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New Studio – Bondagezine

Thursday, March 12th, 2009 to the family of studios is Bondagezine.

Bondagezine was created in 1998 to fulfill a need – the need of men really into BD/SM to find an outlet for their drives. It’s a lot more than some guy staring into the camera like a deer into headlights, wearing a dangling pair of handcuffs. It’s about hot men really into the scene. Sure, there are hunk models…who doesn’t like a beautiful body? But they only choose the hottest guys who are into Bondage. That’s why for years men have said that their pictures, stories and videos are the most real depiction of the BD/SM scene they’ve seen. They look real because they are! Check out some of thier great titles below or head on over to their studio page on for more from this great new studio!

Video: The Intruder Video: Punishing Boy Video: Make 'Em Beg Video: Reporting For Duty


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