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New Studio – Dirty New York

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Cum Drunk

Yet another new studio to! If you like black men getting down & dirty with each other, look no further! Dirty New York studios presents Cum Drunk, an adventure in Ebony Gay erotica.

Drenched cum guzzlers to raunchy gangbangs, this gay fest is fuckin’ epic! Seven fine and fresh black men know just how to get a hard black cock cumming like there’s no tomorrow.

A raunchy gay threesome awaits you in this movie. Catch all of the ass exercise you could ever want to see in Cum Drunk!

Keep an eye out for more releases for this great new studio…

Cum Drunk - Scene 1 Cum Drunk - Scene 2 Cum Drunk - Scene 3 Cum Drunk - Scene 4 Cum Drunk - Scene 5 Cum Drunk - Scene 6

New Studio – Triga Films

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Hot British hardcore porn? Who could ask for anything more!? New to, Triga Films offers nothing but the hottest Brits showing us what they got across the pond!

Fuck A Hoodie Football Orgy 1

New Studio – Forbidden FUNK Media

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Founded in 2007, Forbidden FUNK Media is an adult film and merchandise company dedicated to showcasing the beauty, strength and raw sexuality of men of color in their leather, fetish and kink worlds. Their films expose the sexual wants, needs, desires and passions of these men – authentically and unapologetically! Forbidden FUNK Media is black owned, and their products are created by men of color who live and love in leather!

Forbidden FUNK Media knows that hot men cum (excuse the pun) in various builds and skin tones, and you will see them in their films. They also know the beauty of age, body hair, ink and metal – so they give you a sampling of all of the above! Forbidden FUNK Media also knows that all Bruthas are not the same, so they have something for everyone: Interested in seeing kink with an urban freak flava? Get a taste of Nubian FUNK!

Blak! - Bruthas Live And Kinky!

Underground Funk! Director's Cut Disc 1 Underground Funk! Director's Cut Disc 2

New Studio/Movie To Watch – Spritzz – Liquid Heat

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

We added Spritzz as a new studio here at, but can I just take a second to recognize this drop dead gorgeous stud from their release Liquid Heat? All I can say is DAAAAAAAAAAMN! Let me introduce you to Marcel Schlutt, he made me take notice to this movie with his awesome flip flop fuck with Tom Stahlberg in scene three. I just hope they feature him in more of their releases. I know I’ll be checking back to see when new titles go live, and so should you!

Spritzz - Liquid Heat - Marcel SchluttSpritzz - Liquid Heat - Marcel Schlutt


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