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Take A Break From Work…

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

If you’ve got five minutes to spare to work out a load, have a penchant for some amazing vintage porn? Love some big dicked muscle men? Then I have a treasure for you! I practically missed this little gem as I made my rounds through the archives I found this hiding in a dusty corner. “Hump & Pump” is one of those gritty, close, low production (if any production) kind of films that could have been filmed any time between the 50’s and 70’s, but that’s not my point; my point is it’s HOT.

Classic hot, this is the kind of film that defines what adult entertainment was before the major studios developed and the sexual revolution went full swing. It’s a choppy over exposed (no pun intended) flesh flick full of hardcore action, and an epic cumshot that is NOT the result of imitation spunk pumped onto the model.

Sure, we all know I’m a sucker for retro-raunch, and although I myself may be biased, that is no reason not to log in and watch this movie. Take into consideration what probably went into the making of this feature from HotOldmovies. “Hump & Pump” was probably a labor of love, a loop created possibly during the era when producing gay porn was still illegal. The director had to load his handy 8mm, shoot whatever he thought was relevant (that is if he had enough Kodak in stock), develop what could have been a complete waste of film and then cut it into a glorious five minutes of celluloid magic. This was a time well before the advent of video tape, let alone digital, and it could have quite possibly been a real risk to anyone who was involved, both personally and professionally.

With that out of the way let me tell you about “Hump & Pump”. First off, the guys are stunning. Wherever these muscle bound, tan lined, horse hung brutes came from I cannot answer, but I can say I am thankful they agreed to be filmed. Both men appear to have had some experience sucking and fucking men before because they go down on each other with the kind of passion lacking in so many films. After some nice body worship and cock sucking our onscreen pair take it to the next level. The tall dark Adonis who I assumed would top turns out to be (surprise!) a big ole bottom. All’s well however, because this top has got an impressive piece of meat that he easily slips into the beefy bottom. It’s not a long scene, but we do get some great shots of the couple balls deep in each other.

Now for the crescendo! I have seen A LOT of porn. I have seen A LOT of cum. I have been impressed by only a FEW cum shots. “Hump & Pump” was a pleasant surprise when I saw what the results of such a simple film. The duo is in a standing doggy position when our dark haired top pulls out of his partner’s ass unleashing a thick load of ribbon after ribbon of man milk. He just kept going, spewing more and more salty fluid all over the muscular bottom’s meaty ass; even cleaning it up with his tongue!

That’ll put a smile on your face, wouldn’t you say?

So there you go. Now hit the head and rub one out!

Do You Have A Thing For Jheri Curled Mullet’s?

Friday, December 19th, 2014

I have a new/old crush, and his name is Paul Rapallo.

Or maybe I just want someone to tie up…

Do you have a thing for mullets? Fan of business in the front and a party in the back? Like a healthy growth of locks to warm your neck, but find a closer crop on top more sensible? Sometimes I do, maybe it’s the fact that I always thought all of the vampires in “The Lost Boys” were extremely hot, and when I saw this one I had to hold my breath in awe. Paul Rapallo has a gorgeous mullet; tightly Jheri curled locks with a high fade on the sides complete with frosted highlights, gasp. Now THAT is magic. In “Classics Vol. 24 – Part 1 Probation” from 1987 Paul Rapallo is the epitome of eighties surfer boy chic. With his muscled physique (I dare say I’m on the cusp of saying he looks skinny from certain angles) glowing California tan complete with a racy bikini line etched below his cum gutters, Paul looks the part of air head and willing sex slave. I am so glad I found this on

Tom “Ropes” McGurk pulls out all the stops for this naughty house boy. In five scenes the director pushes the envelope of slave exhibition through film, and when you’re renovating a house why wouldn’t you want your own personal handy man without the expense of a salary?

In scene one of “Classics Vol. 24 – Part 1 Probation” we find Paul stark naked in an empty room painting a lovely set of pocket doors, his nervous excitement radiates from his fit youthful body as he brushes some paint rather trepidatiously onto the doors. Not so fast boy, we’ve got other plans for you! His master shackles (these ones look nice, I wish I had them in my collection) the young man’s wrists to his ankles. Humiliated on the dusty floor, Paul shows no resistance to his owner’s verbal tongue lashings, his face contorted as his naked body is teased by his master.

Probably the hottest scene of the film is up next. Bound hand and foot to a wooden bed frame, his balls swollen, wrapped tightly, stretched away from his taint with a hemp rope, Paul is really shown at his best in this scene. Here we see every muscle of the young man on display, tensing, relaxing, and rippling as his tormentor takes his cock on a hand job from hell, edging the orgasm out of his slave. For thirteen minutes and thirty three seconds we have a perfect picture of how to reward your slave, although it should have been the last scene.

Now that was a scene…

Now that winter has tightened its frigid grip here in the north east, it’s nice to relax by an open fire. Seeing as how Paul has been working on the renovations of what appears to be quite a nice home, I really hope something gets done about the mantle in this room. Yes readers, you know me, a good interior is superior to a good shag. Just kidding. The following sequence is rather charming. Paul enters the room to tend the fire while his master lounges on the bed. Dressed only in a leather thong the obedient kept boy stokes the fire, massages his masters feet, spit polishes his masters boots, and is treated like a loyal puppy after a hard day’s work. He even snuggles up to his master affectionately.

Back to work! The interesting thing about this type of fetish film is that there are no orgasms, cum shots, or explicit sexual acts. Viewers get off on the act of dominating a man, and Paul Rapallo is the perfect guy for the job. Out in the garden Paul dons a pair of grey sweat pants (they’re quite fashionable actually I could totally see a hot dude rocking those on the street today… especially if he isn’t wearing any underwear… VPL… sigh…) shoveling away, I have no idea why he is digging nor do I care. The bright sun shines and caresses Paul’s golden skin while casting tantalizing shadows accentuating his exquisite form rippling with muscle. I could really use some help in my garden this spring. Is Paul available?

In the last scene we enter the dank dark basement, or garage? Whatever. Here Paul has been placed in irons again, around his ankles, because Cinderfella is hardly done her chores. Broom in hand he does a little sweeping before his master enters the picture to bind his wrists and strip him of his adorable sweat pants. After all he is a slave and his owner will do as he pleases. Mounting the Harley the pair ride off into the sunset, master in his tank top and jeans, slave in his leather thong.

This was not a typical post for me readers, I usually write about a lot more physical action, but to each his own, for fans of the master/slave genre I hope you take a look at this classic throwback. Paul Rapallo was a gorgeous hunk of a man who stars in over thirty three scenes on, and this is only a taste of what this stud was capable of. “Classics Vol. 24 – Part 1 Probation” shows off Paul’s perfectly sculpted physique as well as his affection for being used. I highly suggest watching this little gem of a film and it’s follow up “Classics Vol. 24 – Part 2 House Broken” also available on

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Catch ya later cum catchers!

-The Otter

And He Does Windows Too… With His Dick? You Don’t Say…

Friday, November 14th, 2014

Probably the hottest scene in “Jack & Roger” involves the duo in a fantasy cum to life sequence that will leave you breathless. Jack Wrangler and Roger are two quintessential power houses of the golden age of gay adult films. Jack is well muscled stud with a shock of sun-kissed, dirty blonde, surfer shag atop his handsome face. His memorable dick and passionate nature shines through the flickering films he starred in, remaining relevant and just as orgasm inducing as the day they were shot. Roger is one of the few stars to have a single name that continues to resound with fans. His classic physique rippled with muscle, testosterone fueled sex drive, massive schlong and perfectly groomed stache cemented his role as one of the “Clones” of the period. Hyper masculinity was treasured in these films, and you will soon learn how it was translated from life to film in “Jack & Roger”.

*Jack Wrangler.


So what makes this scene so memorable? How does it continue to titillate and tease our loins until they beg for relief?

Let me begin.

Roger is a flannel shirt, tight Levi’s wearing, hardhat carrying, mustachioed M-A-N strutting confidently home from a long day on the job and ready for some quality, well deserved, relaxation only he himself can provide. I imagine it must have been so much more thrilling sexually in the days before the internet; the camera scans the mail on the table inside Roger’s apartment revealing a package waiting to be opened.

This is where I must say that times must’ve been slightly more exciting sexually. The anticipation of, and uncertain time of delivery for smut has now become instantaneous and we have left behind a certain element of surprise when it comes to it. Nowadays all one needs do is switch on their laptop or mobile device and anything and everything you could possibly want is right there at your fingertips. Not for Roger, in 1980 he waited and anticipated a fantasy to jerk off to.

We see our protagonist insert a cartridge into his stylish eight track player, and press the button to release the audio he’s been longing for. A masculine voice fills the apartment as Roger disrobes, easing himself into a comfy chair. Here, as the rust coated ribbon slips through the mechanism, Roger begins to fondle his massive member, teasing it, willing it to become engorged and solid with his fingers. The narrator of the track begins his soliloquy describing his life as a horny window washer who dares step beyond the glass, led only by his insatiable libido.

Roger slips out of his denim, grabs his poppers from the side table and takes a deep hit before slipping back into his masturbatory bliss.

Suddenly fantasy becomes reality as a silhouette casts its shadow across Roger’s widow. The mystery washer soaps up the window momentarily startling Roger from himself. Suddenly it’s not a rag on the glass spreading the soapy soads, it’s a long, thick, anonymous penis.

I think we all know what is going to happen next. Jack Wrangler has no trouble wrangling out of his harness and slipping through the unlocked window where he finds Roger, cock in hand, jerking himself off.

Immediately Jack unzips his filthy jumpsuit revealing his perfectly toned body and incredible cock for Roger. This is going to be a no nonsense encounter between two able bodied working class men who’ve got nothing but sex on the brain. Roger bends Jack over his easy chair without even bothering to get the rest of his conquests coveralls off. This is just beautiful, watching Roger attack Jacks beefy bottom with his teeth is raw and super fucking hot, but this guy doesn’t waste any time on prepping that hole, he wants satisfaction, and he’s going to get it!

Just looking at Rogers gorgeous cock is enough to make this Otter’s mouth and hole twitch with anticipation as he rams that meaty tool of his into Jack’s ass. They might not fuck for very long, but god damn is it hot; all rippled muscle, sweat, and raw, carnal sodomy. Jack doesn’t need much to get off, especially with Rogers thick dick up his chute, and is soon spewing an epic eruption of white lava while Roger grinds him harder from behind. Moments later Roger unleashes a load onto Jacks back and ass, rubbing it into his skin with his free hand.

This scene from “Jak c& Roger” is guaranteed to leave your balls drained, breathless, sweaty, and ready for more as the picture fades from your screen. As per usual my advice is to get out there and purchase a digital projector so you can hookup’s collection of Classic titles and watch them on a wall or roll down screen. Invite a few buddies over for some mutual masturbation old school style… And if it turns into an orgy, well that’d be just great!

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Check ya later cum catchers!

-The Otter

Some Oversize Loads Never Go Out Of Style

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

Surge Studios produced some of the most popular titles from the early 1980’s. Owner/director Al Parker was a superstar in his own right, as well as a creative genius when it came to scenarios involving hyper masculine men dripping with raw sexuality. Together with his partner Steve Taylor, Parker explored the raunchy, dirty, and raw anonymous sex of the time in a way that the one and only “gay superstar” could. To help me drive my point home (hard and deep) I’ve chosen to review the final scene of “Oversize Load” brought to you by Bijou Classics. Starring Scott O’Hara, Jeff Turk, and Franco Gonnella this exquisitely captured act of male on male fucking will continue to delight audiences for years to come, even 32 years after the act was filmed.

*Steve Taylor & Al Parker.

*Al Parker… Perfection.

In 1981 Al Parker and Steve Taylor set out to create one of Surge Studios masterpieces, a story of a long weekend on the road and the thrilling encounters along the way.

*For die hard Parker fans such as myself, a lesser known star makes a guest appearance throughout the film. Who, you might ask? Why he would be Al’s dog! (Bonus points for you if you can me tell his name in the comments!” Then we’ll see what type of fan you are!)

In the final scene Parker delivers Scott O’Hara to a “Truckers Only” shower room, befittingly staged at Mac’s Bath in Los Angeles. Here in the dimly lit locker room Scott removes his “clone” costume; flannel, boots, bulge and ass accentuating Levi’s…

*Scott O’Hara, huge dick… big bottom. 

While our protagonist is disrobing, Franco Gonnella is already on his knees feasting upon Jeff Turk’s glorious cock and delicious ass. One unfortunate aspect of this scene is Franco not getting enough face time; he’s gorgeous and aggressive, but his face is always buried in ass or somewhat hidden. Scott wanders in as this is happening (within minutes we will observe the top three fascinations of Al Parker) the road weary traveler plays with his own engorged tool by the sink while watching the pair in the mirror, even taking his own dick to his lips showing off his autofellatio skills cut between shots of Franco’s slicked up uncircumcised dick… (Catch that? A. B. & C./1. 2. & 3. Voyeurism. Autofellatio. & Foreskin.)



*Scott was quite adept at sucking his own cock.

If only I could have gotten a gif of Scott O’Hara thrusting his swollen meat against the cool white porcelain of the sink, essentially fucking it.

Franco is still gorging himself on Jeff’s flesh with his mouth, tongue, and throat whilst rimming his pucker, prepping it for his hooded hole wrecker. Sufficiently lubed with spit Jeff braces himself against the shower as Franco fills up his meaty ass with his raw man drill. Moments later Scott decides to drop his balls and get in on the action; Franco and Jeff are in the throws of their own fucking and really don’t mind having Scott taking a closer look.

*Jeff Turk is probably at his handsomest in this film.

Franco plows Jeff hard and to his furthest limits, and you can tell he is loving every minute of this pounding from his rigid hard-on! Sure enough he’s ready to explode and Parker doesn’t miss a drop in this slow motion segment. The beauty of the cum shots in this scene are A. the timing (both Franco and Scott erupt on Jeff’s back simultaneously) and B. Al Parkers camera work. Just look at these stills, believe me, you really need to see them to believe them.


*Love a rock hard bottom.

*Jeff’s cum-shot.

*Franco cumming a split second before Scott.

*Look at all that gloriously sticky cum.


MAC’S BATH today… I wonder if it’s a dentist or plastic surgery office?

 *The interior as of 2009… Sad… Photo credit: Danny Jauregui


Films this hot come around rarely, but when they do, they’re destined to become a classic! I highly recommend “Oversize Load” it’s available right here on along with plenty of other classic titles that deserve your dick’s attention. Now that Fall is here, and you’ll be wanting to spend those ever darkening nights at home, why don’t you set up a digital projector and make an evening of “old fashioned” entertainment with a buddy or two? Wouldn’t that be fun to play with a friend under the flickering screen of a classic? Sounds good to me!

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-The Otter




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