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Vintage Throwback – Dangerous

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Jim Rogers cannot understand why his handsome bearded lover (Mike Braun) is attracted to such “dangerous” tea room sex — until he samples it for himself. While most of the action is oral, there is also a scene in which Chris Burns plugs his hole with a couple of huge dildos while dirty talking on the phone. What some call the ultimate glory hole movie!!

Vintage Throwback - Dangerous

Vintage Throwback – A Matter Of Size

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

On the beach, friends Bill Henson and Eric Stryker relax and tell each other about their most current wet dreams. Bill starts, recounting a fantasy where he and manly Joe Purcelli are outside throwing a football. Henson peels off his shirt, and Joe notices that the lad has been working out. They play more, start to wrestle … then Joe’s hand caresses Bill’s stomach and crotch. Bill, however, doesn’t seem to mind. They go inside and slowly strip each other. Taking his time, Purcelli romantically works Bill’s dick to his mouth, devoting full attention to the leaky member. Before long, the two are in a hungry 69, Bill on top grinding into Joe’s tonsils while he himself has his jaws stretched open. Joe places Bill on the sofa and laps at his juicy rear, then Joe gets his real prize — stringing Bill over the sofa, he pokes his smooth round buns. Bill, he of the soft-spoken and low-key nature, is a top man’s dream. As Henson feels Joe’s dick sliding in and out of him, he emits masculine groans, bringing his partner to quick climax.

Vintage Throwback - A Matter Of Size

Vintage Throwback – Vintage Muscle Jocks

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

You’re going to love this digitally enhanced vintage footage! This is pre-condom, hardcore action! You’ll see bareback threesomes in the gym, guys showing off their toned abs in short scenes, and even some footage of two toned hunks exercising in the yard! It’s all bareback, all vintage and all waiting just for you!

Vintage Throwback - Vintage Muscle Jocks

Vintage Throwback – Left-Handed

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Strong, masculine, big dicked men are swept up in unbridled passion, lust excitement and intense sexual debauchery in New York City. Jack Deveau’s first feature “Left-Handed” will please anyone whose exotic tastes in a breathtakingly tender male love story from 1972. The story is poignant, artful, touching and sexual outstanding. From sleazy restroom blowjobs to intimate bedroom scenes ending in an exquisite orgy this film captures what sex was about in the era of free love. This smash sexual hit is timeless in its ability to arouse and please anyone who is a fan of the classic genre that still resonates today.

Vintage Throwback - Left Handed


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