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What Goes On In The Locker Room, Stays In The Locker Room…Until Now!

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

When it comes to this group of gorgeous jocks, the sweat-drenched action isn’t only found in the gym—once they hit the locker room, they’re still putting their bodies to the test. And yes, it’s as sexy as it sounds. In this action-packed AlphaMales production, director Ashley Ryder does man-on-man sports fantasy justice with an intense fuckfest that delivers plenty o’ muscles, huge cocks, and hardcore pounding. At every point of the well-directed film, Ryder avoids dillydallying with pointless scripted dialogue or even set changes; The Locker Room is all about manly jocks coming out of their sportswear to get down and dirty, right in the moment, with no shame.

The deliciously tattooed and ripped Nick North warms up in the first scene with a solo that will make your mouth water. If you happened to be in the locker room at the same time as Nick, this may be the image that you would be conjuring up in your mind…he slowly removes his clothing, oils himself up, and shows off everything that he is working with. There’s not much to say here, as the scene certainly speaks for itself. With plenty of shots of his thick, uncut dick and perfectly fuckable ass, beautifully sculpted by a white jockstrap, Nick will definitely get you up and ready for what’s to come with the next three scenes of serious hole-hammering, including his scorching pairing with Bruno Fox that follows.

Scene two opens with the manly Bruno (god, I’m such a sucker for baldies) checking Nick out as he’s getting dressed. Nick glances at Bruno watching him and both studs begin rubbing their crotches. Before you know it, Bruno boldly stands in front of Nick with his juicy meatstick hard and ready to be serviced. Nick takes his time sucking him off and at every single moment, you can feel the sexual tension growing more and more difficult to resist. This oral exchange gets Bruno even more hot and bothered, so much that he decides to rim Nick’s hungry hole, preparing him for the massive hammering that he will soon unleash on him. During the entirety of the scene, there is no verbal communication between these two or background music, which makes the scenario feel quite realistic. After some lustful foreplay, these nasty boys finally get the fucking going, with Bruno giving it to Nick deep and hard standing up. After this first position, Nick confidently rides Bruno on the bench, as they shoot each other with fiery eye contact that makes the match-up even hotter. From beginning to end, the understated aggression, accentuated by the stars’ subtle grunting and moaning, is what drives the fire of this union and makes for a blistering chemistry that is impossible to turn away from.

The momentum intensifies in scene three, when Alessandro Del Toro is seduced by Craig Daniel. As soon as Craig enters the locker room, it is clear what he is looking for, “accidentally” bumping into Alessandro as he is sitting. Craig turns around, drops his shorts, exposing his bare ass in Alessandro’s face. Though he tries to resist, Alessandro can’t help but give into Craig’s fearless advances, giving his cheeks a nice smack. Craig smiles and turns around for Alessandro to take his pole. This leads us to an extensive session of oral action as the bearded and hunky Alessandro sucks Craig off and feeds on Craig’s hole until they can no longer fight off the urge to get busy. In addition to the lengthy rimming and blowjob segment, what makes this scene notable is the energy that beams from Craig’s performance as a sex-hungry bottom who goes after what he wants—his assertiveness isn’t only apparent in his pursuit of Alessandro in the beginning of the scene, but his strong presence also stands out as they’re fucking. Complimenting this is how well Alessandro keeps up with Craig and gives him exactly what he wants (not to mention, he is a nice piece of eye candy to watch as he is putting in work!) From there, both guys shoot big loads as the perfect ending to a one-on-one fuck that will surely make you work up a sweat.

In the final scene, Dirk Caber (and that bodyyyy, good Lordt) and the tall, dark, and handsome Dolan Wolf not only send us on our way with a bang, but also represent heavy for the #daddylovers out there. Like the previous three scenes, these dudes don’t waste any time in handling their needs, shoving each other’s cocks down their throats after that one simple look. These guys prove that daddies do it best, putting all of their years of experience to the test as they please each other…and the response that they give to one another doesn’t feel like acting; it truly appears genuine, which is one of the standout aspects of the scene itself. The enthusiasm that the performers share for one another continues as Dolan fingers and rims Dirk’s hole, before hitting it doggy style. “Slam me, come on, fucking slam me!” Dirk demands, as Dolan gives him exactly what he’s looking for with no holding back. After ramming Dirk like there’s no tomorrow, Dolan shoots a huge, creamy load on Dirk’s bulging and hairy chest. Dirk follows by cumming all over himself. There isn’t a single second of the scene that won’t command every bit of the viewers’ attention and brings the movie to a flawless close.

If you can’t get enough of muscled gym rats, meaty uncut dicks, and one-on-one fucks that are oozing with loads of smoldering masculinity, The Locker Room is right up your alley. With every single scene-it stays true to its overall purpose and never fails with providing thrilling rounds of locker room sex that will leave you gasping for air. To check it out for yourself, watch it right now on GayHotMovies!

As always, be sure to follow me on Twitter for my latest blog updates! Until next time, boys!

– Simba

Make My Mouth Water Why Dont Cha?

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014


Personally, I have been salivating over Alessandro Del Toro’s foreskin like a patient suffering from ptyalism since I first saw it on screen in “Sentenced: Cruising & Boozing” tearing apart Mike DeMarko’s deliciously ample furry bottom.

Fantasizing about that slick, uncut, luscious member deep down my gullet is enough to drive me over the edge and take a trip to the men’s room and hammer one out. Alas, I’m at the office where I think masturbation in the single stall, shared restroom may be frowned upon, so it’s back to work and time to get to know our subject a little bit better. Objectifying the “object” of my masturbatory fantasies aside, this guy has got some brains (even sexier given the fact that I adore his physical features; those eyes, the scruffy beard, thick fuzzy chest and meaty thighs. WOOF!). The first thing I noticed about his responses to my questionnaire was how well spoken Alessandro was on my screen. It was as if I could hear him speaking in my mind his grammar was so good. Oh fuck, now I’m hard again. Nothing gets me going like I guy who can write.

Starring in the first webisode of the “Sentenced” web series “Cruising & Boozing”, Alessandro Del Toro certainly made an impression on me when I penned a review. “Alessandro is an expert cock sucker who has no problem going down on Mike’s long fat tube steak before unleashing his own fleshy rod for the eager bottom to feast upon. Del Toro proves his star power in this premier by showing the audience what a power top can really do! It’s a rugged scene, masculine, reminiscent of classic cruising films that, for those who are not a fan already, will have you popping your fly for Alessandro in no time!” Obviously I wanted to know more about this fellow and Del Toro was gracious enough to respond to an email of scintillating questions I had for the stars of the series.

Let us start at the very beginning, why? Because, as Maria Von Trapp would sing. “It’s a very good place to start.”

NAME:  Alessandro Del Toro



YOUR PENIS SIZE: 7.5 in uncut


YOUR D.O.B: 11/15/86




Moving right along…

The Otter:  Where did you grow up?

Alessandro Del Toro: A small town in Texas called Eagle Pass.

*This place.

The Otter: What was your adolescent experience like? Were you a popular boy in high school, were you a nerd, were you a 90 lb. weakling, etc.? Are there any funny/embarrassing/proud moments you would like to share from this period of your life?

Alessandro Del Toro: I have always been relatively well liked. Despite that, I experienced some bullying up until the age of 15. It was around that time, that I realized that I wasn’t fooling anyone. I remember walking down the hall at school, and someone asking me bluntly if I was gay. My response was simple and unapologetic: “Yes.” I was the first kid to come out in my town, and EVERYBODY wanted to talk about it. My peers, teachers, other parents. Everyone was fascinated by my experience. The hardest ones to win over were of course straight guys,  but it helped that I was friends with all the cheerleaders because I was on the squad, and my sister was one of the hottest girls in school. I was class president 4 years in a row, Yearbook Editor, Voted Most Popular, participated in One Act Play, Academic Decathalon, Mock Trial, Rotary Club, National Honor Society, and the list goes on.  There is so much value to living your life authentically. Even when people don’t like or understand what you are doing, they tend to respect you more when you stick up for yourself.


The Otter: What was your first job? Did you learn any valuable lessons or tools that you have brought with you into your current career?

Alessandro Del Toro: My first job was in fashion merchandising for my mother’s stores. I definitely learned a lot about presentation. The thing about presentation and packaging is, that not all great gifts come in pretty packaging, but packaging is the first thing that catches your eye. In this society, outer beauty is essential and one of the most effective ways to get people to see your inner beauty.

The Otter: What is your preferred time of day to have sex or masturbate?

Alessandro Del Toro: I masturbate almost every morning and right before I go to bed.

The Otter: Would you consider yourself outgoing, modest, shy, confidant, douchebaggish, trustworthy, outspoken, kind, careful, reckless? Describe how you feel you present yourself to the world.

Alessandro Del Toro: If I could use one word to describe myself, it would be: AUTHENTIC.  That means that on days when I feel confident, you are going to feel it, see it, and breathe it when I walk into a room, it is intoxicating. Other days I don’t want to be noticed, so I stay in, or just put on my eyeglasses (which I seem to think are a disguise). Sometimes I’m outspoken, and sometimes shy. I have a huge rebellious streak, but I also have a huge sense of responsibility. The thing about me is, that whatever I feel at that moment, is how I will present. It may not always be congruent to my values or ideals, it may not always make sense to other people, but it makes sense to me.

The Otter: Do you have pets? We want to know all about them if you do!

Alessandro Del Toro: No pets for now. I’m still trying to learn to take care of myself.

*We can always adopt you a Pet Rock. It’s a start.

The Otter: What is your favorite Disney movie and which princess do you most relate too? I’ve never been much of a Disney person.

Alessandro Del Toro: I’m not much of a princess… more of a villainess I would say. I was really into comic book based cartoons when I was a kid, and I always identified with Poison Ivy or Catwoman.

*You have to pick one! This is NON NEGOTIABLE! I’ll ask you again later Alessandro…

The Otter: Do you prefer spit or lube when masturbating or having sex?

Alessandro Del Toro: Lube

The Otter: Do you have any hobbies? (Scherenschnitte, gardening, taxidermy, cooking, sports, painting, woodworking, cobbling shoes, etc.)

Alessandro Del Toro: My favorite hobby is camping, preferably near a beach spot. Well… glamping, actually.

The Otter: Are you a lefty or a righty when you masturbate?

Alessandro Del Toro: Righty. It’s actually quite disturbing for me when a director asks me to masturbate with my left hand for a certain shot. It seems so unnatural to me.

The Otter: You’ve been invited to a dinner party, what do you bring as a hostess/host gift? (You better take a hostess/host gift, it’s just polite manners!)

Alessandro Del Toro: A nice bottle of wine.

*Could you… Pick up some pickled pearl onions too? I’m serving Gibson’s.

The Otter:  Do you feel the need to masturbate considering your career?

Alessandro Del Toro: I masturbate whenever the fuck I want, regardless of my career.

The Otter: If Ryan Gosling wanted to hook up with you and you accepted, would you share the pictures and or video with me? Same goes for Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Manganiello and Jamie Dornan.

Alessandro Del Toro: If I hooked up with any of those hunks… I would definitely share. A) Because I am a very giving person, and would love to share B) Because I would probably be seeking some sort of financial reward for it and C) Because I need to let you know that “I got it like that” 😉


The Otter: When did you become interested in working in the industry? How did you get started in the adult industry?

Alessandro Del Toro: I started watching gay porn around age 13, and soon after I became infatuated with being one of those hot guys on the screen. Watching gay porn was my first introduction to sexuality and really started shaping the way I viewed sex. I didn’t know anyone that was gay, and had no idea what gay sex was. As I

grew older, I realized that I wanted to be that connection for people that had no other outlet.  Shortly after I moved to LA, I met a guy that was doing porn, and he introduced me to his agent. I signed with him, and the rest is history.

The Otter: Is there anyone in the industry who inspires you, past or present?

Alessandro Del Toro: I remember my first crush being Colton Ford. Even now, every time I see him, I can’t help but think of not only how beautiful he is, but how much he influenced my sexual development. I remember idolizing him, wanting to be like him, have sex like him, be a star like him. And the way he transitioned out of porn and into his new career is remarkable. I truly aspire to be that successful.

Gratuitous Photo’s of Colton Ford

The Otter: Who was the first guy you were sexually attracted to? Did you do anything about it? Did you hook up with him?

Alessandro Del Toro: The first time I realized I wanted to have sex with a boy it was in the 3rd grade. His name was Christian. I didn’t do much about it, other than stare at him endlessly. He ended up punching me in the face, I think. It didn’t go further.  🙁

*That was not a nice boy.

The Otter: If time travel was possible, where would you go? (You cannot choose the future because it hasn’t happened yet and there is the possibility you may have to stay put wherever you travel to… So answer wisely.)

Alessandro Del Toro: I’d love to go back to Ancient Rome. I have a thing for violence and I have a thing for sex. Those guys seemed to be getting it on both ways, so I think I would have been enjoying myself.

*I like the idea of pervy Romans too, these guys look like fun! Paul Freeman can really take a purdy picture.

The Otter: Describe the ideal man, what would the man representing your sexual ideal look and be like? (go ahead and get descriptive!)

Alessandro Del Toro: I’d like him to be tall. Ideally white, Hispanic, or Middle eastern, but with dark complexion and features. Scruff or beard is essential. Broad and muscular, with nice, big pecs and huge guns, and a very round and hairy muscle ass.

The Otter: Name three people you would love to have lunch with? (Living, dead, famous, infamous, unknown…)

Alessandro Del Toro: Marilyn Monroe, would definitely be the first.  I’m fascinated by her on so many levels.

The Otter: What are your future goals? (Career, education, travel, etc.)

Alessandro Del Toro: Well, I’m a psychotherapist by day. I work for the Department of Mental Health, but I want to take my career to the next level by completing my Doctorate of Psychology and getting licensed as a sex therapist.  Since I have careers in sex and mental health, I want to join them in the future. I also want to start writing, too.

The Otter: Favorite character (book, film, theater)?

Alessandro Del Toro: (Insert crickets.)

*I’ll pick one for you. I think you should make Mrs. Danvers your favorite. But which one? Judith Anderson or Diana Rigg? They are both so good!!!

For those readers who do not know who and why this character is one of the best EVER, I suggest You pick up a copy of Daphne du Maurier’s “Rebecca”.

The Otter: Favorite holiday?

Alessandro Del Toro: Halloween, by far. It’s the only holiday I actually prepare for and get really excited about.

*Oooooooooo. Maybe this year you should go as Mrs. Danvers! But which one? Judith Anderson or Diana Rigg? They both looked so good!!!


One last, and very important question…

The Otter: Do you prefer men cut or uncut?

Alessandro Del Toro: I’ll take both, thanks.

Thanks Alessandro! I really enjoyed our date. Well, I was pretending we were on a date. Oh and by the way? Remember when I asked you what color your pants were and the last thing you ate?

Your band name would be “Black Shrimp Cocktail”.

Thanks for being a sport,

The Otter


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