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May Is Masturbation Month-Let’s Start It Off Right With Classic Autofellatio

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

It’s Masturbation Month here at and we’re really excited about it. Throughout the month of May we want you to bash it, bop it, choke the chicken, clean your rifle, cork your bat, crank the shank, cuff the carrot, flog your dog, flog the frog, flog the hog, flog the log, perform a flute solo, jack it, jerk it, jerk the gherkin, loop that mule, paint your pickle, play a game of pocket pinball, or pocket pool, polish that banister, hell polish the rocket, pound your flounder, pump the python, rope the pony, spank the monkey, stroke it, tease the weasel, toss the turkey, walk the dog, wank it, whack it, whip the willy, whop it, wonk your cronker, and yank the crank. Get the picture? It’s all about getting your palms slicked up with spit, lube, Vas, Crisco, or what not, and get to stroking your pole. We’re here for you, we know what you want, and we offer up an amazing selection of titles to beat off to.

So what and how am I going to be celebrating? By providing you with the inspiration you need to get your rocks off. That being said, I’m going to start off Masturbation Month with two of my favorite things: classic gay porn and autofellatio. I don’t want to hear anyone out there saying he’s never thought about sucking himself off. Plenty of us have tried, some of us have been successful-it’s a talent. I discovered that Al Parker himself was fascinated by the act and even started performing it himself as an adolescent. Here I’ve collected ten of my favorite autofellatio moments from the golden age of gay porn.

Now whip out you dick, work up some spit, and get to it with these scenes available right here on

So Many Men, So Little Time: Scene 2

White Hanky: Scene 3

Winners Circle: Scene 5

Turbo Charge: Scene 2

Swallow It: Scene 1

Cruisin’ The Castro: Scene 3

Because He Can: Scene 1

Presenting The Best Of Buckshot: Scene 2

The U.N.C.U.T. Club Of LA: Scene 2

Turned On: Scene 5

Now do you think you have what it takes to throw your legs behind your head and suck your own cock? I’m giving you all month to practice. Feel free to keep us up on your progress by following me on Twitter and Tumblr.

Catch ya later cum catchers,

-The Otter

I’ve Never Been Known To Get The Blues On Christopher Street

Friday, April 17th, 2015

Once again it’s time for this Otter to open the vault. It’s a dreary, damp, rainy April morning; the kind of morning you don’t even want to get out of bed for, but here I am looking for something fun to watch. Its mornings like these that I like to peruse the classics. I just love an old film, and an old smut film is better than anything on TCM as I lie in bed. I cannot reiterate this enough, invest in a digital projector, they really make the whole experience of viewing a retro title all the more enjoyable. Now that you’ve hooked up, made sure your lube is readily available (or that you can work up enough slobber) lie back and listen to the hum of a projection reel intermingled with the tap, tap, tap of the rain on your window. Let that incredibly distorted soundtrack of cheap disco and contemporary hits transfer your mind and body back in time.

If you’ve never watched “Christopher Street Blues” best get to it now. I’m not going to review the entire film (because I want you to watch the whole film) so I’m going to focus on one of my favorite scenes. Why did this segment of celluloid intrigue me? We’ll get to that later, for those readers who follow or who’ve followed me, I think you’ll catch the detail.

“Christopher Street Blues” is a fantastic example of a plot driven title Directed by Francis Ellie. The opening of the film tells the story of Billy (Lew Seger) who works in a busy office building delivering and picking up the mail without a chance of promotion, but I digress. If absolutely nothing else, please! Please! Please! Listen to the song playing as the credits begin to roll. I have no idea what the title of this song is, nor could I find it online, all I can say is that it belongs in a cabaret show. Yes, it’s that wonderful.

Once 5:00 pm rolls around it’s time to ditch those suits, slide into your tightest Levi’s, grab your leather, and hit the streets… specifically Christopher Street. Entering Danny’s bar  an establishment I can totally see myself frequenting. As the patrons arrive the barkeep Dan delivers gem after gem of information about them in the form of filthy poetry as internal dialogue.

Ah Mr. Perry, he likes to eat shit balls and shower in piss. He sucks off his great dane, but he dont like to kiss. He claims he’s a sadist, I know otherwise, I whipped him like crazy and gave him two blackened eyes.

Oh Mr. Barton. He loves to bust balls, and he never does tip. What I’d like to give him is a nice fat lip. He says he has money and lives like a king, but he’s so poor I hear that he hawked his last ring.

That Dan…

(iInteresting side note; as of my writing this location on the corner of Greenwich and Christopher streets in NYC is now the home of Classic’s Café [not sure if it still is] who boasts it to be the inspiration for Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks” IMHO, I’m not buying that.)



Turns out Billy doesn’t have a problem with old Mr. Barton, he sidles right on up to him like the horny lil pup he is and offers to buy the guy a drink. Barton isn’t too keen on a cocktail, he wants a coffee. Now I wouldn’t really know, because I don’t drink coffee, but it just doesn’t seem like a good idea before a hard fucking.

It is uncertain whose cramped Manhattan studio this belongs to, I’m guessing Barton by the yellow hard hat hanging in the galley kitchen, appears more appropriate to him. The guys toast their mugs of (I’m secretly hoping Nescafe for a giggle) and without skipping a beat start making out. (@HairyBurgher who shares a cubicle with me was not amused and his scowl was precious when I mentioned it. “Ugh, I hate coffee breath. Yuck, reminds me of my grandma. Here now, give granny a kiss.”)

The guys kiss passionately as they strip down in the tiny kitchenette. Barton’s got a great body, nicely muscled without any really distracting bulk or overdevelopment. Billy on the other hand is also toned, but in a more youthful twinkish way; he kind of reminds me of the Brent Corrigan type for some reason. Anyway, the kid is cute and the passion between these performers is undeniable. Barton lifts up his conquest depositing him upon a mattress on the floor.

Finally we get a glimpse of what caught my eye. The curtains! Oh would you look at those, a dark emerald green rococo filigree design on either a white or cream ground! The hills are alive and I’m going to make me a set of lederhosen out of those. I’m imagining riding my bicycle through the sun kissed meadows and mountains this summer with Maria Von Trapp serenading me along.

*I also am pretty sure I have that green hanging lamp in storage at my mothers house.

Enough with that rant; once these fuckers get going there’s no stopping them. This is the kind of sex you just don’t really see these days. This was indeed a different time, and the pair on screen encapsulates that all too brief period of our history. The sucking in this scene is delectable as both Lew and Barton devour each other’s gorgeous cocks. Seriously, both performers boast quite lovely dicks that I wouldn’t mind in my mouth.

Taking the upper hand of the situation, Barton expertly mounts Lew and begins pounding away at his adorable bottom. Billy is not new to this sort of thing; the way he handles Barton’s meaty pole shows that he’s a true pro. (His rock hard cock doesn’t betray his love of getting fucked either.)

This is one hot scene. After some doggy style Barton pulls Billy back and fucks him so the audience can really get a glimpse of how deep Barton is fucking his little friend. The close ups of raw pumping and big hairy balls is also a testament of the times; it’s a beautiful sight.

If all of this hasn’t got you going then I don’t know what will? Because right after Barton finishes with that position he pumps Billy a few times with the bottom boy’s legs behind his ears. Immediately Barton lifts Billy up and screws him standing up. There are only a few standing scenes I can think of and this one is up there with Conner Maguire and Levi Karter’s Cockyboys scene.

Back to doggy style before missionary again draws the scene to a close. By now the duo is sweating, breathing heavier than ever, and ready to explode. Entangled the impromptu couple mutually jerk off until they release their creamy loads.

I hope I’ve whet your palette to log on and watch “Christopher Street Blues” here on Remember that our impressive library of classics is available 24/7 and that it is full of films that are still just as entertaining and ball draining as they’ve ever been. Also remember to follow me on Twitter and on Tublr!

Catch ya later cum catchers,

-The Otter

Top 5 “NSFW” Office Scenes

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Anyone whom has ever worked in a formal office setting has surely had a work related fantasy. There is just something irresistible about a man in a button down shirt and tie. It’s a conservative look on even the baddest of boys, prompting you to crave what might very well be a mistake. Perhaps it is that they already look like they’re hiding something… besides their dick. There is an air of mystery under those clothes and within the mind of a white collar daddy. The sex appeal is elevated by the fact that it is obviously very naughty to have nasty thoughts in the most taboo of places and with the most inappropriate of people. All I know is that there is all that extra room under the desk for a reason; as well as blinds and a lock on the door. Seeing as you probably need your job and intend on keeping it, I have compiled a short list of obscene workplace scenes to help you BLOW off some cream… I mean steam. In no particular order, enjoy!

AlphaMales’ “Collared & Cuffed (scene 1), starring Aaron Steel and Adam Dacre.

This film borders on fetish porn. It has some light bondage and in this case it has Aaron Steel all tied up. The few plot points suggest that Adam Dacre must be an employee of Aarons. Upon returning to his boss’s office, he discovers Aaron bound to his leather office couch. The super-sexy Adam sees this as the perfect opportunity to get a taste of his colleague. His rims him roughly before mounting and anally-a**aulting his beautifully hairy a**. Aaron is flipped and, with his legs up, he gets beat off while simultaneously still getting nailed. Adam then puts his uncut, spent, and still wet cock back into his slacks and leaves without saying a word. The unspoken satisfaction of the situation overrides any possibly uncomfortable feelings. This has surely been a productive day at the office.

Alpha Males’ “Out in the Office (scene 5), starring Daniel Marvin, Pedro Andreas.

Daniel Marvin has worked up quite the hunger at work and decides to order a pizza. “I must have something tasty in my mouth tonight”, states Marvin’s voice-over. Upon the entrance of Pedro Andreas, he decides to spontaneously come out of the closet (in his mind) to enjoy “…the most delicious topping he could have wished for” These men (then real life boyfriends) begin to make out and loosen Daniel’s “big and tall” office gear. The Argentinean born, Daniel has bedroom eyes for his lover and this is not just another day at the office. These two have been practicing for this scene and it shows. They suck, they 69, and Pedro eats Daniel out in a way that has me thinking, and “When are the Olympics”? They then hastily flip fuck and blow their loads onto Daniel’s caramel colored eight-pack. I foresee a lot of pizza in Daniel’s future.

Hot House Video’s “Head Hunters Inc. (scene 4), starring Park Wiley, Tony Mecelli.

Park Wiley plays Kevin, an average Joe out of work and desperate to land the job. Tony Mecelli plays the boss-man and looks spectacular doing so. Its takes merely no time at all for Tony to accept a slutty offer from Park.  “…and if you’ve got a few minutes, I can take care of you”, says Park. And boy does he ever. After a very quick kiss, park drops to his knees to start servicing Tony’s humongous member.  Park sucks on that dick like it’s his last day on earth and gets it nice and stiff.  In a move that takes its cue straight from an actual fantasy, Park is immediately bent over and penetrated. There is clearly no time to prep that hole or even fully disrobe. Even the boxer shorts on Tony seem to be taken straight from the mind of a DL office freak.  Park stays in his blue shirt for the entirety of the scene, which gets very messy. Thankfully Tony gets in the buff and it is a sight for sore eyes …and whore eyes. This is an all around steamy and plausible scene. We will have to assume that Park got the job.

Lucas Entertainment’s “Gentlemen Vol. 1 – Men In Suits (scene 3), starring Arpad Miklos and Steven Daigle.

Gentlemen is a series that has many volumes. They are all ridiculously satisfying, but I chose a scene from Vol. 1 with Mr. Steven Daigle. The man has a naughty smile that can only have you thinking one thing. SEX. Lucky for you he’s thinking the same exact thing. He is paired with Arpad Miklos whom is kind of the ultimate daddy. He is muscular, hairy, verbal, and wearing suspenders while Steven is rocking some sock-garter’s; both of which I think are under appreciated. These two grunt and moan and spit. Their sex is somewhat savage in nature. Steven can almost not handle the deep dicking, but works through it like the professional that he is. He pulls a load out onto himself and Arpad follows suit. They kiss as Steven holds the eye contact that he clearly gets off on. Good work, gentlemen.

Cazzo Film’s “Desktops (scene 2), starring Nicolas Torri and Tim Kruger.

First let me say that this film is in German, but you clearly don’t need to speak it to love this scene. How could you not love something starring Tim Kruger? He has a dick of the gods. Said dick gets sucked from under the desk during a group meeting. Nicolas Torri comes off as a burglar whose only agenda is stealing Tim’s nut. I am totally confused as to whom he is supposed to be and I could care less. The meeting comes to an end and the mystery man (Nicolas) waits for Tim to return to give the pounding of a lifetime. Nicolas takes that giant man-meat hard and deep; it is extremely hot. His loving aggression is genuine and takes the scene beyond the average. It feels more real, therefore making it extra desirable. If there were a number one on this list…It would certainly be this scene. Tim deserves a raise.

All this office trade can be enjoyed at!


There’s more where that “came” from… follow @HairyBurgher 

Take A Break From Work…

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

If you’ve got five minutes to spare to work out a load, have a penchant for some amazing vintage porn? Love some big dicked muscle men? Then I have a treasure for you! I practically missed this little gem as I made my rounds through the archives I found this hiding in a dusty corner. “Hump & Pump” is one of those gritty, close, low production (if any production) kind of films that could have been filmed any time between the 50’s and 70’s, but that’s not my point; my point is it’s HOT.

Classic hot, this is the kind of film that defines what adult entertainment was before the major studios developed and the sexual revolution went full swing. It’s a choppy over exposed (no pun intended) flesh flick full of hardcore action, and an epic cumshot that is NOT the result of imitation spunk pumped onto the model.

Sure, we all know I’m a sucker for retro-raunch, and although I myself may be biased, that is no reason not to log in and watch this movie. Take into consideration what probably went into the making of this feature from HotOldmovies. “Hump & Pump” was probably a labor of love, a loop created possibly during the era when producing gay porn was still illegal. The director had to load his handy 8mm, shoot whatever he thought was relevant (that is if he had enough Kodak in stock), develop what could have been a complete waste of film and then cut it into a glorious five minutes of celluloid magic. This was a time well before the advent of video tape, let alone digital, and it could have quite possibly been a real risk to anyone who was involved, both personally and professionally.

With that out of the way let me tell you about “Hump & Pump”. First off, the guys are stunning. Wherever these muscle bound, tan lined, horse hung brutes came from I cannot answer, but I can say I am thankful they agreed to be filmed. Both men appear to have had some experience sucking and fucking men before because they go down on each other with the kind of passion lacking in so many films. After some nice body worship and cock sucking our onscreen pair take it to the next level. The tall dark Adonis who I assumed would top turns out to be (surprise!) a big ole bottom. All’s well however, because this top has got an impressive piece of meat that he easily slips into the beefy bottom. It’s not a long scene, but we do get some great shots of the couple balls deep in each other.

Now for the crescendo! I have seen A LOT of porn. I have seen A LOT of cum. I have been impressed by only a FEW cum shots. “Hump & Pump” was a pleasant surprise when I saw what the results of such a simple film. The duo is in a standing doggy position when our dark haired top pulls out of his partner’s ass unleashing a thick load of ribbon after ribbon of man milk. He just kept going, spewing more and more salty fluid all over the muscular bottom’s meaty ass; even cleaning it up with his tongue!

That’ll put a smile on your face, wouldn’t you say?

So there you go. Now hit the head and rub one out!


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