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Less Effort More Pain – Adventures In Spanking

Fetish Fantasy Series Limited Edition Rubber Paddle

Pipedream was kind enough to send over this paddle and I was MORE than willing to give it a whirl!

Less effort, more pain. This thing is HEAVY, not like your regular paddle this thing is made of thick rubber with very minimal bend. So a normal wack on the ass isn’t so normal. My boyfriend and I took turns on each other Saturday morning and WHEW!.. I went from completely fine to covered in sweat and panting the pain away in 2 min flat!

And that was using the flatter diamond plate side.. flip that baby over and it’s a whole other ballgame. Raised nubs stare back at you leaving you wondering if you can handle any more slaps. This is where things got a little crazy. I mentioned sweat but when I started getting hit with the nubbed side I was sweating SO much, my entire body was getting hot and shaking with anticipation of the next wack. The nubs are also great for when you need a break, have your partner softly rake those things over the spanked area and the sensation is pretty stellar.

I was a little busy having fun to remember to get a photo of the nubby side, you can see what they look like on the bottom right of the paddle in the middle photo below. Imagine them over the entire surface and you can get a pretty good picture of how fun that side can be J

Final verdict? HELL YES.. if you’re a beginner and looking for your first paddle then this one isn’t for you. I would suggest a softer leather one and work your way up!

Wanna try it? Buy It Here!

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