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SLEAZE 4 – A Movie Review

February 11th, 2009 - By MANdrew
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sleaze_4 SX Video brings us yet another great barebacking title,  Sleaze 4. The prior 3 were hot but this one is just off the charts. Scene 1 pairs ex-Marine Aidyn Michael (one of my favorite stars at the moment), a fat-dicked, inked mother fucker, with pretty boy Johnny Walker. If you’ve seen Aidyn in any of his other movies (Bare Bottom Jizzers, Bodybuilders Bareback ) you know he likes to fuck hard and rough and he doesn’t let us down in this  scene with Johnny.

In scene 2 Paul Black uses Tony Versacti like a rented mule. Paul doesn’t spare the paddle on Tony’s little rump and takes every swat and asks for more as he sways in the sling. Showing what a good boy he is by sucking Paul’s cock, eating his ass and licking his feet, Tony rewards him by shoving a big dildo in his red ass and then dousing him in a river of piss.

Scene 3 features porn pros Hawk McAllistar and Alan Gregory. Hawk takes charge of Alan, making him his boy for the session. And, as we know, every boy needs to be fisted now and then. Hawk expertly and slowly opens Alan up until he can bury his whole hand. Can it get any hotter?

Tazma, a Latino muscle brute, wants to have his way with Orion Cross in scene 4. Orion can only resist a little while before he has Tazma’s fat, uncut cock first in his throat and then in his ass. It doesn’t take long before Tazma is stretching Orion’s pucker with a huge dildo and fist. Orion grunts and groans, but he loves every minute of it and be sure to check out his cum shot where spurt after spurt of hot cum hits his own face!

Keep an eye out for future SX Video releases and be sure to check out the other movies in the Sleaze series!



Where do I start!? Johnny Hazzard… sure you’ve heard of him, I mean how could you not know who he is? One of  Rascal Video’s superstars and one of my favorite go to guys when I’m .com - Realistic Sensafirm Johnny Hazzard Dildolooking to rub one out, this dildo was just the thing I was looking for! Don’t be fooled by the dimensions listed, it’s MUCH larger in real life but with some time and patience getting it in is well worth it.

Made with the sensual SensaFirm material, and molded from Johnny Hazzard’s actual prick, you’ll think your holding the real thing. Plus it comes with a suction-cup base that makes the dildo perfect for some hands-free fun anywhere you can get it to stick! Try the wall, try the shower, the possibilities are endless.

Why not use it while watching this stud pound away on some poor bottoms pretending it’s you! Might I suggest Restless Youths for starters? The first scene with Johnny and Blake Riley is mega-hot and has some great angles of his tool in action, and don’t forget to check out Wrong Side of the Tracks, winner of seven GAYVN awards.

I defiantly recommend buying this thing. It doesn’t feel like every other hard dildo out there.. this one has a great feel to it and fun times will always ensure!


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