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Vintage Throwback – Dirty Secrets

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Ted is a special guy; one that many of you would give anything to be like. You see, Ted has a very active imagination and he his favorite thing to fantasize about is his various erotic fantasies. And whatever Ted imagines actually happens! Ted dreams about sex with a beautiful blonde boy, brothers, circus acrobats, leather men; being in Shakespearean times, playing sexy cowboys and Indians, or having an orgy with logs of men! Ted does it all!

Vintage Throwback - A Dream Of Body

Vintage Throwback – The Best of Roger

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Any fan of classic gay adult entertainers is familiar with Roger. He was an incredibly handsome man with a muscular body and a mouth-watering sumptuous cock that the camera and his co-stars loved! Roger appeared in many Bullet Pacs, a few Falcon films and two Hand in Hand productions (Sex Magic and Hot House). Not only his looks but his sexual abilities propelled him on his way to become a gay icon whose star still shines just as bright. And now here he is in a collection of some of his hottest and most memorable scenes.

Vintage Throwback - The Best Of Roger

Vintage Throwback – Tubtricks

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Once again Nova Productions leaves nothing to the imagination in this collection of three all-action vignettes. These shorts are oldies but goodies, too, and the youthful, horny cast makes up for occasional production flaws.

In the title segment Tub Tricks, superstar Lee Marlin takes his first trip to a bathhouse and ends up in a no-holds-barred orgy by the sauna. The orgy includes boyish, smooth types and super-hung Frank Evans, daisy-chains, cum-eating and butt-plugging galore. Backpackin’ puts a couple of blonds outdoors on the rocks and next to a small waterfall for cock-sucking, lots of 69ing and butt-filled joy. Scenery and natural lighting adds to the beauty of their man-love too! The last segment, A Very Hot Day, is a four-way at home that unites all four men in tandem fucking and daisy-chain boner chewing, before loads explode into mouths.

Vintage Throwback - Tubtricks

Vintage Throwback –

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

There are few stars who can hold a candle to Bruno. From the seventies into the eighties Bruno dominated the screen with his powerful, muscular physique, covered in a dense forest of hair. His dark Cuban looks combined that sexy mustache and thick, meaty, uncut cock the handsome devil made (and still makes) men around the globe swoon! Here in this collection of “The Best Of Bruno Volume 1” we have the opportunity to see the man himself in action. From a hot solo to several poolside romps and a fuck in a truck, Bruno’s sexual prowess was hard to match… and here we see why!

Vintage Throwback - vintagethrowback_bruno.jpg


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