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Vintage Throwback – Bullet Videopac 6

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Bullet Videopac 6 features four incredibly hot classic gay sex scenes available to you today. Watch “Leatherman” – There’s only one Branch Lester and in this hot film you get to know all of him – immediately! “Bruno Will” – And he will, too, especially when Will Segers is in the vicinity. The two champs get it on and it’s a draw! “The Boys In The Back Room” – Jeff Cameron gets ganged up on by Eric Ryan and Joey Da Silva! “Dunes” – Mike Spanner and Nick cross paths… and bodies, and when it’s all over Big Mike finds himself with a handful of wet dreams! Not to be missed are three extra scenes on Bullet Videopac 6 and these are for the real classic gay film enthusiasts. Theatrical Trailers for Time Square Strip, Fire Island Fever, Any Boy Can, Get That Sailor and the Experiment can be found in scene six. The Fantastic Hero’s, The Roundabouts, Zoomerang and Just Blondes are featured in scene seven. To finish the film, The Intimate Rebels, Old Reliable 51, Rangers, Hotrods and Tough Guys trailers can be viewed. These classics are something to look out for because they are HOT!

Vintage Throwback - Bullet Videopac 6

Vintage Throwback – Hollywood Knights

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Troy Halston is new in town. And when the town is Hollywood and the nights are long and hard, the willing bottom often finds himself on top. Troy is out on the prowl, cruising the streets of Hollywood for a good hard dick. Luckily, he finds just what he is looking for. Let the Hollywood shuffle begin.

Vintage Throwback - Hollywood Knights

Vintage Throwback – Cruisin’ – Men On The Make

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

A super hot marathon of CRUISIN’ action as only Falcon Studios can deliver. These hot guys are lean, muscular and on the make for some hot fuckin’ action! They are looking for hot and heavy sex and they find it! Watch as they suck, throat fuck and make their way up the hershey highway with creamy results!

Cruisin' - Men On The Make

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Vintage Throwback – Humungous 1

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Taurus come into the first scene dressed in his cop uniform showing off his huge 13 inch cock and 10 inches thick. The assailant gets frisked and the big cock gets blown by the assailant. Then it becomes a threesome with a white guy. Taurus anal fucks the white dude. Then it’s a circle jerk until they all shoot all over themselves. Next and interracial grease affair. Then the white man gets it from the enormous cock right in his ass. Then watch Taurus suck his own cock as he spreads his ass cheeks. Then there’s a threesome, two black men and a white man, double blowjob for the Caucasian. Then interracial office sex. Then Taurus jerks off in the last scene.

Vintage Throwback - Humungous


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