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Let’s Go To The Barn Raisin’ Y’all!

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

If you’ve been keeping up with The Otter you probably know by now that I’m just simple country folk who just happened to land himself in the city AND in the world of porn. In some ways I like to think of myself as a Holly Golightly with a beard. Seriously, I will snatch that sparkle off your head and wear it myself! And as a country boi I have spent quite a bit of time in barns. Working in barns, repairing barns, drinking in barns, painting barns, going to hunting parties in barns, volunteering at a archeological dig in a barn…I could continue on, but I’ll stop myself. Barns can be used for an array of purposes too. There are barns for horses, barns for cows, barns for grain, barns for tobacco, barns for charcoal, barns for equipment, and then there are barns for fucking.

The idea of getting it on in a barn has always been a fantasy for many men out there. It’s sexy, raw, somewhat risky in the sense that you could get caught. There is absolutely nothing that turns me on than a man who works outdoors. Forget those clean shaven, gym bunny, investment banker, label whores! Give me a dude who developed his rock hard physique from workin’ the farm, and consuming fresh eggs, meat, vegetables, and milk straight from the cow. No sir, this guy doesn’t need any fancy cologne some hairless model is selling; he smells like sweat, earth, and just maybe a leftover hint of last night’s aftershave he splashed on ’cause you made a nice hearty meal. Right here is man who’ll take off his hat and wipe his brow before taking a long draft of the lemonade you brought him, smack his lips and thank ya kindly. He’s also the type who strips down and hoses off in a trough to clean up. Woof!

The time honored barn sex fantasy is a true classic in the world of porn, but what are the real logistics of this raunchy romp in the hay? I’ve been in many a barn in my lifetime and I can tell you that there can be a world of differences between each and every one of them. There are fancy barns, simple barns, tiny barns, big barns, even ROUND barns! Ancient stone barns stay nice and cool in the summer. Some can smell sweet like molasses laced animal feed, or downright pungent from un-mucked stalls. There are massive barns built of steel and metal, brightly lit and industrial. I’m not a fan of these, too modern for my old-timey sensibilities, and of course there are structures made of timber as well. The light peeking through the weathered siding is quite romantic in this example; and the list can go on and on. Choosing where one can commit acts of unbridled passion are also fascinating in a rustic structure built for necessary purposes. Stalls, milking rooms, tack rooms, grain rooms, equipment areas, on tractors or wagons, and the tried and true hay loft are all wonderful places to get your freak on. Just be careful of that straw, it can poke you and not in a good way.

This Tuesday I’ve decided to make a list of some great barn scenarios here on I hope you enjoy.

I HAD to start with this…Looks like the boys got some company. NEIGHHHHHHHHHH!

Ride Em’ Cowboy: Scene 3

Keep your eyes on this structure, I’m pretty sure it’s a star on it’s own.

Stud Ranch-Hung N’ Strung: Scene 1

Although a fresh coat of whitewash would be a good idea this ample stall is ideal.

Horsemen: Scene 3

What a nice shade of blue on that tractor.

Muscle Ranch II: Scene 4

I’m pretty sure this is the same barn as before? I wonder if the studio owns it?

Naked Muscles – The New Breed: Scene 4

This is a fantastic barn, you must see the exterior!

7 In A Barn: Scene 2

Beautiful and dirty. Please put some shoes on, I’m pretty sure those are vermin droppings.

Inside Jirka Gregor: Scene 4

At least the set dressers went to a barn to gather props, too bad this is NOT a barn.

Hand Jive 2: Scene 1

I hate to bust your bubble; they’re not Amish, but look at those darling stairs.

Escapade Amoureuse: Scene 2

Yes it’s a set, but they did a really nice job with that backdrop.

Spokes: Scene 2


Look at that siding, what’s not to love?

Breakin’ The Rules: Scene 4

This is the best barn in my opinion. Look at those beams!

Prague Buddies: Scene 3

Just a few words of advice, doing the nasty in a barn also raises some other obstacles to overcome other than your creepy uncle Jack trying to get in on the action. Hay and straw are mighty dusty and scratchy. There are flies and other pests to deal with. The smells of a barn might not always be the nicest. And by all means do not attempt to enjoy a post coital smoke in there, go outside and do that; then go wash up, supper’s almost on! Remember to follow me on Twitter and Tumbler too.

Catch ya later cum catchers,

-The Otter

Celebrating Bastille Day With Five Fine Frenchies!

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

As you may know, today, July 14th, is Bastille Day. This day commemorates the beginning of the French Revolution with the Storming of the Bastille on the 14th of July in 1789, and the unity of the French people at the Fête de la Fédération on the 14th of July in 1790. This holiday, celebrated by French folk worldwide, is a celebration to symbolize peace for the people of France.  What better reason to appreciate the freedom that they share to love and create pornography, right?! Porn is big business in France and is a growing economy in various forms from magazines to TV broadcasting. French born and bred, these stallions are here for your pleasure. I have listed a scene for each to help you enjoy this day with a bang or at least some sexy solo sessions, today or any day you like! They will surely have you saying “Oui, Oui!” In no particular order…

1. Francois Sagat is a French model, fashion enthusiast, and porn personality who has appeared in gay and bisexual pornographic movies. He is best known for his rugged muscularity, exotic looks, and scalp tattoo. Sagat was born to French parents in Cognac, in the south-west of France. Sagat moved to Paris at the age of eighteen, where he currently lives today.

Here is a taste of his notable work:

TitanMen’s Folsom Leather with Brendan Davies and Rick Van Sant

2. Will Helm is best known for being a Frenchman with a perfect physique and being quite the formidable top. He is also known for being the Lucas Entertainment “IT” boy for quite some time. Will was a go-go dancer before diving headfirst into the industry. He currently resides in Paris. 

This scene should surely get you started:

 Lucas Entertainment’s Men In Love with Damien Crosse

3. Ludovic Canot has lived in Paris since the age of seven and spent much of his childhood in the south of France. Toned, trimmed, and handsome, Ludovic is known for being a ferocious bottom, proving himself over and over again in each and every one of his scenes. His known penchant for suit sex got him into Lucas Entertainment, but he has worked for many other studios.

Don’t miss this cutie sharing his booty:’s Tough Love with Andrew Blue

4. Brice Farmer has a model’s face, beautiful eyes, is naturally smooth, and is insatiably horny. Brice knew he would always be a big name in porn. Brice has been in the industry for about ten years and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. This open minded boy is down for whatever. Brice also lives in Paris. 

He works hard for the money:

Lucas Entertainment’s Paris Playboys with Jay Roberts

5. Ever since his industry breakthrough in 2010, Aymeric Deville has wowed porn fans across the globe with his masculine sex appeal, hard-as-a-rock chiseled physique, and genuine love of wild, hardcore sex. His start was kicked off by an offer to star in a film that was being shot at a club that he bartended for. Though born in France, Aymeric currently lives in San Francisco. 

This man sure can take it:

TitanMen’s Sweat Equity with Ethan Hudson and Frank Phillip

So as you can see, France has been exporting good dick, ass, and otherwise since the Storming of the Bastille. I guess we can thank the revolutionaries for what they did for the people of France so many years ago. These five fellas are hot, horny, and do not hesitate when the camera starts rolling and thank god. So, celebrate as you wish today, but I’d recommend starting by watching Francois Sagat getting his bottom stormed! Now go on and get hard at!

There’s more where that “came” from… follow @HairyBurgher


The Heat Is On! Top 7 Desert-Themed Movies!

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Last week, The Otter cooled us down with his pool-themed top list. But as we continue to ease into summer, I’m kicking the heat back up with this celebration of some of the most noteworthy scenes that take all of the scorching, ass-banging action to the desert. With each of these seven special scenes, these guys prove that once they get to work, not even the sun can bring the heat like they can. Enjoy!

Mojave (1995)

There’s no better place to begin than with a movie that takes place in one of the world’s most well known deserts, the Mojave. But what makes this flick particularly special are the beautiful sensuality that oozes from the director’s perspective, the engaging storyline, and the bountiful selection of delicious eye candy. Mojave takes us on the sex-filled adventures that a man finds himself in after stumbling through the Mojave after an intense argument with his lover. From the well-executed mirages, to the flawless use of the desert as the backdrop and embodiment of the movie’s sultry mood, this softcore jewel is simply one that you won’t be able to turn away from.

Car Jacked: Hardcore (2003)

On the complete opposite side of the porn spectrum comes Boy Toy Studios Car Jacked: Hardcore. There’s nothing pretty, glossy, or romantic about this one—it’s all about raw fucking, with no apologies! While riding through the desert, these rock-hard hornballs decide to take advantage of their lonely surroundings by pulling over for some serious cum-bursting action. What makes this movie notable is the fact that it feels totally believable and slightly kinky, as if viewers are along on a crazy road trip with these sex-crazed studs that are eager to suck and pound until they explode.

El Paso Wrecking Corp (1977)

You know that we aren’t afraid to show some of the classics some love, and when you get a dose of the epic match-up between the equally delicious Clay Russell and Richard Locke, you’ll see just why. There isn’t much to the story with this one, but who gives a shit? It’s smoking HAWT from the moment these two rugged hunks lay eyes on each other. Russell stars as a park ranger who is keeping a close eye on a bearded wanderer (played by Locke). Once the guys make it known that they are checking each other out, Russell leads Locke to a deserted area where they can get down and dirty. The level of sexiness exuding from this pairing is enough to hold your attention…but the fact that it all goes down in the wilderness takes it all to another level. Not to mention, stylistically, it gives you 70s-era porn in every single way.

Erotic Centerfolds (2001)

Let’s take a brief break from all of the BAM-BAM-BAMing to appreciate some delectable solo scenes. Greenwood/Cooper gives you an inside look at a real Playgirl photoshoot with these gorgeous, ripped, and hung models. Join Dean Butch Bailey and another lovely friend as they give you a front row seat of how they spend some alone time in the splendor of the desert. There aren’t any cum shots or any heavy masturbation, but everything about these scenes is wonderfully-directed with much to stimulate the eye.

Passions of War Part 2: The Journey (2005)

Got a special thing for wild outdoor sex and big-dicked military men? Well, Passions of War Part 2: The Journey may be right up your alley. These seductive soldiers have a special way of winding down from their rigorous training in the rugged desert terrains and it involves them getting their huge uncut monsters serviced by meat-hungry mouths and holes! This film stands out for its must-see cast of exotic European stunners and hardcore ass-hammering sessions that will leave you clenching your pearls!

Niggas’ Revenge 2 (2009)

Without a single doubt, this entry is certainly the most controversial on the list. Sure to leave many feeling a bit uncomfortable, the title definitely gives away what one can expect from the plot—after being victimized by a gang of white supremacists, a group of vengeful black guys take power in their hands by heading to the desert to get even. They humiliate the racists in a variety ways but their favorite method seems to be taking turns with their holes in some serious gang-bang fucking. In addition to being the most unique film on the list, Niggas’ Revenge 2 delivers hardcore thrills from beginning to end.

Muscle Ranch! (1991)

The title doesn’t lie with this one—Muscle Ranch is serving you super-sized servings of muscles, muscles, and more muscles! Jake Tanner and Ed Dinakos star as two Midwestern dreamboats who decide to take a little break from their hard work on the ranch with a little lip service…and it is a real joy to indulge in! What makes these scenes worth watching is the fact that these guys are almost too sexy for words, but it’s the chemistry, messy beer-pouring, and heavy oral interactions that make it even better. And with the charming shots of the desert in the background and the stars’ cowboy-inspired costumes, the viewer is totally transported into their world of manly-man-on-manly-man pleasure.

And there you have it, boys! Seven desert scenes that will surely get you hot and bothered! After you’re done having fun with these offerings, be sure to follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with our latest updates!

–  Simba

Check Out These Puddles: Top 6 Pool Scenes in Gay Porn

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

I might prefer rope swings and swimming holes, inner tubes on the river, and large mossy boulders to sun myself on, but every once and a while I like a different kind of puddle. Today I’m here to write about pools-pools that stand out to me as nice places to frolic. Here for the weekly top list I bring you six sexy holes filled with water and dick! Let’s jump right on in!

At number six…

The Flavor Of Men from Oh Man! Studios: Scene 2

I’m in love with this pool. OK, it’s not really a pool, but if Kurt Stefano and Sam Crockett are taking a dip in it, I’m calling it a pool. The secluded oasis looks like something I would find while thumbing through Traditional Home or Better Homes & Gardens. The flagstone patio surrounding this puddle is rustic yet elegant at the same time, with charming moss tucked between the stones. Can you here the soft music of a swing band wafting outside as you sip your bubbling cocktail under twinkling lights? Is the night breeze filled with the scent of gardenias? Picture the sexy cater waiters in their tight pants and white jackets, so handsome; I just want to tear off their clothes and fuck… So yeah, this gem is incredibly romantic.

At number five…

No Shirt No Shoes No Problem from All Worlds Video: Scene 3

This pool is amazing. I like swimming laps so oddly shaped pools just aren’t my thing for practical reasons. I’m also a very structured person who requires symmetry in his life. However, under the right conditions, such as an expendable income, I could be coerced into having a pool such as this. Gentle curves, a waterfall, separate hot tub, and all lined in flagstone and blue tiles, this fantasy puddle could make quite a restful retreat. If only it included Niko (Chip Nicholas) and Rocky for my own personal enjoyment. These two uncut fuckers make the perfect “sculptural” decoration for an otherwise perfect private paradise.

At number four…

Bullet 9 from Ari Productions: Scene 2

Being the playful creature that I am I have always appreciated a pool slide. I feel like we don’t see too many of these anymore. Growing up I remember that if my friends had a pool, there was pretty much a slide guaranteed. The exhilarating sensation of bare bum on smooth wet fiberglass is like no other before you hit the chlorinated liquid below. This is a puddle you invite your friends to splash in. Imagine getting nekked with all your closest fuck buddies, drinks in hand, and you all take turns dipping into the pool and each other on a hot summer day. I’m so glad to see that Bruno and Josh Kincaid put this piece of super fun-man made pond accoutrement to good use. Time to pick up the ice, burgers, lube, and condoms! It’s party time.

Coming in at number three…

Waterbucks 2 from COLT Studio: All four scenes of this flick were filmed at the same location.

Josh Weston
and Carlo Masi

Perfectly manicured grounds, elegant topiaries, this whole Grecian vibe thing-this is one damn good lookin’ puddle. Right here is a prime example of sitting pretty. No, this is not the pool one has barbeques around with the neighbors and their spawn; no, this is the kind of pool where one gets their slut on. Imagine lying out by this basin of the gods, your oiled skin slowly frying into a coveted bronze under the direct sunlight. Melanoma be damned, you bought this Speedo specifically for how it makes your garbage look and the resulting tan line it will produce. Here is a puddle where frozen drinks are served by gorgeous young men in nothing but loin cloths who are at your every disposal. Hell, there’s even a replica of the Nike of Samothrace perched on a pedestal (Winged Victory for those who have no idea what I’m talking about.) Yes, this is it. This is the watery abyss you’ve been dreaming of. Slip in, enjoy.

Taking the silver at two…

Ram Jam from Catalina: Scene 9

Looks like we’ve got a pool/fountain situation going on again, but as I’ve said, if you can get into that puddle, it’s a pool. Just looking at this majestic piece of bourgeoisie lawn decoration reminds me that this must be the way Versailles appropriates trailer trash culture. Who puts this in their yard? The whole damn thing is so overdone I can’t help but love it. Just look at the sculpted fountains in their verdigris glory. Also the shade of those square tiles is really appealing to the eye as the water flows over the magnificent stepped creation. This obviously isn’t a puddle you just throw together, planning had to have been key; just look at those mature cypress trees framing this obnoxiously gorgeous grotto. Planning, people, planning. The only problem I see with this pool is that I’m not in Ray Harley’s position; what it must be like to get plowed by Blake Harper in such splendor… Hand me my church fan, it’s getting hot in here.

And at number one…

Fresh Off The Vine from Buckshot Productions: Scene 2

Picture it, Sicily, 1912. No, this is definitely not 1912, but it could be some Mediterranean countryside or most likely Sonoma County, California. This sleek and modern dipping bowl set in a sunny vineyard on rolling hills is precisely the spot you want to celebrate a Bacchanalian feast of your own carnal desires. Take a gander at this here puddle. It’s got it all: great design, beautiful execution, a spot to set down your wineglass! Well, you’re not on a vineyard for nothing. Thinking about sunning myself beside this cool drop of perfection can only be eclipsed by thoughts of luring one of those horse hung, dark-haired, copper-skinned grape harvesters into it like a siren. I really enjoy the color choice when it comes to the tiles, the cast concrete fountains, and cleverly disguised Jacuzzi. I wonder if Topher Dimaggio and Devon Hunter appreciate what they’re fucking in. I also want to know what’s in their glasses as I could go for a cold glass of pinot on ice about now.

So there you have it, my top list for Tuesday. I don’t know about you, but I am going to go slip into my little swim suit, grab a cold one, and head on over to my swimmin’ hole. Remember to follow me on Twitter and on Tumblr!
Catch ya later cum catchers,
-The Otter


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