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Four Fabulous Jimmy Durano Scenes

June 16th, 2015 - By hairyburgher
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June presents many opportunities to let our freak flags fly and put our pride on full display. This is not to say that you can’t live it up during the other eleven months of the year. Jimmy Durano is surely living it up and living the dream. I had the pleasure of spending some time with him at the booth at Philly Pride this past weekend and not only is he gorgeous, but also very comfortable in his own skin. I have chosen four scenes that show this to be true. Each one is offering a little something different. It is a collection of fabulous work that he should surely be more than be proud of. Enjoy!

Lucas Entertainment’s Pantyhos with Aaron Blake (Scene 3): In this scene, Jimmy asks for a bit of assistance from Aaron in getting into his full office regalia. He is dressed and heads out when Aaron decides to get into a full on regalia of his own. You guessed it: pantyhose. Jimmy returns to find his partner on the couch in the sexy, sheer undergarments. Jimmy calls into work to get off and then begins the steps in getting off. He tears the delicate fabric that comes between him and Aaron’s cock. Jimmy caresses Aaron’s legs before once again tearing into the stockings. He frees Aaron’s pale bottom and then eats it. Jimmy loses his clothing to reveal some black, mesh bikini briefs and dress socks. His beautifully uncut prick is then worked on: both orally and by Aaron’s feet. Aaron’s hole gets nailed from a few different positions before he rubs one out onto his abs. Jimmy follows suit when he jizzes onto the pantyhose of his lover and his morning routine begins again. This relationship just got a lot more exciting.

Hot House Video’s Control Room with Seven Dixon (Scene 2): Kink is on the menu in Control Room. The scene begins as Jimmy approaches Seven, who is masked and rocking some leather wrestling head gear. His arms are restrained behind him and his plump bubble points in Jimmy’s direction. Jimmy wears some metallic aviators, rubber vest, and rubber chaps. He is wielding a metal dildo that will soon be entering the captive creature. This is becoming a battle for most verbal before anything even begins. Seven is fucked by the dildo, rimmed, spit upon, and then receives Jimmy’s girthy penis. He gets exactly what he is begging for: all while not seeing a thing. Seven takes it doggy style for quite a while before he is flipped and nuts onto his hairy torso. Jimmy feeds Seven some of his own cum. Then Jimmy prepares to finish on the face of Seven when he utters, “Close your fucking mouth, man!” Jimmy blasts onto the mask of his partner and states, “Fucking pig!” He spits onto the cummy face of Seven and leaves.

TitanMen’s Incubus with Francois Sagat and Trenton Ducati (Scene 2): Francois Sagat awakens in the middle of the night and exits his home to find clothes strewn about and two men going at it by the pool. Those men are, of course, Jimmy and Trenton. Trenton blows Jimmy and then Jimmy returns the favor. The two make out while beating their meat. They both blow a load as Francois looks on. The scenes begins again in a dreamlike scenario. Jimmy gives Trenton a “rusty trombone” and then fucks Trenton’s muscle-butt against a tree. Francois continues to watch as he strokes his schlong. The two put on quite the show for the pleasure of the beefy onlooker. Both Trenton and Jimmy finish and inspire the nut that spews from beyond the foreskin of Mr. Sagat. He awakes from his dream, which has quickly turned into a nightmare. He once again goes outside and decides to take a dip. He exits the water only to be shoved back in and wrestled into submission. A mysterious man holds his throat as we once again bust a nut. In this instance, Jimmy shows that being the exhibitionist may be safer that being voyeuristic.

Club Inferno’s Hole Busters Volume 7 with Jordano Santoro (Scene 2): This scene opens to Jordano in a dirty, old, public bathroom with tape on his mouth. Someone has done Jimmy the favor of obligating Jordano to stay put while Jimmy has a bit of fun with his hungry orifice. Jimmy tears the tape from Jordano’s face and releases him from his shackles. Jimmy finds a conveniently located bucket of lube, dips a lengthy dildo into the bucket, and then inserts it repeatedly. Next Jimmy moves onto some very sizable anal beads. Jordano moans as the several beads of pulled from his perfectly round rear. Jimmy is fully enjoying watching the excessive lube ooze from the innards on Jordano. He pulls the strand one more time, but with his teeth. He has fully dominated that ass which is now fully spent and abandoned when Jimmy decides to jump ship. Jordano is left to deal with what is left of the job at hand. No one reaches orgasm in this scene-except you!

These four scenes go to show you that versatility can go far beyond the top and bottom bunk. There is no shame in trying and enjoying new things. Jimmy’s career has run the gamut of fetish play and he sells everything he does. He has no fear, owns however he chooses to get his hands dirty, and looks great doing it. You can meet the maker of these four scenes at SEXXXY MF,  on Sunday, June 28th 2015 as we celebrate New York City’s Gay Pride. Jimmy Durano will be there with husband Christian Owen, as well as many other stars. We hope to see you there! Now go on and get hard at!

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The Gay Freedom Day Committee led the throngs of participants down Market Street during the 1978 Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco. This spectacular display remains the mother of all Pride parades although it took place thirty-seven years ago. Here in the city by the bay, the first rainbow flags made their debut; at the time there were eight stripes on the flag, now simplified to six. This was also another milestone year when openly gay Supervisor Harvey Milk, having received plenty of threats on his life, rode the parade route in an open car waving to the crowds. Sadly, just one day shy of five full months later, he would be gunned down in City Hall along with Mayor George Moscone by Dan White, thus becoming a martyr for the LGBTQ rights movement. On that day, however, June 28th commemorates the Stonewall riots of New York City just eight years before, everything was gloriously gay in every sense of the word.

Harvey Milk

Breakdown director John Travis was there that beautiful, sunny San Francisco day. What a better day to celebrate a community bursting at the seams to be heard, and what better a day to celebrate over a decade of sexual revolution. In Breakdown, we have some rare footage from that Pride. Of course, it makes me wonder how many people even know this footage exists, or if it has ever been used in any films or documentaries. The scene is titled “The Big Parade” and I can tell you, it surprised me and surpassed my expectations. I had stumbled across the film before and read that there was some retro Pride parade footage in the film; what I did not know was that it was the 1978 parade, and that it was not stock footage.

If anything, seek out Breakdown on from Bijou Classics to get a glimpse of one of the most outstanding Pride parades ever, and then go do some research for yourself as to why June is such a special month for all members of our community. It is so important that we remember what came before us so that we can continue our fight for equality. Perhaps you will be inspired this Pride season to fly your colors a little higher and raise your voice a little louder.

Now on to the sex.

After the “The Big Parade,” we have a hot scene between a mustachioed go-go man and one of the guys who attended the parade. These guys really celebrate in a sloppy free for all involving some intense acrobatics to boot. Also, take a moment to appreciate the hunky dancer’s Levi’s; that’s right, he made sure to wear those out in all the right places in the shower with a wire brush (a common practice in the seventies to accentuate your bulge).

Far away from the parade, a business man finds himself stranded in the countryside. Along come two buck naked equestrians upon their painted ponies. The strangers might not be able to fix the guy’s pretty blue car, but they can do a whole lot more than ride bareback. Check out this scene which gives the film its title Breakdown.

The third and final scene is a far cry from our first and second scenes. “Sling-A Leather Fantasy” made me either want to cry or fuck. Seriously, this juxtaposition of a couple in bed and then in an alternate leather fantasy is a bit difficult to describe. What I can tell you is that it is in no way gentle as the muscle bound couple take whatever they want from each other. From some serious dick to face slapping, chest pounding, and nearly wrestling, this duo packs a wallop in a load after load dream come true. All this, and it is set to an amazing disco soundtrack.

Happy Pride to one and all! Get on over to, the website where you will find Exactly What You’re Looking For.

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Catch ya later cum catchers,

The Otter

Caitlyn is Transgender, Don’t Call Her a Drag Queen

June 11th, 2015 - By ottergayhotmovies
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Vanity Fair

Let’s finally clear the air-Caitlyn Jenner is transgender. There has been a slew of misinformation flying around the internet and even in our community. You’d think that most gays would know the differences, but we’ve been surprised at what we’ve been reading. I would never call a drag queen a cross dresser (mainly for fear of my life) and I certainly wouldn’t call transvestite a transsexual. Why? Because I know the difference. So here’s a nice, little primer for everyone:

Transgender/Transsexual, like Caitlyn, is used for an individual who does not identify as the sex they have been born, and sometimes (but not always) have surgeries to transform their bodies. This does not mean that the individual is schizophrenic; that is a diagnosed illness and does not have anything to do with being transgender.

My personal inspirational Transgender individual happens not to be a real person at all. Anna Madrigal in many ways IS very real, and close to the heart of so many fans of Armistead Maupin’s Tales Of The City series. (If you haven’t read these books, do so immediately!) Anna was a groundbreaking character who has no doubt inspired and empowered so very many people despite gender and I wanted to honor her in this post.

So let’s get to what Caitlyn is not…Starting with a term I’ve seen a lot.

Drag Queen/King: No, Ms. Jenner is most certainly not a drag queen and I wouldn’t call a drag queen transgender. A drag queen/king is a like a geisha, a living breathing work of art. A drag queen is a performance artist and can be either male or female. Although there are those who are sexually attracted to drag queens/kings, drag queens/kings themselves are in general not “turned” on by painting their faces and donning their wigs or faux beards. Some will go as far as abstaining from sex until their beard grows back in.


Donna Sachet

The Late Vicki Marlane, photo by Rick Gerharter


Lady Bunny



Willam Belli

Hoku Mama Swamp, female drag queen

Landon Cider, drag king

Transvestite: An individual who enjoys wearing the clothes of the opposite sex. Transvestites do not identify as the opposite sex, nor a desire to change the sex they were born with, but enjoy the aesthetics of the opposite sex; once again, not to be confused with drag queens. Also, this term is going out of fashion.


Dr. Frank N Furter, Twentieth Century Fox

Eddie Izzard

Cross Dresser: Similar to a transvestite, a cross dresser is an individual, generally in the heterosexual community, who is turned on sexually, or non-sexually, by wearing the clothes of the opposite sex. The term developed for those who wanted to distance themselves from the transvestite community. While there are female cross dressers, most of the CD community is comprised of straight men. They may even keep their interest in women’s clothing a secret from their partners.

 Non-binary/Genderqueer: An individual who does not identify as any one gender, or with gender at all.


Jiz Lee

Dwane Reade, Foxhouse Films

Intersex (formerly hermaphroditic): Simple, an individual who has both male and female hormones and/or chromosomes that may express themselves in a variety of different ways. Not every intersex person has a vagina and a penis. It’s not that simple. You cannot become intersex; you must be born intersex even if it’s not apparent until later in life, such as at puberty.

Now, for my special shout outs:

Sister Of Perpetual Indulgence: I myself would not label the sisters as drag queens/kings since they are so much more than what they appear to be. All over the world, donning spectacular habits, elaborate make up, and tons of sparkle, these dedicated nuns bless us with glitter, bring smiles to our faces, and remind us we have hope, and a lot more work to do since 1979. For decades, the Sisters have worked tirelessly helping those in need both within and out of the gay community. Their focus on creating a better world while putting on one hell of show deserves a special bow.


Sister Roma

Sister Mary Margaret X-plosion

And finally I would like to add someone who just cannot be put in any category, because she is just too…everything. Amanda Lepore is an ICON.

Photo by Ves Pitts

I know I’ve most likely missed something, but hopefully for those whose ignorance may have gotten them into the hot seat, I hope this helped clear things up. Now go out and get to know people before passing judgment.

-The Otter

Updates For The Week Of June 7th – 13th 2015

June 11th, 2015 - By ottergayhotmovies
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We’ve got the updates you’ve been waiting for on this sizzling summer day. It’s gonna get even hotter when you see whose biographies have been updated, so get on over to and check em out! Now, in alphabetical order of course…

Adam Champ

Rugged, ripped, and rowdy just the way we like ’em! Adam has got a perfect coat of fur and majestic uncut cock that will have your mouth watering in no time.

View Adam Champ’s biography.

Bravo Delta

Bravo” is all we want to say to Bravo’s parents, they certainly gave this guy some seriously smokin’ genetics. Once again “Bravo!”

View Bravo Delta’s biography.

Dakota White

Don’y let those puppy dog eyes fool you, this lil pup will really tear up your sheets, and your hole with his impressive bone.

View Dakota White’s biography.

Johnny V.

This ginger power bottom gets us going in all the right ways. With his gorgeous hair, jacked muscles, skin as smooth as polished marble, and hungry bubble butt, Johnny is red, hot fire on screen.

View Johnny V’s biography.


We “can’t even” with beards and burl. WOOF fucker!

View Paco’s biography.

Rusty Stevens

There’s nothing “rusty” about this guy’s moves. Seriously, Mr. Stevens is a demi-god on Earth.

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