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A Taste of the Men of Montreal…YUM!

June 3rd, 2015 - By simba
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When it comes to Marko Lebeau’s Men of Montreal 5, the title truly explains it all—the gorgeous cast takes center stage for all six scenes, dousing audiences with a lovely serving of gay French-Canadian flavor. With the absence of heavy story lines or extravagant set designs, the film champions its blatant mission to deliver a series of entertaining fuck sessions with some of the country’s most handsome, ripped, and sex-crazed studs. While the theme and look that Lebeau is going for is quite consistent throughout, each scene also offers just enough variety to hold your attention. Whether switching up with a group scene, taking the hot action to the outdoors, or subtly playing into crazy sexual fantasies, Lebeau successfully balances creative exploration while presenting an overall cohesive body of work.

The first scene starts off with more than a bang; it is actually the standout moment from the entire movie. Taking place in the middle of the forest, Max Chevalier and Archer Quan team up for an explosive one-on-one that kicks things off strongly. Opening with a brief commentary from both of the stars, it is clear that Max and Archer are enthusiastic about working with each other—and this energy certainly drives the engrossing nature of their scene. Not only are both guys ridiculously hot, but the genuine attraction and connection that the actors share translate to one commanding round of hard pounding. Accentuating the fire created by the two leaders of this scene is Lebeau’s skillful direction, which takes advantage the beautiful natural backdrop with a variety of camera angles and shots that create an end product that is quite aesthetically pleasing. The lack of music and audible presence of insects and waterfalls also emphasizes the setting which is another effective element of the director’s execution. Without a doubt, for a myriad of reasons, scene one starts Men of Montreal 5 off on an impressive note.

The next scene stars straight boy Matthew Cox and Benjamin D’Amour. Lebeau appears in the beginning and tells viewers that he has a “surprise” for Cox and presents him blindfolded. Soon after, D’Amour appears and services Cox’s uncut cock. D’Amour takes Cox’s blindfold off to reveal who he is getting sucked by and Cox smiles and responds, “It’s not a girl, but that’s okay.” After that, D’Amour continues to blow Cox’s cock and rim his hole (to Cox’s request, by the way) and then things end with Cox fucking D’Amour’s hole with a butt plug. While this scene certainly lacks the intensity or visually-striking elements of the first scene, it does tap into the whole “straight guy goes gay” scenario that many fantasize about.

The hetero-on-homo theme continues in scene three with an intense match-up with Pascal Aubry and Alexy Tyler. While Aubry confesses that he is nervous to be intimate with another guy for the first time, Tyler is more than willing to accommodate his discomfort with a passionate kiss and killer blowjob. What is notable about this scene is that the bottom, Tyler, is the aggressor in this pairing. He is very present throughout the scene and certainly proves that he can teach Aubry what gay sex is all about. At the same time, Aubry follows his lead and eventually eases into his first experience with another dude and the result is simply interesting to watch.

Scenes four and five are a bit different than the others because it takes us behind the scenes of the movie with Lebeau, Alec Leduc, Ivan Lenko, and Felix Brazeau. It’s nice to see the guys taking some time out to play games, joke around with another, and show their personalities off for the camera. For a film titled Men of Montreal, this extensive non-sex portion underlines its deep inside look at the, well, men of Montreal and adds a personal dimension to the film.

But when it’s all said and done, this is a porn flick and it doesn’t take long to get back to what we are all looking for.  The guys head out to the snow-covered backyard where they relax in a steamy hot tub. After a while, Lebeau decides that he is ready to head inside and says he will be back out. Soon after, Leduc decides that he is getting too cold and follows Lebeau. Of course, this spins into the guys getting down and dirty in the living room. One by one, the other three find themselves stumbling back into the house and BOOM! Before you know it, they’re all getting it on in a full-blown foursome. Leduc is the true superstar of the group session, taking on all three cocks on by one…and at one point, two at one time (hello, double penetration!). In addition to the behind the scenes footage, this scene is also a noteworthy moment for the no holds barred fourway and gang bang. I mean, who could really complain about four sexy guys letting each other have it?

The final scene experiments a bit with a scripted back story, as Felix Brazeau stars as a nosy neighbor who finds himself at Gabriel Clark’s front door after seeing his massage set up outside of the window. While most people would be creeped out by the pushy arrival of some guy insisting that he come in to get rubbed down, apparently this is oooootay in Lebeau’s world. Anyway, Clark agrees to let him inside and they make out. Soon, Clark returns, stripped down to just his briefs and massage oil. From there, you can predict what happens next: oiled up muscles, more kissing, and massaging. Not only does scene six contain a minor plotline that gives things a little edge, but Clark and Brazeau indulge in a slippery, slow and sensual dickdown that ends the action-packed collection with smooth and pleasant vibes.

No matter which scene is discussed, Men of Montreal 5 is overflowing with arousing moments for the viewers. Whether you’re a sucker for production value, chiseled men with crazy appetites for creamy jizz, or just hole-hammerings that simply do the trick, this is the feature for you.  Waste no more time and check it out for yourself, right here on!

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Rub a good one out, fellas!

– Simba

Oh Hell No: My Boyfriend Is Gay 11

June 2nd, 2015 - By hairyburgher
Posted Under: Movie Reviews

If there are any ladies reading this: Be warned that I am on my way to steal your man. I’m kidding, but the four eager bottoms in this film aren’t. My Boyfriend Is Gay 11, directed by KK and brought to you by Male Reality, is about to show you what can go down when you don’t please your boyfriend, husband, or otherwise. Men think about sex every seven seconds, but I am certain that number is lower amongst unsatisfied daddies. We’re animals and it would be easier to maim us than tame us. Sit back, do-not-relax, and watch how it’s done, as these pretty young things get nasty, all in the name of cum.

In scene 1, muscle-god Tomm is flexing and showing off for the twinky Andrew Kitt when his woman walks in. There is a strangely brief interaction which results in said woman leaving without a fight or even the question of “Why?” This lady needs a lesson in bitchery. Anyway, she leaves and Andrew starts gnawing on Tomm’s rod through his boxer briefs. The boy literally tries to absorb his cock through osmosis. It’s like sincerely and scientifically hot. Andrew slobs that knob like it might be his last. He makes the most of it, as we all would. Andrew is next seen on his side with Tomm’s cock deep in his ass. Andrew’s skin is flush and only halfway sore. Tomm then sits back as Andrew rides his cock long and hard. Andrew beats his cock until he throws ropes upon himself. Tomm then throws some ropes of his own onto the fresh face of his boy toy. Andrew sucks every last bit out before the scene ends and he starts wishing it began again.

Secondly, we have Lukas and Ray. Ray is demanding his woman leave and she won’t. Ray then displays his cock for consumption by Lukas. Ray’s underwear looks to be 10 percent Lycra and 100 percent sexy. Lukas eats through Ray’s cotton before getting the real meal. Lukas feeds on the cock and balls of his hot top. Ray reciprocates before throwing a rubber on. Lukas then sits back, rides, and molds to Rays hard cock. They then spoon, fuck, and moan. It’s hard to say who here is more desirable. They transition to the desktop before Ray blasts onto Lukas’ balls and Lukas oozes onto himself while serving up some “last days” eye contact. Woof.

Next on deck we have smooth-daddy Carl Ross and Max Born. Max is rubbing on the muscular shoulders and delicious chest of Carl. It is clear from the beginning that you’re going to like this. I have seen the likes of Carl before and I hope to see the like of Carl again. Max’s lady walks in and is quickly dismissed. The two go back at it and they are very into it: like very. Carl sucks on Max’s dick as his plump ass bounces behind him. This is surely not another day on set. Carl slides on Max’s dick. This bottom’s hard prick tells a tale of complete and utter happiness. The two then get on the floor and spoon-fuck. Max and Carl get on their knees and yank on themselves as they kiss. Their cock-sleeves flap as they seed the air and kiss again in solidarity.

Lastly, Travis and Ennio Guardi come to terms. Again, Ennio’s girl is there and then not there. The men kiss until Ennio starts sucking on the nipples of Travis. They lick on each other, rub, and grind. Girl comes back and states, “Oh my God, I knew… you are gay.’” Ennio replies, “C’mon honey, look at me.” She slaps him, but really…look at him. The man is gayer than Christmas and thank god. Ennio slams Travis’ head back onto his dick for more teasing. That fat phallus comes out and is all but eaten by Travis. Ennio returns the favor. This is not his first time at the rodeo. Ennio nails Travis from the side before Travis takes a seat. Travis smiles while Ennio screws him from below. Travis then hunches on the couch with his head askew on a pillow. He takes the dick in a way that at this point seems only in favor oh his top. This boy was born to please. Ennio blows his load onto Travis’ hairy ass and then Travis pulls one out onto his creamy torso. Amen.

So, your boyfriend is gay. I’m kidding. My Boyfriend Is Gay 11 has all of the makings for an insecure wife’s nightmare. Keep an eye on your man’s assistant, secretary, masseuse, trainer, barista, or “best friend.”  The scenarios in this film aren’t all that realistic, but that should have nothing to do with your decision to watch. The men in this movie all top-notch-trade. Uncut Euro-studs with a passion for thrashin’. The clock is ticking and seven seconds pass by every seven seconds. Tick, tick, tick…For tips on how to make that straight dick your trick, check out My Boyfriend Is Gay 11! Now go on and get hard at!

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Happy Pride Month…from All Around the World!

June 2nd, 2015 - By simba
Posted Under: Top List Tuesday

It’s National LGBT Pride Month! What better way to kick off the celebration than with some explosive rounds of man-on-man action?! For this week’s Top List Tuesday, we are bringing you FIVE smoldering films that take all of the cum-bursting activity to the streets of Pride celebrations around the world! That’s right, these movies are transporting you right into the thick of all the festivities with a series of scenes full of real sex! In no particular order, prepare for your rainbow flag to fly freer than ever before!

Pride of Atlanta (2004)

We’ll start things off right at home in the States for a Pride celebration in the dirty south. Before we get to any of the XXX splendor, the cameraman takes us around with this group of young and sexy guys as they make their way around ATL for various events. This facet creates a personal feel that invites the viewer into the cast’s world. Once they hit the hotel room, all of the laughing and joking come to an end because these guys are ready to get down to business. Breaking out in a scorching orgy that spans over two scenes, Pride of Atlanta not only offers hardcore action, but also a bountiful selection of monster cock and bouncy bubble butt that takes it all to the next level. Without a doubt, this one gives you much to be proud of.

Rio Gay Pride (2009)

Have you ever wondered what gay pride looks like in Brazil? We let this Alexander Pictures Production show you what it’s all about. Ten gorgeous South American hornballs take a break from the parades and massive parties to show some appreciation for their fellow man—literally. And you better believe that it’s a front row seat you don’t want miss. From slender twinks to beefy muscle studs, Rio Gay Pride assembles a diverse cast for this mouthwatering fuckfest that does not disappoint. Not only is the sex guaranteed to hold your attention, but the eye candy that this feature is overflowing with is almost too delicious for words. Thank me later.

Mandy Goodhandy’s Porn Pride Series (2008 and 2009)

So, when it comes to Mandy Goodhandy’s Porn Pride series, I couldn’t just choose one film—they are so hot, that I had to include both! Live from a huge nightclub during Toronto Pride, both films chronicle the lovely shenanigans that occur during the Mandy Goodhandy show: nude wrestling, live sex shows, and sexy Canadian dudes shooting massive loads all over the place! As if that wasn’t enough to pull you in, the 2009 edition features the irresistible Pierre Fitch doing his thaanng solo and with fellow models. Seriously, need I say more? Mandy Goodhandy represents for Canadian gay Pride in a BIG way with both collections.

Detroit Fuck City #1 (2002)

Out of all of the movies on the list, none get as real as Detroit Fuck City #1. Taking place during Detroit Pride, this amateur film explores the interesting sexual adventures of a 25-year-old straight guy who documents his desire to be a “bukkake boy.” While he declares that his physical interactions with men are for fun and entertainment, once the guys arrive to the hotel room, he definitely doesn’t hold back with being their fucktoy. As the movie progresses, this ripped hunk takes cock after cock in his mouth and hole in a hardcore orgy that you won’t be able to turn away from. With its home movie-esque, low budget direction, you almost feel as if you are in the hotel room as everything goes down, emphasizing how realistic it feels for the viewer. Because down and dirty fun is always bound to happen at Pride celebrations, Detroit Fuck City #1 is an honest account of what could happen during one of these weekends…and it’s a pleasure to indulge in.

Bons A Tirer (2005)

To close off our list, we’re taking you to Europe where these guys are expressing their pride in the form of steamy threesomes, raw gangbangs, and even some hole-stretching at the bar. With the rainbow flag on full display throughout the movie, Bons A Tirer is an unapologetic affirmation of gay pride with constant jizz-heavy pounding that makes no room for dull moments. And if you like your men on the mature side, this flick is even more of a plus, with a group of guys that certainly put alllll of their experience to work. These handsome fuckers hold back nothing in these action-packed rounds of hole-hammering and demonstrate what being free in who you are is all about.

 And on that note, I’ll stop here and let the celebrations begin!  As always, follow us on Twitter for all our latest site updates. Happy Pride everyone!

  –  Simba

Yasss: Fuck Yeah Levi Karter

May 28th, 2015 - By hairyburgher
Posted Under: Movie Reviews

Fuck Yeah Levi Karter is a production directed by both Jake Jaxson and Levi Karter himself. The first forty minutes of this film showcase all the poignant and sexy moments in Levi’s life as he chronicles the world before and during his rise to CockyBoys cover boy. The turbulent relationships, the self-doubts, & the moments of sexual awareness are all recorded in this engrossing opus. It weaves in and out of real life scenarios, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at who Levi was, is, and will become by learning from his experiences. Personal growth happens every day and is on full display in the first two scenes of F.Y.L.K. They feature Ricky Roman and Hayden Lourd, and are not to be missed.

In the first traditional porn scene in the film, which is the third scene in the movie, Levi is paired with Connor Maguire. Connor is huge in comparison to Levi, both in height and general mass. The two are sharing a romantic day in the park. They have a cute boat ride and are interviewed about one another. The tone is set for a very passionate rendezvous in the woods. Levi starts stripping Connor of his shorts which barely contain his ginger pubes and uncut cock. The scruffy beast looks down at Levi to see his bottom hard at work to prepare for the inevitable: hardcore anal. Connor then returns the favor before they sixty nine and Conner fingers Levi’s bubble butt. The two dress briefly to change locations and make things a bit more private. Levi gets lubed when Connor eats his ass and then the big boy slips it in. They go from doggy to bull until Connor lifts Levi and pounds him while holding him suspended in the air: it’s jaw dropping. Connor then lays him down to allow him to stroke while taking it deep. Levi beats his dick until he sprays his chest. Connor soon does the same after fully letting Levi have it. The two kiss and the scene ends.

Next we have Jaxon Radoc and David Corey. The two met on Twitter and hit it off before even knowing each other. When they discovered they were both would soon be fellow Cockyboys, the scene was set. We first see them in a hotel room kissing and laughing. Jaxon’s blonde hair in contrast to David’s black hair is a super sexy combination. David makes his way down to Jaxon’s uncut Australian cock and starts sucking. He is dared to deep throat and does so without a wince. Before you know it, Jaxon’s legs are up over his head and he is entered. He is soon flipped and he arches his back to offer up his ass completely. David nails his butt down to the bed. The two are nearly silent, but are definitely communicating in a way you simply cannot fake. Soon David sits on Jaxon’s dick and rides it for what is a very hot minute. David then bends over to get it from behind. He works his phallus until he spews onto the white duvet. Jaxon then uses David’s pale posterior as inspiration to bust. He sensuously Spackles that ass and then the two kiss to celebrate their satisfaction.

Thirdly, we have Tommy Defendi and Levi Michaels. This is one ridiculously hot twosome. The scene starts with Levi gushing over Tommy. How could you not with that beard, that fur, and that cock? Levi goes on about how this is a dream come true and I can’t tell if I’m horny or jealous. Levi himself is also quite a babe. His fuzzy blonde butt is to be adored.  The two stand in an opening in the curtains that lets in some dramatic lighting. Actually, the drama here is palpable. Levi sucks on Tommy’s fat cock for what seems like forever until he is bent over and fed to Tommy. Tommy then proceeds to lap on Levi as Levi moans, “Get me ready for that fat dick, eat that ass.” Tommy then throws on a rubber and dives right in. His grunts and moans are an animalistic call that can only be generated by pure pleasure. They start with doggy-style until Levi goes full power bottom and grinds on Tommy’s fat prick. Levi then takes it on his back, while Tommy gives him exactly what he came there for: a very deep-dicking. Levi spills a load onto himself and wimpers, “Oh fuck.” Tommy then rubs one out onto Levi’s chest and lets him lick on his cummy cock: a dream cum true.

Fuck Yeah Levi Carter is a collection of scenes that all have Levi Karter’s spirit-a spirit that is honest, fearless, ambitious, and wild. This is not to mention that this film is dripping with sex appeal. Pride is just around the corner. Fuck Yeah Levi Karter is more fuel for your fire: burn bright. Now go on and get hard at!

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