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New Studio – Boykakke

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Raw Asian HolesIt’s about time we got some really good Asian themed porn! Boykakke brings you the best in extreme Asian sex. Filmed in high definition, there’s no way you can miss these Asian twinks getting their holes stretched and reamed! And showing everything from wild orgies to fetishes and facials, this film lives up to the Boykakke motto: “Every hole must get plowed!”

This movie was created by consenting adults participating in risky sexual practices. We want you to enjoy this fantasy, but we also recommend that you participate only in safer sex activities. For more information about safer sex practices, please visit: (

Now that the public service announcement is over, go watch the movie!

Raw Asian Holes - Scene 1Raw Asian Holes - Scene 2Raw Asian Holes - Scene 3Raw Asian Holes - Scene 4Raw Asian Holes - Scene 5Raw Asian Holes - Scene 6Raw Asian Holes - Scene 7

New Studio – Club Inferno

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Club Inferno

Another great addition to, Club Inferno boasts the largest catalog of hardcore fisting videos shot by up-and-coming unknown directors. These raw, gritty videos provide the fuel that feeds the fire to a very specific audience. Be prepared to see the most shocking and realistic uncensored action you can’t find just anywhere.

Club Inferno has also recently purchased the entire Hot Hand Productions library, further consolidating its position as the industry’s extreme penetration leader! None of these controversial videos are sold in stores; they are only available online.

Check out some of their titles below, and keep an eye out on their studio page for more releases!

Red Hanky

Video: Up Your Alley Part II: Takin' Charge Video: Rear End Alignment

New Studio –

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

I don’t know if you can notice a trend in the kind of movies that I find hot, sure it’s a little one sided but who doesn’t love some hot muscled hairy men? So you can understand my joy when I saw these 2 movies from in the recently added section on Keep an eye out for more releases for this studio in the future, I know I will!

Bareback FuckersMen At Work 2 welcomes Hot House Video!

Friday, March 20th, 2009 - Hot House Video - Butch AlleyWelcoming another great new studio here at, Hot House Video brings us the best from Hall of Fame Director Steven Scarborough and his A-list team! Every production has Scarborough’s trademark art direction, lighting, set design, edgy sex plus the ever-present element of surprise. This award-winning line of high-end videos continues to astonish even the most critical of viewers and reviewers alike and has everyone in agreement: Filthy never looked so good! The first title, Butch Alley just went live but keep an eye out for more hot releases for this studio.

Hot House Video takes you to a deserted alley in San Francisco’s notorious South of Market District where men go to blow off some steam and blow a load after a hard day’s work. Rugged construction workers buff blue-collar types, mechanics, men with lunch boxes and big tools all hookup for hard-edged man-to-man sex. These men don’t waste time talking – they know what they want and they take it. If you like your men tough and your sex rough you’re going to spend a lot of time cruising, sucking and fucking in the shadows along Butch Alley.

Scene 1

Hot House Exclusive Jason Ridge has a new rougher, tougher look and about 25 pounds of extra muscle to back it up. Antton Harri discovers that Ridge has a new attitude as well when Ridge pushes Harri up against a chain link fence and aggressively eats his ass. Thanks to a reach around, Harri’s long curved cock is rock hard as Ridge stands up to shove his throbbing cock into Harri’s bubble-butt. Still in charge, Ridge orders Harri to eat his ass. Harri’s expert oral attention moves from Ridge’s nuts to his cock and back to his ass, lubing Ridge’s fuck-hole with spit. Harri stands up and shoves his huge cock deep into Ridge’s ass and jacks him off while he fucks him. Harri returns to eating Ridge’s ass until Ridge explodes all over the top of Harri’s head. Covered in cum, Harri gets himself off sitting at Ridge’s feet.

Scene 2

Hot House Exclusive Tony Mecelli lets his cock hang out while he stands in the alley smoking a cigarette. Kyle Lewis sees the fat cock hanging out of Mecelli’s jeans and before you know it he is smoking pole. Mecelli returns the favor with a hot, wet, intense blow job that almost makes Lewis pop. But before he can, Mecelli turns Lewis over and shoves his enormous 10 inch cock deep into Lewis’ ass. Lewis opens his hole wide by rolling over on his shoulders, allowing Mecelli to stand over him and power-pump-fuck him. Mecelli pulls out and they both blow their back-alley loads all over Lewis’ chest.

Scene 3

Dillon Brody throws his wedding ring on the dashboard of his car before he ventures into the alley to suck some dick. Luckily he finds Russian sex machine Alex Collack and classic euro-hunk Christoph Scharff waiting on a scaffold. Brody whips out his all-American Beef and begins stroking, prompting Collack and Scharff to pull out their huge uncut European cocks. Brody wastes no time swallowing Collack’s tool while Collack opens wide to receive Scharff’s fat monster. Collack stands up to take Scharff’s ass, shoving his cock deep into his ass. Brody takes advantage of Scharff’s curved cock, which slides right down his throat. Next Brody is the center of attention getting both holes filled, this time with Scharff plowing Brody’s ass. Chiseled demi-God Collack mounts Scharff and jack-hammer fucks him. Scharff falls face-first onto Brody’s cock, sucking and stroking while he gets his ass fucked. Scharff is the first to nut, followed by Collack. Finally Brody rubs one out and shoots all over the other two, then eats it.

Scene 4

Horned up Kirk Ziegler tugs on his fat uncut cock, looking up and down the alley for some action. Alley regular Antton Harri sees Ziegler playing with his foreskin and can’t resist the bait. Ziegler can’t resist Harri’s perfect round ass and thows him on his back to rim him. Ziegler starts to open Harri’s hole with a probing finger, then two, then four. Soon Ziegler slides his huge cock in Harri’s ass and fucks him slowly. Harri’s moans increase with each thrust and soon Ziegler is pounding his ass hard. Before he cums, Ziegler pulls out and shoves a foot-long dildo in Harri’s ass instead. Harri takes the dildo to the base! Harri wants more of Ziegler’s cock so he sits down on it, nursing a load out of the monster in a reverse cowboy. Ziegler grabs Harri from behind and jacks him off until the floor is slippery with man spew.

Scene 5

Hot House Exclusives Nick Piston and Enzo Grimaldi converge on horse-hung Hot House favorite Thom Barron and throw him down on the flatbed of his truck. Grimaldi deep throat’s Barron’s gigantic rod while Piston slobbers on Barron’s balls and ass. The men get rock hard immediately and fall into a three-way fuck, Piston plowing Barron who fucks Grimaldi. Middle-man Barron does most of the work with each thrust of his hips massaging Piston’s fat cock and filling Grimaldi’s deep hole. Piston wants a piece of Grimaldi too, so he fucks his ass and sucks Barron’s cock at the same time. Braeden Casey stumbles upon the action and jumps butt-first onto Barron’s world-class cock. Casey and Grimaldi prove to be dedicated bottoms when they straddle their tops and bounce up and down on their fat cocks using the roll-bar of the truck for leverage. The athletic feat works and all four cocks are rock hard and close to exploding. Piston, Barron and Grimaldi stand jacking off over Casey. All three blow hot white spunk all over Casey’s chest as Casey shoots his load, leaving him drenched in cum.

Butch Alley - Scene 1 Butch Alley - Scene 2 Butch Alley - Scene 3
Butch Alley - Scene 4 Butch Alley - Scene 5


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