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Studio of the Week – Cazzo Films

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

S O F U C K I N G E X C I T E D ! ! New titles from Cazzo are starting to go live! Check out Fucking Lost, if the covers models don’t get you all hot and bothered, just wait till you see them fuck!

In the ruins of Berlin, cum filled guys wander through the dark, damp Shell of what once was a stately facility in a search for some meat to fuck. Only the bravest, horniest men will go to these places. An aura of mystery forboding increase the thrill of the fuck! There are still abandoned locations in Berlin and the vicinity: an old hospital, a factory, a barracks–mysterious places that arouse the imagination.

Fucking LostKellerUse MeBunker

Studio Of The Week – Steel Mill

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

OhHhH! New release from Steel Mill –

They’re sadistic, Mulengro and Dire Callahan, what they put muscle god Derek through is absolutely diabolical. Suspended with Chinese clamps on his sensitive nips, his back stretched, his balls pulled to the limit; Derek takes it all and more. Then it’s on to being encased in latex and frozen with ice cubes. Shocked, stretched, and screaming the massive and powerfully built stud is pushed further and further until he can’t take it anymore. This is some of the most cringe-worthy shit out there and this muscle stud deserves it!

House Of Pain IIGym Training PlayDirty PigsPredicaments


Studio Of The Week – Phoenixxx Studio

Monday, July 15th, 2013

Not really movies, more various scenes of hot twinks in office settings getting down and dirty! Check out the one with Dustin Finch.. LOVE him –

We all know of the various hazards at the work place… Have you ever accidentally emailed your boss a naughty cock shot? How about fucking or getting fucked by a colleague in the break room? Maybe sucking cock until you can punch the clock? Chances are if you have, you’ve been fired, but not these lucky corporate sluts! The guys in this film discover that the workplace can also be a place for play. Go ahead and loosen your tie while you watch these studs define, “working hard or hardly working?” Wesley Marks delivers a box of DVDs to Dustin Fitch’s office. When Wesley shows interest in the porn biz, Dustin decides to give him a little tryout. Dustin sucks his thick cock before bending Wesley over his work area and plowing him good and deep. They move all over the office and Wesley can’t help but blow a huge load while he’s getting fucked on the desk.

My Gay Boss Tristan Makes Sure Shane Gets A Very Big ReturnMy Gay Boss Timo Accidentally Emails Dick PicsMy Gay Boss Dustin Fucks Wesley In The WorkplaceMy Gay Boss Kelan Helps Preston Relax

Studio Of The Week – Jake Jaxson

Monday, July 8th, 2013

Coming back from a 4 day weekend blows.. if monday is making you hate everything like me, then check out the newest to go live from Jake Jaxson; Rise, featuring two of my current favorite stars Bravo Delta & Dale Cooper!!

Does the sight of rock hard abs, a firm, round ass and throbbing cock make your mouth water and your cock throb? Well get ready to get up, get off, and do it all over again! Jake Jakeson is taking you on a wild ride with five sizzling hot anal penetrating scenes you have to see to believe!

RisePaint It BlackTo The MaxBad To The Bone



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