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Vintage Throwback – Bruised Angel

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

I can’t get over the hair in this title! Ha soo great, and the fuckin ain’t bad either!

When this afroed Hippie’s bike breaks down, he’s in for an unforgettable afternoon! A sexy motorist gives him a ride in more ways than one! One thing leads to another and this hippy is getting his meaty dick sucked by the cross-dressing motorist! The hapless hippy is then dog-collared and pounded doggy-style in that virgin butthole.

Vintage Throwback - Bruised Angel

Vintage Throwback – Bullet 8

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Black Steel – It’s big bad, Tom – The Black Stallion and he’s all turned on and more than equipped to turn you on with him, but only if you’re man enough! There’s Company – Take a large dose of Rod Mitchell, and a dollop of Josh Kincaid, a sizeable helping of George Broadway stir well and you have a feast fit for a king! The Genii – Jeff Cameron makes a wish for someone to share his solitude and so Glen Dime materializes out of nowhere! Would could ask for anything more? Laid Back – An exercise in intimacy as Bruno and Jeremy Brent portray two beautiful men in the flush of a new love affair!

Vintage Throwback - Bullet 8

Vintage Throwback – The Berlin Connection

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Director Roger Earl takes you beneath the surface and deep into the back rooms of Berlin’s great leather bars. These hot German men are really into leather and the S&M scene. From whipping and flogging to humiliation and CBT, The Berlin Connection is a riveting film for those who are looking for some great man on man domination. Three masters and three subs take you into a new world, one that only exists beneath the surface!

Vintage Throwback - The Berlin Connection

Vintage Throwback – Voice Male

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Lee Bowman stars in this classic fantasy flick from Catalina. Released in 1992, but set in the near future of 1999, Lee’s character can’t help going back to his vidaphone over and over to watch porn! He watches all his fantasies play out on the screen, and then in then end his fantasy comes to life in his very own home!

Vintage Throwback - Voice Male


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