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Alexander Pictures

In 2002, Alexander Pictures, Inc. began filming throughout the jungles and beaches of Brazil producing films such as Just Between, Seeing What Happens, Bananas From Brazil series, 8 Inches from Brazil, and Arabian Men to only name a few.

As all features are filmed on location in Brazil, all models are true Brazilian in every aspect that can be imagined. As Brazil is world famous for sex, the Brazilian hunks captured by Alexander Pictures, Inc. were more than willing to show what they had for everyone to see.

Beginning in April 2006, Alexander Pictures, Inc. will release the first of 7 movies Arabian Men. This 5 scene, 12 gargantuan cock-sized model feature will no doubt lead your anticipation to the release of 8 Inches from Brazil, Arabian Men 2 and 8 Inches from Brazil 2 which will all be released by July 2006. With 3 additional features Underwater, Poolside Heat, and Jungle Cruisers and the many other projects in store, 2006 will prove to be a very exciting year for Alexander Pictures, Inc.! Also be on the lookout for Alexander Pictures, Inc. to be present at many of the gay pride celebrations near you!


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