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Barracks Buddies

When I saw that Male Spectrum had put out a new military movie, I knew I had to highlight it on the blog. I love their Monster Cock Jocks series and figure that if it’s half as hot, it’ll be totally wankable! Plus, who doesn’t love a hung stud in uniform just looking for a cock hungry guy of a lower rank to unload on?

Barracks Buddies features nine hot studs in over two hours of bareback barrack action including Tom Cage, Matt Woody, Micky Loveboy, Lucke Taylor and Randy Scott. These men are hot, horny and hungry for some hardcore fuck and sucking.

With plenty of cock sucking, ass eating and piston fucking – what more could a man ask for?

While you may not be able to hold out that long, I definitely recommend the last scene which stars to enlisted cum puppies who get it on all over the bunks. The final facial is definitely the cherry on top of this XXX sundae.

Sometimes a soldier just needs to unload. And what better way to do it than by getting together with a fellow soldier back in the barracks and engaging in all manner of cock chugging and ass fucking. These rim rangers may not know the common courtesy of a reach around but they do like to leave each other highly decorated with cum!

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