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It’s Not Just The Quads Filling Up For Back To School

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014


With classes starting and the quad filling up with those hard bodied collegiate athletes, bookish nerds, rebel artists, enthusiastic boys just set free from home ready to take a bite of the lotus; I thought I might just need to a review a student/teacher scene to get all you all hot and horny for that professor I know you’ve got your eye on, you know, the one with the scruffy beard, glasses, an incredible body taut with muscle hidden beneath a coffee stained oxford, and the threadbare tweed blazer. He’s the smart one with the great ass dusted with chalk and the bulge in his khaki’s that won’t quit… Perhaps you’ve even seen him in the showers at the gym because his meager salary doesn’t allow for a real gym membership.

Dr. Jones…

*Have you seen this hottie who went viral a while back…

Maybe you’ve walked past his little bachelors bungalow while he’s mowing his small yard shirtless, sporting a pair of tight, frayed cut-offs showing off a glistening, perfectly sculpted torso, brawny arms, and muscled legs of an athlete… Ok, maybe it’s me who needs to calm down.

*After we take a look at some lawn care specialists…

We know how you squirm when he calls on you, putting you on the spot and starring you down for the answer. You can’t pay attention though because your cock is swelling to epic proportions just thinking about your educators rod studying your quivering hole. That’s just what happens in the scenes from “Hard For Teacher” from GayLifeNetwork.

In scene two, Brizel plays a feisty young man intent on leaving a nasty message on his teachers (Cameron Kincade, who bears a striking resemblance to Peter Krause, star of one of my all time favorite shows “Six Feet Under”) blackboard. Little does he know that Mr. Kincade has caught him in the act, and is more than ready to give his pupil a lesson he never thought could be taught in the classroom.

*You think you’re sooooo clever…


*Peter Krause, so handsome…

Let’s begin the scene just after naughty little bespeckled Brizel has finished his brutal act of slander against his teacher. “Mr. Kincade sucks dick.”

Just a simple phrase guaranteed to land that smooth twink a sound punishment. Mr. Kincade leads the boy to a desk and instructs the naïve student to drop his pants. “Like this sir?” No you silly boy, like this, Mr. Kincade pulls down Brizel’s jeans and repeats himself “Mr. Kincade sucks dick?” before immediately enveloping his pupils uncut dick in his warm wet mouth.

Mr. Kincade I didn’t know you could…” as the punishment commences, “what, suck dick?” the educator asks. “And you’re so good at it sir.” Brizel moans as he receives his due tongue lashing.

Mr. Kincade continues to deep throat Brizel’s cock, teasing his hooded appendage with gusto, but he wants more of the twink. Upon the desk the smooth tanned youth is on all fours, ass up, and aching to get his bubble butt rimmed by his teachers expert tongue. Mr. Kincade wastes no time getting deep into Brizel’s trimmed hole, while stroking his spit slicked dick at the same time. Love a rusty trombone…

*Don’t ask, I just had to share it… Look, they’re freakin CATS. 








Which led to more cats and trombones….





Ok, back to the porn…

*Ohhhhhh Mr. Kincade… Don’t stop.

*I definitely give props to eager bottoms who are obviously enjoying themselves. Brizel spends the whole time grinding his ample bottom against Mr. Kincade’s, face, tongue, and cock. This boy is a power bottom I would be happy to give a ride on my dick.

Ok, let’s move on… or move in. “I’m gonna fuck you on this desk.” Mr. Kincade orders, and the whimpering pup obeys with a “Can you sir, please?” This kid is BEGGING FOR IT!

Cameron Kincade obliges by sliding his cock up to its hilt inside Brizel’s guts, actually Brizel slides himself onto Cameron because he cannot wait to be filled up with teacher’s meat. The pair do it doggy style against the desk for a while, with plenty of shots below accentuating Cameron’s balls and Brizel’s uncut twinkie flopping around as the desk squeaks and scratches the floor (which by the way sounds kind of annoying… just sayin).

Time to flip that insatiable bottom and fuck him right; Cameron wants to get deeper inside his student to make certain he is really absorbing this valuable lesson. He flips Brizel onto his back on that rickety old school desk and continues to plow the luscious ass of his student who literally can’t even right now. “You fuck soooo good sir…”

At one point I thought Brizel was going to ditch the glasses altogether (total and utter boner killer for me, if you wear glasses you better keep them on while I’m fucking you god damnit) but he doesn’t… thank Cher.

*Take a moment to appreciate Cher.

By now these two are really getting into the thick of this study session/discipline session. Moving to Mr. Kincade’s sturdier desk proves to be a good move since it has been dressed for the occasion, complete with apple! Cameron pushes deeper into Brizel whose hands are behind his head enjoying the fantasy cum to life. Mr. Kincade (ever a thoughtful top) strokes his unruly student’s youthful hard-on (this is always a winning move, because the bottom can just lie there and enjoy his top). I’ve also failed to mention Brizel’s acrobatic abilities… This boy can spread his legs WIDE open and keep them spread.

Once Cameron slips out of Brizel it’s time for the cum shots ( would have preferred seeing Brizel cum all over himself followed by Cameron coating the pupil’s glasses with his sticky mess, but alas, tis not what was to be had). Mr. Kincade is the first to shoot his load (sorry, it’s not as epic as I like) on his desk, followed by Brizel’s (more substantial) creamy mess.

*This is what I’m talking about!

The scene in itself is hot, great camera work, good close-ups, plenty of positions. Both performers are good looking, and the concept is always a favorite. Didn’t we all have that teacher that we secretly wished would just throw us over a desk and fuck us… I know I did. How about you?

Go check out “Hard For Teacher” on and begin your semester the right way!

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-The Otter

Drake Maguire Can Slam My Hole Any Day Of The Week

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Macho Meat 2

Diamond Pictures has always had super hot, super hung, uncut, muscled European meat on display for our viewing pleasure, but I must say I haven’t been this turned on by a Diamond Pictures star in a while… the reason? I hadn’t seen Drake Maguire until now! Holy hell, talk about fucking stunning.

Ok, he says like two words in his thick (I’m assuming Slavic accent, which made me wonder why the name “Drake”? I’m thinking he’s more of a hunky “Sergio” or “Sergey” or even “Alexzander”…  And then I wondered how I got genetically beaten by the theoretical “ugly Stick”… my people come in either one or two versions, Godlike or Fugly… there is no in between, obviously Drake won out in this department, but I digress) after he pulls down the speedo he’s been lounging around in, freeing his rigid foreskin hooded, well veined cock of perfection “Suck it!” (I would have rather heard him say it in his native tongue which might have not been such a turn off. None of this matters because we ain’t here for the talking.)

Anyway, Orlando Ross (who might be a houseboy? I don’t know, he was carrying a coal bucket acting all Cinderella-y) obeys without a word, falling to his knees like a good Catholic and opening up.

What one might assume to be a run-o-the mill blowjob quickly switches its tune. At first the gentle face fuck is nice, even friendly, but it’s not as “in depth” as Drake would like it. (Drakes also been slapping that uncut monster all over Orlando’s mouth, and it’s gorgeous.) So what does he do? Takes action and slams Orlando’s head down on his fleshy tool causing him to gag beautifully on such a fine example of the male anatomy.

And now it’s time to really get down to this whole oral business. Drake is definitely aggressive (a quality I find arousing because I would love to tie this guy up and have my way with him while he struggles to maintain his dominance) he basically throws Orlando onto the couch and just pulls off his speedo (apparently this is the only type clothing worn in this rather sparsely furnished home) and straddles his face, aiming his meat at the muscle boys face, ready to go deep into that throat. Perhaps this is the reason for the creepy Dracula music soundtrack.

*Orlando has the sweetest conical nipples.

Next up is a rather disappointing rimming. (Fine by me, I’m not that into it anyway.) Drake, as beautiful and aggressive as he is, just doesn’t get his tongue into Orlando like you hope and you think he would.

It doesn’t last long though before the tattooed stud crams his fingers into that bubble butt twisting and teasing Orlando’s hole until he cums all over his rippled abdominals. Drake has been stroking his own thick prick all the while and unloads his balls on the cognac leather sofa… the maid, or should I say Orlando better clean that up before that stain sets!

This film is odd in a way, for some reason we cut to the balcony where (you guessed it) a random muscle boy is laying out his SPEEDO to dry while spying on another youth in the pool below. Orlando was just dropping off a bottle of cointreau at the outdoor bar when he spots him, quickly grabbing Drake’s attention from indoors. After taking a peek at the beautifully sculpted youth Drake takes one look at Orlando, picks him up forcing him back inside with a slam of the sliding door behind them!

Obviously Drake hasn’t gotten enough as Orlando slides right down onto his meat peg. You will notice there is absolutely no kissing in this film which is a damn shame (I for one would like to see these two get filthy, spitting into one and others mouths and really getting into it… but that’s just me being a spit pig… god I love spit).

*And cum… Let’s take a look at what I’d like to have seen.

Back to the fucking.

Orlando stays on top riding Drake hard before Drake flips him onto all fours, smashing his face into the leather as he continues his brutal assault on his hole. It’s pretty hot watching Drake just fuck, no words, just fucking… He only speaks three words in the entire film. I swear.

*Some other tidbits about the movie. Overall it’s shot very well, and you do get some great views from below and above, affording you great views of Orlando’s aforementioned nipples as well as Drakes gorgeous abs and exquisite cum gutters.

Continuing with the hard, emotionless fucking, Drake is in charge of this whole situation. He spreads Orlando’s legs open and slams the boy’s ass good and rough while he begs for more.  (I might suggest watching this whole picture on mute to your own soundtrack. There’s no important dialogue. And Orlando’s  having to concentrate on his English is a little much “Oh, ya, fuck, me”)


Finally we cum to the moment we’ve been waiting for. After plowing Orlando like a jack rabbit on speed Drake pulls out, grabs his dick, simultaneously pulling off that pesky condom and jerks off spewing a copious amount of salty sweet ambrosia upon Orlando’s neck, chest and stomach while he works his own tool. Seconds later Orlando creams on himself and the pair fade out.

This pissed me off. There was plenty of cum to be licked up and swapped or at the very least massaged into Orlando’s skin… but there was nothing, which leads me to suspect (actually it’s pretty obvious) these dudes are only gay for pay. A damn shame.

So, the movie is pretty good overall. It was beautifully shot, was visually appealing, and the performers were hot in true Csaba Borbely style. Check it out yourself, it’s pretty hot! I wouldn’t mind watching Drake again, maybe in something a little more passionate (I think it was Orlando who didn’t want to be kissed, or at least that’s what I’m going to tell myself. Honestly I only put up with him so I could see Drake.)

Oh, and then there was the two boys at the end jerking off with not very exciting cum shots. Alexandros Toro is the very good looking smooth Latin muscle boy on the balcony and Aaron Maldini is the one down by the pool. Both guys are ok, they only appear in solo action for Diamond Pictures.

And there you have it. Macho Meat 2, available on 

-The Otter

Fuck Mates Make The Best Mates!

Friday, August 1st, 2014

Probably one of the hottest scenes ever captured on celluloid (“FuckMates”) appears in the film “Winner’s Way” from Falcon Studios. Shot in the early 80’s; the scene stars Dirk and another model unfortunately un-credited. (If anyone knows who he is please let me know, he’s fucking gorgeous!)

*Who is he??? Help an Otter out here if you do!

The quality and condition of this scene are incredible and will only heighten the viewing experience.

I knew this was the scene for me as soon as I saw the stills. Give me two handsome hunks with rugged good looks, some facial and body hair, a touch of smooth muscle, at least one uncut cock, furious fucking, a creative location, and I am in! Dirk was one lucky guy; blessed with a beautifully sculpted body, an uncut cock, thick with girth and long in length, he got to top what I confess to be my ideal bottom. The anonymous stud who takes on Dirk in this scene is flawless, he’s got a great face, well kept beard, perfectly toned and muscled body dusted with fur, a delectable dick, and he’s got a nice smooth and meaty bum just twitching to get filled up and hammered. So let’s set this up for you…

Falcon Studio’s describes the scene as such.

Fuck Mates: Dirk’s wife has gone shopping, leaving her horny husband and her big brother sitting on the hallway stairs of the apartment. ‘Should we or shouldn’t we?’…the answer is a storm of raw lust between hot passion-filled bodies that erupts with a he-man grind of two rugged muscular men in action. Big brother takes on Dirk’s muscle-rippling body by sucking his stud cock and eating his smooth white ass. Dirk mounts big brother’s tight but willing ass and rides it long and hard on the stairs. This wasn’t their first time together; but after this daring scene, they know they can’t let it happen again.”

* I love their outfits too…

And it is fucking H-O-T! First off, the un-credited dude with the beard is a lightly furred, sexy muscle fucker who can really take a pounding. (God I wish I knew his name!) Dirk is a smooth muscle stud with a great tan line, full bush, and a big thick uncut cock.  It’s not just the guys that make the scene; it’s the way the scene is played out. Set on the stairs (I’m assuming in one of those great Edwardian apartment buildings in San Francisco) Dirk and his partner really go at it! You would have to be in top shape to have pulled off this performance (I was particularly impressed with Dirk’s ability to balance himself on the railings and millwork while face fucking his cock hungry mate). The blowjobs, ass eating, and foreplay is intense, but not nearly as intense as the fucking!

Dirk is one hell of a power top and the perfect match for his scene partner’s power bottom. The positions these two get into are insane as they make the best use of a fight of steps I’ve seen in a long time! From doggy style to cowboy, missionary to hanging off the railings the guys of “Fuck Mates” go wild before finally taking it to the bedroom for the finale. Aggressive fucking resulting in glorious shots of cum erupting from rock hard cocks is the beautiful conclusion to an amazing session. (And the tender cuddling afterward was a charming fade out for this classic footage.)

*Let’s take a look at a few stills… (And by a few, I mean a lot!)

*Look at that delicious uncut piece of meat… I’m salivating…

*It takes talent straddle a railing and face fuck someone simultaneously…


*Dirk is so handsome… Look at him suck that cock…

*Look at that face. Fucking beautiful.

*Eat that big meaty ass…

*It hurts soooo good? Doesn’t it…

*How do you get a core like that? Great abs, lovely cum gutters…

*That face again! Those eyes…

*Sorry, he’s just too good looking…

*You have to see it to believe it! Dirk really knows how to fuck!

*Almost there…

*Cuddles replace furious fucking…

*Just a kiss goodnight puppy…

If you are into muscles, beards, tan lines and retro bareback fucking this scene is for you! I highly recommend that you savor the entire twenty two minutes of it because by the end, you too will be releasing a geyser of your own spunk with them.

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-The Otter

A Whole New Level of “Kissin Cousins”

Friday, July 25th, 2014

*Take it away Elvis!

I hear this story over and over “My first experience with another guy was with my cousin.” Well, I can’t say that was an experience I ever had, but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t, or isn’t, the case for many. OF COURSE this scenario would make its way to the screen, and in 1983 director William Higgins brought the fantasy to life. In “Cousin’s”  Billy Gant and Matt Ramsey (aka “straight” porn star Peter North) assume the roles of (ingeniously scripted) Matt and Billy, cousins.

*We’re related…

Billy (a cute muscled blonde) has just arrived with his folks from sunny California in, what I may add is a fantastic station wagon I wouldn’t mind owning, for a visit with Matt and his parents. I’ve always wondered “where on earth do they find these people to play the non sexual roles in these classics”. Perhaps they were actors who could not find ANY other work… although I think a bit role in a porn could be really fun… Hey Cockyboys (wink, wink).

Let’s meet the parents…

Oh what a festive time these happy people have, grilling hot dogs, laughing, talking, completely unaware that their “all American” strapping, young sons are about to get down to some serious cousin-on-cousin fucking. Even Matt doesn’t even know yet (insert another wink). The jovial group wastes no time making their way to their respective sleeping quarters, guess what??? Matt has given up his room to his Auntie and Uncle, and will be (conveniently) bunked up with Billy on the sofa bed. What could possibly happen?

Don’t stay up too late watching TV!” hollers dad from the hall, chuckling he shakes his head at the boys, as if television is naughtiest activity this pair is going to get into. Nope, that might be the dope. Once Matt shuts off the tube with a (WHAT THE HELL!) clicker, (you’re telling me that these people can afford a clicker TV in 1983, but not a proper guest room!) the boys head out to the pool to spark up a doobie, of course they’re only wearing their adorable tightie-whities. Feeling ripped from tokin that blunt, Matt and Billy (no surprise here, they’re cousins, and grown men) strip off their Jockeys for a rather insinuating, sparkling, dip in the pool (I think we can safely presume where this is heading).

Back indoors restless Billy takes a longing gander at his cousin’s muscle bound body rippling just under the covers; so he does whatever any red blooded man would do with his sexy cousin slumbering ever so closely beside, strip off his briefs without waking him! Matt must have really been tired because Billy isn’t nearly sneaky enough when he pulls down the cotton barrier between his mouth and Matt’s delectable meat. Never the less, within moments Billy is working Matt’s fuck tool, teasing it from soft to rigid like the pro cock-sucker from California you know he is.

*Slumber party!

Oh no! Apparently Matt’s not too into the late night blowjob, but hey, he’s cool with it; although “I’m not too much into that man” doesn’t seem entirely convincing. The dialogue is great at this part of the scene. Matt’s confused inner monologue is pure gold! “He is my cousin, I shouldn’t let him down…”

AND… we’re back in bed!

Now comes the HOT action…

These guys are young, virile, and full of pent up sexual urges. Matt wants to try something he’s never tried before… Fucking another guys butt.

“C’mon you tight assed son-of-a-bitch, ride me!”

Yep. Definitely something he’s not into.

The scene continues with some impressive cock riding (I was a little bummed Matt never flipped Billy onto his back to give him a really hard fucking). The guys are pretty verbal on that pull out sofa bed but surprisingly their parents never hear a peep, or maybe again they did and are now frozen, horror stricken, clutching their bed covers under their chins as the enthusiastic wails of ecstasy emanate from their darling boys; a single tear of utter disgust mixed with disbelief trickles down each ones cheek.

*OK, so we all had a good cry…

Not wanting to “disappoint” his cousin, Matt takes hold of (literally) his cousin’s orgasmic needs by stroking Billy’s slicked up tool while simultaneously driving his cock into the boys guts, resulting in a nice creamy load all over his hand and washboard abs.


The big moment is what Matt Ramsey was famous for. COPIOUS amounts of cum. By copious, I mean this guy can shoot a load, his gushing dick geyser lets out a gloriously breathtaking stream of man milk that covers cousin Bill’s face and chest, and he keeps coming! Matt’s impressive ejaculation bathes Billy in its white heat, and the little cum dumpster that he is, can’t get enough. Matt gently swabs Billy’s face (which is in a state of blissful repose) with his still stiff member teasing Billy’s mouth with it’s swollen head. This is pure, post sex, beauty.

Overall, the first scene of “Cousin’s” is fucking hot, if Matt Ramsey was my cousin I’d have totally let him cram his dick all up inside me. (Only I’d make that fucker blow his load all over my hole and fuck it back in!) So there you have it, The Otter’s review of scene one from “Cousin’s” check it (and the rest of this great classic) out on!

*Awe, thanks cuz!*

-The Otter


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