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Nick and Chad of Satyr Films Entertainment Interview

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Satyr FilmsI came across this interview while checking out the Satyr Films blog to see if and when a new release from these dirty fuckers is happening and I thought I would share:

Andy: Chad, Nick..welcome and thank you for granting me this interview.

Nick: It’s our pleasure Andy.

Andy: Where did the name Satyr films originate from?

Nick: On that I have to give it up to my life-long friend and business partner, Chad Ryan. He was the one to come up with the name. I loved how it sounded, so sexual and hardcore.|

Chad: A Satyr by dictionary standards is man who has an “insatiable, unquenchable sex drive”. Satyrs are Roman figures of old that depict halfman/halfgoats who go around fucking everything in sight.And since we proudly consider ourselves to be Satyrs, hence we decided to call our company, Satyr Films.

Andy: You have been compared to Treasure Island Media as well as Hot Desert Knights. How do you feel about being compared to such icons of the bareback genre?

Chad: We absolutely consider that to be of the highest praise. We have been huge fans of Paul Morris and HDK since their inception. To be able to play with the big boys is something we certainly aspired to but never dreamed that it would happen so quickly.

We are especially fond of Paul Morris who from the very start was extremely supportive. It is so great to know that there are such generous people in this business. Many believe that Video: Bareback Porn Star Gangbangporn is a “dirty” business but we have met some of the most genuine, caring and trust-worthy people.

Nick: TIM and HDK are the pioneers in bareback porn. It was very exciting to be compared to the top studios. The first time we were compared to them was right after our very first title “Bareback Pornstar Gangbang with Alan Gregory” I remember Chad and I celebrating by going to the House of Pies in Hollywood.(smile).

Andy: How did you guys get into this business?


RIP – Jack Wrangler

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Jack WranglerJohn Robert Stillman, better known as iconic gay porn star and mainstream theater producer-director Jack Wrangler, died Tuesday morning. He was 62.

His death came only a few days after a documentary film about his life, Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon, was named Best Alternative Release at the 2009 GAYVN Awards.

According to his physician, Dr. Wendy S. Ziecheck, Wrangler died in his sleep from complications of lung disease.

Check out some of his classic films on

Video: A Night At The AdonisVideo: Killing Me SoftlyVideo: Sex MagicVideo: The Boys From Riverside Drive

And the winners are…..

Monday, March 30th, 2009

It’s that time of year to find out who worked their ass off (literally) this past year in gay porn. The 2009 GAYVN award show was on Saturday night and it turned out to be quite an event! With gay icon Margaret Cho,the original super model  Janice Dickinson and openly gay actor Alec Mapa hosting the event the nominees and winners were pretty entertained before heading  off to one of San Fransisco’s hottest clubs – Wunderland – for an after party I would probably kill to go to. Check out some of the winners on!!

Best Marketing Campaign: Rascal VideoExcess

Best Sex Comedy: Hot House VideoPaging Dr. Finger

Best Marketing Campaign - Excess Best Sex Comedy - Paging Dr. Finger

Best Newcomer: Jackson Wild

Best Top: Ricky Sinz

Best Fetish Performer: Tober Brandt

Best Bottom: Brent Corrigan

Best Actor: Ricky Sinz

Jackson Wild Ricky Sinz Tober Brandt

2009 GAYVN Award Nominees Announced

Friday, February 13th, 2009

The 2009 GAYVN nominees have been announced and there are some HOT titles! Always the fan favorite, Rascal Video has some hot tiles going for them, Unknown is nominated for Best Picture and Best Group scene and I’m telling ya, Chad Hunt in the group scene is definitely worth checking out! One of my personal favorites, Collin O’Neal has his East Berlin and Serbia movies nominated for best amateur films and I never get tired of watching the men in his movies fuck.. Stay tuned to find out who wins on March 28, until then enjoy some of the nominees below!

UnknownBest Picture and Best Group Scene

BetrayedBest Picture and Best Screenplay
FPG Entertainment

Couch Surfers: Trans Men in ActionBest Alternative Release
Trannywood Pictures

Video: Even More Bang For Your Buck 2 Video: Amateur Daddy Orgy Video: Come Over And Play Volume 5 Video: Bear Oasis

Bears & LoversBest Bear Film
Grey Rose Video Productions

Bi Pole Her #2Best Bisexual Film
Third World Media

Forced Bi CuckoldsBest Bisexual Film
Kick Ass Pictures

Video: 19 Good Men Video: Raw Country Video: Bling Video: Snow Ballerz

Santo Domingo 2Best Ethnic-Themed Film – Latin
Flava Works

Leather to LeatherBest Leather Film
Diamond Pictures

East BerlinBest Amateur Film and Best Sex Scene – Duo
Collin O’Neal’s World of Men

Video: Jake Mitchell's Fuck Buddies Video: Collin O'Neal's World Of Men - Serbia Video: Daddy's Dick In Hand Video: Handyman Volume 5

Papi ChulosBest Solo Film
Finestar Entertainment

Suck It UpBest Oral Scene

Video: Papi Chulos 2 Video: Hazzard Zone Video: Fan Base Video: Longhorn RoundUp


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