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Today I watched a guy shit out a zucchini

85 search results. Zucchini, it's not just for grilling!

That’s an actual thing I said to a friend at happy hour last week. I saw that one of my favorite amateur studios Gemini Studios released a new title in the Signature Series so I gave it a quick look before I left for the day and was treated to the very thing I mentioned in this blog title. Yep, a guy.. shit out a whole zucchini.

If ya don’t know, Gemini Studios films some of the straightest str8 trade I’ve seen in porn. These aren’t your super worked out beautiful porn stars, these are the ones you see outside of a gas station asking for change or to bum a cig. He films them in various poses, has them play with their asses with an assortment of toys, dildos, butt plus, a beer bottle (stay classy!) and lastly, a zucchini. The zucchini is pretty standard in his films but I’ve never really paid much mind to it so imagine my surprise when I actually watched the whole zucchini scene.

Apparently, this is a thing.. Check out some of the other titles in the Signature Series.. It looks like this is pretty standard! hahahah

#neveradullday, #isthisreallymyjob

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