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Drake Maguire Can Slam My Hole Any Day Of The Week

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Macho Meat 2

Diamond Pictures has always had super hot, super hung, uncut, muscled European meat on display for our viewing pleasure, but I must say I haven’t been this turned on by a Diamond Pictures star in a while… the reason? I hadn’t seen Drake Maguire until now! Holy hell, talk about fucking stunning.

Ok, he says like two words in his thick (I’m assuming Slavic accent, which made me wonder why the name “Drake”? I’m thinking he’s more of a hunky “Sergio” or “Sergey” or even “Alexzander”…  And then I wondered how I got genetically beaten by the theoretical “ugly Stick”… my people come in either one or two versions, Godlike or Fugly… there is no in between, obviously Drake won out in this department, but I digress) after he pulls down the speedo he’s been lounging around in, freeing his rigid foreskin hooded, well veined cock of perfection “Suck it!” (I would have rather heard him say it in his native tongue which might have not been such a turn off. None of this matters because we ain’t here for the talking.)

Anyway, Orlando Ross (who might be a houseboy? I don’t know, he was carrying a coal bucket acting all Cinderella-y) obeys without a word, falling to his knees like a good Catholic and opening up.

What one might assume to be a run-o-the mill blowjob quickly switches its tune. At first the gentle face fuck is nice, even friendly, but it’s not as “in depth” as Drake would like it. (Drakes also been slapping that uncut monster all over Orlando’s mouth, and it’s gorgeous.) So what does he do? Takes action and slams Orlando’s head down on his fleshy tool causing him to gag beautifully on such a fine example of the male anatomy.

And now it’s time to really get down to this whole oral business. Drake is definitely aggressive (a quality I find arousing because I would love to tie this guy up and have my way with him while he struggles to maintain his dominance) he basically throws Orlando onto the couch and just pulls off his speedo (apparently this is the only type clothing worn in this rather sparsely furnished home) and straddles his face, aiming his meat at the muscle boys face, ready to go deep into that throat. Perhaps this is the reason for the creepy Dracula music soundtrack.

*Orlando has the sweetest conical nipples.

Next up is a rather disappointing rimming. (Fine by me, I’m not that into it anyway.) Drake, as beautiful and aggressive as he is, just doesn’t get his tongue into Orlando like you hope and you think he would.

It doesn’t last long though before the tattooed stud crams his fingers into that bubble butt twisting and teasing Orlando’s hole until he cums all over his rippled abdominals. Drake has been stroking his own thick prick all the while and unloads his balls on the cognac leather sofa… the maid, or should I say Orlando better clean that up before that stain sets!

This film is odd in a way, for some reason we cut to the balcony where (you guessed it) a random muscle boy is laying out his SPEEDO to dry while spying on another youth in the pool below. Orlando was just dropping off a bottle of cointreau at the outdoor bar when he spots him, quickly grabbing Drake’s attention from indoors. After taking a peek at the beautifully sculpted youth Drake takes one look at Orlando, picks him up forcing him back inside with a slam of the sliding door behind them!

Obviously Drake hasn’t gotten enough as Orlando slides right down onto his meat peg. You will notice there is absolutely no kissing in this film which is a damn shame (I for one would like to see these two get filthy, spitting into one and others mouths and really getting into it… but that’s just me being a spit pig… god I love spit).

*And cum… Let’s take a look at what I’d like to have seen.

Back to the fucking.

Orlando stays on top riding Drake hard before Drake flips him onto all fours, smashing his face into the leather as he continues his brutal assault on his hole. It’s pretty hot watching Drake just fuck, no words, just fucking… He only speaks three words in the entire film. I swear.

*Some other tidbits about the movie. Overall it’s shot very well, and you do get some great views from below and above, affording you great views of Orlando’s aforementioned nipples as well as Drakes gorgeous abs and exquisite cum gutters.

Continuing with the hard, emotionless fucking, Drake is in charge of this whole situation. He spreads Orlando’s legs open and slams the boy’s ass good and rough while he begs for more.  (I might suggest watching this whole picture on mute to your own soundtrack. There’s no important dialogue. And Orlando’s  having to concentrate on his English is a little much “Oh, ya, fuck, me”)


Finally we cum to the moment we’ve been waiting for. After plowing Orlando like a jack rabbit on speed Drake pulls out, grabs his dick, simultaneously pulling off that pesky condom and jerks off spewing a copious amount of salty sweet ambrosia upon Orlando’s neck, chest and stomach while he works his own tool. Seconds later Orlando creams on himself and the pair fade out.

This pissed me off. There was plenty of cum to be licked up and swapped or at the very least massaged into Orlando’s skin… but there was nothing, which leads me to suspect (actually it’s pretty obvious) these dudes are only gay for pay. A damn shame.

So, the movie is pretty good overall. It was beautifully shot, was visually appealing, and the performers were hot in true Csaba Borbely style. Check it out yourself, it’s pretty hot! I wouldn’t mind watching Drake again, maybe in something a little more passionate (I think it was Orlando who didn’t want to be kissed, or at least that’s what I’m going to tell myself. Honestly I only put up with him so I could see Drake.)

Oh, and then there was the two boys at the end jerking off with not very exciting cum shots. Alexandros Toro is the very good looking smooth Latin muscle boy on the balcony and Aaron Maldini is the one down by the pool. Both guys are ok, they only appear in solo action for Diamond Pictures.

And there you have it. Macho Meat 2, available on 

-The Otter


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