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Movie To Watch – Boyz Town, Brazil

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

Eight hard and horny Latin twinks get together in an explosion of intense, rapid-fire fucking! “Boyz Town, Brazil” features some awesome, ass pounding, hole filling, cum soaking action that will not disappoint. Check out these twinks as they pair off and fuck each other like wild animals. This is the kind of sex that results in load, after massive load, oozing from thick, uncut, Latin cocks. Each scene is almost too hot to handle and so are the boys… Get ready for some non-stop spunk-shooting entertainment!

Must See – Rim Gym

Monday, November 5th, 2012

Must See, Cliff Jensen.. getting a rim job.. THAT IS ALL..

Chi Chi LaRue the director of “Rim Gym” brings you sweaty muscle studs. They’re all pumped up and Conner Macguire brings his friends to get those tight assholes really wet with some tongue action. Wait till you hear the sounds of them munching on those holes and doing some incredible cock sucking. They really stick that tongue as deep as they can in that asshole. It’s truly a feast for these gym jocks as they pump out tons of protein.

sofa king hot

Movie To Watch – Roughing Up The Back Door

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

I’m usually not a fan of music in a porn, i like to hear every grunt, groan and whimper buuut if the music sounds like the score from a twin peaks episode then i’m all for it! After a long weekend away I choose this title to be my jerk materiel.. the guys are pretty hot, they get a tad sweaty and look really into it but the music really sold it to me.. check it out:

Movie To Watch – Black Cherry Poppers

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

These thugs got some huge ass dicks, and they just love bussin’ other thug’s ass-cherries. That’s why this movie is called Black Cherry Poppers, because that’s what they do; bust cherries and nuts. They call their homey’s over and a get a good ass threesome going, everyone suck everyone else’s big dick until they’re ready to hit it from the back! Yeah they’re packin – and fully loaded!

Movie To Watch -  Black Cherry Poppers


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