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Inked Up And Shootin Loads… Just The Way I Like Em!

Friday, April 10th, 2015

The Alternadudes are always a turn on for me. They’re not overly worked out and practically leaking suppliments, they’re just some tattooed dudes you’d see in any city, and they’re always horny. So here is a review of “Ink And Jizz” a hot flick from Alternadudes.

Amongst the chicken wire storage units of what I am assuming is an apartment building B Nefarius (with his blonde curly locks) and kinky Rave are about to have a little tryst. Unbeknownst to these sexed up punks Thrasher has been watching from the corner, good thing he was putting in his laundry at just the right time. Rave and B start off with B performing some hot oral on Rave’s huge, dark, uncut, cock. The poor guy gags on that fucker while getting it all slobbery and slick. I see a lot guys naked every day, and you know what? It’s true. Skinny guys have HUGE dicks.

As Thrasher pumps his own tool in the shadows, B suggests a hot fuck session in one of the “dirty” cages. B is pretty tight according to Rave, but who wouldn’t be; the slim stud’s dick is the size of a fucking over ripe zucchini. He slams away at his partner’s hole simultaneously driving both B and Thrasher into a frenzy.

Rave’s certainly got stamina and knows how to fuck hard and fast. B is a bottom who can take a pounding too, I have to say there would be no way in hell Rave would put that thing in my asshole. Thrasher is super sexy with all of his ink, and I’m sorry he didn’t get more screen time. He did however bust a nice nut before slipping quickly upstairs. As Rave and B make out B strokes their cocks at the same time until he unloads his white heat all over Rave’s stunning pole. Best part, he sucks it off. Working a magic hand with some help of his mouth B extracts an eruption from Rave right into his filthy gullet. That was hot.

Next up is Alix. He’s kind of got a bad boy thing going on, he’s covered in tattoos, and he’s got a beard! Sitting down in a comfy office chair the boy strips down, teasing us with each layer; ok he was only wearing shorts, but he teased while taking them off and then beats off through his underwear. Finally Alix pulls out pretty organ revealing some nice smooth balls. He wanks away, sniffs and licks his pits, and shows off his split tongue. (I wonder what that feels like on a dick? I bet its great!) Alix has a great body as you’ll see from the nice camera angles. His fist picks up speed and we get to watch him make a mess of his smooth stomach. Bonus! Clean up which is pretty sensual if you ask me. He really worked it out.

Kitchen sex. Brandon and Stray Philadelphia are making out amongst the cookware in a romantic, emo kind of way. Soon the kissing turns to stripping, which in turn leads to blowjobs, and then turns to fucking. It’s nice to see more uncut younger guys in porn (not just the ones raised on the Czech porn star ranch). I wasn’t expecting Brandon to be doing the topping in this sequence, but I was surprised. The blonde gives Stray quite the rogering as the stainless steel prep tables clang in the background.

The pair do it doggy style standing although not as vigorously as B and Rave, and soon move to the floor. Good thing Brandon isn’t as hung as Rave, cause I do not think Stray could handle that! Brandon does have stamina, fucking away at at his buddy’s hole with abandon. Pulling out Brandon ejaculates onto Stray’s back, and to return the favor Stray shoots on Brandon’s stomach!

Jamie Rail is a slim, dark haired, evil eyed post punk hipster hybrid who looks like he might be a little bit dangerous. Judging by the outline of New Jersey tattooed on his arm he just might be… For all I know he could be from Trenton or, shudder, Camden both places where shit can get real -real fast. Either way, I might just risk my life and cross the bridge for this sexy boy if he lived there. Jaime works his cock for the camera, plays with his balls, and makes himself more comfortable. I wish we knew what he is watching. I suspect it might be straight porn. The camera man mentions how hot the situation is to which Jaime responds “You shouldn’t be looking.” The lyingdown/cross legged position is pretty sexy, and Jaime does have an interesting method of masturbating. I’m liking the sexy eye contact he makes with the camera too.  Uh oh, we’re losing battery! Jaime’s got this though and soon enough he milks out a juicy helping of man sauce I want in my mouth. Watching this Jersey Devil cream himself is sure to make your day.

This is a scene I plan on jerking off to while drinking a city wide (for those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a PBR and shot of Heaven Hill for $3).

Up next Dustin and Sebastian Fischer make out on a bean bag chair before getting down and dirty. The pair share similar body types and plenty of ink. Both of these cock hungry boys waste no time when it comes to sucking each other’s cocks, but it’s Dustin who really wants to get his dick deeper. Notice the tattoo’s of The Queen Of Hearts (which at first I thought was Mimi from “The Drew Carey Show”) and the Cheshire cat on Sebastian’s butt cheeks, they’re pretty amazing. Dustin buries his dick deep into Sebastian who is obviously loving every minute of it, he even gets on top and rides that cock himself. Talk about a bottom. The two fuckers really get into this scene with Dustin stroking out a messy facial onto Sebastian who in turn busts a nut onto himself. Good job guys.

Cuddle fest’s only lead to one thing. Fucking. This next scene reminds me of my ex boyfriend and I when we attempted cuddling, 89.99% of the time it led to hard fucking. Rob Benson and Christop get into some serious over the underwear grinding that had me rock hard and ready before the blowjobs even started. Rob expertly works Christop’s perfect pole in a sopping wet display that’ll have your tip wet with pre cum in seconds. He literally uses his throat as a plunger attempting to release that cum clog deep within Christop’s balls. This scene has it all for any Alternadudes fan. This is sloppy, spit drenched, nastiness and I think I’m in love with both of these guys. A deep rimming prepares Christop’s hungry pucker for Rob’s stiff one. Attention to balls plays a major role in this scene, and it’s glorious. Another surprise! I thought it would be Christop getting pounded, instead it’s Rob who rides the his partners amazing cock. This deep dicking is insane! If I wasn’t at the office… Oh my god! It’s a flip fuck! Christop gets his fill from Rob all over the place. If you’re looking for hard fucking look no further. I’m not even going to describe these cum shots because they are fucking amazing and you have to see them for yourself.

One looming question, I wonder if Stray really is from Philadelphia?

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Catch ya later cum catchers

– The Otter

Business In The Front, Porno In The Back

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

Oh yeah, you bet I rocked one back in the early 90’s, perhaps you did too? Or perhaps you wear your hair in a mullet now? To me the mullet is fascinating. They’re kind of like a beard on the back of your head. This incredible hairstyle was the epitome of fashion for an all too brief period of time yet still resonates today as a symbol of many things. The Corey’s wore them, as did one of my all time favorite actors, Patrick Swayze. They’re synonymous with trailer trash, 80’s rock, and lesbians; you decide if these are good or bad things, I’m not juding. If anyone has the confidence to strut their stuff whilst the wind gently caresses those treasured locks, you go gurl. More power to ya! Add some a sick tramlines, fade, or even some beads to that luscious mane and the world will stand in awe of you. I salute those who carry the torch high and bright, for without them the audacious mullet (like an extinct creature) might only be a memory.

But why did the mullet even exist? Was it a real life Cinderella tale for hair, how necessity is indeed the mother of invention? Were people’s necks really that cold? No matter how the style came about I sure am glad it did. For what would gay porn be without it? Any porn for that matter!

So here is MY top list for Tuesday April 7th 2015… The Otter’s top ten mullets.

10. Peter Wilder gets WILD without mussing his manicured tresses in “Pay To Play 2” from Vivid Man.


9. This unidentified cum whore with a sleek and smooth style that has me ready to shoot a load down his greedy gullet in 3rd World Video’s “Chain Of Command – Uncensored”.


8. There are so many to choose from in Vivid Man’s “Hot Summer Knights” I could hardly choose! So here is double the pleasure with Andrew Michaels and friend!



7. Here’s a mouthful “Dirk Yates Private Amateur Collection Volume 22” from All Worlds Video packs a punch, and some great do’s. Let’s pull out the old VHS camcorder and have Jean here put on a show.


6. It was hard deciding if I liked Jean more than Bill, but when it came down to it, I just have a feeling Bill smells like the fine combination of cigarette smoke, motor oil, and stale beer. It was a tough choice but you you should see Bill in “Workin’ Men Videos #2” from Workin’ Men Videos.


5. Don’t let that face fool you, Angel Spheres’ is a naughty punk who wants to show you how he unloads his spunk in “Rocker Sex 2” from Alternadudes.



4. I had to get this guy on my list. Blake McDonald’s neck curled neck fringe is getting me in the mood for all sorts of things that would make your sluttiest best friend blush. Watch him in action in “Bullet Videopac 12: Black Bullet” from Bijou Classics.


3. Andrew James Jr. might be a nasty boy in Lucas Entertainment’s “Piss Slut’s” but that still wouldn’t stop me from grabbing hold of that pup’s filthy coiffure and fucking him like a rag doll.


2. Fran’s positively adorable piggy tail in’s “Bear Camp”. C’mon, just look at how fucking cute he is! Woof!


1.Erick Travis’ glorious golden mane in Renegade’s “Breakthrough” or as I am now calling it “Breakthrough To My Heart”! This 6 ft. tall muscle bound cowboy’s Rapunzel-esque locks are breathtaking. This is a must watch, if not only for the hair, the sets, or the sex, you have to witness Travis’ performance as the narrator!

However, my all time favorite mullet has to be Jane Child’s. Seriously it was amazeballs, go watch the video for her classic hit “I Don’t Want To Fall In Love” and bask in the glow of its utter gorgeousness.

That was quite the list, I hope you enjoyed it, and get your cock over to to witness the glory.

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Catch ya later cum catchers,

-The Otter

I Want Charles Bronson’s Mouth On MY Cock

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

I’m beginning to notice that I don’t have a type. I mean, I really don’t. As my followers know, my taste runs the gamut from Leather Muscle Wolves to nerdy bespectacled twinks. I like them tall, I like them short, I like em’ all. Hell, I’ve just got a thing for males. The flavor of my week turned up yesterday, and boy am I excited about this boy!

Alternadudes offers a selection of guys that are all intriguing in their own unique ways. These are the type of guys I see in my neighborhood, riding their bikes, slamming back a citywide, and exuding a certain ambiguous sexuality as pungent as their hipster musk. Charles Bronson falls into this category of guys who get me hard. I love this boy’s dark mysterious gypsy look. Is he Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Latin? I have no idea. Spanish, Puerto Rican, Greek, Italian, Algerian, Persian? No clue; but I love it. Charles has gorgeous eyes that pierce right through the camera and out of your screen. His scruffy beard suits him, as well as his mustache that curls adorably at the corners of his mouth. Speaking of his mouth, Charles has the CUTEST chipped front tooth. Thank the stars I ran across his sort of solo scene in “Cameraman POV” !!! So yeah, I’m crushing on this long haired, slim and scruffy stud, but it’s not just his looks. He honestly seems like a cool dude, oh and he really likes sucking dick.

We meet Charles in the living room where he is intent on watching some porn, not a word is spoken as he begins to fondle himself through his jeans and tee; acknowledging the camera with a wicked glance Charles removes his clothes down to his red boxer briefs. (He is just as tasty as I thought he would be, and surprisingly tattooless!) We get some good shots of this guy as he teases us from the sofa, but he’s not content just jerking off.

“Hey,come here.  C’come  here L’let me blow ya.” (That slight stutter… Swoon.)



“But I’m the camera guy?”

“You got a dick. You want it sucked.”


It’s a hot blow that gets Charles really into the mood. He slicks up his generously sized cock and strokes away on his raging hard-on. (At this point I’m already ready to blow a load, but I’ll edge with Charles until he’s ready.) The scene is burning up. Charles has this sexy curled lip expression that is driving me crazy while he fingers his furry hole. Sigh, he even smells his armpits (I can only imagine smothering my face in them, fucking hot.) total turn on.

*That is a beautiful cock.

*Yeah… you smell good don’t you…

*Yeah you do…

 Hungry for more the camera guy (Koloff) offers Charles his dick again so our horny pup can get another mouthful. He loves sucking cock, and sure enough milks out the directors load beautifully, drenching his mustache with salty sweet cum.

*Puppy was a bit cum hungry. 

After almost twenty minutes of jerking, cock sucking, and teasing, Charles finally unleashes an incredible explosion of ball juice all over his smooth torso. Woof!

Satiated, and dripping with cum, we bid farewell to our new crush. Woof!

P.S. Alternadudes, next time you see Charles send him my way. He can reach me here, on Twitter, @Otter_Holt, and on Facebook! He looks like a hell of a lot of fun, and an impressive bottom for this top.

Here readers, take a look at Charles in action in “Sinners And Saint” getting pounded by Saint Dillon! And remember to follow on Twitter @GayHotMoviescom And Alternadudes @Alternadudes.

-The Otter


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