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He’s Got A Lot Of Aliases, But This BIG Dicked Top Can Call Himself Whatever He Wants!

So The Otter has a new co-worker sharing his cubicle. I remember my first few months getting to know the stars on my screen whilst editing away the day; for instance my fellow scruff covered mate has discovered Tommy Stelli, aka Oliver Strelly, aka Olivier Gourrin. I knew exactly who he was talking about. How could I not? Just seeing Tommy’s massive uncut schlong sends shivers down my spine, and in ALL the right ways! Don’t get me wrong, if I met anyone with a cock like that I’d definitely put it in my mouth, but it ain’t going inside of my ass. I do love watching Tommy destroy some twink holes though because he does it so well. The faces on those poor boys are exquisite agony. Sometimes I don’t know how he gets it all in? As for the fucking, it’s pretty GD incredible. Tommy/Oliver/Olivier pounds away at his toys (I say toys because he just uses these guys holes) with a passion you don’t always see everyday.

On the looks scale Tommy’s not too bad on the eyes, at first I wasn’t sure how I felt about him, but like my dick when I watch him he’s been growing on me. He’s not typically handsome; he’s got that kind of Eastern European bad boy expression that is certainly a turn on. He’s body is great too, not too bulky, not too thin, and then there’s his cock of which we’ve already touched on. So if you haven’t witnessed Tommy Stelli here’s a taste. Enjoy…


So you’ve got the idea, he’s fucking hot. But what is that massive, gorgeous, thick, raw, uncut cock capable of? I never thought you’d ask. Take a look at what this gift to the world of porn does to greedy little bottoms. It’s truly remarkable…

Ok, after looking at these images I will admit that if I had the chance, and the time to prep, I might just let Tommy Stelli fuck me. Maybe? As for newbie over here, he’d take that monster like a pro! Go on and check out Tommy’s films here on, and don’t forget to Follow me on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. Get the tissues, you’re gonna need em!

Catch ya later cum catchers!

The Otter

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