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Hot Star – Craig Reynolds

He’s a 6 foot, 215 pound, mass of pure, hot, male, muscle! To say the least, Craig Reynolds is one of the hottest muscle-bottoms out there and was nominated for a 2011 Grabby Award “Hottest Bottom” to prove it.

Craig was discovered back in 2009 by Hot House scouts while working out at his gym in San Francisco where he was a personal trainer, and thank the stars he accepted the job. The native Californian is well known for his massive and solid body and even better known for his smooth, muscular ass. That ass I might add has been getting worked out by some of the hottest tops out there but it was in San Francisco where Reynolds shook it to the beat of house music at Club Industry. You might not suspect that this beefed up bearded man can throw down but he can and he did as a dancer at the club in the early 2000’s.

He’s a man of many interests. Craig Reynolds is always up for a trip and usually has a great story about the drama of airports that can be read on his blog. He’s an Aquarius, that being said it’s easy to see. Craig is analytical and always looking for ways to improve himself and the world around him. He loves working on perfecting his gorgeous physique and can also be found having a good time with his equally hot friends when out on the town.

It’s no wonder that such a fine example of male perfection found his way into the industry. We’re looking forward to seeing more of Craig in the future, bottoming his way to the top!

Hot Star - Craig Reynolds

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