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Daddy Please! The hot action

“Daddy Please!” Yes, that is exactly what these perverted little twinks are going to be screaming once they start getting boy-handled by the more experienced studs in this new film from PhoeniXXX studios.

Well they didn’t teach you that in German class did they? … it’s innocent enough, bleach blonde, spiky haired, Timo Garrett sporting a set of white plugs like the true emo rocker he is. He  enters the scene in his cute little tee and cut off shorts. He’s cum to tutor Preston Steel in his hotel room Ja; and Preston is going to make sure he gets the lesson his company paid for! “How do you say I want you to gag on my dick boy.” He asks the horny blonde (c’mon, you know this kid wants it) “Even in Germany words can get lost…”  Suddenly the tutor becomes the student! Man, Preston Steel is a pretty hot guy, nice build, dusting of fur across his chest, tattoos cover his back; however I was most impressed by how his dick grows! I wasn’t so sure at first when Timo started sucking, but soon enough that thing swelled into a nice thick rod with a delicious mushroom head on top.

Enough with the oral lessons, this guy wants to stick it in that boy pussy, which he does without a single protest and absolutely no resistance (this kid has definitely been hammered by well endowed guy before, or he made sure to stretch it out to accommodate Mr. Steel tool). The standard doggy ensues showcasing the pair’s lovely smooth balls and assholes before moving on to some missionary work. Now here’s where it gets good; that horny little bottom jumps to attention and sits right down on Preston you even hear the enthusiasm of his own erection as it slams against his smooth little belly. This is the way this kid loves to get off, shooting his twinkie load while riding it hard. Preston get’s his satisfaction by bending his fresh young thing over the bed and jacking ribbons of cum allover that lily white back.

Annnd then they’re back to their German lesson…

Somebody’s in trouble… Poor little Kyler Moss is all tied up in the closet and Daddy is pissed! He had a shitty day at work and needs to relieve some stress. Now I really like Bryan Slater HE is one hot fuckin daddy. Bearded, all lean muscle, and sporting a massive cock I could worship for days… Christ I’m practically pre-cumming just watching him spank the hell out of Kyler who is bound, blindfolded, nipple clamped and collared. Yeah daddy take off that polo, show me those sexy fucking cum gutters!

After a good paddling Master Moss gets flipped over and fed daddy’s dick, can’t take it can ya boy? Why, cause you don’t know what Bryan is going to do to you. Mr. Slater pretty much hate-face-fucks Kyler for a minute before being kind enough to remove the cuffs. There are some great shots of Bryan skull fucking Kyler, showing off his ripped dad bod with zero percent body fat, rippling with sinew and bulging with viens. Kyler Moss is no match for this guy, he gags constantly, but hey it’s hot watching this youngster get taught a lesson by a real man. He is going to get USED!

Time for a condom, kid you better be scared, you’re begging to be fucked like a cat in heat, but I’m not so sure… Yep, he squirms a bit as Bryan pushes himself further in, he’s not playing; especially when he picks up that skinny little twink and lifts him up and down on his cock (that is fucking beautiful). Kyler might be feeling like his tight little hole is on fire by this point but Bryan is not going to be gentle. He chokes his plaything and rams even harder (I thought he might actually break that poor kid!)

This is by far probably the best scene in “Please Daddy” why? Because Bryan Slater is a real daddy teaching his boy how things work. It’s back to doggy style, ass spanking and hard fucking before this dominant top finished, and what a finale it is… He shoves that fuck stick of his in and out of his pillow biter prisoner furiously, like the crazed ass robber he is. Soon enough Kyler’s uncut pecker lets out its juice, after which Bryan pulls out, straddles his boy, and unloads his man milk all over his pup who eagerly laps up his “aged to perfection” cum, that’s something I’d like to get drunk on!

I think my favorite part of this scene might just be after the cum shots. Bryan just grabs that boy, puts on his leash and throws him back in the closet SAYING NOTHING! I like a guy who puts away his toys when he’s done playing.

These boys really beg for it, don’t they? Scene three features an argument over the season finale of GLEE and porn on a tiny screen and I think we all know where this one is going. Right to fucking. Here we’ve got Preston Steel again, this time taking advantage of Hunter Starr’s sweet young ass. The pair makeout for a while, taking their time to remove their clothes, please tell me they won’t keep the ugly black ankle socks on? Oh, cute underwear Hunter. Pink, but what the hell is going on with your belly button? I am not a fan of guys with sparkles hanging from whats left of their umbilical cord. At least he’s uncut though.

Soon enough that boy gets to work on Preston’s cock, good, cause I want to see that piece get serviced again. And Hunter is ready to be fucked! He assumes the doggy position while Preston prepares his tool of destruction… I was hoping for a moan from the twink as Mr. Steel slides it in, but nothing, he’s used to getting a dick up the poop chute. Lil pro.

I’m getting a little distracted; there is A LOT going on in this room and I don’t mean the sex, blue walls, orange linens, red AND brown silk drapes, green chair? I. Just. Cant.

Ok, now here’s a nice shot of Preston’s lovely balls slapping against Hunter’s bum. The boy is on his back getting pounded this time, finally squealing and squirming like we want him to.

I’m not always sure these kids like what they’re getting because they never seem to get really hard, I mean c’mon I’ve slammed a few twinks in my day and those bossy bottoms stay rock hard the whole time! Hunter jacks while riding … on a very bouncy spring coil mattress I must add, spurting a load onto Preston’s stomach who in turn wanks his allover Hunter’s sweet face.

Mike Manchester is cruising for some tail, he wants some flavor… so he orders out, for a boy who likes some bondage too! Oh, and this boy’s got an accent!

Bound to the bed, blindfolded with a tie, Giovanni Lovell is more than willing to be daddy’s toy. Mike gets the boy to suck his cock and skull fucks him a bit before switching to something new.

Daddy busts out the lube after giving his boy a spanking, fingering that hole before pushing a clear dildo up Giovanni’s rectum. Mike is definitely going to fuck this PYT good! Still bound to the bed frame, Giovanni can’t wait to try the real thing and Mike’s going to give to him.

The scruffy Daddy is pretty hot, he’s solid and meaty with a nice cock. Pounding away at Giovanni’s tight hole Mike fucks harder and harder taking full advantage of his newly delivered sex toy. Giovanni is loving every second of this, moaning with each thrust. This scene definitely comes in second best after … slam fest in scene two.

Mike Manchester really takes charge of this uncut, cherub faced, curly haired boy; although I’d like to see what that twinks hooded member looks like fully erect, hopefully we’ll get there soon. Right now, as Mike rams Giovanni in the missionary position would be a good time for him to grab that boys dick and give it a good stroke, but he doesn’t.

The cum shot is pretty good in this scene as Mike spurts onto the cherubs angelic face. Giovanni jerks himself to a climax where we can finally get a glimpse of that fantastic foreskin.

The film closes with scene five. Dress up time for Blade Woods in Casey William’s scrubs, unfortunately he doesn’t look as good as Casey does in them so they get stripped off. Casey’s a big man, thick, muscled, furred and bearded; I can’t wait to see what how he tears apart this blonde boy.

I’m always impressed at how damn smooth these twinks are, and no tan lines?

Casey gives some pretty passionate head on his buddy before his turn to straddle the kid and get sucked off himself. The oral in this scene is pretty hot, and it’s the only scene with rimming action. Casey burrows his face between Blade’s cheeks, spitting and gnawing at his puckered fuck hole. Blade’s not quite as dainty as the other performers but he’s still going to get pummeled like the rest of em! The big difference, this kid stays rock hard the whole time.

Now that’s what we want hear and see, some moaning from the bottom and the top paying some attention to his boys dick while he fucks him doggy style. Blade is a pro at slamming himself against Casey’s meaty pole, plowing himself with abandon.

One thing about this scene is the director’s audio. It kind of kills the mood when someone announces “thirty seconds then switch” you killed my hard on a little.

Back to the fucking; Casey’s got Blade spread wide open, sucking his toes while keeping a good rhythm for a nice segment of the scene before Blade climbs on top for a ride. It’s pretty hot watching this bottom take what he wants from his top, grinding up and down. Casey shoots a nice one on Blades smooth toosh, but it’s Blade himself who gets to dump his on Casey’s greedy tongue!

Overall “Please Daddy” is a pretty good flick. I love me some older/younger action and LOVE getting it on with sexy daddies myself, however I just don’t feel like the twinks in this film are as enthusiastic about getting fucked by a guy who’s been around the block. I wanted to see more squirming and that “oh so sweet” mixture of terror and ecstasy on these boys faces while they get fucked hard by these more mature men. Of the five scenes it was Preston Steel (don’t get me wrong, he’s fucking gorgeous) who didn’t quite strike me as the “daddy” type that title would have to go to Bryan Slater who performed perfectly. I will give the film bonus points for uncut dicks (those I love, although all of the tops were cut… darn). Even though I was not the biggest fan of “Please Daddy” for those of you who are a fan of watching smooth young twinks get completely FUCKED this is a title for you, the boys are great and really take a pounding.

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