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Pretty sure you’re gonna wanna see this…

Monday, August 18th, 2014

Title: Damien Silver’s Fan Club Mix

Studio: Knightbreeders

Stars: Lanny Will, Dallas Quinn, Jordan Dominical, Rastmar, Landon Armani, Cliff Manson, Champ Robinson, Raphael Shawn, Damien Silver, Leroy Sunshine, Antonio Biaggi

Genre: Gay Amateur, Compilation

Let me start this off by saying if you are looking for any hint of romance…move along. But if you’re looking for some raunchy, vigorous butt sex then this is most definitely the movie for you. If you’re wavering, then let me introduce you to the opening scene, in which there is an immediate cream pie followed by an intentional and forceful ejection.

“…they don’t use no Vaseline they just shove it on into me cause I’m a prison bitch…”—Prison Bitch by Sheep Dog and The Flea Fhukers

Now with that basic understanding, let’s move along. The movie is certainly a bizarre compilation mix, with circus-themed and eerie scene insertions. However, these cut scenes are intentionally dark and grainy, contrasting nicely with the high-definition, brightly lit sex features. Being in the gonzo style, the cameraman actively interacts with the actors and provides (sometimes strict) direction—coincidentally working well the BDSM elements throughout. I’m talking masks and harnesses here, people.

Other surprisingly splendid elements:

  • Sexual content focuses mostly on insertions and completions (body shots and cream pies)
  • There may or may not be naughty piercings exposed
  • There’s a specific gentleman that gets into double digits for released loads

One last note, other than the bawdy lyrics above, there is very little music throughout the video as these performers are talkers and enjoy sexual expression.


Cock Sucking Saturday – Young Hung And Serviced

Saturday, September 14th, 2013

Sometimes when guys offer me just a blow job I’m like what’s the point? I’m ready to fuck at anytime so for a hookup, if we ain’t fucking I’m kinda meh about just blowing each other and that’s it. But there are sometimes that I get the urge to just blow a guy, just service him, let my mouth be a warm hole for him to fuck and shoot his load in and go. LOL call me cock hungry while you can cause it only last for a few days.

Good thing Jake Cruise will ALWAYS be there to suck off the ones I can’t get too..

Cock Sucking Saturday - Young, Hung And Serviced

Studio of the Week – Sneek Peek Productions

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

I’m going though a str8 trade phase right so so you’re just gonna have to deal with some straight guys related post for a bit! This week’s studio of the week is Sneek Peek Productions.

They offers unique amateur adult films that feature the seduction of real straight guys by porn star and video producer Vinnie Russo. The curious young men in these productions think they’re auditioning to be in straight porn but during the interview process “cameraman” Vinnie seduces them into oral, anal and other sex play.

Most of the guys return for more sessions, many eventually learn to service Vinnie, and some even experiment with bareback anal sex. All the encounters are totally unscripted, have an unobtrusive camera style and all natural sound – essentially the ultimate “reality television”.

Pokin JohnnyBarebackin BuzzStraight Boyz Seduced 4Str8 Boyz Seduced #2


Movie To Watch – Fucked Raw By The Cameraman Vol. 3

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

I’m a huge fan of POV and while this title offers some great POV views, it just doesn’t do it for me like other POV titles have. While technically not a POV title until the end of each scene, you would think with the 3rd installment of this series they would wise up to what porn watchers wanna see. Take a look at Bareback P.O.V. series from Sparta, now that is some hot action. Favorite scene? this one:

nice clear shot of him taking that huge cock.. yessplease!

Movie to Watch - Fucked Raw By The Cameraman Vol. 3

Still, check this movie out. The twink in scene 7 is pretty adorable!


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