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HEY! Didn’t I see you on GuysWithiPhones??

I always love when movies go up on the site that I’ve seen the “making of” on vine, twitter, guyswithiphones, etc.. I always see this guy posting on guyswithiphones so when I saw the boxcover of Straight Boyz Edging Vol. 1 I couldn’t wait to watch it and see if the photos do these guys any justice.

Straight Boyz Edging Vol. 1

They do! this dude looks super hot in the pics (exhibit 1, exhibit 2 & exhibit 3)  and watching him jerk, get sucked, fuck AND get fucked?!? Beautiful..

Which do you prefer, him fucking?

Or Getting Fucked??

You know I’m an angles man, so watching his huge cock slide in and out of that ass..  I’m gonna have to go with him fucking!

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