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Vintage Throwback – Slumming

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Here is a classic flick you don’t want to miss! If you’re in the market for young beautiful men on the hunt for new meat, then this will take you on a bizarre tour of suntanned hunks out cruising to meet new flames to satisfy their desires and passions. Satisfy yourself as they satisfy themselves!

Vintage Throwback - Slumming

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Vintage Throwback – Lava Flow

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Watch these big hunky studs jerk off in paradise! These hot men are getting oiled up and soaking up the warm sun as they stroke their big hard cocks, now that’s the ultimate fun in the sun! Cum and get greased up and cooled down in the pool with sexy nymphs who are jerkin’ off and pluggin’ their tight asses with dildos.

Vintage Throwback - Lava Flow

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Vintage Throwback – Muscle Bound

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

What could be more masculine than a gym, more specifically – a weight room filled with men straining their rippling muscles by lifting weights and dripping with sweat. Cut bodies, chiseled faces, and roving eyes. Because the only way to cleanse that sweat is in the shower. A shower when other muscles and organs swell to massive proportions. Throbbing shafts of pleasure waiting to be stroked, sucked and thrust into the private and sexually sensitive caverns known to man! It’s great to be muscle bound.

Any gay man who wasn’t around for the bathhouse days of 70’s shouldn’t miss viewing this hot, raunchy flick. The French Connection presents a re-mastered version of Arch Brown’s vein swelling, pre-condom era classic! It’s a journey back to the sleaziness of a Times Square bathhouse and the raw, raunchy sex that used to be the norm–wild bathroom sex, steam room sex, gym sex, glory holes, orgies, toilets, ass eating, extreme ass stretch fucking, S/M, bondage and leather fun too! It’s definitely worth the look back in time!

Vintage Throwback - Muscle Bound

Vintage Throwback – Bullet Videopac 1

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Get ready for a good ol’ fashioned sausage fest flick as only Bijou Classics can do it that will make you take matters in your own hands and stroke until you spew a hot load over and over again!

This vintage gay porn film begins with “Take Ten,” with Nick reminiscing over some old kinky photos where they were taken. He soon strokes his own beefy schlong and shows us just how much he likes to play with his low hung balls!

Next, in “When Strangers Meet,” Jeremy Brent and Rod Mitchell go at it 69-style (on a cot) and fuck each other in turn on an open patio. Jeremy pulls his cock out of Rod’s doggie-style ass to end the scene and jacks off a good-sized load that streams and shoots all the way up to Ron’s head.

In “On the Beach,” Barry thinks he’s alone and starts to play with himself, but Tom Fox sees him. Taking off his leather chaps, cowboy hat and vest, he fondles Barry’s cock, and then he goes down on him. Tom eats out the hunk’s asshole while he pulls his pud. Barry then fucks Tom, using spit for lube.

“Houseboat” finds Rod Mitchell cruising down the river. He meets Kyle Hazard in his canoe, and soon Rod has his dick down his throat all the way to the balls while they’re 69ing. Eventually Kyle shoves his big cock up Rod’s hole, and then jacks off a good-sized load, which Rod licks up.

Vintage Throwback - Bullet Videopac 1


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