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Pride In Porn Directing

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

June 28th, 2015, will mark the 46th  anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in New York City. The events that took place that summer in 1969 are considered the birth of the LGBT movement; June 28th is the date that exploded with riots and would later be transformed into a date of celebration. Pride isn’t just about a colorful parade, parties, and fun. It’s also a time to remember where we’ve been, where we are, and where we are going as we become increasingly accepted for who we are, and not just with whom we sleep.

So how does celebrate Pride? We celebrate it every day because we are proud of our history. Had it not been for the rioters at Stonewall or the LGBT activists who fought for our rights, everyone involved in the porn business wouldn’t be where they are today. We owe credit to those who laid the groundwork and to what has been accomplished since that time. Laws were on the books saying that distribution any type of sexual homosexual material could get you arrested and blacklisted before the beginning of the sexual revolution. When the community finally said “enough is enough,” all of our doors came bursting open.

As the movement continues and transforms, so does pornography. In my opinion, these five directors paved the way in how we watch porn. Artists in their own right, each of my picks brought/brings something new to the table. In alphabetical order, of course…

Al Parker

He is an icon, an ideal, and irreplaceable. Al Parker was the quintessential gay porn star who stole the hearts and loins of his fans with his handsome looks, sexual stamina, massive cock, and on screen presence. Discovered by COLT as an afterthought for something different,” Parker was not the typical COLT man; his body was muscled but not to the extreme-he was an every-man. Perhaps that is why Parker found huge success as he embodied the attainable. He was that guy you could meet on the street. The look stuck and soon after his debut, “clones” began emulating him in a big way that we still see today. As an artist, Parker wasn’t fulfilled by just being on the screen. Behind the lens he would direct and star in films from his own Surge Studios. Al Parker is the stuff of legend. His influence has spanned the decades and shall continue to do so far into the future.

Chi Chi LaRue

Her career is undoubtedly one of legendary proportions. If you’ve watched any gay porn in the last 25 years, you’ve probably (no, you have) seen the work of Chi Chi LaRue. Over 570 titles bear testament of this gay porn icon. With a career spanning this long, the lady’s impact has not gone unnoticed. A fierce advocate of safe sex practices on film, LaRue is well known for her Wrap. It. Up. campaign promoting condom use in the gay community in a time when the world was still reeling from the horrible effects of the AIDS and HIV epidemic. LaRue still stands her ground when it comes to safe sex practices and creates films that are both incredibly hot and responsible.

Jake Jaxson

Taking porn to a whole new level: Jake Jaxson has proven that smut is art, and art is smut. The COCKYBOYS director has been turning out gloriously elaborate films with incredible story lines, gorgeous locations, superb dramatic performances, and a keen eye for detail. Jaxson is, in every sense, a true artist. His productions tell stories paralleling the human experience in what can be all at once dark, lighthearted, and hopeful. Utilizing everything from the changing seasons, elaborate costuming, antiques, set design, and locations, Jaxson has elevated the genre to something far more than just performers having sex. Through his direction we can see the cinematic future of gay porn as something that doesn’t have to be hidden in the sock drawer, but something we can proudly display in our homes, like the beautiful coffee table books from COCKYBOYS that take us behind the scenes into a world of beauty.

Nica Noelle

She’s not your typical director, that’s for sure. Nica Noelle sets no boundaries for herself when it comes to her films. Straight, gay, lesbian, transgender-her tastes in telling stories through pornography are limitless. Continually blurring the lines between what is socially acceptable and what is taboo has catapulted Noelle into a realm of her own. Running several studios catering to different demographics has hardly cramped Noelle’s style, nor her ability to produce and direct beautifully shot films that are wildly successful. Time and time again, we see just how Nica Noelle is yet another groundbreaking individual in the world of gay porn.

Wakefield Poole

Pioneering the gay porn industry with only a handful of erotic films is something of a marvel. Wakefield Poole is one such director who shaped the way we watch our pornography. With his iconic film Boys in the Sand, Poole masterfully blends the erotic into a story line that had not been done before. The picture, filmed over a course of weeks on Fire Island, was a huge success. Promoted as a typical mainstream movie, Boys in the Sand proved that the world was ready for gay porn to emerge from its underground roots. Although Wakefield Poole’s later endeavors were not as critically acclaimed as Boys in the Sand, there is no doubt that his influence upon the industry is undisputed.

These are just five of the outstanding directors who have brought us the films we love. They continue to inspire us in an ever changing world that is both embraced and repulsed in our society. Through determination and a true love of the art, we must thank everyone who has had a hand in bringing our fantasies to life. From the ones who first took pictures in secrecy, to the ones who had enough of the oppression, the ones who were in the background editing and distributing, to the performers and fluffers as well, we owe a lot to an industry that has helped open the doors to sexual freedom. To each and every one of you, Happy Pride from

Now get on and get off.

Catch ya later cum catchers,

-The Otter

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Four Fabulous Jimmy Durano Scenes

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

June presents many opportunities to let our freak flags fly and put our pride on full display. This is not to say that you can’t live it up during the other eleven months of the year. Jimmy Durano is surely living it up and living the dream. I had the pleasure of spending some time with him at the booth at Philly Pride this past weekend and not only is he gorgeous, but also very comfortable in his own skin. I have chosen four scenes that show this to be true. Each one is offering a little something different. It is a collection of fabulous work that he should surely be more than be proud of. Enjoy!

Lucas Entertainment’s Pantyhos with Aaron Blake (Scene 3): In this scene, Jimmy asks for a bit of assistance from Aaron in getting into his full office regalia. He is dressed and heads out when Aaron decides to get into a full on regalia of his own. You guessed it: pantyhose. Jimmy returns to find his partner on the couch in the sexy, sheer undergarments. Jimmy calls into work to get off and then begins the steps in getting off. He tears the delicate fabric that comes between him and Aaron’s cock. Jimmy caresses Aaron’s legs before once again tearing into the stockings. He frees Aaron’s pale bottom and then eats it. Jimmy loses his clothing to reveal some black, mesh bikini briefs and dress socks. His beautifully uncut prick is then worked on: both orally and by Aaron’s feet. Aaron’s hole gets nailed from a few different positions before he rubs one out onto his abs. Jimmy follows suit when he jizzes onto the pantyhose of his lover and his morning routine begins again. This relationship just got a lot more exciting.

Hot House Video’s Control Room with Seven Dixon (Scene 2): Kink is on the menu in Control Room. The scene begins as Jimmy approaches Seven, who is masked and rocking some leather wrestling head gear. His arms are restrained behind him and his plump bubble points in Jimmy’s direction. Jimmy wears some metallic aviators, rubber vest, and rubber chaps. He is wielding a metal dildo that will soon be entering the captive creature. This is becoming a battle for most verbal before anything even begins. Seven is fucked by the dildo, rimmed, spit upon, and then receives Jimmy’s girthy penis. He gets exactly what he is begging for: all while not seeing a thing. Seven takes it doggy style for quite a while before he is flipped and nuts onto his hairy torso. Jimmy feeds Seven some of his own cum. Then Jimmy prepares to finish on the face of Seven when he utters, “Close your fucking mouth, man!” Jimmy blasts onto the mask of his partner and states, “Fucking pig!” He spits onto the cummy face of Seven and leaves.

TitanMen’s Incubus with Francois Sagat and Trenton Ducati (Scene 2): Francois Sagat awakens in the middle of the night and exits his home to find clothes strewn about and two men going at it by the pool. Those men are, of course, Jimmy and Trenton. Trenton blows Jimmy and then Jimmy returns the favor. The two make out while beating their meat. They both blow a load as Francois looks on. The scenes begins again in a dreamlike scenario. Jimmy gives Trenton a “rusty trombone” and then fucks Trenton’s muscle-butt against a tree. Francois continues to watch as he strokes his schlong. The two put on quite the show for the pleasure of the beefy onlooker. Both Trenton and Jimmy finish and inspire the nut that spews from beyond the foreskin of Mr. Sagat. He awakes from his dream, which has quickly turned into a nightmare. He once again goes outside and decides to take a dip. He exits the water only to be shoved back in and wrestled into submission. A mysterious man holds his throat as we once again bust a nut. In this instance, Jimmy shows that being the exhibitionist may be safer that being voyeuristic.

Club Inferno’s Hole Busters Volume 7 with Jordano Santoro (Scene 2): This scene opens to Jordano in a dirty, old, public bathroom with tape on his mouth. Someone has done Jimmy the favor of obligating Jordano to stay put while Jimmy has a bit of fun with his hungry orifice. Jimmy tears the tape from Jordano’s face and releases him from his shackles. Jimmy finds a conveniently located bucket of lube, dips a lengthy dildo into the bucket, and then inserts it repeatedly. Next Jimmy moves onto some very sizable anal beads. Jordano moans as the several beads of pulled from his perfectly round rear. Jimmy is fully enjoying watching the excessive lube ooze from the innards on Jordano. He pulls the strand one more time, but with his teeth. He has fully dominated that ass which is now fully spent and abandoned when Jimmy decides to jump ship. Jordano is left to deal with what is left of the job at hand. No one reaches orgasm in this scene-except you!

These four scenes go to show you that versatility can go far beyond the top and bottom bunk. There is no shame in trying and enjoying new things. Jimmy’s career has run the gamut of fetish play and he sells everything he does. He has no fear, owns however he chooses to get his hands dirty, and looks great doing it. You can meet the maker of these four scenes at SEXXXY MF,  on Sunday, June 28th 2015 as we celebrate New York City’s Gay Pride. Jimmy Durano will be there with husband Christian Owen, as well as many other stars. We hope to see you there! Now go on and get hard at!

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Five FTM Stars We Can’t Get Enough Of!

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

With buzz still lingering around Caitlyn Jenner’s triumphant cover of Vanity Fair, this year’s celebration of National LGBT Pride Month has already been one to remember. As we continue to wave our rainbow flags with no apologies, this week’s top list keeps things going with a countdown that features some of the sexiest transmen to have ever graced the world of gay porn. With each bringing something unique to the table, these barrier-breaking guys embody what pride is all about—the freedom to let go and own every single aspect of who you are! And along with this comes some serious jizz-bursting action that makes it all even sweeter. Indulge in this homage to some of a group of FTM stars that you need to know!

 Buck Angel

Now, how could we possibly start off the list with anyone but Buck Angel? If it were not for some of the monumental accomplishments that the iconic performer has achieved, this list may not even be possible. While FTM models have long existed in porn, Buck is credited for being the first to penetrate the mainstream with achievements that include: being the first transman to be cast in an all-male production by a gay porn company (2005’s Cirque Noir by TitanMen); in 2007, he became the first FTM star to receive the AVN Award for “Transsexual of the Year”; five years later, he earned a Feminist Porn Award for his critically-acclaimed series, Sexing the Transman XXX. And while these moments certainly do not encapsulate all of his victories in adult entertainment, Buck also soared outside of the industry, as an activist, educator, and businessman.

But in addition of the incredible legacy that Buck has created, it’s not the only reason that he headlines our list. With just one glance of Buck Angel, there is no denying that he is insanely hot—the thick mustache, the deliciously ripped physique, the killer tattoos. To put it simply, he and the camera are a match made in heaven. And for that reason, it’s not exactly difficult to wonder why Buck has been rocking worlds for more than a decade. But through his work that has brought millions pleasure and enjoyment, his influence has been much grander. Defeating stereotypes, exposing many to an under-recognized part of the LGBT community and opening major doors for trans stars that would come after him, the mark that Buck Angel has left is simply unforgettable.

Screenshots from (top to bottom): Cirque Noir, Buck Angel’s Ultimate Fucking Club 2 – Tattooed and Screwed, Buckback Mountain, Even More Bang for Your Buck

 James Darling

In recent years, James Darling has risen to the high ranks of popularity in the realm of gay porn. Like Buck, James has used his success as a launching pad for bigger ventures. He has branched out to directing and launched, the first-ever paid subscription website that specializes in FTM porn. Though the brand that he has built is definitely worth praise, his work as a XXX model is one of the main reasons that he has found himself on our list. Almost everything about James grabs your attention—not only is he handsome and charming, but he is always a pleasure to watch when he’s in action. Never afraid to take a good pounding, James surely knows how to take a nice serving of rock-hard cock, making any scene that he is featured in one that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Screenshots from (top to bottom): Rough Trade, Gender Benders 2, Heavenly Spire Volume 1, Gender Benders, Buck Angel’s Sexing the Transman XXX

Van Diesel

In the first volume of his Man with a Pussy series, Van Diesel starts things off with a very personal introduction that sets the tone for the entire film. He explains about his rough East Coast upbringing (accentuated by a hard accent if you pay close enough attention) and opens up about his struggles with discovering his true gender identity. “I’m a bad boy and this is my story,” he proclaims, rising from his seat. From there, he takes off his shirt to proudly reveal his inked up body. “This is the body I was born with, this is the body I’m making my movies with. I’m going to show what a true FTM can do on film,” he finishes and prepares us for the ride. And trust me, that’s just what a Van Diesel scene is. This spoken portion of the film embodies the boldly confident, tough guy persona that bounces off of Van Diesel at every moment. His aggressive and powerful dominance with his co-stars is what makes him an automatic standout.

 Screenshots from Man with a Pussy Volume 1 and 2

Cyd St. Vincent

One of the most enjoyable aspects of a Cyd St. Vincent scene is that when he is on screen, it’s almost as if the cameras aren’t even there—his enjoyment of the moment seems absolutely sincere. And it’s that type of energy that makes the intensity of the fuck truly come alive for the viewer. As if that wasn’t enough, his piercings and tats give him a distinctive sex appeal that makes him even more of a noteworthy star. And not only is he easy on the eyes, his mind is just as engaging, exemplified through his work as a writer and HIV counselor. Clearly, when it comes to Cyd St. Vincent, there’s much to appreciate.

 Screenshots from (top to bottom): Gender Benders 2, Heavenly Spire Volume 1, Crash Pad Series Episode 51: Cyd and James Darling

Dex Hardlove

With his jet black hair and badass swag, it’s no question why Dex Hardlove drives the boys crazy. If you like things on the rougher side, Dex is exactly what you’re looking for…it isn’t rare to find him indulging in some hardcore anal play and pounding as a power-top in his movies. This sexy mofo always knows how to please and perform….when Dex Hardlove in the picture, there is simply never a dull moment. And much like the other actors on the list, Dex is quite the Renaissance man, working as a nurse, health educator, and advocate to queer youth. Respect!

Screenshots from Couch Surfers 2 – Trans Men In Action and Cubbyholes

And there you have it, guys! I’m sure you all are more than hot and bothered by now…enjoy! Continue to celebrate LGBT Pride with us by following us on Twitter for our latest updates!

– Simba

Happy Pride Month…from All Around the World!

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

It’s National LGBT Pride Month! What better way to kick off the celebration than with some explosive rounds of man-on-man action?! For this week’s Top List Tuesday, we are bringing you FIVE smoldering films that take all of the cum-bursting activity to the streets of Pride celebrations around the world! That’s right, these movies are transporting you right into the thick of all the festivities with a series of scenes full of real sex! In no particular order, prepare for your rainbow flag to fly freer than ever before!

Pride of Atlanta (2004)

We’ll start things off right at home in the States for a Pride celebration in the dirty south. Before we get to any of the XXX splendor, the cameraman takes us around with this group of young and sexy guys as they make their way around ATL for various events. This facet creates a personal feel that invites the viewer into the cast’s world. Once they hit the hotel room, all of the laughing and joking come to an end because these guys are ready to get down to business. Breaking out in a scorching orgy that spans over two scenes, Pride of Atlanta not only offers hardcore action, but also a bountiful selection of monster cock and bouncy bubble butt that takes it all to the next level. Without a doubt, this one gives you much to be proud of.

Rio Gay Pride (2009)

Have you ever wondered what gay pride looks like in Brazil? We let this Alexander Pictures Production show you what it’s all about. Ten gorgeous South American hornballs take a break from the parades and massive parties to show some appreciation for their fellow man—literally. And you better believe that it’s a front row seat you don’t want miss. From slender twinks to beefy muscle studs, Rio Gay Pride assembles a diverse cast for this mouthwatering fuckfest that does not disappoint. Not only is the sex guaranteed to hold your attention, but the eye candy that this feature is overflowing with is almost too delicious for words. Thank me later.

Mandy Goodhandy’s Porn Pride Series (2008 and 2009)

So, when it comes to Mandy Goodhandy’s Porn Pride series, I couldn’t just choose one film—they are so hot, that I had to include both! Live from a huge nightclub during Toronto Pride, both films chronicle the lovely shenanigans that occur during the Mandy Goodhandy show: nude wrestling, live sex shows, and sexy Canadian dudes shooting massive loads all over the place! As if that wasn’t enough to pull you in, the 2009 edition features the irresistible Pierre Fitch doing his thaanng solo and with fellow models. Seriously, need I say more? Mandy Goodhandy represents for Canadian gay Pride in a BIG way with both collections.

Detroit Fuck City #1 (2002)

Out of all of the movies on the list, none get as real as Detroit Fuck City #1. Taking place during Detroit Pride, this amateur film explores the interesting sexual adventures of a 25-year-old straight guy who documents his desire to be a “bukkake boy.” While he declares that his physical interactions with men are for fun and entertainment, once the guys arrive to the hotel room, he definitely doesn’t hold back with being their fucktoy. As the movie progresses, this ripped hunk takes cock after cock in his mouth and hole in a hardcore orgy that you won’t be able to turn away from. With its home movie-esque, low budget direction, you almost feel as if you are in the hotel room as everything goes down, emphasizing how realistic it feels for the viewer. Because down and dirty fun is always bound to happen at Pride celebrations, Detroit Fuck City #1 is an honest account of what could happen during one of these weekends…and it’s a pleasure to indulge in.

Bons A Tirer (2005)

To close off our list, we’re taking you to Europe where these guys are expressing their pride in the form of steamy threesomes, raw gangbangs, and even some hole-stretching at the bar. With the rainbow flag on full display throughout the movie, Bons A Tirer is an unapologetic affirmation of gay pride with constant jizz-heavy pounding that makes no room for dull moments. And if you like your men on the mature side, this flick is even more of a plus, with a group of guys that certainly put alllll of their experience to work. These handsome fuckers hold back nothing in these action-packed rounds of hole-hammering and demonstrate what being free in who you are is all about.

 And on that note, I’ll stop here and let the celebrations begin!  As always, follow us on Twitter for all our latest site updates. Happy Pride everyone!

  –  Simba


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