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Don’t Tase My Butthole, Bro

Monday, November 25th, 2013

Hmm I’ve been tased before, not by cops or anything but in the basement of a friend’s house while we were drunk and let me tell you.. it was not enjoyable. I only had it done on my thigh, I can’t imagine getting tased right on my butthole but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Raw Edge Video’s release Rough Raw Real is a pretty hot flick! Scene one with Antonio Biaggi & Blake Daniels includes some light bondage and caning followed by AMAZING raw fucking. Watching Antonio stuff that huge cock of his into Blake is soo fucking hot.

But the standout scene and the source of this blog title is scene 4! Ed Hunter as a hot muscle daddy totally taking over Rowdy McBeal is great. Watching his hole twitch and body convulse with every shock from the taser had me hard in 2 seconds. Check it out:

Antonio Biaggi Bareback

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Every now and then, the porn gods smile on you and performers like Antonio Biaggi email you with the news that their exclusive contract has ended and they’re looking for work. And about as often, you’re struck by lightening as another one of your favorite models from a couple of years ago calls you up and says he’s thinking about shooting a scene. The next thing you know, you’ve got Antonio Biaggi and Joey Milano in front of your cameras and watching a little bit of porn legend in action.

Antonio Biaggi Bareback

Antonio Biaggi and Joey Milano
Antonio and Joey grabbed and pawed at each other from the moment that they arrived on set. Their attraction was clear, almost as clear as the spit drooling from Joey’s mouth as Antonio’s cock flopped out of his running shorts. Antonio’s cock isn’t just big, it’s huge. With a capital “H” Huge. First Joey sucked on it trying to get most of it in his mouth, and even flipped over on his back to try another angle. It went down his throat, mostly. Yeah, he gagged on it, but that position was short-lived as Joey decided he wanted Antonio’s cock in his ass, and the sooner the better. He flips around and puts his ass up in the air, and of course Antonio has to be a cock tease and drop to his knees to slick Joey’s hole with spit and giving it a good rimming in the process.

When he stands, he slides the full length – and width – of his cock up Joey’s ass in one fell swoop, a tendency I quickly came to expect from Antonio. Joey was ready for it… well, really only for about half of it, but the look on Joey’s face was it was one of those moments that you know it’s going to hurt for a second but then the bliss that fills your body as a masterful cocksman works your hole open, then loose, and finally, sloppy and gaping. And we finally get to see just what a pig Antonio is when he again kneels down and eats out Joey’s gaping hole, murmering “umm, tastes good.”

Joey rolled over and jerked on his cock as Antonio fucked him like he hadn’t ever been fucked. Antonio’s cock was so hard he could slide it almost all the way out and plunge back in at full force, impressively setting and keeping a pace for so long Joey had to stop tugging on his cock or he’d explode way too soon. Joey rolled over again and spread his legs wide, positioning his ass right in front of Antonio’s cock, his hole quivering for the moment before Antonio slammed back inside, keeping at it until the cum in his ballsac started to boil over, flooding Joey’s hole and dumping gobs all over his torn-up asslips. Of course he pushes it all in, and works it deep inside Joey’s guts before pulling out, finally. Joey lept up onto the bed and grabbed his cock furiously jerking, and I knew it was only going to be seconds before he shot a massive load, which went everywhere. Really, we found cum spots on the wall about 6 feet from where Joey shot. Antonio completed the piggy picture when he bent over and licked up the drops of cum off Joey’s leg and fed it to him snowball-style.

Hot Star – Antonio Biaggi

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

What a cock! I was dickmatised over Juan Steel‘s cock for awhile, that is until I got a look at Antonio’s! Check him out in the first two scenes from SX Video‘s new release Monster Cock 3, Two hot scenes that are sure to get ya hard… it did the trick for me.. 🙂

Hot Star - Antonio Biaggi

Check out Monster Cock 1 & 2:

Monster Cock Monster Cock 2


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