. Jack-o-lanterns, witches, and ghosts grace front porches and stoops, candy will be consumed in bulk, and for one special night of the year we can dress as slutty as we want and no one can say a thing about it. My favorite part of the season… The ghost stories.

Imagine living in a haunted house. Now, imagine living in a haunted house with a ghost who likes to make contact. Now imagine living in a haunted house with a ghost who likes to make contact… physically; and by physically, I mean sexually.

I’ve read and even seen a few films about things that go “pump” in the night.

Erotically charged supernatural episodes rarely get as much attention as the good ol’ fashioned hair-raising terror tales, but they deserve a little more attention don’t they?

Well then, I have a story for you. Of course it happened to the quintessential “friend of mine”. For that IS who told me this bone chilling, yet boo-ner inducing tale…

To preface the story I’ll give you a little background on this guy; I’ve known him for years, he’s serious about his career, is unbelievably handsome, well read, and kind of a slut. (It’s ok, I can slut shame him, because we are both sluts, and we agree that we both have that in common.) Anyway, he is not the type to be superstitious (he likes pulling me under ladders because he knows I hate it), and doesn’t indulge in narcotics or substances other than good beer and whiskey (and weed, but that doesn’t count). When he’s not out saving lives he can be found at the gym, in the library, or beside me at the bar cruising the meat.

So, tell me your story.

“The place was really old, you know like eighteen hundreds or something.”

Ok, let me clarify, he was living in a converted late eighteenth century townhouse, turned apartments in Center City.

“Anyway, I had been renting it for a couple of months but was spending most of my nights at the guy I was seeing’s place, but that didn’t last, so now I was sleeping at my own place… in my own bed… alone… again.”

Spare me. Alone? Blah Blah Blah.

“Fuck you.”

Go on.

“The apartment was pretty cheap considering the rest of Center City’s prices; second floor, good light, nice sized rooms, claw foot tub, small kitchen, whatever. Like I said I hadn’t been there long, and hadn’t spent much time in the place. I was pretty bummed remember? So I wasn’t going out much, didn’t want to do anything really except go to work, hit the gym, head home, and watch Netflix. I started getting the feeling I wasn’t really alone, I felt like I was being watched; especially in the shower, and in the bedroom. It was starting to unsettle me. Luckily there was another smaller room that I could have had a roommate move into, but I didn’t want one, so I moved my bed in there and used my old room as a dining room cause it had those French doors into the living room. The feeling didn’t go away. In fact it became more intense. You know how I always have clear shower curtains, cause “Psycho” freaked me out? I was shampooing my hair and I swear a hand slipped through the curtains and ran down my chest. I opened my eyes but nothing was there, it was definitely a hand.”

*Now that should send a shiver down your spine, and I will also add “my friend” has fucking rockin body, even I want to touch him.


“I was pretty freaked out so I finished up, dried off and decided to go out for a drink. Couple of beers and a few shots later I had forgotten all about the hand in the shower, actually I had forgotten about everything because I passed out in my jeans but I didn’t wake up in them. The next morning I woke up thinking someone had slipped out of my bed, and sat bolt fucking up, did I bring home a trick and forget? No one was there. Then I realized I was naked. Now, I remember flopping down on my bed and not taking off my jeans, and there they were, folded on the God damned dresser across the room! Not only was I hungover, now I’m thinking I have drinking problem. There was no way in hell I took off my jeans and underwear and folded them up all neat, and put them on my dresser. You’ve met me, it’s a miracle if I even fold my tee shirts and put them away. So I started noticing more little things here and there, nothing crazy, nothing to be seen. Every once and a while I would sense someone in my bed, or the opposite side of it would be warm if I rolled over; I guess I was just getting used to it. So this is when I first told you about it. Remember when  “Name omitted/mutual friend”  came over, we were gonna hook up, and he bailed just as I had finished taking a piss? He was so weird. Turns out he was too scared to even tell me that someone whispered in his ear “who are you?” while he was taking off his shirt. So a ghost was fucking with my sex life. That night I kinda went a little cray and walked around talking to whoever or whatever was in that place. You know, like “Hey you can go to the light.” and all that. Things died down for a little while. Fall had arrived and I had taken my coats to the cleaner and picked them up after work. I threw them on the couch, still in the plastic I might add, and hit the shower. When I got out I was walking through my bedroom door when, I swear to God, my towel was pulled off me. I told myself it got caught on the door jamb, but really, looking back it had to have been the ghost. What really creeped me out was a few minutes later. I walked into the living room to grab a jacket for that night and they were gone. Fucking gone. So what the fuck? Where could they have gone? I marched into the hall to check the door; locked. Went to go grab my phone in my room; Jackets. The God Damned jackets were hanging on the closet door… Out of the plastic. Shit started to happen again; footsteps, the scent of cigarette smoke, doors opening or closing on their own. But the touching was the worst. I would feel hands on my body and wake up in the middle of the night because of it. It started to bother me, and as it progressed I noticed it would get worse if I spent the night at someone else’s, or if I had a hook up at my place. I started to think about moving. That’s when I came home one evening I was taking off my clothes in the bedroom when my door slammed shut, immediately I felt what felt like a chest press against my back, and what felt like a hand running down my arm. Once I felt its breath on my neck I freaked out! I thought someone had broken in or something. I spun around … Nothing. Nobody.”

*This is the part where “my friend” gets a little uncomfortable.

“You don’t think anybody who reads this is going to believe it?”

I don’t know?

*Will you?

“So, I didn’t stay at my apartment that night. I ended up hooking up with “name omitted/mutual friend” and stayed at his place. I knew I had to look for a new apartment. I wasn’t staying in that place. The following night I had worked up enough courage throughout the day that I would just grab a drink after work, go to dinner, be a man, and sleep in the place I’m paying for.”

*At this point he gets up and fixes us drinks. Settling back down, he continues.

“I left the windows open because it was such a nice Fall night. Kind of crisp, but great sleeping weather you know. I took off my clothes and slipped under the covers. I don’t know what time it was, but I felt a warm hand around my cock. I was still kind of asleep and wasn’t sure if I was just dreaming. I rolled over on my back and the sensation continued. What was weird was that I wasn’t uncomfortable, I was enjoying it. Sounds fucking weird, I know. Then it changed. It felt like the hand had switched to a mouth, I was getting a blowjob. I just laid there. I didn’t want it to stop. Hell, it was one of the best blowjobs of my life.”

Taking a deep breath he goes on.

“When it stopped I opened my eyes. I could see my covers were pulled down and my dick was slick with spit, and then I felt it again.”

*He has to pause.

“No one’s going to believe this.”

So what?

“I kept my eyes open and watched as my dick was squeezed. I mean I could see it being squeezed. Then I felt, and you know the feeling, of the head being pressed against an asshole. I was the freakiest, fucking strangest, thing I have ever seen. I watched as my cock was sat on by an invisible bottom. I even watched my foreskin slip back, I could feel everything, and see everything. It was so fucked up. I was hot, sweating, and I could feel the weight of it on me. Straddling me. Riding me. It felt amazing. Funny thing was, it wasn’t cold, the whole thing was hot. So the ghost was riding me for a while. I almost came when it slipped off, and then… I Fucking shit you not. I felt my legs go up and before I knew it, I was getting fucked. I swear to you I was getting fucked by a fucking ghost. I could feel every inch of his dick as he fucked me, and he was fucking me hard, jerking me off simultaneously until I remember throwing my head back and cumming like I have never cum before. I felt it land all over me, even hitting my face. I was covered in sweat and cum, breathing heavily while the ghost was still fucking me. I even felt him cum inside of me. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Afterwards I felt a tongue licking up the cum from off of my chest and on my cock again.”

*I’m practically cumming right now!

*He takes a sip of his whiskey.

“I opened up my eyes, and looked down. The hottest guy was cleaning up my mess, starring back at me. I froze, but couldn’t tell if I was going to scream or what? The guy was hot. I could see, even in the dark, that he had a fucking hot body, a little scruff; and when he sat up he had a tattoo on his chest, a heart or a bird, you know like Sailor Jerry. Whatever, anyway, he just looked at me licked some cum off his finger, smiled and winked at me. I blinked and he was gone.”

Just Gone? Was it real, or just an intensely hot wet dream?

“I flicked on the light and looked around, he was definitely gone.”

But how do you know it was real?

“Well, first off, I was covered in cum. Second, my hole was sore as hell. And third, I could smell someone else in the room, it wasn’t my musk, I know what I smell like.”

*Mmm… Musky…

Anything else?

“He came in me remember… I pushed his cum out of my hole for Christ sake.”

*Igor above… Now THAT is a cum shot!


“I AM going to say, it was a really hot fuck.”

*To follow this up I’ll let you know “my friend” did end up moving to a different apartment not far from his previous residence. Does he regret not having his unearthly playmate?

“Sometimes” he says with a laugh. “No I don’t miss him. You can’t quite have a relationship with a ghost. Besides, I wouldn’t know how to explain him, what if things got serious with someone else? Could we break up? How would I explain it if I was accused of cheating… is it really cheating if you’re fucking the ghost in your apartment? I don’t know? I did say goodbye to him in my own way”


“I gave him one hell of a private show. I hope he liked it.”

*I bet he did. So do I know the address of this haunted apartment? Yes, I’ve been inside it. Am I going to share it? No. So what do you think? You’ll have to decide for yourself. All I hope was that it might have given you hard-on!

Now that I’ve whet your palette for some man-on-man sex here are five of my ghoulish recommendations to get you in the holiday spirit… and other spirits if you will.

#5 Halloween film to watch: “Twinkula” from Dirty Fuckers, directed by John Smith.

*Hot scene: Scene 5.  Rudy Valentino &  Timmy Taylor.

#4 Halloween film to watch: “Twinklight” from GayLifeNetwork, directed by Afton Nills.

*Hot scene: Scene 8.  JT Wreck, Darin & Ethan Storm.

#3 Halloween film to watch: “Bedtime Stories” from Catalina, directed by Scott Masters.

*Hot scene: Scene 2.  Billy Eagle & Johnny Rahm.

#2 Halloween film to watch: “Scared Stiff” from Bijou Classics.

*Hot scene: Scene 1.  Steve Collins & Tim Kramer.

And my number one pick… You guessed it!

#1 Halloween film to watch: “The Haunting” from CockyBoys, directed by Jake Jaxson.

*Hot scene: Scene 1.  Arnaud Chagall, Dillon Rossi & Jake Steel.

Happy Halloween from all of us at! We hope you get plenty of tricks and plenty of treats… Make sure to follow me on Twitter @Otter_Holt and on Facebook.

Sleep Tight tonight,

-The Otter

How I Love A COCKYBOY, Let Me Count The Ways

Thursday, March 6th, 2014



When I’m not balls deep in the classics my go to studio is always COCKYBOYS, and for good reason, these boys are fantastic! To me COCKBOYS is not just a run-of-the-mill smut provider, it’s classy. With Jake Jaxson running the show I know that not only am I going to get off on some gorgeous men, but also get a beautiful cinematic treat. My introduction, and absolute love affair with the studio began when I came across the promotional images for “The Haunting” Arnaud Chagall and Dillon Rossi staring back at me whilst resting against a set of headstones immediately caught my attention, and I just had to know more about this film. Combine these two guys (both my ideal of male perfection) add a graveyard, and I’m hooked! I couldn’t wait to get my paws on that film, I watched the trailer, I read up on it, and all I can say is I have NEVER seen a picture capture probably the two subjects I like best, sex and ghost stories.



But it’s not just the films that are intriguing, the COCKYBOYS themselves are equally fascinating. These are not just bodies slamming into one another producing over-the-top orgasms (believe you me, I see plenty of that), these are somewhat accessible guys that you might run into in real life (And if that happened… I don’t know… I’d die. I’D DIE.) AND they can actually act! Something that is RARE in this genre as we all know. Another aspect I look for when choosing my masturbatory fantasy material is quality. COCKYBOYS has beautifully shot content, Jake Jaxson certainly has an eye for the art of direction, in fact, I wouldn’t mind going to a grand old movie palace to watch a COCKYBOYS flick. They’re stunning.


I’m just going to stick with “The Haunting” in this post, because it’s my favorite, and I feel like writing about it. The film tells the story of an undying love between two (Arnaud Chagall and Ricky Roman) unfortunate lovers, who haunt the property  where the film is set, still searching for one and other to share “a kiss before goodnight”. I’m not going to go on and on about the plot of the three episode masterpiece, I think you should watch it for yourself on, but I am going to introduce you to my favorite stars of the show. Beginning with Dillon Rossi (if you are reading this Dillon, I really want to get an interview with you, contact me on twitter at if you’re interested?).

He’s an Ohio born country boy from what I’ve read, and he’s just so good to look at. Aesthetically, to me, Dillon Rossi is quite pleasing. He has large, dark eyes, a perfect nose, and slim physique that is exquisitely toned; not to mention a handsome, long, thick, mouth-watering cock with a nice set-a-balls you just want cup in your palm. On the other hand, I fell in lust with this guy when I saw the chemistry he had with blue eyed stud Jake Steel as soon as the film opened, one would believe these two were a real life item. However, his most crush-worthy moment is when (oh god it’s almost to fucking cute) Jake picks him up to take him into the living room, he’s just about the cutest fucking Koala wrapped around Mr. Steel EVER!


Andddd…. Let’s take a good look into those gorgeous eyes. 

Which brings me to Jake Steelbe still my heart! I just have a feeling Jake and I would get along famously (actually, it’s been assumed; we have a mutual friend in common). He’s a good lookin guy, I’ve always had a thing for blue eyed/dark hair gentlemen, totally swoon worthy.


Just look at this guy… 


Where’s my fainting couch?


Especially When he’s fucking Arnaud Chagall like this…


And……….. now I’m having innepropriate thoughts about Arnaud Chagall…

 What can I say about Arnaud Chagall, dear lord almighty! Is it the scruff? Is it those shoulders? The perfect amount of fur across his chest and down his stomach leading to a  delicious cock and suck-able balls that are known to produce copious amounts of salty sweet bliss? For me it’s those damn puppy dog eyes! Arnaud’s delightful looks are intriguing, he can appear completely innocent, a little shy, and niave, YET also (at the same time)  looks mischievous, hungry, and insatiable. I may just have to step away for a moment to compose myself, or pump a load out in the men’s room. Excuse me.


*insert elevator music




Ok, much better…

Did you notice who was in the above image with Arnaud Chagall? That’s right, Ricky Roman! He is one lucky guy and I totally envy him for all the men he gets to fuck and I envy all the men who get to fuck him! I can only imagine the things I would like to do with Ricky’s big, uncut cock, and his ass!

I mean come on! Look at him getting fucked by Dale Cooper

And look at him FUCKING Dale Cooper!

Dale Cooper, Dale Cooooooooper, he played a serious investigator in “The Haunting” on the search for the missing… Nope, you’ll have to watch. Anyway, Dale Cooper


He was searching for Laura Palmer


Ridiculously handsome, Dale exudes a confidence that is so sexy to all of his fans. With a body to match, HUGE dick, a sly smile, and AMAZING cum-gutters I fell for Mr. Cooper immediately! Who in their right mind wouldn’t? I’ve also found out (through my awesome skills at stalking the inter-webs) that he’s also smart and kind of goofy, a winning combination in my book!

Actually, ALL 5 of these guys are winners in my book, I couldn’t possible pick a favorite out of my five faves. And if you’re reading, Dillon, Jake, Ricky, Arnaud and Dale, I would love to get the chance to interview ya’ll! Or have you all over as a group or individually…

You guessed it!

For a good old homemade ravioli dinner.

C’mon, I make a great ravioli. From scratch!

So I’ve counted the COCKYBOYS I like best, and have tried my best to lure them to me with promises of homemade meals. Who do you like best? Comments below, follow me on Facebook at and on Twitter at and remember to keep coming back to to find out whats going on here at!

-The Otter


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